My name is Ben and my marriage has been a happy one, not too exciting, but happy and fulfilling. However over the last year is has been quite different. My life has been filled with an aura of forbidden excitement and despair formerly unknown to me. It all started last year on our 20th anniversary, when my wife and I celebrated by taking a vacation and traveled down to Southern California. We rented a private cottage on the beach. One evening we went to the local bar for a few drinks and noticed a group of young black guys at the next table. They were having an argument, and finally two of the three got up and left. After about ten minutes the remaining black guy turned around and started talking to us.

I invited him to join us at our table and ordered some more drinks. As I watched, Vera looked like she was taken with this attractive young black man. He has curly black hair, deep mahogany skin and a dazzling white smile. They talked to each other all night as I listened politely, ignored by both of them. His name was Greg, and he was down here on summer break. He was now broke, which was part of what the argument was about, and had been sl**ping on the beach with his other friends.

My good hearted wife said we should invite him to stay with us as we had an extra room at the cottage, and I agreed with her. After another round of drinks and more talking we finally all left for home. When we got to the cottage Vera poured some more drinks and I settled down to watch a late ball game on TV. Vera and Greg were chatting away in the living room, until I heard him mention he was interested in music and dancing and was studying it at college. With that cue Vera e****ted him into the den, where there is an elaborate stereo system. I heard them turn on some music and just assumed they were dancing.

About 20 minutes later Greg came in to refill their drinks. It was then I noticed a trace of deep red coloring around his mouth. Well no one had to tell me how it got there. I had always considered Vera to be the most faithful wife and never felt any hint of jealousy. I also discovered I was in an extreme state of excitement at the developing situation. Now let me describe Vera, she's an attractive woman of 38, 5 ft. tall, about 110 pounds. She has long lithe legs and a beautiful round ass on her compact 36-24-36 frame, with wild long red hair and green eye?s that are to die for.

After Greg went back with their refills, I snuck over to the heavy curtain that separated the two rooms and parted it just a little to get a quick peek inside. Vera had her arms tight around his neck and their lips were locked together in an open passionate kiss. Greg had his hands on Vera's ass and her belly was glued to his hips. I had no doubt that she could feel the erection I knew he had buried in her abdomen. A couple of minutes later when they broke their kiss, both came back to the living room and Vera poured all of us some more drinks. I had the feeling Vera wanted me to get d***k and go to bed so she could do as she wanted with her black stud. I pretended to cooperate, but when they weren't looking I sneaked into the kitchen and poured out my drink, which she had made extra strong, no doubt trying to get me d***k faster. I then acted bombed and staggered off to bed, wishing them a goodnight. I was actually trembling with excitement at the events about to unfold and my cock was standing at attention.

I waited 15 minutes then climbed out of bed and crept back to the curtain. The sound of wet passionate kisses was easy to hear as well as low moans and gasps.

'You are a wild one, aren't you?' I heard Vera moan.

I then detected the steady noise of moving bedsprings among the whimpers and moans. I was shaking all over with excitement and was close to having an orgasm right then and there. I parted the curtain, unable to wait any more.

The sight that greeted me was truly exciting. There was my faithful white wife, with her long legs straight up in the air, her high heeled feet waving wildly, as Greg's large black body covered her. I had to keep myself from gasping out loud as I saw his large black cock, 10 inches at least, pound in and out of Vera with f***eful stabs. They were both naked and Greg was kissing her breasts and nipples as Vera was getting the fucking of her life. I then noticed he wasn't wearing a rubber, and since I had my vasectomy, Vera doesn't use any birth control. I could only hope it was not her fertile time of the month, but even the risk of impregnation was turning me on like nothing before.

I quickly pulled out my cock and started stroking myself in time to the frantic a****listic fucking going on. Greg was kissing and licking Vera's erect nipples causing her to squirm and moan. 'Oh, Oh, Oh God! Oh Greg fuck me, fuck me! Oh God, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!' she screamed. Vera's whole body started to shake and vibrate, her legs waving wildly, as she pulled Greg hard to her, kissing him lustfully on the lips. As Vera went crazy in orgasm, I shot my load into the curtain, having my own powerful orgasm, watching my wife enjoy her new black lover. I have never seen Vera so quick to orgasm, but with the size of his huge black dick fucking her so beautifully, it was easy to understand her quick climax.

As Vera was relaxing from her orgasm, Greg continued to pound into her, never once slowing down or letting her rest.

'How do you like my big, black dick, little wife? Can your husband give it to you like this you little slut?' 'Of course my husband can't fuck like this, he has a small dick,' Vera moaned. 'Oh lover, I adore your cock. It fucks me so goooood! Oooooooooooh God you can fuck me to paradise!' 'I thought so, the way you were so easy and so eager for it. Well hold on slut, I'm not finished with you yet. When I'm done with you, you'll never want any other cock but mine.'

With that Greg went into high gear, as his ass drove his cock in to Vera with long powerful strokes, slamming deep into her. Vera's legs quickly wrapped themselves around his back and her hands grabbed his muscular black ass, her nails digging deep into him. They stared into each other's eyes for an eternity, before Greg leaned down and kissed her with all the pent-up fury of a starving man. It was such an erotic sight watching this huge black man fucking my eager white wife, that I quickly had another erection. Over the next half hour, Vera had one, two, three screaming orgasms, as Greg took her to the limits, still with no sign of slowing down. As frantic as they were, he quickly started to pound her even deeper and harder and his huge nut sack was tightening up and I knew he was about to shoot. Vera also sensed it was time and quickly tightened her grip on him.

