Way Too Competitive

Dad always said I was too competitive for my own good.

Tonight, I was proving him right. I looked at the cards
in my hand, actually a respectable hand-a full house of
three jacks and two 9s, and then I glanced at the pot.
Just about all the money my parents had sent me for the
month was on the table, which was not helping my
confidence level at all.

One of my opponents, Ricky, had already folded, leaving
only his roommate Billy and myself in the game. Billy
had that smug expression on his face that he had been
wearing for most of the evening, that expression that
conveyed the message that he knew he had this game won.
That look was doing even less for my confidence.

As I looked back down at my cards, I couldn't help but
marvel at how fast this evening had gotten this far.

Billy and I had been dating for about 2 weeks. By
dating, I meant we had met for coffee at the school
café each morning and had had dinner out a couple of
times. We had slept together twice, but nothing out of
the ordinary. When he called and asked if I would like
to play cards with him and his roommate it seemed
harmless enough. As I lived in an apartment off campus
and they lived in the dorm we decided to meet at my
place, which seemed logical; though we had never dated,
I had known Ricky for over a year and felt he was safe

I also didn't see the harm in playing poker for actual
money. My father was in the Navy and had taught me how
to play at a very early age. I actually considered
myself pretty good. I also felt that I was a bit adept
at exposing just enough skin to maintain an innocent
demeanor, but still be a distraction to male opponents.
As the evening started, it was actually going real well
for me. In the first hour, I had made a little over a
hundred dollars. However, from there it had all gone
down hill.

For the last two hours, I had been consistently loosing
to Billy every hand. A perfectly sane person would have
quit before now, but competition always got the best of
me. I was starting to think Billy had realized this and
was playing on this weakness.

However it worked out, this was the last hand though. I
had already lost about half of my monthly allowance
provided by my parents for rent, food, utilities, you
name it. I had to bet the other half in an attempt to
win back what I had lost. What made it even worse was
that I was already a month behind on rent thanks to
some rather expensive nights of partying last month.
The eviction policy was crystal clear when it came to 2
late payments. That was a call I would never be able to
make to my parents.

I looked over at Billy, trying to gauge his expression
to see if he was bluffing. All I read was that same
smug arrogance that he had been displaying all night. I
glanced over at Ricky, who had already folded, but he
was staring steadily at my cleavage that I had
displayed boldly in an attempt to distract Billy. He
caught me looking at him and looked away smirking.

“Well, what's it going to be, Carrie? Do you fold?”
asked Billy.

“No. Do you?” I replied, with just a bit of desperation
in my voice despite my best effort.

“No” he replied, “I was actually thinking about upping
the pot some.”

Despite myself, I let some of my panic show as he said
this. Every dime I had was on the table, if he upped
his bet and I could not match, it would be the
same as folding. Billy saw my panic and laughed.

“Okay,” he said, “then I call.”

I laid my hand on the table. Ricky gave an appreciative
whistle at my full house.

Billy only smiled wider as he laid down four Kings.

“Well, it’s been fun,” said Billy has he started to
pick up the money, “maybe we can do this next week.”

“Wait,” I pleaded. “That is all the money I have for
the month, let me just pay you in payments, I should be
able to pay in two to three months, tops”.

“That's not the way you play poker and you know it,”
was his reply.

“Please,” I continued anyway, “you have to at least
leave enough for the rent; I told you I was already
behind. If I don't make this payment they will evict

“Just call your dad and tell him to send you more,”
volunteered Ricky.

“He won't do it,” was my honest answer. “My allowance
is part of his “trust” of me. He told me he would send
it once a month and it was up to me to manage it, and
that he would not send me a penny more, I know because
I have already tried.”

“Well, it sounds like you have a problem,” was Billy's
reply. “I really wish I could help you.”

“Please,” I begged, “can’t we just work out some
payment plan or something? I'll do anything.”

As soon as I said these words a strange look passed
over Billy's face. It almost appeared as if I had
finally said something he had been waiting on. What he
said next further confirmed my suspicions.

“Maybe I have an idea that can help you out. Ricky and
I had already decided that if we won enough money
tonight, we were going to get us a slut tonight. It
seems to me that we have more than enough money now.
What if I were to say that I would be willing to give
you back all the money I won from you tonight, Ricky
too, and all you have to do is be the slut for us.”

