Two Slutty Daughters – Chapter Eight

An original story by [user][/user]edited and broken down into chapters by me

Chapter 8

Just moments after Diane disappeared around the front of the house, Anita and Rick nearly jumped out of their naked skin when they heard someone open the back door. They didn't even have time to react before they heard Chuck cry out.

“Hey, Rick? Could borrow your car to- holy shit!”

Hearing who it was, Anita relaxed.

But Rick still reached up toward the couch, and pulled the afghan down to cover his naked s****r. It didn't help, though, as Chuck strode into the room and then stopped dead in his tracks.

“Fuck, Anita, don't you ever get enough cock?”

He stood towering over them, looking down with an expression that was a combination of lust and envy.

“Now just a minute!” said Rick. “Don't you talk to her that way. She's our s****r!”

Chuck just laughed. “Our s****r? Right, our fucking hot s****r is what I'd call her. Did we fuck Ricky nice today?”

Beneath the afghan, Anita seethed with lust. It was a dream come true to have the opportunity to fuck two of her b*****rs at the same time. Now all she had to do was find a way to make them cooperate.

“Uh-huh,” she said sweetly, nodding her dark head. “And I'd fuck you, too, if you had your clothes off.”

“Anita!” Rick exclaimed, suddenly turning moralistic.

But Chuck just laughed and began to disrobe. “You heard what the lady said, Rick. Why don't you just get lost?”

“No!” Anita cried, putting her hand on her older b*****r's arms as he began to get up off the floor. “You stay, too. want you both!”

The boys were stunned speechless. They looked at each other, Rick shocked, Chuck intrigued.

“Okay by me.” Chuck shrugged, tossing off the last of his clothes. “So long as get her cunt.”

“All right!” Anita said, clapping her hands. “Now, Rick, what do you say?”

“I don't know …”

“Oh come on! I could suck you off.”

“She gives real good head,” added Chuck. “I should know!”

u*********sly, Rick stroked his naked prick. His fingers soon discovered that his prick was plenty hard again. Maybe the idea of a threesome was a good one after all.

“Okay,” he said slowly, “but you go lock the back door, and I'll close the front door. don't want anybody dropping in as fast as you did.”

While Anita lounged back in the blanket, rolling around on the floor like some kind of sex kitten, the boys secured the house. Then they came back to their sexy little s****r, one stretching out on either side of her.

“Ohhhh, this is the life!” Anita said happily as they started kissing opposite sides of her body. “Ohhhhh, you guys do that so good!”

Rick landed kisses all around her neck and face while Chuck moved right on down to her tit. They unwrapped the blanket from around her slender body, exposing her bit by bit, and making Anita feel very beautiful. She lounged back, arching up to meet Chuck's tit-sucking mouth, her one hand working over the back of Rick's dark head.

Chuck sucked in her sensitive nipple until it was pressed against the back of his throat. His cheeks puckered in with the strength of his sucking, and Anita felt as if he might suck her whole body into his mouth, tit first. Then he eased back a bit, rolling his tongue around and around her luscious nipple, forcing more bl**d to flood the tiny tip.

Anita sighed and felt her nipple stand up straight and tall. Leaving it slick with his spit, Chuck took his mouth away from her tit and covered it with his hand instead.

“You like this, don't you?” he asked, speaking to her flushed face. “A little slut like you really gets off on this kind of stuff! You are a real cunt, Anita, and love you for it!”

Hearing his b*****r talk that way upset Rick, but he said nothing. He didn't believe in any kind of abuse for women, not even using dirty words. He made a mental note to talk to his b*****r about it at a later time, and then turned his mental energies back to nibbling his s****r's earlobe.

Shivers ran down Anita's side as Rick's mouth bit and nipped around her ear and neck. When he stuck his rolled tongue into her ear, she gave a squeal.

“Eeeeee! Rick, stop it!”

But Rick would not stop. He fucked her ear with his tongue, holding down her squirming body with one hand tight to her tit. Chuck saw what his b*****r was up to and joined in, torturing Anita's other ear.

Kicking and screaming and laughing, the girl tried to get up and get away. But she had no chance of escape with her two big b*****rs surrounding her. Their nimble fingers tweaked and twisted her nips, and their tongue lapped around and through her ears. Finally, in desperation, the girl reached out and took hold of both of their cocks. Summoning up all her strength, she squeezed the two rigid cock-shafts as hard as she could.

“Ough!” exclaimed Rick, jumping back.

“Son of a bitch!” his b*****r agreed.

Anita laughed. “Now, told you to stop! If you want to fuck me, fuck me nice!”

“You got it, bitch,” said Chuck, diving back onto her and throwing her legs apart. “I came for some pussy, anyway!”

Chuck grabbed her and pulled her toward his cock. He knelt down, his knees spread apart, and Anita slid up his thighs and right onto his; prick.

“Normally don't do sloppy seconds,” Chuck said, feeling how squishy she was inside. “But with our cute little fuck-happy s****r, here, just about anything feels good.”

