She could suck a dick better then her mom ever could when she was her age. Dave had discovered his niece’s talents on his first trip home in the summer of 86. Anita had just turned eighteen and she had not seen her uncle in over five years. It was a shock for both of them to realize the attraction that was between them, it was nothing short of pure lust when ever they were even in the same room together.

Christine, Anita’ mom and Dave’s s****r was more then aware of the pleasure that her b*****r could give a woman, he had giving her many hours of such pleasure as a young girl. It had been about a year since Dave had last seen his s****r and niece, he had been thinking about Anita’s young tight body for weeks, and just how nice it would be to get into that fresh young kitty again. A surprise visit was definitely in order.

The day he arrived on his s****r’s doorstep Dave hoped to fine Anita home alone, the thought of getting into her sweet tight hole was upper most in his mind. He used the key that Christine had given him; walking into the big house that Christine was awarded in her divorce made him very aware of just how good his s****r had it. He was not all that happy when Christine came home with a husband, and to top it off she informed her f****y that she was two months pregnant. Dave knew that it would be a long time before he would be able to get into Christine’s pussy again.

Five years later after her husband walked out on her and their daughter Christine moved back home with her f****y. Dave could not have been more pleased that once again he had access to his young s****r’s tight pussy again, and he made the most of it. They resumed their relationship for the next five years, until Dave took a job in New York City.

It was quite a few years before Dave and Christine saw each other. By now her daughter was starting to grow into a beautiful sexy woman, with all the bumps and curves to prove it. On his first visit he met his sweet eighteen year old niece for first time in more then five years. The undeniable attraction between Anita and her Uncle Dave was something that could be contained.

From the very moment he laid eyes on her, he knew she was just like her mother. The fact that she was so turned on by a stranger in an airport was not all that new to her, after all she was use to turning heads where ever she went. She was so engrossed in her flirtation with the handsome sexy stranger, that she almost forgot why she was there to begin with.

Her fair haired uncle was coming into town and according to her mother everything had to be perfect. The thought of her missing a day at the beach with her friends did not set well when her mom informed her she was in charge of picking up her Uncle Dave, and make sure he had whatever he needed.

Anita made sure she got to the airport in time to make sure that she did not miss her mother’s favorite b*****r. Little did she know that sexy stranger that held her full gaze was her long lost uncle? After some time had passed, and after he got a pretty good eye full of what she had to offer he made himself known to her.

Being more then a little embarrassed by her own behavior, Anita offers a heart full apology for her unseemly behavior. After he had settled in and a few hours had passed Anita and her uncle gave into their temptations. Their first encounter happed by the pool, where Dave had found her sunbathing in all her glory.

The idea of fucking her was never far from his mind, on the half hour ride from the airport he could think of little else. When he came upon the back of the lounge chair that held her beautiful shape he could no longer deny himself. The rest of that afternoon was spent in sexual bliss as Uncle Dave took his sweet young niece to a place that she had never been before.

He was snapped out of his daydreams when he heard her sweet voice call out his name. “Uncle Dave what are you doing her?” he looked and saw her come bouncing down the stair case.

His warm sexy smile over took his face as she rushed into his open arms. He had never been so happy to see her, or to hold her in his arms. He felt his hands trailed the curves of her body, as he captured her sweet lips. Anita felt his manhood harden, as their bodies pressed tightly together, feeling no need for formally Dave pinned her to the floor, and she freely give him what he came for.
She was just as sweet and beautiful as he remembered. Her body was tart and tight as Dave peeled away two layers of clothing. There on the living room floor she was completely his as she spreads her legs for him yet again.

Dave quickly sheds his cloths, the look on her beautiful face said that she was ready to be taken again. He crawled between her open legs, and as their bodies came together, he can feel his heart race with excitement and lust. His cock found the opening to her paradise. She was wet and tight all at the same time, it was very clear to him that she had not been fucked in quite awhile.

Anita braced herself, she remembered the f***e of the last time he fucked her. His dick was hard and f***eful as he entered her. Anita bit down on her bottom lip, in order to muffle her screams of passion as she is being taken by her uncle again and again. His cock is like a WMD as he went to work on her sweet young pussy.

“OH GOD.” was all she could say as his cock coursed though her body. His dick was long, hard, and strong, and with each stroke she felt as if she would just melt into him. Her warm tight pussy felt better then he had remembered.

Fucking her was nothing short of glorious for him. It was what his teenage dreams were made of. Thoughts of Christen fleshed though his mind as he took his niece over and over again. He remembers the first time he walked in on their father while he was on top of his s****r.

Hall had been making sexual overtures’ towards Christine for months. It was a week after her sixteenth birthday, when Dave had been out all night drinking with his buddies. It was about four in the morning when Dave returned home, he had used his dad’s car and he was going to quietly slip into his dad’s bedroom to return his keys. As he opened the door to set the keys on the dresser, he heard a slight moan. Thinking that his dad might be sick he tip toed into the room. What he saw altered the course of the entire Roger’s f****y. It was the sight of his father on top of his sixteen year old naked s****r that changed everything.

