Train foreplay

Waiting at the train station I was hoping janney was going to make it, the train arriving into the station and no sign, then she showed looking exactly as I had asked, heels stockings and mac.
Only question now was what was underneath?
Needn't worry a quick flash down her top told me everything I needed to know 🙂
Janney was naked all except those black ruffle pants she showed me in those photos.

We boarded the train and unfortunately standing room only, so as we stood I discussed a repeat performance of our hotel meet but this time a bit more upmarket and with a few whistles and bells.
As the train moved the standing passengers lurched and janney fell towards me and as I put my arms out to hold her I could feel her naked underneath, I placed a hand into janneys pocket and as if she had planned it, the pocket had an extra hole for access to pockets underneath, so I was freely able to touch her soft bare skin, stroking and probing ,
The journey wasn't a long one so I placed my hand between janneys legs and began to run my finger over her pussy, up and down then with deft precision managed to ease the pants to one side and begin to slide in and out of janneys warm moist pussy, she glanced nanchalantly at me and winked, as I was fingering her she managed to rub my cock over my trousers.
I think we managed to do this quite inconspicuously, but as the train swayed our movements were becoming less natural and more noticeable, janney was so wet from the fingering, she turned and faced me loosening her mac she briefly opened it to reveal her beautiful breasts, I came closer to prevent anyone seeing and couldn't resist a quick kiss.
I slipped my hand in her coat massaging her breasts and feeling how erect janneys nipples were.
Again janney felt for my cock and commented how wet I was!
She promised to put me right back at the hotel which only made matters worse,.
A couple of guys tried to take a glimpse of janney, bare breasted but hugged her closer knowing these we're going to be all mine, again I felt in janneys panties and massaged her butt cheeks, grasping harder as the train moved to keep her up.
We whispered promises of what we were going to do to each other, and our eyes focused on each other like hungry a****ls.
I wanted her so much there on that train in front of everyone and I think she might have too but we knew we had more to come………..