'Oh Greg, Oh lover. I love it. I love it. More, please more, Ooooh harder!' 'You ready for my cum, little wife, you ready to take my big potent load?' 'Oh yes, yes, but please pull out when you cum, I'm not on any birth control.' Vera said. 'No way baby, I never pull out. You either take it, or I stop and leave!' Greg said. He had stopped fucking her at this point as Vera squirmed.

'But, but, I might get pregnant.'

'That's your problem, but either I shoot in you or I leave, so make up your mind.' Vera bit her lip in indecision as she looked up at Greg, seeing the hard look of determination on his face. Greg flexed his cock in her, making her squirm all the more, then quickly kissed and pulled on her nipples, making her moan again.

'Oh God Greg, Ooooooh! Please, please give it to me. I want your cum, I WANT YOU!' I couldn't believe it, my conservative white wife was willing to risk impregnation with a black man. At her passionate declaration, I shot the biggest load of my life, nearly fainting in pleasure, as I watched them.

'Okay little honey, get ready for the biggest orgasm of your life.'

With that Greg pounded hard and deep, hitting Vera's womb as she screamed in pleasure. 'You ready for it slut. You ready to receive my cum.'

'Please fill me with your hot cum lover, fill me full of you.'

With that Greg slammed once, twice, and on the third hard, deep stroke gripped Vera's ass tight and held his cock in deep, as his balls exploded into her. At his first squirt, Greg roared out his climax, as Vera screamed in her own devastating orgasm. Her legs quickly shot into the air, before wrapping around him again. Vera passionately kissed him, as his balls pumped his potent black seed into her womb, filling her so full that it ran out around his cock, out of her pussy and dripped down her ass and into the sheets.

'Oooh, Ooooh, Oooh! Oh lover, Oh master, Oh please. Oh God I love it, I love YOU!' Vera moaned, as Greg balls continued to pour their essence into her.

I continued to watch them for another few minutes, as they both calmed down, kissing and cuddling like newlyweds, before I went back to bed, sexually exhausted and wiped out.

In the morning, you would never have known anything had happened, they were so at ease with each other, except that Vera had a glow about her that I had never seen before. That was the first, but not the last time I have seen my wife being fucked by this young black stud. Two days later, we drove back home and Vera invited Greg to come with us. He screwed my Vera several times before we left, but I only got to see them once, as I didn't want to give away that I knew what was going on.

I know that Vera is 'keeping' Greg, but we are well off and can afford too. I pretend not to notice and turn a blind eye to what is going on. He is doing all kinds of odd jobs around the house while he attends school, to earn his room and board. But I know his real job is fucking Vera and keeping her happy. Vera used to act pretty sexy for me and never refused me when I wanted her, but that has all ended. She has changed her wardrobe, buying short micro mini-skirts, tight blouses and sweaters. She doesn't wear bra's anymore, and only wear stockings and garters, and if she wear panties at all, they are crotchless. She got rid of all her old shoes and only wears high heels or sandals.

As a result, I rarely, if ever, get to have sex with Vera's gorgeous body anymore as she only shares it with Greg now, but that is ok, as I am having more and better orgasm from masturbating, than ever, from watching and listening to them fuck. The knowledge of my wife's infidelity with her young black lover is more than enough to keep me excited.

Lately over the last five month's I?ve slowly noticed changes in Vera's body, as I rarely get to see her naked anymore and mostly only when I can spy on them having sex. One night when they thought I was working late, I snuck back to watch them and for the first time saw that Vera had shaved her pussy clean. It was so erotic to see her drooling bare pussy being rammed and stuffed full of black cock, that I had three orgasms myself just watching them that night. Another time I noticed Vera had a tattoo on her left ass cheek, and when I was able to make out Greg's name inside a black fist, I knew he had conquered Vera and made her his personal slut.

It has been just this last month that I've discovered the biggest shock and biggest turn-on at the same time. A couple of times I have noticed Vera coming out of the shower or getting dressed, and noticed that her belly had a slight paunch to it. I never thought anything of other than she was putting on a little weight. But over time I gradually noticed it getting bigger and bigger. Then one night while spying on them fucking Vera dropped the bomb.

'Greg, lover, that was wonderful. Oooh how you make me feel. I just can't get enough of you, my black stud.'

'I know. It's a good thing I keep in shape or I'd never be able to keep up with an insatiable slut like you.'

'Sweetheart what are we going to do about my condition? It's getting rather obvious, and I won't be able to avoid it for much longer. You know what I want.' Vera said.

'Listen to me little wife, I'm not going to marry you or take you in. I like the situation as it is. No responsibilities and all the benefits. Just because you're three months pregnant with my black baby, doesn't mean I want to change anything. You're just going to learn to live with it and you are going to have my baby, and that's all there is to it.'

Vera PREGNANT! I was stunned to say the least, but should have expected it, the way they use no birth control. Vera pouted and pleaded with Greg, but he was adamant that she was to stay married to me and was just going to have to get used to the changes when their black baby was born. That was the last time I ever heard them talk about it together, but a couple of times I heard Greg talking on the phone and bragging about how he has knocked up this married white housewife he is staying with.

Lately I have been wondering where this is all going to end. As Vera's pregnancy advances, I know some decisions are going to have to be made. For my part I hope it never ends. Just thinking of Vera with her black lover and having his black baby is so exciting I can't think of anything I enjoy more. And if Greg doesn't want to stick around I'm sure there are many more black men who would love to get between her thighs. I hope this will last forever.

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