Dave always knew that his father had a thing for young girls; he had seen the way his dad would look at some of the girls that he would bring home. Dave knew if giving the chance that Hal Rogers would fuck ever young girl that his son brought home.

“God baby, that was so good.” Dave said as rolled over leaving Anita breathlessly wanting more.

“Oh Uncle Dave, I have missed you so much, I have been so lonely since mom has been working nonstop.

‘Is that where your mother is now, at work?

“Yes, it’s like she lives at the office these days.” Dave could hear the anxiety in her voice.

“Well don’t worry while I’m here I’ll see what I can do.

Anita was so pleased that her uncle was so willing to help. After Dave had left her alone to bask in her uncle’s love, Dave came up with a plan that would unsure that Christine and Anita spent more time together.

Later that evening when Christine got home from work she was surprise to be greeted by her b*****r, who for some reason had an endless smile on his face. Walking into her living room where Dave had had dinner prepared and set up by the fire place. He remembers that his s****r liked a brandy right before dinner. To say that Christine was caught off guard would be the under statement of the year.

She had no idea that her fair haired b*****r was in town, let alone that he was at her house planning such a lovely reunion. As the two sat by the fire enjoying the first meal that they had shared in years, Dave and Christine begin to remember the wonderful teenage years they shared.

“I bet you don’t remember our first time.” Dave said as that wicked smile that she loved so much appeared across his soft lips.

“Of course I do. I was sixteen and you were my nineteen year old big b*****r, who said that it was his duty to teach me about the facts of life.”

“Yes well I must say it was very enjoyable being one of your teachers.”

A sweet shy smile touched her lips as the memories of their first union became clear again. “MMMM, how can I forget that hot summer morning you came to my room and caught me playing with myself?

“You mean masturbating; yes it was a sight to behold.” b*****r and s****r sat in silence for what seemed like forever, each knew what the other was thinking, “How nice it would be to go back in time, if only for an hour or two.”

Reaching out for her hand, Christine saw no reason not to give in to the very thing she had longed for, it had been years since their last encounter. She had often pondered what would be like to have her b*****r as her lover, now that they were adults. Putting her hand in his she decided to take that leap of i****t love.

She led him to her bed. The feelings that she had for him were just as strong as the first time that they laid together. He undressed her and laid her on her bed. The sight of her lovely body brought his manhood alive. Her body was even more beautiful then he had remembered time had matured her body, giving it a more womanly grace.

He lay down beside her, softly touching every inch of Christine’s naked body. As Dave explored the woman that she had become, Christine found his manhood delightful. She had forgotten how strong he was, and how the sight of his cock made her cream come. However, it was always his touch that would almost make her loss her mind.

He softly caressed her lips with his finger tips; she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He never had any trouble getting lost in he lovely pear blue eyes, because Dave knew that Christine would always know how to fine him. Pressing a tender kiss to her sweet full lips made her body tingle with the excitement of their first time together.

Kissing his way down her long lean body the lushness of her full breast makes his mouth water with desire. Her sweet seasoned tits were a delight to his taste buds as he captures one nipple with his lips, while softly caressing the other. The sounds of her low moans as she tangled her fingers in his blond hair as she held him close inspires him to give her more pleasure.

The addition of his lips anywhere on her body was something she never wanted to get over. Christine bathe in his kisses felt his hand between her thighs nearly melted when his finger invaded her small tight hole.

Dave heard his s****r moan in delightful pleasure as he used first one, then two, then three fingers to bring her to an erotic bliss. Drawn in her sweet juice Dave pulls his hand from her sweet spot. The taste and smell of his lover was enough to drive him mad.

Spreading her legs while his long hard cock cascade down her long lean body until it found the opening to her womanhood, Dave stopped for a moment to see if his s****r was ready for what he hoped would be the most unforgettable nights of her life.

“Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes Dave I’m more then sure, you don’t know how long I have been waiting for this. Every since Anita told me about what happened between you two; I have been hopping for a return visit from my loving big b*****r.”

“So you know about Anita and me, are you mad?”

Christen looked into the gorgeous blue eyes of her sweet b*****r. “How could I ever be mad at you for showing my daughter love, just the way that you and daddy showed me when I was her age.” That was all Dave needed to hear.

His cock was hard and ready for Christens’ tight wet pussy. In one big thrust of his hips he entered her. Her pussy lips unfolded and welcomed him in. Her pussy was just as good as he had remembered, if not better. Grinding her hips to meet his every thrust, their fucking became a game of pleasure, and playing it seems to bring them endless joy.

Neither Christen nor Dave was aware that they were being watched. As b*****r and s****r continue to make love, a hot horny Anita stands behind the half open door of her mother’s bedroom.

