Tokyo light….

I think it was the Tokyo light. In any case, Sayaka and I were sharing an awkward cup of coffee, Saturday morning, the warm Tokyo sun streaming in through the window of my apartment. The night before, Yumi. Sayaka and I had watched a film after dinner. Sayaka showed up early, and we were pointedly talking very little.
I am a lawyer in an international firm, and had been transferred to the Japanese office in Tokyo a year before. Yumi is my girlfriend. Sayaka is her best friend. Sayaka is bi, and this had been a source of tension over the past few months. But in an odd way, differences can disappear between two people when they are attracted to the same
woman – as she and I clearly were. And we basically liked each other, too, which made it easier.
Sayaka had spent a few years living in the US, as well as a semester abroad during college. We shared tastes in music, scuba and food. Still there was a bit of tension. This thing about being male; you cannot help but lust after
smooth-legged young women – and then, moving to Japan, I was astounded at the way my lust spiked. The Japanese did not seem to have the silly hang-ups we Americans have about sex; and the women are astonishingly beautiful. What I found odd was how many basically young women – between the ages of 25 and 40 – were extremely hot and extremely desperate; what is it that Japanese men have for teenaged girls? As a result, huge numbers of beautiful, funny, sexy Japanese women did not get attention. I like women, not girls.

So, back to my situation. I was feeling really guilty about wanting to run my hands over
Sayaka’s freckled-cocoa flesh. She was short, compactly
built, with beautiful blue-black hair that spilled between her shoulder blades. She was funny and cute. She spoke Spanish.

Yumi, in contrast, was tall and slender, with lovely firm breasts and long slender fingers. Friday nights they’d come to my place in Hiroo, we’d have a few glasses of wine, watch a movie, and unwind.

The three of us would be sitting on my sofa, a light blanket over us, and on occasion, I’d run my hand along Sayaka’s inner thigh. We didn’t speak of it; Yumi, I think, knew but maybe got a secret charge.

Now, Sayaka was looking at me frankly, over coffee the next morning after I’d stroked her along her smooth belly. We were going to talk, she said. Her frankness unnerved me a bit. I wasn’t going to get to touch her, have my way with, and have Yumi all to myself, too. She understood, she said, and no hard feelings, OK,
but I want something, too.

We called Yumi, and met her for lunch at a Thai restaurant in Shinjuku. But a funny thing happened: Sayaka seemed to lose her nerve. She wanted me, obviously, to break the tension and make the overture.
But it was Yumi who did so.
“Let’s just do it,” she said simply, but firmly.
Both Sayaka and I were taken aback.
“Really?” Sayaka asked.
Yumi nodded. “It’s obvious you both want to.”

In the afternoon light we lay back on my bed, the three of us, and I sipped vodka and g****fruit juice. We joked, actually, laughed nervously, and Sade
whispered from the speakers.
“I think you and I should start,” Yumi said teasingly. I could only nod. I began with her neck, nibbling her nape as she knelt upright in the middle of my bed and I slowly ran my hands over her beautiful breasts, deftly unbuttoning her cotton blouse. She slipped out of the blouse, it fell behind her, as I breathed in her ear, and she wore only a pink lace bra and tight cut-off jeans. I caught a glimpse of Sayaka, watching intently with those dark cat-eyes, as I peeled away these cut-offs, ran a finger along Yumi’s muff. I could feel already getting wet, moistening her cotton panties, and I was instantly hard, insistently rubbing cock-strained denim against her firm ass, her turning and finding my mouth, our tongues twirling over each other. Sayaka leaned forward, and I could see her small, ripe titties, the nipples stiffening against the navy-blue, cotton flower print spring dress she wore. The sun, powerful now through the window, seemed to light on Yumi’s flesh, the vodka did its work and I was hungry, hard and reckless. They fell on me, Yumi stripping away my jeans, Sayaka peeling off my t-shirt and Yumi was on my cock, her lips wet, her tongue working up my shaft.
She looked up and smiled.

