True Story: From Virgin to Sexworker

Introduction to a true and very sexy story of my young love
Martina was still a virgin, fresh from Convent School and sexually extremely curious.
Soon she started to use me as her counselor and confessor, which lead to sexy sessions.
She was as cute as very kinky. She always looked for an occasion to have me punish her.
This sexy story tells the history of our relation here from my memory of our messages.

Virgin not for long, as Martina longed for first sex and finally feeling a woman
Martina told about the tough rules and condemnation of sex at the Catholic convent school.
All sexual feelings are sins, the nuns told her all the time, no masturbation allowed even.
At the time she was a student in nursing school, training on the job in the local hospital.
At home she shared a room with her s****r, who already got a steady boyfriend, she'd wanted.
Their lower middle class home had only a few rooms and thin walls, she could hear everything!
How her s1ster made love with her boy in the bathroom, or their parents at Friday nights.
How little time she had to write back to me, her sexy secret she hid from her hot s1ster.
I advised her how to find a proper gentleman to take her cherry in a way she'd never forget.
Martina was very impatient to become a real woman, she gave it away to cab driver for free.
He took her in a shabby one-hour hotel, not bothering to pleasure her at all. Stupid teen!

Martina hesitates: how to choose between love and sex, honesty or lies?
Martina had more luck in her next fuck, an attractive an able lady-killer in her compound.
He was the first to make her come during intercourse. So, soon she longed for more of him.
How disappointed she was, passing under his window and hearing another girl moaning with him!
How deeply in love she fell with a pretty shy guy in her neighbourhood, still a virgin boy.
How disappointed she was by his lack of sexual capacity, coming as soon she unzipped his pants.
How disgusted she got by the obvious sexual curiosity of her parish priest at her confession!
How gladly she accepted my offer to confess to me! Soon I became her forgiving Father Superior.
How much she loved to come up to my private room next to our Church for her hot confessions.
How much she longed for my intimate interrogation and especially my examination and inspection.
How she craved to undress for me and open her legs wide for my intimate pussy introspection!

Martina hesitates: how to choose between men or women, between boring career or hot life?
Martina told me about Rose, who was about ten years her senior and helped housekeeping at home.
One day she came home earlier from her hospital. Unnoticed she saw her father making love to Rose.
She told Rose on next occasion, when they were alone. She became good friends fast with redhot Rose.
Rose told her how hot two girls can get together, not needing any men for their sexual satisfaction.
Martina consulted me about that tasty prospect and felt very relieved by my blessing her to go ahead.
Suddenly domestic problems interfered, as her mom found out as well and fired Rose immediately.
Martina knew enough: her father had hired Rose after meeting her often in a bar as an entertainer.
Martina visited Rose and enjoyed her first lesbian love encounter a lot, wondering her preferences.
Rose invited her for an evening out in town, where they picked up two men and had sex in a hotel.
Rose explained Martina how her lover got hot from watching the teen making long love with his friend!

Martina meets her first ex-pat businessman who takes her on a trip to the capital
Martina met through Rose a Japanese businessman, who took her out a few times to posh pretty places.
Martina loved to have sex with him in hotels of some luxury and accepted his invitation for more.
Martina wrote me in distress from an internet café after an argument with him, all alone, no money.
Martina's longing for luxury and foreign countries had taken a hold of her, which wouldn't let go.
Martina also got problems at her nursing school, as she had reported ill for her long weekend away.
Martina was found out and got a serious warning not to lie again about her being so 'school-sick'.
Martina longed to escape from misery of cramped lower middle class housing and the lack of privacy.
Martina still confessed everything to me, seeking my advise and forgiving her hot strong sex drive.
Martina had come a long way with me as her far friend Father Superior and the lovers in her life.
Martina took only half a year from being a tight Catholic virgin to wanton whore for foreigners!

Martina makes her horniest experimental erotic experiences with her hot Father Superior
Martina's first foxy fancy, which she confessed to me even before I became her Father Superior, is
Intimate Inspection of her private parts, even before I would ask her about her most recent sex events.
Martina's second obsession was being watched, while she was inspected by me, by her dad from next room.
Slowly, step by step, our sexy encounters got more kinky. She loved it when I ordered her to masturbate.
Slowly the setting moved to the Church and an intimate inspection before confession by her fav'ed Father.
Martina got soon very hot by the idea of being spanked for bad sins. She got very inventive in sinning.
Contumacy in the consistory her main means to land across my lap for seriously spanking her into coming.
For her ordinary outdoor sinning I ordered her to pray in daily masturbation for her holy Father Superior.
For her special sins during confession she sollicited to different devout religious practises for forgiving.
For pissing during intimate inspection I punished her by anal intercourse without lubrication at the altar!

Martina makes her career choice between nursing for low wages and sex with richer ex-pats
Martina's last consultation of her Father Superior was whether to take the invitation by her friend Rose?
Martina would start there only for a few evenings each week, at a posher place where Rose also worked.
Martina understood that the premise was beyond her dad's financial means, only ex-pats could afford it!
Martina didn't like my message that she might have hot fun and luxury there but not a real chance upwards.
Martina had made up her mind and enough of our hot encounters for free, she simply wanted more luxury!
Martina rewarded my advise to think twice by a block and de-friending, without any word to me of course.
Martina learned enough from me, my advise became a burden, as earlier her Catholic morals from school.
Martina was only twenty then. She took less than half a year from losing virginity to become a professional.
Martina learned excellent English from those terrible nuns at secondary school. Her hot looks help as well.
Martina soon withdrew her profile here. She never came back. She survives in my tribute in words to our love!