We Were Blindfolded, He Wasn't. PROLOGUE

This is a 100% true story that happened to me just last week. I haven't been able to get it out of my mind, and frankly, I don't want to. So I thought I'd write it down.

I'm not going to sit here and lie to you and say I don't hook up now and then. I mean, I don't hook up all the time, but with all the apps and websites nowadays, it's just so easy to log on if you're feeling horny. Granted, most of the time the guys flake out on you and aren't serious. Hell, a lot of the times even I'm not serious about it. It's all just a game on those apps really.

Such was the case one Friday night. Only this time I was really, really horny and really wanting to hook up. Like I said, I don't hook up often, but when I do I always make sure that it's something worth while. Tonight's specimen was a hot, beefy, muscular jock who wanted to be a total cum slut for me. He wanted to take my cock and to snowball my cum back and forth. Or at least, he said he did. He said he'd message me when he was off work at 8PM and there I was at 11PM waiting for a response. Obviously I had been flaked out on. And MAN was I horny.

I guess I should tell you a bit about myself. I'm a fairly tall 23 year old blond guy with an athletic build. I've been a twink all my life so most of the time I attracted Daddy types who wanted a submissive boy. It doesn't help that I have big blue eyes and a total babyface. But as I've started to beef up and gain a bit more muscle–don't get me wrong, I'm far from being a titan. I'm more of a muscle-twink now I guess–I've finally started casting a wider net, which is perfect because I'd like to say I'm pretty versatile. There's no way I would have had huge muscle jocks want me to fuck their asses a year ago…

…And then again, I guess that still hadn't changed because there I sat being totally stood up. My cock was bulging in my jeans so I did the only thing I could and get right back on those dirty apps and start cruising hard for a back-up. I started up a chat with this guy that I had talked to before. This 6'4″ “straight” hockey player. He never really wanted to do much more than just jerking a guy off since he was just “curious,” but tonight he was singing a different tune.

“I'd really like to watch some kinky things tonight,” he messaged me.
“Oh really? Like what?” I asked. I've heard it all on these apps. Piss, fisting, spanking… I wasn't expecting to be surprised.
“I'd like to see two blindfolded guys explore each other while I watch.”
I was definitely intrigued. It wouldn't exactly be a threesome, but it certainly would be kind of kinky. “That sounds really hot dude!” Suddenly the beefy guy was seeming really boring to me anyway.
“If I set that up, would you be interested?”
I smirked at my phone screen and tapped away. “Of course. How soon?”
“How soon can you get here?”
I quickly checked the address he sent me. ൗ minutes.”
“What kind of guy do you want to be blindfolded with?”
“Prefer muscular guys. Or at least athletic.”
There was a pause. Nothing. At this point I figured this guy was all talk anyway. I started looking at other profiles and just about gave up when I finally I received a message from the hockey player. “How about a really hung twink?”
“Sounds hot.” I smirked at the thought. Twinks generally weren't ever my thing, but as I started to get more muscle I started to feel like the big guy for a change and they turned me on in a weird self-gratifying way.
“Okay, it's all set up. Your blindfold will be hanging on the door. Come inside, strip to your underwear, and put it on. See you in 15 minutes.” …Wait… What? He was serious? This was actually happening? I suddenly felt so nervous. I couldn't believe that he was actually going through with it. I started getting worried that maybe it was a trap and that I was in danger, but my throbbing hard on told me that I needed to take the chance. I grabbed my coat and set off to the address, still plugged into my navigation app.