Today On Ellen: Miley Cyrus!

It was ratings week and all the talk shows were fighting to sign up the best and most in the news stars. Ellen DeGeneres seemed to have a jump on the competition with such stars as Jennifer Aniston, Jim Carrey, Adele, Kanye West & Kim Kardashian and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton headlining each day on her popular daytime show. Signing Mrs.Clinton at the last minute was a major coup, but it meant having to bump Miley Cyrus to the role of playing second fiddle. The sassy singer was surprisingly gracious allowing Hillary to take the first shift, but was the talk of the show when she came out clad in a skimpy outfit that didn't leave much to the imagination. The short-haired blonde cutie thrived on attention, and got plenty of it with her sheer, see through blouse that gave everyone a free peek at her small, but perfect breasts. Her hot pink mini skirt wasn't much better, as it barely covered her crotch, with no undies in sight as she walked out on stage, mooning the audience, while turning to meet Ellen.
Miley took a seat, giving her trademark tongue hanging grin, giving the host a 'Basic Instinct' style flash of her shaved pussy. Ellen wasn't fazed a bit, and nonchalantly joked to her shocking guest that if she couldn't afford any underwear, we could probably pass the hat for some. Miley played along, turning to Ellen's loyal audience and crossing her legs once more, making sure everyone got a glimpse, while sticking out her pointy tongue once more.
“I don't know if you heard, but I never wear any underwear.” Miley teased, giving the censors fits, as she squirmed in her chair, flashing Ellen, the crowd and the TV cameras.
They took a commercial break and Miley was quickly ushered off the stage, to a chorus of boos and hisses from Ellen's vocal studio audience. The spoiled former c***d star defiantly flipped them off as security e****ted her back to her dressing room.
Miley got back to her room and laughed to herself at the free peep show she gave. The whole thought of it got her hot and she took a seat and reached down, playing with the pussy that was so proudly on display just a few minutes earlier. She twirled her index finger around her pink pussy lips before slowly running it up the moist crease to her sensitive clitoris. The thought of making headlines by flashing the whole world really got the young exhibitionist going as she closed her eyes and let her fingers go to work.
She was in a dreamy trance when a knock at the door brought her back down to earth. Ellen walked in on the spoiled star, scolding the attention-starved singer for her immature classless act. “What the hell was that?” she asked, staring down the skanky blonde. “This is a decent show, for decent people. We don't need to see your slutty antics here.”
Miley offered a lame excuse, saying she was just trying to liven things up for ratings week. Ellen answered that her ratings were doing just fine, and lectured the young star that if she planned on having any kind of a career, she better start showing a little respect instead of dressing like a whore. The normally light-hearted host was dead serious, as she grabbed a handful of Miley's see-through top, twisting it to let the brat know she meant business.
Miley swatted her hand away and wasn't about to be lectured. She stared back at Ellen's conservative blue button-down shirt and khaki pants and told the boyish looking woman that it would be a cold day in hell before she'd let an old dyke tell her how to behave. Before Miley could utter one more word, Ellen slapped her across the face leaving the scantily clad tramp stunned.
“Oh you're gonna behave alright” the older short-haired blonde threatened, as she grabbed Miley by the chin to make sure she had her full attention. “You're going to have to learn to respect your elders.”
Miley tried to hit her back, but the athletic lesbian blocked her feeble attempt at retaliation, she took another swipe and ripped Ellen's shirt, popping buttons as she yanked it open.
Ellen just gave back a devilish grin as she stood there with her white bra and surprisingly tight belly exposed. “Is that what you want? To get me naked? Be careful what you wish for.” Ellen pushed Miley back onto the couch as she stood before her with a menacing smirk.
Ellen removed what was left of her shirt and stepped closer to her unruly guest, who was curled up in a defensive ball on the couch. She kicked off her shoes and seductively eyed up the skanky blonde as she unzipped her pants, letting them fall to the floor.
Miley was awestruck as glanced up at Ellen's half naked body, from the low neckline and tiny boobs down to her white cotton briefs that had a noticeable bulge in the crotch. For a split second Miley thought she was staring back at a transsexual, but soon got the picture when Ellen shimmied out of her underwear and grabbed hold of the strapon dildo that she'd been wearing all this time. Ellen walked toward the suddenly silent Miss Cyrus and stroked the fake cock, holding it inches from her face.
“You want to show everyone what a badass slut you are? Why don't you start by sucking my cock.” Miley's fear turned to mischief as she returned Ellen's sexy glaze with a seductive smile and followed along, taking Ellen's cock into her mouth. The young blonde beauty put her long tongue to good use, swirling it around the fake cock as slid her fingers under her hot pink skirt. Ellen interrupted Miley's pussy fingering, changing places and taking a seat on the couch. She told Miley to sit on her cock, and the flexible young star climbed up and eagerly lowered herself onto the big strapon dildo. She rode it as if it were a 'Wrecking Ball' video, bouncing her cute little ass up and down on Ellen's lap. Miley stripped off her sheer top and tossed it aside and leaned ahead offering her perky tits for her manly lover to munch on. Ellen couldn't resist and sucked on Miley's small round breasts, taking turns licking and biting her puffy nipples.
The 58-year-old lesbian had enough of her luscious tits and again switched places, bending Miley over the oversized couch. She lifted up the skimpy pink skirt and ran her finger up Miley's juicy cunt and dabbed it gently over her tiny, tight asshole, causing her plaything to flinch at the anal intrusion. Ellen reached around squeezing Miley's tits as she leaned over her young lover and whispered softly in her ear, “I'm going to fuck your tight, little butt.”
Miley merely cooed with delight at the dirty gesture and reached back spreading her firm cheeks apart. Ellen guided the flesh colored cock slowly into the kinky girl's ass, watching it disappear inch by inch until it was deep inside. Miley moaned in ecstasy as the experienced host gently slid in and out. Ellen grabbed what she could of Miley's short blonde hair and tugged back on her head as she started to build up a rhythm pounding the sassy singer's ass. The Emmy-winning host was buttfucking Miley with no mercy, barking, “Who's a little whore? Who's a little ass whore?” Miley could barely respond, as the pain from the huge cock was wearing her down.
“I'm a little whore” she mumbled as Ellen gave her a few last hard thrusts, spanking the exhausted slut for good measure before pulling out, casually getting dressed and walking out, leaving the cocky superstar in a heap in the dressing room with a lesson in respect.