Underwear shop 5

Lynne could hardly wait untill Elaine made her next visit to renew stock. Lynne told elaine all about the experience that she had with Barbara. At first she did not notice that Elaine was starting to feel her own breasts, then with her other hand rub her womanhood. Elaine said how much she wished she could hve been there to participate or even just to watch. she asked Barbara as to if they had made any arrangements and would she allow her to attend. Lynne responded that there was no time like the present and took hold of Elaine's tits first on top of her sweater then running her hands up underneath. Elaine took hold of the waistband and lifted it up and over her head to reveal all. Lynne kjnew that Elaine was gifted on top but seeing her in her brassierre and bursting out over the topof her cups was something different. Elaine was a bitshy and tried to cover up the obvious size of them with her arms. Lynne would have nothing of it and lowered the straps from her shoulders releasing the first stage of the weight of Elaine's huge tits. Then putting her hands around her back released all of the three clasps to fully release th globes, they were truly enormous and Lynne removed her arms so they hung free. Lynne imagined how they would look with Elaine laid on top of her and them hanging fully down. Her hands would not cover much of them, she had measured ladies before with big tits but never handled such massive mammories. She then removed Elaines skirt to reveal that she wore a girdle with suspenders and stockings and tiny white knickers, which she slid off. Being a girdle Elaine's pussy was not fully on show but some tusks of hair were presentso she was unshaven also. It was now time for elaine to undress Lynne, which Lynne was looking forward to, and to see Elaine allow her enormous tits to roll around unrestrained.