When Aunty Came

Aunty Joan is comming over to stay for the weekend called mother. Aunty Joan is about 50 years old. She has looked after herself and has a great body. Im always mesmorized by her massive breasts.
When aunty Joan arrived i had to carry her suitcase up to the spare room. It was now quiet late and she had had a long journey so wanted an early night.
I Layed awake touching my cock thinking about aunty Joans Breasts just the other side of the wall.
The Following Morning Mother and Aunty were going into town for some shopping.
When they had left my imagination got the better of me and i went into Aunty Joans room. her case was on the floor, so i opened it. There staring me in the face were aunty Joans Knickers.The ones she had worn the previous day.
I was shaking and had the biggest hard on ever. the Knickers were black silk type witha red ribbon on the front.I slowly brought the Knickers to my nose, and took a deep sniff and closed my eyes. God they smelt good. A mixture of Aunties pussy and a bit of pee. By Now I was bursting out of my boxer shorts. I opened my eyes to inspect the knickers further. I was thrilled to see a couple of aunties dark pubic hairs in amoungst the fibers.
I couldn't control myself anymore and pulled down my boxer shorts and put Aunties dirty knickers around my hard cock. I pulled my cock three times and I exploded with one of the most f***eful orgasms of my life. My spunk was flying everywhere. Some of it had gone on the knickers.I rolled the knickers up and put them back in with the rest hoping she wouldnt notice.

That evening mother went to pick up some groceries from the Town. I was left in the house with aunty. I went for a shower before dinner. Just as i removed my clothes there was a knock on the bathroom door. I grabbed my towel and I thought Aunty might need to use the loo before me.
I opened the door to see Aunty in her robe holding the ofending Knickers between her thumb and forefinger.”Can you explain these”
Before i could answer she was in the bathroom letting her robe fall open
Aunties Huge Breasts came into view. God I was rock hard again.she guided my head to her breast and I began to lick her hard nipples. she moaned softly saying it had been a long time. She pulled my hand down to her soft pubic mound.It was soaking wet with her juices. Aunty said she couldnt wait any longer so She layed down on the bathroom floor and opened her legs.
Aunty reached out for my hard cock and drew it towards her pussy.
As soon as i felt the heat of her pussy I came bucket loads all over her pubic hair and tummy. Just then the front door opned and mother shouted up the Stairs that she was back. Aunty Joan picked herself up and went back to her spare room.
Aunty Joan left for home that evening and suggested that we go and stay with Aunty. I Found a Note in my room that evening Saying “Hurry over and finish the Job” Love Aunty Joan