Used by master and friends

Antov is the name of my master. He is a tall and stocky figure, his cock is very thick and it’s uncut.
We usually meet on weekends, he comes over to my place sometime in the night, I never know exactly when but I know what I have to immediately as he comes through the door.
I kneel before him, unzip his trousers and suck his thick cock until he signals me to stop. Sometimes I suck him until he comes in my mouth and I swallow it, I like how his cum tastes. Other times he takes my panties off, if I am wearing any, and fucks me till he comes inside me. He never says a word until he has cum at least once.

This time it was different, he entered the apartment with another man. He was a shorter man with a thinner but more muscular build. He had darker skin and his head was shaven, he wore a white T shirt, and a pair of jeans.
I began to stand up when Boris yelled, “No, make him feel at home, as if it was me!”
I knelt in front of the stranger, and pulled down his trousers and boxers. His cock swung out, it was erect, the head of his cock was almost purple and mushroom shaped. At the tip of his cock he sported a piercing, it was a ring that went through his glans.
I looked up at Boris before I took the cock in my mouth; he nodded and I began to busy myself with the stranger´s cock. He tasted saltier than Boris and the piercing at the tip of his cock made him taste metallic too. The piercing made it hard for me to suck him off so I concentrated in making my tongue travel from the tip of his cock to the edges of his mushroom shaped head. I could hear his breathing pace fast and faster as he grabbed the back of my head with his large heavy hands and pressed his penis against my lips.
He said something in Russian.
“Da, da” Boris said, he was now sitting in a chair watching me suck the stranger’s cock.
The stranger then pressed on my shoulders making me go on all fours he then pushed me to one side so that I would face away from him I turned towards Boris, he nodded again, so I continued turning so that I faced away from the two men. The stranger stepped out of his sandals and the pair of jeans and I could feel his hands touch my body through my T shirt, he started in my shoulders and moved down my back to the hem of the shirt- As he pulled the T shirt over my head, I could feel the dryness of his hands, he then moved his hands up my breasts and squeezed both nipples with his fingers. He had not removed the T shirt completely; he left it covering my head and pressed my back making me collapse on my arms. He spread my legs a bit wider and pulled my panties down and inserted two of his fingers in my vagina. It was then when I realized how wet I really was, his fingers slid right in, I could hear him comment something in Russian. He removed his fingers and I could hear him remove his shirt, I had that tingling sensation in my pussy, a sign that I was getting wetter in anticipation of what was coming next.
I felt him come close and stand over me.

“Ah!” I cried in anticipation as he placed his hand on my left hip. I felt him use his right hand guide his cock. He rubbed his cock still covered with my saliva against my lips and my clit as he searched for the entrance of my pussy, every time his piercing found my clit; I let out a small cry.
“ Aaaah!” He had finally found it and drove his penis all the way in.
He made a few short and hard thrusts for a while. He then began to make longer thrusts. My clit was first banged by his piercing when he pulled out and then by his balls when he pushed his penis inside me. He pressed deep into me each time holding it for a few seconds each time, the tip of his cock pressed against the wall of my vagina, making me moan
He began quickening his pace, and so did my moaning
He pushed deep inside me one more time, deeper and harder than before, I cried out. He kept it there. My left cheek fell flat against the wooden floor, I could see his right foot slide closer to my face under the T shirt that covered my head.
“Suck!” I could hear the stranger cry out from his heavy breathing.
I began to suck his toe, it tasted of dirt and I didn’t like it too much, but he increased the pressure against the inside of my pussy, it was the right spot too, he applied some pressure in my back and gently rocked his cock inside me.
“Aaah, ahhhh, aaahh “I was cuming. I don’t remember how many times I came, but as soon as he pulled out I collapsed on the floor. As he pulled out, I could feel another wave of pleasure come in. I didn’t know if the stranger had come either.
I could hear the men talk in Russian as I lay on the floor, they were laughing too

I don’t remember how much time I lay on the floor, but the next thing I knew I was laying across the leather sofa. I opened my eyes and I could see the men, both naked now sitting at the table and drinking what was probably some vodka.

“Glad to see you awake now!” said Boris as he looked at me. “It looks like you had a fun time, but my friend here hasn’t cum yet and he’d very much like to!” He continued.
The man whose name I still didn’t know stood up and began pulling on his cock I could see the shiny metal ring move in and out from his foreskin.
I sat up on the sofa and spread my legs as he came closer. He grabbed my ankles and pulled them towards him and then buried me into the sofa with my legs sticking out in the air.
“Aaaah!” He penetrated me again, as he placed my feet on top of his shoulders. He began to fuck me hard as he occasionally sucked on my toes and rubbed my feet against his shaven head.

I could see Boris come closer he was watching his friend fuck me hard as he stroked his penis. He moved behind the sofa and said something in Russian as he grabbed my feet and pulled them closer to him, making the stranger plunge deeper in my pussy, the tip of his cock rubbing the wall of my vagina again.
“Arghhh, Argghhh!” The stranger growled as I moaned too, he was coming inside me, as he came he continued to shove his cock deep inside me. Finally, the stranger pulled out and Boris released my feet, I could feel his cum ooze out of my pussy onto the sofa and the wooden floor.

“Good girl” cried Boris as he moved towards me with his hard cock in his hands, cum still oozing from my pussy. He made me grab my ankles with my hands, spared me open and then penetrated me deep. I moaned, he quickly began fucking me hard as he placed his hands behind my head and pulled it towards him each time he pushed inside me. I lost grip of my ankles they now jiggled in the air as I was getting fucked. Boris had now climbed onto the sofa, burying me deeper in to the cushions I was moaning as he continued to fuck me deep, his penis was rubbing the right spot, and I could feel an orgasm coming again.
“Aaah, aahh” I began cuming again as he emptied his balls inside me.