I was so shocked by that statement that I just stood
there, dumbfounded. I felt more than a little betrayed
by Billy, and I also felt desperation welling up as the
money went closer and closer to the door. “Please,
Billy,” was all I managed to get out.

Billy stood staring at me for a bit, but then sighed
and grabbed his jacket. “C'mon Ricky, lets go find us a

“Wait,” I said, actually surprising myself. ŕ hour. I
understand that prostitutes get paid by the hour. I
will agree to it for one hour.” I was surprising myself
with every word, but I was also thinking of what would
happen if the money left the door. Besides, I wasn't a
virgin or anything, though I had never done two guys at
once. Hell, I had already slept with Billy a couple of
times, and Ricky seemed nice enough.

Unfortunately, Billy wanted to drag the negotiations
out a bit.

“I figure we could get us a cheap whore for about 2
hours with this money. One that would do anything we
tell her to do. “

“How about an hour and a half?” I replied.

“I don't know Billy,” chimed in Ricky, “you said that
she was not really that great in bed. I was actually
hoping for a wild night with a slut that would do
whatever we wanted. I'm not sure I want to blow that
much money on a boring fuck!”

That statement actually made me mad. I would grant that
I didn't have that much experience, but to be referred
to as not really great in bed was unacceptable to my
ego. Just the second time my need to compete was going
to get the better of me tonight.

“I can make it worth it for you Ricky,” I said as
coldly as possible.

“I don't know, Carrie, Ricky has a point,” said Billy,
but when he saw the anger growing on my face he quickly
added, “But I have an idea that could resolve it.”

“And what would that be,” I said, all the while not
sure I wanted to know.

“Maybe you could put on a little show for us in order
to convince us that we should do you instead of some
slut. If you can convince us that you would be just as
much a slut as any cheap whore we could hire, we will
agree to fuck you. If not, we will take our money and

I thought for a moment, I had already agreed to be a
prostitute for an hour and a half, what did it really
matter if I put on a little show first. Besides, it was
obvious Billy wanted me to beg him to fuck me and this
was going to be the only way to get my money back.

“Okay,” I said. “I will make you want to fuck me, but
the moment one of you asks me to do anything to you,
the clock is starting and you both agree to give me my
money after it’s done.”

Casually discussing such a transaction was starting to
feel a bit odd, but Billy was not done.

“We will agree to that, with the added condition that
if we ask you to do something in that hour and a half
and you refuse, then the deal is off and we keep all
the money, regardless of how much time has passed.”

(Did I happen to mention that Billy and I were both
pre-law, and at the top of our class?)

I did not like those terms at all, but saw little
choice. I believed Billy was not bluffing when he said
he would leave now with the money, you could see it in
his face.

I would just have to hope they would not tell me to do
anything too outrageous, although I realized that I
would probably be doing stuff tonight that I had never
thought I would do before. I was also realizing that
this was probably Billy's plan all along and knew he
was going to try to keep the money after doing me by
trying to suggest something that he thought I would not

“Okay,” I said softly, “whatever it takes.”

“Well, lets see what it takes,” said Billy. “Make us
want to fuck you, slut.”

Calling me that shocked me a bit, but then I realized
that I wanted them to fuck me and then pay me-if it
walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

I was wearing a tight fitting button up blouse and a
pair of jeans. I motioned for the guys to sit on the
couch and started to unbutton my shirt. As I started
taking my clothes off, I noticed Ricky was getting far
more excited than Billy, who was sitting back with that
damnable grin on his face. I realized I could probably
get Ricky to “the point” first and decided to
concentrate a bit more effort his way.

I had removed my panties and was standing completely
naked in front of the guys. Ricky had a noticeable
bulge in his pants, but Billy just kept on grinning.

At somewhat at a loss for what to do, but not wanting
to give Billy an excuse to leave now that I had
stripped for them, I tried to get some prompting in the
most wanton matter I could:

“So, what do you want your prostitute to do,” I asked
in a voice I hoped would pass for sultry.

Ricky was about to respond when Billy interrupted.

“First,” he said, “we don't want a prostitute; we want
a cheap dirty whore. If you are not going be a cheap
dirty whore, we can just leave now.” He said this with
emphasis, but I noted he was not making an effort to
get off the couch. “Are you a cheap dirty whore?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Say it,” he demanded.

