Wife comes home after night out with girls

My wife, Sarah, had gone out clothes shopping with some friends and then they were all off on a hen night to see some male strippers. So, with her out of the way for a ‘Girls Night Out’, I’d asked a few mates round for a ‘Lads Evening In’.

There were supposed to have been six of us – Ian Terry John Billy and Mike and myself. We had agreed that Ian should bring round the latest editions to his extensive collection of porn DVD’s and we would all chip in some booze. Unfortunately Terry and Mike had broken down on the way home from a football match, got pissed while waiting for the car to be repaired, and now couldn’t drive back and had called off. So it just left 4 of us, watching films and setting the world to rights.

We had lost track of time and about half past one in the morning there was a ring at the door bell. I thought Sarah must have forgotten her key again but when I answered it there stood a man who said he had my wife in his cab and could I’d have to get her out as she was out for the count. Apparently she and her mates had been a bit the worse for wear when he picked them up. He’d dropped the rest off on the way and she was the last to be dropped off. But she had gone to sl**p and he couldn’t wake her. Ian and I went out to the cab to find Sarah in the back of the taxi, totally out of it.

I paid the driver (well over the odds I thought) and we grabbed her arms and dragged her out of the car, changed our grip and, throwing her arms over our shoulders, we half carried half walked her up the path to the house. She was a little difficult to control and I noticed that for much of the time Ian’s hand was holding quite tight on to her left breast. We had a few problems getting her up the steps to the front door and ended up grabbing a leg each and lifting her in. As we did this her short skirt had slid back showing her stocking tops and what looked like an absence of knickers.

We got her in to the lounge and put her on the sofa. She was almost totally senseless.

“You had a good handful of her tits. D’you like what you’ve been feeling?”. I asked.

He said “Yes and I liked what I saw, does she usually go out without knickers?”. The other guys were listening with large smiles on there faces hoping I was going to say yes.

I said “Sometimes. She loves to tease. But I know she will always be coming home to me. Mind you, knowing the crowd she was out with, they had all probably thrown their knickers onto stage at the strippers, if any of them had been wearing them to begin with.”

Ian said “We share a taste in buxom women. I’ve always thought Sarah very sexy.”

“You’d like to shag her?”. I said smiling

“I’d jump at the chance.” He agreed. Billy and John were sitting and listening to out conversation. With that, Ian asked if she had ever cheated with another man. I said she hadn't and I knew she never would. My wife may be a flirt and like to tease but she wasn't the sort of woman to do anything like that. She was shy really. John asked me if I'd like her to cheat and I said I wouldn't like that but maybe I would be interested in seeing her with another man.

Ian said “I would love to see her tits, they are great”

I smiled and asked the others if they would also like to see them and they both just nodded and smiled. With that I took the plunge and went over to the sofa, sat down next to her and undid her blouse, pulling her forward I pulled it off, opened her bra and set loose her beautiful great tits.

I looked at the guys and they were all fixed staring at her breasts. I said grab another drink guys. Maybe we should have a party of out own.
They all grabbed a drink and stood around the sofa as I felt my wife's firm tits.

I grabbed a tit and started sucking and gnawing at her nipples. I looked up at Ian and just said, “Why don't you give me a hand”. Ian smiled and soon got to work on the other tit. She moistened her lips gave a groan. I put my hand down and lifted her short skirt up exposing her pussy to them all. I asked John if he wanted to part her legs and without a word he knelt down in front of her and eased her knees apart.

“I think that we should leave some marks on her boys, a sort of ‘we were here’ don't you think guys ?.

They all just looked at me as if I was joking. I looked around at them and said, ” Lets do it”.

So we set to. I started biting at one of her tits as Ian chewed at the other. Soon here tits were a mass of livid bites. As we did this her moaning got louder and her legs opened and closed as her bum wiggled round on the sofa.

With a bit of a struggle, I pulled off her skirt. This left her laying there in only her stockings and suspenders. Tits hanging out and slumped against the back of the sofa.

“Now what do you think?” I asked.

“Fantastic and highly fuckable” was the reply from John.

“Fine,” I said, “who wants to go first then ?”

John lost no time getting trousers off and stood in front of Sarah holding his hard long cock in his hand. Are you sure about this he asked ? I just nodded and said “do it”. without any ceremony he climbed between Sarah's parted legs and pointed his cock right at her damp pussy.

We had been married for 9 years and in all that time my wife had never had any other cock except mine and here she was now about to be completely used by my friends. John took one last look at me and asked “Do I have to use a condom”? I paused for a second, this was not something I had thought of. I looked at Sarah all but passed out on the sofa, she looked completely defenseless with her tits out and her legs wide open. I looked back at John, No I said.