I leaned over, and took Sayaka’s face between my hands, and tenderly kissed her, slipping my tongue along her teeth, and feeling her take it between her lips and suck. I made short work of that spring dress, looked over her hard body in her bra and panties. She stood, unselfconsciously stepped out of her panties, reached back in a deft move lost the bra. Her flesh was pink and glowing with heat.
“I know what he wants,” Yumi said sweetly. “He wants us both to give him head.”
On my knees, my hardened cock pointing toward the ceiling I watched with awe as these two gorgeous women shared my cock, Yumi running her tongue along my shaft, Sayaka wrapping her lips around my head, both stroking me, Sayaka cupping my balls, licking beneath me as Yumi took me dip. She withdrew my cock and a long, gossamer thread of sticky pre-cum stretched from my head to her tongue…and Sayaka leaned forward and kissed her, running her hands over Yumi’s bobbing titties. Unable to resist, I reached between those soft thighs and stroked her pussy, sliding my index finger up into her and making a come-to-me gesture.
There is nothing like that warm, wet glove feeling of soft pussy-walls. Sayaka let out a soft moan that seemed to charge Yumi, and I suddenly felt the room shift, amidst gorgeous breasts, four of them, delicious soft flesh, and blue-black and dark-auburn hair
swirling over me. Yumi returned to my cock and began by licking my balls, then sliding up my shaft as I lay on my side, my face buried in the sweet moistness of Sayaka’s hungry pussy.

I lifted myself up and Sayaka was behind me, stroking and kneading my back. Yumi lay back, pulled her knees up, and with forefinger and thumb parted her pussy lips. I plunged my cock between them and began violently pumping, fucking her in a frenzy of hunger with Sayaka running her hands over my ass, pushing me into Yumi, whispering encouragement. I flipped Yumi onto her side and jutted up behind her, sticking her again. I caught a glimpse of Sayaka’s face as she watches intently, my cock sliding in and out of Yumi, and she was rapt. A slight curl to her lips and a nasty look
of hunger.

Yumi stopped suddenly, and looked down.

“You have a beautiful body, Sayaka,” she said, and kissed Sayaka on the lips. Then, she gently guided Sayaka up on all fours, looked at me with a steely glint, and
said: “Do it to her, Johnny.”

I often play those words back, in my mind, when I am
stroking off, that nasty command.

On my knees, Sayaka’s ass in the air. Her pussy lips open and moist I stuck her and started a steady rhythmic pumping. Yumi’s eyes lit, she reached down
and slipped a finger along her own clit.
“Yeah, Johnny, do it to her!” Yumi seemed in rapture. “Oh, fuck, her, Johnny, fuck her hard.” I obeyed, felt sweat streaming along my hairline and down my chest,
Yumi leaned over and began kissing me again as I fucked Sayaka with all I had. Yumi then grinned, got on her hands and knees, beside Sayaka, and said, “Fuck us

Two smooth Japanese-woman asses in the hair, they kissed again and I slipped between Sayaka’s slipped, pumped, then withdrew and stuck Yumi, back out and into Sayaka, found a rhythm and alternated between the two of them.
I withdrew.

“Goddamn!” I nearly shouted, panting. I stood, my cock throbbing and slightly stinging. There was a moment of silence. “I’m going to get another drink.”

“Do you mind if we…?” Sayaka was smiling up at me.

“No, of course not,” I said.
I slipped out of the bedroom and into the kitchen. I filled my glass with ice, poured two fingers of Stolichnaya. Added g****fruit juice and returned to the bedroom. Sayaka lay atop Yumi, and her legs straddled her, two beautiful pussies waiting. I watch in fascination as this tight little bitch ran her tongue over Yumi’s taut nipples. I felt odd; not even the slightest sense of jealousy. I came up behind them, and still standing stuck Sayaka. She didn’t expect it and let out a tiny yelp of pleasure and pain. After a minute of being fucked from behind while running her mouth all over Yumi’s wet pussy, Sayaka fell on her back. Yumi took this moment to take my cock into her mouth again.

“Mmmm. I can taste your pussy juice, Sayaka.” Again Sayaka was on her knees in front of me and they both sucked me, alternating between taking me inside their mouths, or running their soft college girl tongues over me, swatting, smacking or teasing me with those tongues I felt it all welling up inside me and I exploded in about eight spasms, milky-white stickiness streaming over their lips, into their hair, and over their flushed ripe titties. I stood shakily, my cock throbbing, the red sunlight streaming into the room, and waited…