Tuck It In, Darling.

I am loving my life as a college student. I am 20 years old, and I go to an elite university. My time has been great, accept for one issue; my girlfriend Jenny has broken up with me. We were dating since high school and went to the same college. It all happened 4 months ago. I walked in on her having sex with a black football player in our dorm. She then told me that it was over. I cried for so long. I really, really love her! But I have no choice but to accept it.

I have moved in to another dorm since Jenny and I are no longer an item. I have discovered that my new room mate is this girl named Gina. She is actually a friend of Jenny's. She is extremely beautiful to say the least. She hails from Bolivia; she is tall (about 5'7), has long sexy legs, long straight Bolivian hair, and the body of a porn star. Not one ounce of fat in her, accept for her glorious ass. I have actually jacked off so many times thinking of her. With all of that said, I feel uncomfortable with her as my dorm mate being a friend of Jenny.

“Nate, hi, how are you?” She greets me warmly.
“Nothing much” I respond some what in a timid manner.
“About Jenny. What a bitch! Don't feel bad, you deserve much better than her.”
“You guys aren't besties?” I ask her confused.
“Barely! I don't like her at all. So, yeah, you can feel good around me.”

Weeks go by and everything is going well. Gina and I are both getting along well. We both bring in our dates to have sex with in our dorm. It goes better for her than me. I always hear her moaning from the living room. Every time I bring in a date they end up laughing over my small penis as they leave.
One day I am at the campus Starbucks and I see Gina sitting down drinking coffee. She is looking so sexy! She is wearing a pink short skirt, a black shirt, with sandals on. Her legs are crossed as if she is a Goddess teasing every man there. She smiles at me as she sits there. “I must sit with her” I think to myself. This is finally my chance to talk to her.

We are just talking about school work and future exams, just typical stuff. Until I can't ignore her beauty anymore.

“Gina… You are absolutely beautiful. Just the way you walk and talk makes you more mesmerizing.”
“You are so sweet, Nate!”
“I admire the way you cross your legs. It is so feminine. You never seem to have a bad hair day either.”
“You are going into full details here. What else do you like about me?”
“Everything! You are an absolute 10, perhaps way over. Jenny is attractive, but you have always beaten her in that department. You look like a Latina Princess. You should work in porn or as a Victoria's Secret model.”
“You are so sweet, you are making me blush. Why can't you have a nice loyal girlfriend?”
“I am not, you know. Manly enough where it counts.”
“Do you want me to help you out on how to keep a girl?”
“Ah, yes. What would you do?”
“We will do this my way, Nate. You must follow instructions. No questions asked.”
“I accept.”

We go into our dorm and she starts the lesson right a way. “Take off your cloths” she says. Ah, why?” I ask blushing. “What did I say about questions?” She asks me with an annoyed tone. I take off all my cloths accept for my underwear. “That, too!” She says to me. I softly take them off and my cock is revealed. I feel so ashamed right about now.

“You know how a small cock looks a lot better? If you wore panties. Here, put these pink ones on.”
“Huh? But, but, Gina.”
“Look, let's face it. Jenny might be a bitch, but she knows black men are superior. You must accept that. I heard from her that you give great head on a woman. You are a lesbian trapped in man's body. So tuck that little man vagina in and put these panties on. Let's go, my time is valuable.”
I put the panties on. She starts giving me more girl cloths; a skirt, some stockings, heels, a bra, and a shirt.
“Girls will never leave you if you accept your roll. When they come home from having a big, thick, fat BBC insidr of them, they need to have some girly time with some one. They need some one to help them change, go shopping with them, talk gossip, and to paint their nails. A girly man like you of course, real men wouldn't do that. I love how you describe my beauty. That will get you laid, but not respected. Only girls talk like that. Real men don't talk like that. They just fuck us and make us their bitch. But you aren't black.”
“So… I have to be a cross dresser?”
“Come here, let's get in front of a mirror.”
*Pulls my panties down*
“Seriously, does that thing make you a man at all?”
“Ah… No.” *Blushes*
*Tucks in his penis and puts the panties back on for him*
“But you look better with that, right?
*nods his head*
“I heard the you described me. It was way too detailed. This is you. The sissy girl is screaming inside of you. Why oppress it by being mean? I will help you hold her by the hand and take her out.”
*Knock on the door*
“Answer that door for me, darling” she says to me.
I walk to the door almost falling a few times because of the heels I am wearing. “I am going to have to teach you how to walk in those” Gina says laughing. I open the door and it is Omar, the black guy Jenny cheated on me with. I am standing there wearing a black skirt with stockings, a bra, and heels. He walks in and instantly starts making out with Gina.

“Get over here” she says to me. Get on your knees and watch me blow this real man closr up.
“But Gina! That's the guy who fucked” — I am instantly smacked in the face by Gina.
“I am in control here. BBC controls my body & pussy, and I control my sissy. Stay quiet and learn queer, perhaps it will get you some where.”
I get on my knees holding back tears. She has always been so nice and sweet to me. Now she is being worse than Jenny.

She whips Omar's cock out. “My Gof, it is huge! It is as big as Shane Diesels! Gina grabs me by the back of my head and pulls me closer as she starts sucking Omar off. Her Bolivian lips wrapped around that monster is priceless. Her saliva dripping out of his cock head is a thing of beauty. He is pushing her head in and out as the sucking sounds get louder and louder. She can barely fit his BBC in her mouth but doesn't stop trying to deep throat him. “Perhaps Jenny was right to leave me for this.
23 Minutes go back of her stroking and sucking his dick. She let's go of his cock which causes it to slam right in my face. “Sit over there and watch us fuck. Here take my panties and Omar's boxers, sniff them like a good little faggot.”

They start fucking as I am sitting in a chair close to the bed. Gina is riding Omar like there is no such thing as a tomorrow. The sounds of her moaning, screaming, her ass going up and down on Omar's cock, are all flooding my ears. He then puts her on the side of the bed and gets on top of her. Her legs are high in the air as he starts plowing her. She lays and turns her face to me. Her hair is all over the ground as that pretty face looks at me. The exotic look on her eyes as she is getting fucked is such a turn on. Beside seeing her hair on the ground, while her head is not laying on the bed, I see her breast bouncing with ever hump, and her legs so high in the air that she could join her countries gymnastics team. He fucks her in this position for over an hour.

He then starts fucking her doggy which she really liked. “FUCK MY PUSS — YYYYY!” She screams. Finally Omar is done pounding her poor pussy. His cum and her cum is all over the bed and floor. As Omar leaves Gina orders me to clean the floor. I am walking to grab a mop and she instantly stops me. “With your tonguem stupid! Come on, I don't have all day here.” I quickly listen and obey. She almost made me cry for talking back. I am so eroused and scared right now. When I am finished cleaning, she quickly grabs my face.
“I will always be sweet to you. But you must learn your place! Don't worry, we will be the best of girlfriends, but don't give me a reason to be a bitch. I don't ever want to make you cry. But you must listen. You will make a girl very happy now. When you are ready to out like this, everything will be fine.”
“I want that girl to be you” I say to her.
“Really? Awww!”
“I can make you happy. I promise to make it easier for you by training myself as well.”
“Then hurry, let us both change to new cloths. I have 4 black guys coming over in 40 minutes. We can shower together as you wash the cum off of me. These guys do not liked to be let down, so make sure you please them well for me. Remember that we are a team now.