Yearly Physical IV (True up to where Dr. joins in)

That evening, after getting back from the city, as we retired, we both got naked and laid on the bed talking. My wife reached down along side the bed and retrieved a the bag that we bought earlier this afternoon. She took out the prostate simulator and put in batteries. Reaching into her nightstand, she got a good healthy glob of lubricant on her middle finger and leaned over toward me.
“Raise and spread your legs, darling.” she said with a giggle. I did what I was told and she lubed my anus and began to insert the simulator. When it was all the way in, in the proper position, like the instructions said, she turned it on and began pumping my tiny, soft cock.
It began to get hard and finally I had a full erection. My wife rolled onto her back and spread her legs, “ Come-on, honey…. Get over here and give me a good fucking!” Sometimes she talks like this, but not often. I guess she was trying to keep my excitement up.
I got on my knees between her legs and plugged myself in. After a few minutes of fucking, that old familiar feeling started to come back. I felt my dick start to soften. I began to pump into my wife faster and just as she orgasmed, I began to loose my erection completely.
As we were catching our breath, she said, “I guess it worked. That was great, honey.” I told her it worked better, but I had to hurry to give her an orgasm before my dick went completely soft. “Oh…. I’m sorry, darling…. May be Nichole will have another idea we can try when we see her tomorrow,” I removed the stimulator and my wife turned on her side towards me and rested her head on my stomach. We both fell asl**p and awoke the next morning.
We got cleaned up and dressed and headed back to the doctors. Nichole came into the exam room and sat down at her desk. “Well ? How did it go?” she asked. Before I could say anything my wife started talking. “It went pretty good, George stayed hard long enough for me to orgasm, but not long enough to have one of his own.”
Nichole sat there and thought for a few minutes. “Ok, George, mind if I ask you a few questions about how you masturbate?” “I guess not.” I replied. “Ok then, do you massage your scrotum when you masturbate?” I told her I did. “Do you get rough with yourself, as in pulling on your sack, pinching it or slapping it?” “Yes, sometimes.” I replied. “Do you do other thing to your sexual parts to cause extra stimulation while you masturbate ?” I told her I did, and she wanted to know what kind of things. This was going to get embarrassing, but I figured if she was going to help, I needed to be truthful.
“Well… sometimes I tie my scrotum with the leg of a pair of pantyhose and pull on it while I masturbate.” “Yes…” she said. “Go on…” “And sometimes I give my scrotum a spanking with a plastic spoon or the sole of a high-heel shoe.” “I see… anything else?” “Well yes… I also like to suck my nipples with little suction cups, and use a dildo in my rectum.” “Ok…. So even when you masturbate, you need extra stimulation.” She asked. “Yes, I guess I do.” I replied, glad that the questioning was over.
Just then, my wife jumps in…. “ When I masturbate him, he likes me to pull hard and slap his balls.” “I see.” Nichole said, thinking. “Ok… I like you two a lot, and I’d like to try something to see if it helps.” Nichole looked at my wife. “ I need to talk to you privately. Would you wait in the waiting room George?” “Sure” I replied, and exited the exam room.
About 15 minutes later, Nichole peeked her head out of the door into the waiting room and said she was ready for me. I followed her into the exam room and she closed the door and locked it. Ok, what was going on here? I wondered. That’s when I noticed my wife laying on the exam table, covered in a paper sheet, like the one I had used for the exam. It looked like she was naked under it.
“Ok…. What’s up?” I asked. “We’re going to try a little experiment.” Nichole said. “Please remove all your clothes and sit here.” She said, moving a chair close to the bottom of the exam table. My dick began to respond in anticipation of what was coming. Looking around, I noticed a small table near the side of the exam table. On it was a stainless steel pan of what looked like water, a razor, a can, of which I suspected was shaving cream, and a clip board and pen.
“Are you ready?” Nichole asked my wife. “Yes, lets get started.” she said with a wicked grin, looking at me. Nichole lifted the bottom of the paper sheet up past my wife’s waist exposing her nakedness underneath. My wife had her legs spread and her pussy glistened with excitement. My dick was now a little over half hard.
Dr. Nichole reached over to the small table and looked at her watch, then wrote down the time. She then squirted some shaving cream into her hand and turned to my prone wife, and began applying the cream to my wife’s pussy hair. As she spread it around, Nichole looked over at me, then at my dick. “I see we’re making some progress.” She said with smile.

After she had my wife all lathered up, she cleaned her hand and reached for the razor, and began shaving my wife’s pussy. By now, my dick was hard! It was exciting watching another woman pulling and squishing and stretching my wife’s cunt into different positions to get a close shave.
I heard my wife lightly moan a few times as she was getting shaved and thought she seemed to be enjoying it. That’s when I wondered if Nichole and my wife had some sexual experiences before. This all seemed very normal to both of them. Without thinking about it, in my excitement, I found my right hand holding my dick and slowly pumping it. Nichole looked at me and told me not to touch myself, and that it was part of the experiment.
Soon my wife’s cunt was bald. Nichole toweled it clean and then lightly rubbed over my wife’s mound and down in between her wet pussy lips. My wife moaned and raised her hips to Nichole’s touch. A small amount of pre-cum appeared on the end of my dick.
Nichole looked over at me again, looking directly at my dick. “Looks like your ready too.” she said. “Why don’t you get up here and make love to your wife now.” She said with a mischievous smile. She helped me up and as I got over my wife, I felt Nichole’s hand between my legs hold my cock and helping me penetrate my wife’s cunt.
I slipped in very easily and I began to pump into her. My wife grabbed my ass cheeks and we got a rhythm going. I was up on both hands over my wife pumping when Nichole came over to the head of the bed. This was odd and yet exciting, having another woman watching me fuck my wife.
Nichole bent her head down and slipped past my left arm, positioning her face above my wife’s right tit. I watched as Nichole lowered he lips to my wife’s breast and began sucking and biting her now very hard nipple. My wife was moaning louder now and pulling on my hips faster and faster.
Letting go of the nipple, Nichole ask me how it was going so far. “Great!” I said. Then Nichole removed her head and disappeared along side of me. My wife started to orgasm under me. I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing my dick. She was shaking her head from side to side, and I could feel her wetness running down my balls.
Nichole reached one hand out and began squeezing my wife’s right tit, pulling on her nipple so hard, it was raising her entire tit off her chest. Nichole, at the same time, had a hold on my scrotum, and began pinching and pulling hard on my sack. I thought my cock was going to burst, it was so hard. A few seconds later, I had the hardest orgasm I have had in a long time.
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