“I am a cheap dirty whore,” I said, quickly adding “and
I will do what ever you want.”

To my surprise, Ricky jumped in with, “You don't look
like a cheap whore to me; tell me why we should think
you're a cheap whore.”

I was a bit confused at how to respond to this, I mean
here I was naked in front of two guys for crying out
loud, how much more of a slut could I be?

Billy picked up the cue though, “Yes, tell us what you
will do for us that makes you a cheap whore, slut.”

I thought as fast as I could. What do guys want?

“First, I will give you both blow jobs,” I offered, but
to which Billy replied, “A cheap whore would say she
would suck our cocks.”

“Yes, I will suck both of your cocks,” I quickly
corrected. “I will suck both of your cocks until you
come all over me.”

“Will you swallow the cum?” asked Billy.

Having no choice, and realizing just how far this was
going to go, I replied, “Yes, I will swallow every last
drop.” I was also starting to get into the role a
little, so I added, “That's what makes me a cheap
whore-I love swallowing cum.”

“What else do you like to do that makes you a cheap
whore,” asked Billy.

“I like to be fucked, hard, over and over again.”

One look at Ricky told me he was about to explode, but
Billy was just casually sitting there. Part of me was
hoping we could get this going and subsequently over
with, but another part was starting to get turned on,
as much by what I was doing as the challenge of getting
a response from Billy.

“I want you to fuck me, here, in my pussy,” I started.

“You mean your cunt, don't you slut?”

“Yes, right here in my cunt,” I quickly added. For
effect, I turned around, spread my legs slightly and
bent completely over at the hip. Running my right hand
up my thigh onto my crotch and dipping the middle
finger into my pussy I said, “I want you to fuck me
hard.” I continued to insert my middle finger into my
pussy, beginning to go in and out in fast, hard

“Use two fingers, bitch,” came Billy's reply, but this
time I sensed some excitement.

I quickly complied, barely noticing he had called me a
bitch. I guess the language was just part of it. I
continued, inserting my right ring finger as well. I
had my head down by my knee and could get a good look
at both guys. Ricky was literally trembling. Billy was
also sitting a bit tenser and less relaxed, though he
still had that grin on his face.

“Man, I really want to fuck her Billy!”

“I don't know. I still think we could get a cheap whore
that would do more for us. What do you think, Carrie?
Could we find a dirtier whore than you to fuck?”

“No,” I quickly replied, picking up all to easily on
the verbal cues “I’m the dirtiest whore you could fuck.
I will do anything you tell me to.” The whole time I
was talking, I was continuing to fuck myself with my

“Use three fingers bitch. Fuck yourself like a slut

“Yes,” was my only throaty reply. I was actually
getting pretty excited and my knees were growing weak.

“Suck on the fingers of your other hand, show us how
you suck a big dick”

I quickly formed three fingers into an appropriate
shape, sucking them in as deep as I could. I moaned as
loud as I could (I couldn't do much else with three
fingers in my mouth after all.)

Ricky had already dropped his pants and was
masturbating on my sofa. Billy had unzipped his pants,
but had not reached in yet.

They let me continue at this for a while. Ricky kept
looking at Billy, obviously waiting for the signal to
begin fucking me. I had to fall to my knees, as my legs
were getting weak. I took my hand out of my mouth to
support my weight. Hoping they would not hold it
against me, I immediately started begging.

“Please fuck me guys. I am your cheap whore and all I
want to do is suck your cocks and let you fuck me hard.
Please, Please, fuck my cunt, cover me with cum.”

Billy's reply was short and unexpected.

“Can we fuck your ass?”

I actually stopped for a moment. With my hesitation,
Billy seemed to smile triumphantly.

“See, Ricky, she isn't a cheap whore, she won't even
let us fuck her ass. Let's go”

“No, please. I will. You can fuck my ass, you can do
anything, I promise.”

“Fuck yourself in the ass with your fingers.”

I immediately pulled my hands out of my pussy, as they
were already slick with my own juices. But Billy
stopped me.

“Use the other hand, the one that was in your mouth.
While you are butt fucking yourself, lick your other
hand clean. Do it now, bitch, or we are leaving.”

