Whos in Charge part 2

Sheryl came into work the next day as instructed with no underwear she had to wear a baggy jumper because of her huge boobs and she couldn't walk around too much because it was completely obvious which is what he wants she thought to her self grinding her teeth …. but she couldn't help feeling turned on in fact the top of her legs was as slippery as a pair of eels she was completely unused to being in the control of someone else but she found her self enjoying it she was already doing things she would never normally do, she was wearing a blouse underneath her jumper and a short skirt and stockings she assumed he wanted her to dress slutty so she did but not obviously so.
She reached her office and sat down thinking about what she had done in here (or actually had done to her) the day before she was actually excited about what he might have planned for the day ahead she resigned herself to work concentrating on her paperwork. A soft beep interrupted her she looked up and she had received an email with an attachment it was from Simon her heart sped up she opened up the email and it was a picture her naked on the very desk she was sat on with a short message saying “just in case ” then it said ” are you ready ?? ” there it was the next step if she said no she was sure he would post those pics of her she knew he had plenty he was taking pics at intervals all the way through their session yesterday but she found she didn't want to say no she was really excited about this situation so she wrote “yes im ready what do you want me to do” her finger hovered over the send button thinking it over then with a delicious shiver she pressed it and then carried on with her work she didnt have to wait long her computer beeped softly another email from simon it said “send me a pic of your tits to my mobile but I want you to do it in your office NOT from anywhere else and I want you to write simons on one and slut on the other and do it within 15 minutes I need something to wank over tonight “
So she grabbed her lipstick and ran to the toilet locked herself in a cubicle stripped off her top and wrote on her boobs “SIMONS SLUT” she could feel herself heating up this was sooo humiliating but sooo sexy at the same time. she knew he was gonna wank his big cock over these pics and that turned her on too being used as someones cum vessel no strings attached just to be used she shivered in anticipation about what he would ask for next, she ran back to her office keeping one hand in front of her to support her boobs so they didn't sway to much and spoil her writing, she stood in front of the mirror in her office with her back to the door and took off her jumper then undid the front of her blouse praying no one came in took a couple of pics of her boobs then got dressed again checked her pics again then sent them both to his mobile. She sat back down and waited for her next set of instructions.
She had to wait half an hour she started to worry had he not got them had she sent them to the wrong mobile!! in a panic she checked to make sure because Steve (her boyfriend) and Simon were right next to each other in her phone no she was ok it had gone to Simon with that her email beeped it said “beautiful Sheryl just what I wanted now as a reward I have left you something in your desk drawer I want you to take it out and use it but you have to send me a pic so I know you are enjoying it properly but under no circumstances are you to orgasm again this MUST be done in your office”
She searched her drawers and found a huge black vibrator ” fucking hell he wants me to fuck myself with this sitting behind my desk AND take a pic!!! ” but in the end she did it… she found herself lifting up her skirt sat behind her desk turning the vibrator and putting it in herself and instead of taking pics she did a short video of her fucking herself complete with moans of pleasure and slurping sounds as the vibrator went in and out she had to stop as she heard someone coming and she pulled her self up to her desk clamped her legs together in an effort to quieten the vibrator as one of the girls from the typing pool and started prattling on about a letter she had to do and could Sheryl give her some advise half way through with Sheryl trying to keep a straight face and stop from groaning out loud because the vibrator was throbbing away inside her the girl asked “are you ok Sheryl you are very red faced” Sheryl answered she was fine thanks but could she go please as she had to make a phone call the girl flounced out of the office huffily and Sheryl was able to withdraw the vibrator just before she came she was tempted to cum but she was dying to see what happened next and she wanted to stick to her instructions as she was enjoying herself she sent her video across to Simon and waited her next set of orders she hugged her self she was sooo excited
Sheryl did not have to wait long for a reply to her video an email appeared she opened it and it said
“Thank you Sheryl for your video I have plenty of stuff to keep me happy for tonight however I will be wanting more videos over the next few days for instance over the next 24hrs i want a video of you giving your boyfriend a blowjob with the cumshot landing all over your boobs and face”
That caught her by surprise she didn't expect to have Steve dragged into it but the thought of blowing his cock and recording it for someone excited her she resolved to do that tonight she went back to the email and read
“at exactly 10.30 am I want you to walk over to your window press your naked tits against the window and hold them there for 5 seconds I will be watching outside to make sure you do it”
Fucking hell she thought that's a bit risky she stood up and went to the window it looked out onto a carpark which was quite busy there was a lot of windows and she was 3 stories up so someone spotting her wasn't real likely but it was a risk she checked the time she had 5 mins before she had to perform she was so horny she wanted to show her tits off there was a bus stop across the road which was crowded so she might get caught but the idea of showing her tits to complete strangers was so erotic so she resolved to do it she would undo her blouse immediately before 10.30 walk over to the window stare straight ahead press her tits to the window count to 5 then pull away without looking to see if anyone was watching.
10.30 arrived she took off her jumper undid her blouse walked to the window pulled her shirt open and pressed her big boobs against the window and started to count 1.2.3 she couldnt help her self she looked to see if anyone had noticed there she scanned the carpark no no one she looked at the bus stop and there was a young guy at the end of the queue staring up at her with his mouth open entranced by the sight of her tits squashed flat against the glass she felt a warm wave envelop her lower body she loved it
she wanted to stay there and show him some more but he turned to point her out to one of his friends so she reluctantly stepped back and covered up and sat behind her desk waiting for her next instruction.