Underwear shop 7

On the day of the next meeting Barbara was unaware that Elaine would be there. All the ladies had prepared themselves in there best attire for a sexsational day. Barbara was first to arrive at Lynnes apartment, they sat and opened a bottle of wine, and Lynne broke the news about elaine attending. Barbara said that she hoped this would make an even more interesting day. some time afterwards elaine arrived and Lynne introduced the two ladies. As they sat and drank elaine kept lookin at Barbara's legs, they were amazing, she kept crossing and uncrossing them, each time her skirt riding up a little more. Barbar felt elaine watching her so did not adjust the skirt simply allowing it to rise. In turn Barbar was enthrawled at the bust on elaine, Lynne was much bigger than Barbar but elaine was in a different league. Lynne realing that the two were eyeing each other decided to commence the fun,siting beside elaine she placed one hand on one of elaine's tits and cuddled it whilst watching Barbara's face. Elaine looked at Barbara almost encouraging her to join in so Barbara also went to Elaine and carressed the other large tit through her blouse and brassiere. elaine's head rolled back and her eye;s closed in pleasure. Lynne then unfastened the blouse and reached around elaine to the clasps on her brassierre and undid it, then lowered the should straps to give a first release of the massive mammories. Barbara immediately pulled the cups away and saw for the first time the enormous tits roll out on to Elaine's chest, immediately she burried her face in them and rolled them around in her hands. Lynne was felling a little left out so went behind Barbara and lifted her dress and fondles her shapely bottom. Elaine wanted the pleasure of undressing Barbara for herself so stood up and put her arms around Barbara running them all over and they met with a long series of tongued kissing. Elaine then unclipped Barbara's skirt and allowed it to drop, Lynne picked it up as Barbar stepped out of it. Elaine knelt in front of Barbara and putting her fingers in Barbara's knicker slowly peeled thm down till the first signs of Barbara's pubic bush came in sight. Barbara was watching Elaines face to see the reaction, first a smile then as the knickers came lower and her bush was fully revealed a gasp of pleasure before finaly removeing the and handing them to Lynne. Elaine went to lick her pussy and Barbar felt the enormous tits bounce against her stockinged thighs and elaine felt the taught suspenders straps rubbing against her ample tits. Lynne removed Barbara's top and unclipped her tiny quartter cup brassiere and allowed her titties free. Barbar then lifted elaine and bent before her to remove her skirt and kneel before her this time. Elaine had a high waist girdle on and her tits reached down to the waist, the girdle suspenders were short and the stocking high unlike her own where the welts were just above the knee and the suspender starps were long a bit into her thighs and pulled the welt of her FF nylons in to peaks and troughs. Lynne went to elaines back and slid her hands into her knickers and lowered them down, Barbara seeing Elaine's bush or that part of it visible beneath the girdle. Lynne asked if no one wanted to undress her, the ladies laughed and elaine said I want to see your black furry bush once again. Lynne was soon down to her suspender belt and stockings, and went to fondle Barba's tint per little titties with one hand and elaine's massive ones wioth the other, what a comparison. In minutes they were all on the floor licking and fingering each other till they came in exstacy to each others touch.