I immediately complied, bracing my shoulder on the
coffee table. I put my fingers back in my mouth for a
quick second just to get them wet, then slid my hand
around to position the fingers above my ass. I inserted
first my middle finger and then my ring finger in my

This seemed to get even Billy excited. I then
rhythmically fucked my ass. I increased my speed as I
got used to the feeling somewhat, but still I couldn't
help but wonder if I would be ready for a dick back
there. Meanwhile, I did as he instructed and licked my
other hand clean. This wasn't so bad as I often
masturbated and sometimes did this anyway.

My compliance to this request seemed to be all that was

“I want to fuck her now, Billy.”

“Go ahead, but I would make her suck you first.”

“Yeah, bitch, get over here and suck my dick.”

I smiled as I stood up and looked at them both. “The
clock has started boys.” I walked over to the kitchen
and quickly set the oven timer.

“Crawl over here to us, like the slut you are, Carrie,”
came Billy's command roughly.

I quickly complied, dropping to my hands and knees and
crawling over to Ricky like a hunting cat. Ricky stood
up to meet me, his pants around his ankles. His dick
was throbbing in his hands and I could tell that he was
going to cum real soon.

Billy obviously saw this too.

“When you cum, pull it out before you are done and
smear it on her face,” he said roughly to Ricky while
never taking his eyes off of me, waiting to see my
expression. Ricky looked at him and nodded. I knew what
Billy was going to do, he was going to make this as
demeaning and gross as possible hoping I would refuse
something and then he would not have to pay. Well, I'd
show him.

I smiled brightly at Billy as I took hold of Ricky's
penis. I used my forefinger to touch the moisture that
was already accumulating at the tip and rubbed it over
the head. As it grew slick, I formed my hand around the
top and slowly slid it down to the base. I then opened
my mouth and went at his dick with abandon. I felt his
dick throbbing in my mouth.

I kept my tongue pressed against the bottom of his
shaft as tight as I could while I moved my head up and
down its length. I felt Ricky grab the back of my head
as he started thrusting his hips into my mouth. I felt
his dick harden even more and realized he was about to
go, yet he still kept thrusting. I knew he would not
pull it out, so I grabbed the base of his cock a bit

When he started to cum, I let him put one spurt in my
mouth, but then I pulled his dick out and made sure the
rest shot all over my face. As the spurting stopped, I
pressed the head of his dick against my face and used
its end to smear around the rest as it oozed out (I
could not believe I was doing this). Ricky was groaning
like he was going to die.

I turned to Billy, still on my knees with cum smeared
on my face and smiled.

“I told you I could be a cheap whore.”

Billy smiled as Ricky fell back into the sofa.

“Maybe, but you still haven't earned your money yet,
slut. Now crawl over here.”

Billy had taken his pants, socks, and shoes off, but
had merely unbuttoned his shirt and left it hanging on
him. He had his dick out in his hands, as hard as I had
ever seen it.

As I approached him, I assumed that he wanted me to
suck his dick, so I reached for it, but he stopped me.

“Not yet slut, first you have to clean your face.” With
that, he stepped up and started rubbing his dick over
my face, wiping up Ricky’s cum. “Now lick it off, slut”
he said roughly.

I did as I was told and started licking Ricky’s cum off
of Billy's dick. We did this two or three times until
he felt my face was clean enough (though now it felt
even stickier to me). Then he f***ed his dick into my
mouth. He held my head tightly on each side as he
shoved his dick into my mouth over and over again. So
far, he hadn't made me gag yet, but it was close.

Sometime after he started this, I felt Ricky's hands on
either side of my butt.

“Yeah,” I heard Billy say, “go ahead and fuck her. Just
remember, you're fucking a whore, so do it fast and
hard. That's how whores like it, don't they, Carrie?
They like it fast and hard, they don't want you to be
gentle. They like it rough, just like I'm doing, don't
they slut?”

I couldn't nod so I mumbled yes as best I could with
him thrusting his cock in my mouth. I felt Ricky
positioning himself behind me, but I couldn't turn my
head to see what he was doing. I felt him placing the
head of his dick against my opening, and then I felt
him put a hand on each side of my butt.

