Weird Cousin

I have this weird cousin, let's call him Alfred. He was 20 and I was 16 at the time. He used to visit and sit around the pool watching everyone. Never got in the pool or even wore a bathing suit. He would just sit and stare at all of us. I noticed him looking at me a lot in my suit and following around but not talking to me just starring. He creeped me out. I tried just being nice to him but not really engaging him. Just the fact that he was 20 and still coming to our house with his Mom and Dad was a little strange to us.

One day I left the pool and went to my room to listen to my music. I was sitting on my bed with my earphones on when someone grabbed me by the shoulders pulling me down on the bed my earphones flying off my head. My first instinct wass to yell at one of my siblings because Tom was great for messing with me. Before I could get a word out ofmy mouth I looked up and it was Alfred holding me down.

I said ” what the fuck Alfred. What are you doing?”

He said ” I want to fuck you.”

I yelled at him “get the fuck out of here you weirdo.”

He said “if you don't I will tell my Mom that I saw you, Jean and Tom having sex together.”

i said ” that's a lie.”

He said got down in my face and said ” when I spent the night that one time I saw you three in Jean's room naked and playing with each other.”

I tried to break free yelling “you're a fucking liar. you didn't see anything.” But realized we did that night and he was at the house.

I just kept lying but he knew what he saw and he was right.

He pulled me across the bed and turned me around. I was on my back and he already had my top pushed up exposing my tits. he grabbed at them and I yelled “your hurting me.”

He said “shout up you little whore. Do you want to get caught fucking me? That would prove everything I saw.”

I looked down and his pants were down. His cock was sticking through the hole in his boxer shorts. I did a double take , it was big and ugly like him, I thought. He pulled my shorts off pushing himself between my legs.

Then he started to poke at my pussy with his cock trying to find my hole. I tried squeeze my pussy shut but he pushed hard hurting me again. Then he grabbed my throat and I thought he was going to strangle me.

I had to concentrate on breathing so I relaxed my pussy and his cock slid painfully up my cunt hole. I couldn't scream but he did let off my throat a little and I could breath again. He fucked me hard and fast, then I realized he didn't have a condom on.

i said “Alfred you can't do this I will get pregnant if you cum you have to stop.”

Alfred said ” don't worry I will pull out before I do. I don't want to cum inside you I want to cum on you.”

I thought “oh gross.” He kept fucking me and I finally just let him as I got more comfortable with his cock. I actually started to juice up and thought I may climax. He got rougher fucking like an a****l and I did cum but didn't let him know. Then he pulled out fast shooting his load of cum all the way to my neck. There was cum from my neck to my belly. Then he yanked me up and pushed his ugly cock in my mouth before I could resist. He fucked my mouth. I could taste what remained of his cum on my tongue. Then he threw across the bed again landing me on my face. The next thing I know he is trying to push his cock up my asshole. Again pain but this was worse and I tried to get away but he would not let that happen. He pushed my ass cheeks open pushing his hard cock inside my asshole. I screamed once and he covered my mouth with his smelly hand. Again I had trouble breathing. He fucked me really hard and it hurt. Then he pulled out and grabbed my leg lifting it over his shoulder and thrusting his cock back into my pussy. I was so glad he was back in my pussy and out of my ass. He fucked me hard sucking on my toes on and off. I was starting to come to a climax again. I didn't think I was going to be able to hide it this time because it felt strong.

I started to squeal and he said “your gonna cum aren't you whore?”

I shook my head no and he said “your still lying bitch I can feel your cunt tightening. Come on bitch cum cum you whore you like it you like it that's let it go you can't stop it. I'm going to fuck you until you cum.”

To tell you the truth at that point he was right it was coming and I couldn't stop it. I squealed out “oh fuck oh fuck” as my skinny little body convulsed and a strong wave of pleasure shot through my whole body. he kept going and another wave engulfed me. I was so pissed off that this weirdo was fucking my brains out and I was liking it. He pulled his cock out and poked it back up my ass hard and I felt a warm sensation inside my asshole as he shot his load inside me. I just let him at this point. He finished throwing my leg down hurriedly getting dressed. I grabbed my sheets to cover myself.

As he left the room he said “remember what happens if you tell.” He left and that was the last time I saw him ever.