“Ohhhhh, yeah!” Anita agreed, closing her eyes and loving the feel of her b*****r's prick. Then she opened them and motioned for Rick. “Come sit here, femme taste your nice, big prick.”

Rick hesitated, looking at Chuck. If they were going to share Anita, they were going to have to get along or kill her.

“Come on,” Chuck said, nodding his head toward Anita. “She wants to suck your cock. What are you waiting for?”

Rick took a deep breath. “Nothing, guess. Okay sure, let's go.”

Awkwardly, he tossed one leg across Anita's chest and settled in. His cock bobbed up right in her face, and Anita went cross-eyed looking at it. Then, with both hands, she reached out and grabbed it, drawing it to her mouth.

“Ahhhh!” Rick sighed, feeling her mouth around his prick-shaft.

Chuck, who had held back from fucking Anita to give her a chance to get a good grip of Rick's prick, now let himself go. He put one hand underneath each of Anita's ass-cheeks, and used her like a fuck-off doll, pulling her toward him and then letting her slide away.

Caught between the two boys, Anita revelled in the situation. She held Rick's cock in both her hands, nursing on the tip of it as if she were a c***d at her mother's breast. She cooed and moaned, loving the way her oldest b*****r's hard-on stretched her mouth and lips.

Her moans made Rick moan, too. The vibrations her mouth made transferred to his prick at very erotic frequencies. He held himself up off of her slightly, gently pulling his prick back ever so slightly, and then fucked forward again.

Anita loosened her grip of his cock enough to let him move, but not so much as to allow him even the possibility of escape. She wanted to make love to his cock for a very long time.

Rick's copious and flavorful cock-cream slithered down the back of Anita's throat like so many oysters. She took down the clots and the thin gruel that flowed from his cock-tip between them. She sucked in her cheeks around his drooling prick, her outer cheeks dented in sharply.

At the other end of her body, Anita had less control over her fuck. The awkward way that Chuck had chosen to fuck her, with her ass and cunt elevated, allowed her very little mobility. She could only squirm and dance, making any real fucking motion just impossible.

Still, doing what she did encouraged Chuck, making him fuck her deeply. With each fuck-stroke, he lunged toward her and pulled her toward him, making their bodies meet with loin-crunching satisfaction.

“Ahhhh, fuck, that's good!” Chuck moaned.

Plunge after plunge, his cock gradually fucked out the remnants of Rick's creamy load and turned Anita's cunt into something that was all his. He felt the gooey squishiness of Rick's old jizz less and less the more he fucked Anita, and he filled her cunt more and more enthusiastically because of it.

“Yeah, fuck back at me, Anita, come on! Move that ass! Yeah, move it!”

He pinched Anita's ass hard, making her scream around Rick's cock and Jump around his. His big hands held her ass-cheeks up, mauling them around. His fingers ventured down in- to the furry crack of Anita's ass, and that made her move as much as anything. No one had ever paid much attention to her ass before, and now she discovered, with a little help from Chuck's fingers, that her ass was very sensitive.

The more Chuck made her squeal and squirm, the more Rick benefited. Anita cried out around his prick, thrilling him more than ever. She took her hands away from his prick-shaft, too, clawing the carpet with them instead of gripping his prick. With nothing between her lips and the base of his prick except a few inches of his cock-meat, Rick took advantage of the situation and shoved his prick toward his s****r with unexpected urgency.

“Mmmmmm!” Anita screamed, her eyes wide with shock and fright.

Rick held his prick down her bobbing throat. He gloried in the feelings his s****r's startled gullet gave his cock. The muscles rippled around his prick as she fought to expel him from her mouth. Her lips clamped down tightly around the base of his prick, snapping open and closed in muffled yelps. With an odd sort of detachment, he watched her face turn bright red, his cock having choked off her air supply. Only when she beat on his thighs with her clenched fists did he reluctantly pull back, giving her back her life.

“Shit!” Anita gasped, turning her face away from him and gasping for air. “What are you trying-to do, kill me?”

Embarrassed now at what he had done, Rick tried to get up. He couldn't believe he had behaved in such a way!

“Oh now,” Anita said, grabbing for his prick with both hands again, “you're not going anywhere. It takes more than a little cock-meat to choke me.”

“But …” Rick said, but when his s****r popped his cock back into her mouth, feeding on it, he forgot his thought and settled back down, his eyes rolling with pleasure.

Anita nodded her head up and back, taking and releasing his cock-shaft. She whirled her tongue around his prick as she slid her face from one end of it to the other. The combination of sensations was the best thing Rick had ever felt. Lust pounded through his body and he fucked back at her, gently this time.

But, down at her cunt, Chuck was being anything but gentle. While Anita and Rick had been fucking for a while, Chuck was still fresh and plenty horny. His cock throbbed inside of Anita's cunt, and he lunged up over and over again, making her little cunt take and take and take his prick-shaft.

Chuck started fucking her wildly, his prick coming all the way out of her cunt, and then thundering back inside. Cunt-juice and Rick's previously shot load of fuck-cream lathered up her cunt area, and her whole crotch was soon slick with it. Chuck worked her ass up and down very quickly, fucking his prick in all the ways that felt best to him.

