Twinverted – Chapter 1

Sam & Cat: Twinverted – Chapter 1

I was surprised by the phone call. Usually, I'm grateful if my s*ster calls me once every two months. It’s much more likely to be a text that says, “I'm alive. U?” But I had just gone out to play a trick on her friend Cat in November and now she was calling me almost two months to the day and trying to get me to come out again to play a trick on the same friend.

I said, “I really don't think you should. Cat seems so sweet and trusting. She took your last prank in good humour, but you can’t expect that to work again. And honestly I think it’s a little mean for you to want to. Didn't you say that you and she were getting to be really close? You wouldn't do something like this to mess with Carly's head.”

Sam sighed exasperated. “I am not trying to trick her, or mess with her head. I'm hoping she will never know it wasn't me. I will tell her you are coming Saturday for a visit and you will actually come Friday and be me Friday night so I can go out and get something taken care of. And Cat never needs to know.”

“That's not even a fun game. Not even by your standards. That's just misleading your friend and partner.”

I heard a quick intake of breath that Sam cut off quickly. “What do you mean, partner?” she asked, sounding shocked and possibly angry.

“Well, yeah. You do have a business together, don't you?” I asked, wondering for a moment if I was mistaken.

“Oh yes, my business partner. Of course,” she sounded oddly formal and disconnected.

“Well not just your business partner. Your roommate and good friend,” I said.

“Yes, all of those things. And I am not trying to trick her or mess with her head. But I need you to do this. Does your s*ster, your twin s*ster, needing your help still mean something to you?” Sam asked.

“You know it does,” I said, indignantly. I was equally frustrated with her for still pulling this nonsense as I was with myself for letting it work.

“Good then its settled. Text me when you get in, and tell me what time to expect you,” she said.

It just goes to show that I've been dealing with her nonsense for eighteen years that I wasn't the least surprised that she didn't even mention the possibility of picking me up. Like it never occurred to her. Perhaps it didn't. She was pretty famous for being self-reliant. I am not going to call her selfish, because she was actually surprisingly generous if it was brought to her attention. But while I was at a beautiful boarding school, where I learned sharing and being aware of others by the circumstances I lived in. She was at home with our mother, and Pam Puckett was very much an 'I've got mine, you worry about yours' kind of person.

I really did feel a tremendous amount of guilt about leaving Sam in that woman's clutches alone. I think at first I was so excited to be offered the scholarship. Then I thought that somehow I would get out and after that, I don't know, get her out somehow. Obviously that wasn't an option outside of a little girl's dreams. But now that we were both away from her I really hoped that we could heal this estrangement between us.

I arrived Friday at noon and took a taxi to Bots. I texted Sam and she said it was best if I not come straight to the house. She didn't want any risk of a neighbour seeing me. But at this time of day she said the likelihood of anyone knowing her was pretty slim. The robot waiters might recognize 'her' (in this case me), but even if one of them said something to Cat she wasn't likely to pay any real attention to them.

I went in and ordered a grilled cheese. I had just bitten into it when Sam texted and said she was waiting in the parking lot and was ready to take me to the corner by her apartment where she would drop me off to walk the rest of the way.

I told her I was eating and she couldn't possibly brief me while she was driving. So she ought to come in and explain to me what was going on.

Surprisingly she didn't argue and just came in.

“All right this is simple,” Sam said. “We have a babysitting job this afternoon. The k*ds are great. Our neighbour Melinda's k*ds. They are kinda regulars so you have to fool them too. Chloe, Max, and Darby. Darby is the baby. I think you can figure out which is Chloe and Max on your own. Freddie is in town til tomorrow. There was a big mix up with him and us and Cat's friend Jade and some dweezil named Robbie a few days back. Freddie has some things he wants said and I do not want to stir this pot again so it’s best if Cat doesn't know I got together with him.”

“You got together with him?” I asked, I couldn't believe it. “He's cute. I guess I'm not surprised, but still. Good job, Sam,” I held up my hand for her to slap.

She just left me hanging for like ten seconds then grabbed my hand and pushed it down.

“I did not get together with him. Eww, gross! No I meant 'get together' as in meeting him tonight. It's best if Cat doesn't know,” Sam clarified.

“Why, does she want him? If you aren't getting with him why not let her?” I asked.

“She does not want him. I do not want him. Nobody wants Freddie Benson, Melanie,” Sam said, sounding exasperated.

“I don't know about that. If he's not taken I might give him a call.” I said.

“You live on the opposite coast.” Sam shouted.

“For six more months. Then I might be coming back to Seattle. If Mom goes into rehab I might move back to keep an eye on her.”

“Fine, whatever, call anyone you please. I don't care. That is six months from now. Who knows? We might all be dead. I want to sort out today. I am going to talk to Freddie. You will be me with Cat. You will babysit the k*ds and be me. Can you do that?”