Suddenly, he entered me. He must have shoved the entire
thing in all at once; it was the most violent
penetration I had ever felt. The mere f***e of it
f***ed me even deeper onto Billy's dick. Just as
suddenly, Ricky started pumping me harder than I had
ever been fucked before. His hips were smacking my ass
so hard it felt like he was spanking me.

With all this f***e, Billy stopped his thrusting and
just stood there, letting the f***e of Ricky's fucking
move my head up and down his shaft. Billy reached under
me and started pinching my nipples.

“That's the way to fuck the bitch,” I heard Billy say.
Then I heard a slapping sound above me. I think the
bastards high-fived each other.

Ricky just kept pounding as strong as ever, then I
heard Billy moan. I felt his dick get just a bit harder
in my mouth and turn up a bit. I knew that he was about
to cum.

“Don't spill a drop, slut”

Billy locked his hands on my head, keeping me from
moving, which made the ass slapping even harder to
take, he pulled his dick to where just the head was in
my mouth, then started to cum. I had swallowed a couple
of guys before, but this was more cum that I ever
imagined coming out of a dick.

My mouth quickly filled and I immediately started
swallowing as quickly as I could. Despite my best
effort, a little bit dripped out and got on my chin. As
soon as Billy pulled away, I quickly took my hand and
wiped the cum back into my mouth. I doubt he even
noticed. Billy sat down on the floor in front of me.

Meanwhile, Ricky was getting more and more enthusiastic
about the whole thing. He kept pounding harder and
harder till finally he tensed up. I knew he was about
to cum, so I pressed back into him. He straightened up
and then began to cum deep inside of me. His moans were
even louder than the last time.

He pulled himself out of me and sat down on his butt as
well. I felt his cum starting to ooze out of my pussy.

“Wipe that cum out of your cunt with your hand, slut”

I positioned my hand between my legs and caught Ricky’s
cum as it came out. I then curved my fingers up to
catch what was around the opening.

“Now eat it, bitch.”

Like I didn't know that one was coming; as ordered, I
quickly licked my hand clean, marveling all the while
at how quickly and obediently I was obeying Billy’s
orders. The mixture of cum and my own juices was not
something I ever imagined I would taste, but I was
committed to this game now. I wasn't about to go
through all that and end up loosing the money anyway.

“Now, lick Ricky's dick clean.”

Ricky got up and moved over to my face. With Billy
watching, I licked all my juices and his cum off of
Ricky's dick. After a moment, Ricky was nice and clean,
and unbelievably getting hard again.

“Now, crawl over here and get me up, it’s my turn to
fuck you.”

My knees were getting a bit sore, but I quickly
complied. I noticed his dick was already growing even
before I stated sucking. I also felt Ricky's fingers
going into my pussy.

As I felt Billy's dick slowly growing in my mouth, I
felt Ricky fucking me with what had to be at least
three fingers. Obviously, his hands were a lot bigger
than mine.

I hated to admit it, but it felt great, these two guys
treating me like this. I was really starting to get
into it and actually felt the first twinges of an
orgasm coming on. Pretty soon, Billy was rock hard. He
told Ricky to move over as it was his turn to “fuck the
slut” as he put it.

I thought he was going to take me from behind as well,
but instead he lay down and told me to get on top. I
mounted him as instructed and he started fucking. He
made me do most of the work, of course. He kept telling
me to fuck him harder and harder. Pretty soon I was
grinding about as hard as I ever had on a person. I was
also on the edge of orgasm.

I was sitting almost perpendicular to Billy so it was
no problem for Ricky to stand up next to me, turn me by
my hair and put his partially flaccid dick in my mouth
saying, “Suck me some more, bitch.” About the time he
did this I came. It was obvious to everyone.

Billy also came at the same time. I felt his hips
coming up and meeting mine as he thrust deep inside me.

“See, Ricky, I told you she was a slut. Look at the way
the slut is cumming. She loves being fucked like this,

Billy rolled me off of him, forcing me to release Ricky
from my mouth. He put his dick in front of my face and
said “You know what to do, don't you slut.” I
immediately started licking him clean.

Starting to truly feel like a slut, I found myself,
without thinking about it, running my hand down to my
cunt to collect Billy’s cum that was beginning to run
out, thinking that was coming next, and was surprised
when Billy told me to stop as I raised it up to my

“Put it on your ass, make it real slick for us.”