“Yeah, fuck back at me, bitch! Fuck me back!”

But Anita could do little more than relax her lower body and let her b*****r do with her as he wished. The position was too awkward, and his fucking tempo too extreme, for her to be able to keep up.

His cock came clear out of her cunt-mouth and then shot back inside her once again. The more he fucked her, the easier it was for him to shove his cock back inside of her in such a rude way. Anita's pussy stayed open between fuck-strokes, her pussy-lips pouted apart, ready to take her b*****r's next wild fuck-stroke.

“Yeah! Yeah!” Chuck cried, losing himself in the frenzied fuck.

He was so caught up in what he was doing that, when he lunged forward one time, he didn't at first understand why Anita's cunt felt so different. It was tighter, drier, not as soft. He jerked his cock back out and then sent it in again, and only then did he realize that he had pierced her asshole!

Anita's head had been pumping up and down Rick's cock with a very satisfying rhythm when, all at once, he felt her buck and try to scramble away. She screamed around his prick, her eyes wild with urgency. Rick just thought she was enjoying herself, and he put his hands down on either side of her face to keep her from pulling away from him.

“Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!” Anita screamed, knowing immediately where Chuck's cock had landed, and not liking it one bit. “Mmmmmm!”

Although Chuck could not see his s****r's face, he could sense her pain and fear. But, instead of making him take his prick right out of her asshole, it made him ass-fuck her even harder. He didn't care whether she liked it or not. All that mattered to him was that his cock was being satisfied and, fucking his s****r's virgin asshole, he certainly had no complaints.

Anita felt like a red-hot poker had been shoved up her ass. She shimmied about, trying to break free. But the more she struggled, the tighter her b*****rs held her. Even Rick did not seem to understand that she wanted to be free. He just kept right on fucking her mouth, his eyes heavy-ridded with lust.

Anita's ass made faint popping sounds as Chuck violated it time and again, faster and faster. Just as he had done while fucking her cunt, he drew his prick back out of her asshole at the completion of every fuck-stroke. That way he got the pleasure of fucking her from cock-tip to base every single time. And, as long as he fucked her, her ass never failed to satisfy him, puckering back up to allow maximum penetration pleasure.

“I love it, baby, love it!” he panted, bending her legs back so he could actually watch his prick fucking in and out of her asshole. “It's beautiful, Anita, wish you could see how my cock fucks your little asshole! It's beautiful, baby, just fuckin' beautiful! A real turn-on!”

Almost surprising herself, Anita found herself wishing that she could see Chuck's cock pounding into her ass. She even shimmied around a bit, getting used to having his cock inside of her. What had once been great pain began to turn, changing tone like the sky at sunset. Her cool disinterest in ass-fucking brightened, changing instead into a hot red that craved her b*****r's as-fucking cock.

As she started to move with him, Chuck felt his prick beginning to give. The tight squeeze her ass put on his prick, and her apparent enthusiasm for ass-fucking, combined to do him in. Fighting to hold back, he found it impossible and, before he could stop it, the flood of his come-juice was warming her s****r's bowels.

“Ahhhhh, gooood, ahhhh!” he cried, grunting as he strained to keep his exploding cock moving through the clutching tunnel of Anita's ass.

Anita felt her ass balloon up with her b*****r's exploding cum. She sucked harder on Rick's cock because of the intense sensations radiating out from Chuck's prick. But, with all her attention trained on her cum-sucking asshole, she didn't even realize that she was pulling so mightily on Rick's cock until she felt his creamy cock-load, too.

“Ungh, I'm coming, I'm coming!” he gasped, sounding as if he were in pain. “Ohhhhh, Anita, ohhhh, honey!”

His hands on either side of her face worked her mouth back and forth along the shaft of his prick. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he almost forgot to breathe as his fuck-cream drained through the maze of veins in his balls, out the tip of his prick, and into Anita's waiting mouth.

Valiantly, Anita gulped down Rick's cum load, and tried to keep her ass moving around Chuck's jetting prick. Her body felt almost limp with exhaustion, and she snorted around Rick's prick, gasping in air as she gulped down his cum.

“Ahhhh, baby!” Chuck finally sighed, sliding back and popping his cock out of her cunt. He leaned against the edge of the sofa and smiled. “That was just fine.”

Rick stretched out on the carpet. Zinging sensations were still careening through his body, and he needed time to catch his breath.

Unfortunately, he didn't get it. Their little orgy was just breaking up when the three teenagers heard someone try to open the locked front door. Then they heard their mother's voice.

“Frank, do you have your key? The front door is locked.”

“Jesus!” Chuck exclaimed, jumping up and gathering up his clothes. In a flash he was gone.

Anita and Rick were slower to react, their fucked-out minds and bodies not immediately registering the danger. Just moments before their parents came in the front door, Rick grabbed his s****r's hand and pulled her upstairs, leaving nothing behind to hint at their orgy except a small puddle of cum.