I lifted my untouched Blue Dog, drained it completely in four big gulps then leaned in to Sam. Almost kissing distance. I burped right in her face. Long and low, it was a real table shaker. “I think I'll manage,” I said.

Sam looked pissed for just a split second and then she laughed and high-fived me. “Good, fine, whatever. Just do it. I should be back before the k*ds go home. I'll text you when I'm there and you can come out we'll trade our clothes back. We can even 'conveniently' run into each other and you can have come early so you don't even have to stay at a motel.”

So I did it, because I'm a good s*ster. We went in the bathroom and exchanged clothes and I walked into their apartment smelling like bacon and barbecue sauce. Cat didn't ask any questions, like where my motorcycle was. I guess the fact that Sam's motorcycle was on the patio last time I was here wasn't an issue, because that's not where she usually parked it anymore.

The k*ds came over for babysitting about half an hour after I got there. And we had an okay time. I didn't have much experience with k*ds. But I figured neither did my s*ster and the fact that I had always assumed Cat did most of the work seemed to be correct.

The k*ds seemed suspicious and there were several semi-sarcastic comments questioning if I was really Sam, because I was being too nice. But Cat was the only one who knew Sam had a twin and even knowing I was due for a visit the next day she was still so trusting it never occurred I wasn't Sam.

So I just pretended to be really insulted that they didn't think I was nice, just like Sam would. Then I dropped it right in the middle of complaining, because I just didn't care, like Sam would. And everyone bought it that I was her.

I was tired, from the trip and the time difference and I had needed to get up at 4.30 to get to the airport on time.
Then I thought of the fact that Sam wouldn't think twice about taking a nap while she was supposed to be working. So when Cat talked the k*ds into watching My Little Puppy: Puppiton Girls again I gently pushed Chloe off the couch with my foot and went to sl*ep.

It only felt like I'd been asl*ep for a moment when I had the strangest dream. Cat was undressing me and putting me to bed. But she not only started with my pants, she took my underwear as well.

Then she opened my legs a little more, one leg against the back of the couch my knee bent and up, the other off the edge, my foot on the floor. She got down, her knees on the floor, her chest on the sofa between my legs. Her warm breath on my shaved pussy.

“Somebody has been grooming,” she said in my dream. I had always shaved the lower part, around the lips, bare but had let the top grow and I had just tried something new yesterday where I trimmed the top tuft down to a centimetre. Just under a half inch but my trimmer was French so had metric settings. I was just about to ask her if she liked it when her dream-self continued, “I thought you said you'd try growing it out when I asked you too. But it's your body,” she sounded a little disappointed. But her cheery voice was back and she even sounded a little hungry when she said, “But it is neat to see everything clearly and so bare.” And I felt her warm breath grow heavier on me as she moved even closer.

It was so real it was almost like… holy shit babies, as Sam would say. I definitely felt warm breath on my hairless sensitive skin.

There was clearly something Sam hadn't told me. This certainly explains her slight overreaction to the term 'partner'.

I was just going to wrench myself completely awake before something even more embarrassing happened.

But I was so cosy still in that twilight area between sl*ep and waking. And it really did feel so nice to have a feeling there that originated with someone else.

My thought of 'But, I'm straight' was quickly followed by 'I can't lose my virginity to my s*ster's girlfriend'. But then all reasonable thought was lost in sensation.

There was a thick heaviness building up in me, just under my stomach. It was like the build-up before an orgasm when I was alone, but more. If that feeling had been buttered and covered in cream and honey. Like a rich sodden dessert of a feeling. And where that feeling came at the end when it could almost be called the beginning of the orgasm proper; this was clearly just the beginning and it was set to build and grow. Glowing within me and filling my entire body like some radiant magma of joy flowing. Overfilling me, changing me even. I could not go back to who I'd been just five minutes before. Not after feeling this, knowing it was possible to feel this.

This amazing feeling just built and built. I could feel that sensation that had always felt like a wave cresting. But this time it didn't break, it just built.

Sometimes it would feel like it was finally going to break and my orgasm would be upon me. Then the crest would soften and it would continue to build getting stronger, hotter, and deeper. More enjoyable than I might have otherwise dreamed, but no longer feeling like I was about to burst.

I looked down at her deep burgundy head lowering to my fuzzy blonde vee. I could see her lips reaching for my soft hairless and now slightly gaping slit. In an instant I wanted to kiss her. I wanted it badly. I had to kiss her. No matter what it meant for my already shaky heterosexuality, or her and Sam's relationship, I just had to.

Then, suddenly, the hot sticky delicious glow switched gears and I felt the bottom drop out of my stomach like a roller coaster; all I could do was moan and gasp and yell aloud.