The sound of love making caught Anita’s ears, and right away she knew what was going on. “I bet Uncle Dave is banging the hell out of mommy’s pussy.” She found the door to her mother’s bedroom half open, and as she looked in she saw her mother with her legs open and her uncle on top of her mother, fucking her pussy for all it was worth.

Anita has always been bold in going after what she wants. For Anita watching the two people she loved the most come together in a pure act of f****y love was such a turn on for her. She has no memory of walking in and just standing at the foot of her mother’s bed and just watching.

With a sudden jolt Dave realized that he and Christen were no longer alone. Not wanting to pull out Dave reached up and pulled a nearly naked Anita down on the bed.

Capturing Anita’s full lips while pumping Christens’ pussy nonstop was more then he had hoped for. Christen is overcome with lust as she sees her only daughter remove the rest of her cloths. Dave moved his hand down her lovely small framed body to find a tight wet pussy eager to please.

Dave had taken full control of both women. Shoving two fingers up Anita’s dripping hot pussy, he never let up on Christine’s love hole. Fucking both his women to a state of complete erotic joy give Dave more pleasure then he had ever known. Pulling out of Christine he immediately slammed his cock into Anita’s tight wet hole.

While coming down from the amazing fuck that her b*****r had just giving her, Christine looked on as Dave pounded her daughter’s pussy into submission. It brought her great joy to see the two people that she loved the most pleasure each other in this way. Dave and Anita were lost in their lust for each other. It had been three years since he last fucked her, but the goodness of her pussy had stayed with him.

Grinding her hips in order to meet his every thrust Anita couldn’t get enough of her uncle’s big meaty cock. They fucked for nearly an hour before Dave released his seed inside her as Anita screams of passion echoed though the room. After some much needed rest and a good meal the three decided that another round was in order.

Dave, Christine, and Anita ended up in Christine’s bed. If the truth be told Christine had wondered for quite some time what would be like to take her daughter as her lover. Dave kissed both them gently and them he suggested how they could make it a memorable night for all three.

“Chris have you ever thought about being with Anita?” he said as he lay between the two women that he adored.

From the look in her eyes Dave could tell that the question had been lingering in Christine’s mind. She knew she could not hide the truth from him, nor did she want to hide it from herself, or Anita.

Looking into the face of her sweet beautiful daughter she knew the truth had to come out. Biting her bottom lip as one single tear cascades down her rose colored cheek, she summoned up the strength to own her truth.

In a slow soft voice she begins. “You know Anita before you were born I was really counting on you being a boy, because I knew that someday I would want to carry our f****y tradition. But by you being a girl I just thought that it was out the question that you and I would never become lover.”

It was a strange silence between mother and daughter as Anita learns more about her f****y. “I love you so much; you are a wonderful daughter, the kind any mother would be so proud of. The truth is that my feelings for you goes much deeper then a mother daughter relationship. Sweetheart I want us to have the same kind of relationship that I had with my father and b*****r when I was your age.”

Dave had moved to the foot of the bed, giving Christine and Anita more room to get closer. Taking Anita by her hand Christine took her daughter in her arm. She gently held her close as she softly kissed the back of her neck.

Christine locked eyes with her sweet baby girl who was about to become her mother’s lover. Christine and Anita had always been close, but now their relationship was about to go to a deeper level.

Anita felt so good in her arms. She looked into her daughter’s eyes and saw desire. No fear or hesitation, just pure love. “I love you mom.” the words slipped from Anita’s lips.

Taking Anita’s lovely face in her hands she softly caressed her lips with her red finger tips. Christine captured Anita’s lips in a soft sweet kiss that would soon turn sensual and erotica. The first sensual kiss between mother and daughter was sweet and soft as they got lost in their passion and lust.

Dave watched as Christine and Anita lay in each others arms, as they explore each other. Soft kisses are exchanged as their naked bodies come together.
Anita welcomed her mother by spreading her legs as Christine lay on top of her daughter. The feelings of their pussies touching for the first time send waves of untold pleasure though both mother and daughter. Anita’s pussy felt as good as Christine grin pussy to pussy. Dave watched in complete aw of his two favorite girls as he watch them take pleasure in each other.

The first taste of her daughter’s sweet pussy nearly sends Christine over the edge. Anita was a rare fine, something that her uncle had already discovered. Christine’s tongue invaded her little fuck hole, sucking and licking ever inch of her.

Dave could no longer stand being left out; he crawled between his s****r and niece. The two women seemed more then eager to please him. For months he had dreamed of Anita riding his hard cock, while his s****r licked his bails clean. Climbing on top of his huge hard cock, and sliding up and down grinding her pussy with every stroke, nothing felt as good as just being able to let loss.

Looking down she saw the glee in her mother’s eyes with a mouth full of balls Christine yanked and sucked her b*****r to pure ecstasy. As for Uncle Dave all his dreams were coming true right before his very eyes. To have been able to reconnect with Christine was lovely, but to have a f****y threesome with Christine and Anita brought pure joy to his heart.