Go on mate, Bareback her. He didn't need telling a second time and without another word he buried his hard cock deep in her. This seemed to rouse her and she started to show signs of life and make noises. They started out as mere gasps but as he got going they turned in to cries and then into totally a****l grunts. She may have been totally pissed, but now she was responding on the most basic level.

All of a sudden her eyes flew open. They were glazed, but open. John was pumping hard when she suddenly threw her arms up and tried to push him away. He was having none of it and grabbed her arms holding them down. Her mouth open wide he kissed her full on the mouth ramming his tongue down her throat. I knew it wouldn't be long before she would be kissing him back. She always kisses like that when she is really hot. He broke the kiss and, Sarah half closing her eyes, practically snarled, then she cried out “fuck me harder you dirty bastard. Fuck me harder. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!”

She was yelling now. So John fucked harder. This didn’t quieten her, just the reverse.

I grabbed my digital camera and started to snap. John was ramming hard and then I saw him start to jerk. With that Sarah cried out “No No No Stop now Stop now”. But it was well past that point. John had her arms pinned down tight and there was no way he was going to miss this chance. He pumped hard and then pumped his sperm deep into my wife's wide open hole.

She lay there just a few seconds before Ian was ready to take his turn pulling John away and taking his place between Sarah's legs. She shouted “no stop it” but Ian was in place and knew this was to good to miss. He pushed his cock right into her soaking cunt. Sarah shouted but her pussy was now easy pray for all. Ian fucked her hard and it was only a few minutes before Sarah was taking her second load into her pussy.

She was now being used like a fuck doll. At one point Ian had her legs over his shoulders and had her nipples squashed in his fists and was pulling her tits up to her shoulders as he hammered in to her. At another he got behind the sofa and held her ankles wide and almost at her shoulder level so I could get as deep as possible into her cunt. She moaned loudly and bucked all through this calling us Dirty bastards and telling us to stop.

She had taken several cum loads into her pussy and it was freely running out of her by the time we were all spunked out. I got a blanket to cover her up and left her on the sofa to sl**p it off. Ian got dressed.

“Will you tell her?” he asked

“I don’t know, maybe I’ll not tell her, maybe I’ll tell her what really happened. Who knows?”

Then I had a thought. I went to the cupboard and brought out an indelible Marker and handed it to Ian

“You had better sign your handiwork.” I told him.

He took the pen and wrote THANKS FOR THE RIDE YOU dirty slut XXX at the top of her thigh

“It was a good fuck though” I said.

“Yes” they agreed, “very good but I’d like to have fucked her when she was I bit more ‘with it’. I’d love those lips round my cock. I bet she’s a horny little bitch,”.

“You don’t know the half of it,” I replied “It’s a pity Terry and Mike couldn’t make it”

When she finally awoke at about 10 o’clock, still on the sofa, she looked rough.

“God my head and my cunt are aching, I must have been totally gutted last night!”

I pulled back the blanket and she saw her tits which were covered in bites. She looked very shocked and sheepish

“Did I come in like that last night? I can’t remember doing anything that would have got my tits so bitten. Did you strip me off, had I thrown up or something?” She asked

“No you didn’t. It all happened after you came home. You were so pissed you had to be carried in from the taxi. Just take a look at the top of your thigh.”

She looked and saw Ian’s message. She blushed.

“What the fuck happened?”

“Well we had to carry you in from the taxi, as I said, and we found you had managed to loose your knickers. Anyway we were feeling randy and once we got started you were responding like a bitch in heat so we fucked you until we were dried out.”

“Ha. Ha. Very funny. What did happen?”

“No. Straight up………. and we were”

She went pail them crimson

“Who’s we? Not all of you ?

“No, Terry and Mike didn’t appear or it would probably have been all six of us and your cunt would probably have been sorer.”

“You Bastard. You mean to say all 4 fucked me when I was too pissed to know anything about it ? you all just used me ?”

“I’ve got the pictures to prove it. Not only did we all fuck you we all dumped out cum in your cunt you dirty slut”

“What ? You fucking bastards. And if your other mates had been here you’d have let them use me too ?”

“Well yes.”

“You fucking bastard. What about my feelings ? How do you think I feel about it ? I object to being used like that. If you are going to let your mates fuck me you could at least have the decency to arrange it so that I know something about it. I don’t just want to be used; I want to be a part of it, I want to enjoy it next time you to invite them round. If they think I’m a fantastic fuck when I’m out of it, I’ll show them what I can do when I’m sober-ish.”

“Good ‘cos they said they want your lips round there cocks. I’ll tell them there wish is granted. How about next Saturday ?”

“You’re On!”

I made a mental note to make sure she is not too sober and that Terry and Mike would be there. Sarah is going to take all 6 guys next weekend.