I grabbed the pillow from behind my head and shoved it hard against my mouth as I bit down on it giving full throat to my joyous noise. With strength like an ocean beyond my control it lifted me up. My entire being was taken in this maelstrom of pleasure. Body and mind I was overtaken in an instant. For just a moment it was as if I had become my pleasure there was nothing more to me than these feelings. It was demanding and deep and almost more than I could stand, but it wasn't scary. It was beautiful, perfect, and indescribable.

Is this what sex is?

Or only sex with Cat?

That would have thrown me off, sent me careening into the world of 'what ifs' and 'I can't do thises'. But under Cats eager searching licks and loving stroking fingers I just couldn't do it. My carnal side, for the first time in my life, pushed my logical analytical side down and sat on it, insisting it shut up and enjoy the ride.

I could feel her fingers spreading me open as her hot wet tongue entered me again and licking greedily deeper as she went. “Oh Cat,” I said winding my fingers in her hair.

“Oh Sam,” she responded, as I'd hoped she would. There was still a part of me that worried that she might taste a difference or tell by some small movement that this was not the woman she loved. Since I certainly did not know how to make love like my s*ster does. I didn't know how to make love like anyone. I didn't even know how to do it like me yet.

I couldn't believe the hunger in her voice. The need. As if licking my s*ster turned her on every bit as much as the reverse would.

This knowledge only turned me on more. And since she was really good at what she was doing and I was already so excited and entranced by the whole experience. I felt another powerful orgasm already building. And when Cat heard my 'Oh, that's nice' noises turn into “Oooh, its happening' noises, she just tried harder.

When that first wave hit it was like everything was clenching down and exploding out at the same time. And, of course, I could still feel her lick and fingering me and her thumb pressing hard on my clitoris. A move that made me feel such hard strong sensations I only rarely did it, even alone.

It was too much and I tried to push her away. She didn’t really fight back, but she continued and after a moment it wasn't too much anymore. It was everything it had been still, it absolutely still overwhelmed rational thought. But with her skilful ministrations it’s like something opened up within me and suddenly even though I was still filled to bursting with light; it was okay.

I came with another supernova explosion of light and heat and honestly love. I didn’t want to spend my life with this girl but I felt such a rush of… I don’t know, sexual friendship? Something, anyway.

I was moaning, almost screaming and the pillow I held was back in my mouth and I wasn’t worrying about how loud I was being. Though maybe I should have been. One decorative throw pillow isn't a magical cloak of silence after all.

I felt her slide another finger inside. Her sucking mouth was now on my hot, hard, fat, little clitoris bud and her slip-slickery thumb of her other hand, that had been on that duty was sliding smoothly into my bottom.

I was shocked. I had never, never done that in solo play. But it felt so good I began to orgasm almost instantly. Wildly I could still feel an orgasm building in my vulva. This was different. This was actually an orgasm in my butt. An anal orgasm; did they even have those? Was that even possible?

It had to be possible a small one had already gone through me and another bigger one was building. It was deeper than a vaginal orgasm, more widespread and diffuse but stronger and it had a spiritual aspect of it. I felt stupid thinking that and I'd never say it but I did feel like she was touching some intimate part of me. Like she was touching my soul.

And the sounds it elicited were deeper. Deeper in my body yes, but also deeper in tone. They were groans, I was howling like a banshee. It was incredible.

I had my knees in my hands to give her room to work her magic.

When I felt the next one coming I could tell that it was going to be both holes at once and be a real barn burner. “Fuck Cat, you are so good at this.”

That may be the fifth or sixth time I ever used that word. But she was good enough to deserve it. Plus if I was being Sam, she said 'fuck' fifty times a day it seemed.

As this double barrelled orgasm just continued to build, it passed the place where I thought I could take it. My body nearly went into panic with the intensity and my arms moved down to push her away. I let them drop. I'd let them flail about as the waves and surges went through me, but my newly found carnality still held sway and she liked this roller coaster.

So I wasn't pushing her away yet. However, I knew if this was how hard this one was starting at, I would almost definitely be really pushing, while probably babbling with electric jolts of pleasure by the time it really hit…

However, as it turned out, this time the wave didn’t even crest. I was ready as it built up so high and so strong I knew it was coming and it would be big.

And suddenly that wave bubbling up ignited and without further warning everything was swallowed in wild bright white light. It was madness, it was burning bright phosphor on the surface but so deep and pure underneath it was every kind of sensation the body could experience, layered and braided and filling every tiny inch of my being.

I was moaning, almost squealing, near the end as I tried to take another breath. One hand pushing at Cat's head, one hand groping beside me for my scream pillow.

“Holy Mary, mother of fuck!”

My lungs froze as I looked across the room to Sam standing completely gobsmacked in the doorway.

“What the mother fuck is going on here, Melanie?!”

And Cat was looking at me which such betrayal, as the flat of her hand connected with the tender flesh she had been licking a moment ago with a hard spanking slap.

“How could you?” she asked, looking both angry and heartbroken.