I was dreading this, but had known it was coming. I did
as he demanded, rubbing the mixture of sperm and my own
cum over my asshole. Without prompting, I took two
fingers and f***ed stuff inside of my ass. About this
time, Ricky had resumed his position in front of my
face and f***ed me to continue sucking him.

Eventually, Billy told us to stop. He had been watching
me grease up my ass and was already hard again.

“So, who gets to fuck this slut in the ass first?”
Billy asked.

“I'm fine where I'm at,” said Ricky, “you go ahead.”

“Do you want me to fuck you in the ass, Carrie?” Billy

Having no choice, I replied, “Yes.”

“You don't sound like you mean it, if you want me to
fuck you in the ass, then beg me for it like a whore

“Please, fuck my ass. Fuck it hard. I want it real
bad.” I tried to put as much heart into it as I could.

“Okay slut, if you want it that bad.”

Billy positioned himself behind me. I turned forward,
but only to see Ricky's semi hard dick waiting for me.
He had not tried to put it back in my mouth yet; I
think he was watching Billy.

I felt Billy position his dick at my ass's entrance. I
was hoping he would at least go slowly to start.
Unfortunately, Billy had other ideas.

“A real slut would want me to shove it in hard all the
way to the end. Are you are a real slut, or have you
just been playing?”

“I'm a real slut,” I replied, grimacing and bracing
myself as best I could “shove it in.”

Billy complied. I couldn't help crying out at first. I
knew it would be uncomfortable, but I had no idea it
would hurt this bad. Billy shoved it in deep and then
immediately started fucking me as fast as he could.
Just as the pain was getting bearable, Ricky grabbed
the side of my head and shoved his now fully hard dick
back into my mouth.

“Man, Ricky, you have to try this, her asshole is so
tight,” I heard Billy say.

I was starting to get the feeling under control. In an
odd way, it was starting to feel good, but certainly
not that good. I felt Billy reach under me to my cunt
and start to finger it, sliding in a couple of fingers.
The pleasure this brought me truly surprised me and I
almost came right then, and knew another orgasm
wouldn't be long in coming.

“You like this don't slut, you like getting fucked in
the ass!”

Ricky took his dick out so I could answer.

“Yes, I love it. I'm a slut, please fuck me harder.”

Billy pulled his dick out and moved to my head. I
though for a moment he was going to make me suck his
dick after it had been in his ass. Turns out Billy had
a little compassion though. He simply grabbed my chin
and held my mouth open as he shot his load in, never
actually putting his dick in my mouth. When the
shooting stopped, he held my face back with his dick
above it so his cum would drip into my mouth.

At just about the time he finished, I felt Ricky grab
and enter my ass at almost the exact same time. He
resumed his hard pounding he had given to me before,
only this time it was more intense as it was my ass he
was fucking. He also gave me a reach around, but he was
rubbing and fingering a lot harder than Billy did. I
came in a matter of moments.

Just as I was coming down, I felt Ricky cum as well.
Unlike Billy, he thrust deep inside my ass and left a
full deposit. When he pulled out, I collapsed on the
floor with cum leaking out of my ass. I was hoping I
would not have to eat it.

Almost as soon as I fell though, I heard the timer go
off. I could not believe that much time had passed so
quickly. I looked over and saw Billy had put his pants
back on and was tying his shoes. He had left the money
in a pile on the coffee table.

“C'mon Ricky, this slut has earned it tonight.”

Ricky also went over and got dressed. No one said
anything, and my legs were too weak to get up, so I
simply laid on the floor, with a sticky face, cum
oozing out of my ass, juices flowing out of my pussy,
and the taste of myself and the guys cum in my mouth. I
was also feeling the after glow of two incredibly
powerful orgasms. I probably looked as sluttish as I
felt, but didn't seem to care too much.

“No one finds out about this night, understand. I don't
want you going around telling everyone about this,” I
said, though I knew I could not really stop them.

“Well that depends,” replied Ricky, surprisingly
enough. “Are you going to keep being our slut for us?”

Billy raised an eyebrow at that and looked to me

“Just for you two, and that's it,” I replied. But then
I added, smiling “As long as you can pay, of course.”