Time marches on.

Hey it's Rose again. I'm 21 now, and still my hormones rage on, but at least I have full control over my body. I'm still a hermaphrodite. I decided to keep my penis, I guess you could say my life wouldn't be as fun without it, but lets not get dorky, I'm not gonna name it. I'm 5'11″ tall now, my red hair is still waist length, I've only cut it once since high school, but just to line it up with my hips. I'm very happy to say the most that's changed about me is my penis grew a little bigger, fully erect, I'm 8.2″. My breasts are still 34B, my muscles are still very toned, I still have my 6 pack. My waist line seems to have shrunk a bit though. since I only wear guy's jeans, my waist is a men's size 27. My legs would be a 34. I have done a lot though.

I'm the owner and operator of a very large apartment building, well it's more like a boarding house I guess. It sits along the beach in Miami, pretty hard to miss it. It's about 2 city blocks around, and 4 floors. As of last week there are 56 tennants, and I don't have the patience to name them all right here. I do allow pets, but they must be looked after by their owners. I had the pleasent surprise of waking up to a 2 month old husky sl**ping next to me. I learned a little later that morning that his owner, Tiffany, she's 19 and in college for automotive engineering, had left her door open. Her doors handle was changed because Ajax, thats the dog's name, knows how to open door handles, not really hard seeing as they're the 'lever' type, just pull down. So the handle on the inside of her door was changed to a knob. Anyway he found his way to my room and bunked with me, only I had no clue.

So I woke that morning to find fuzzy little Ajax sl**ping in my bed, I wasn't mad I love dogs. I didn't want to wake him so I carefully slid out from under the blanket, when I went to put my slippers on, I heard whinning. I turned around to see Ajax whinning at me. “Sorry pup, did I wake you?” I just rubbed his neck and he stopped whinning.

Just then Tiffany came in the door, “Oh god I'm sorry, he got out!” I whipped back around, “Woah, calm down it's fine. You left your door open last night. Looks like I did too.” Tiffany was pretty modest, unlike a lot of the girls living here, it was a welcome change. It didn't occur to me until just now, her shirt was really thin, and her nipples were hard. I was a little aroused, but like I said I have absolute control over my body, so I wasn't the least bit hard. For being 2 moths old, Ajax was smart, he seemed to know what people were thinking. He hopped off the bed, ran around behind Tiffany and pushed her in my direction. “Hey Ajax what are you doin?” she chuckled nervously. Suddenly he jumped up and shoved her into me. “No Ajax, bad dog!” I chuckled a bit. He just grabbed the handle and pulled the door shut.

“I'm sorry I don't know what's gotten into him. I—” just then she realized where she was. Her breasts were a tad smaller than mine, but her waist was about a 29 men's, I don't wear womens pants so I don't know sizes. Her breasts were right up against mine, and she was almost straddling me. All I could muster was a smile. “Don't worry, I'm not the least bit offended.” and I winked. Her whole face turned red. “But I'm still a-” I jumped in, “A virgin? I'm a girl, making out won't change a thing.” I grabbed her waist and she fell forward, right into a very good kiss. She closed her eyes and just went with it. I moved my hands along her ass, nice and slim, so I moved my left hand down between her legs and started rubbing her pussy through her sweat pants. “I hope you don't mind if I play with this though.” I whispered in between kissing. “I don't mind, please go ahead.”

I kept at it, the whole time keeping my penis out of the action so I didn't spook her, but it seems inevitable that anyone I'm in it with finds out. She moved her hands between my legs to enjoy me too, but stopped for a moment, “What's this?” she suddenly had a freaked out look on her face, when she tried to jump off, I grabbed her and clapped my left hand over her mouth, yep the one I had, not moments ago, started fingering her with. “Hey stop it, it's not what you're thinking!” She was mumbling through my hand, but I knew what she was saying, “How, you have a penis don't you?!” I yanked her closer, “Yes I do, but it's not that simple!” I grabbed her right hand with mine, and shoved it into my pants, I usually sl**p in jeans but my zipper was down from our… moment? I moved her hand so she could feel my pussy, which was wet regardless. She stopped fighting and sat there for a moment, so I let go. Her hand was exploring, first up to grab my penis, then down to feel my pussy, she eased her middle finger in a bit, felt nice, no one I've done it with in the past few years has ever done that for me, so I gave her a smirk, “See, I'm both, but I was keeping my penis out of the action so you wouldn't be spooked, or freak out… like 'that'. I dropped my left hand down to her leg, and laid there, she was still fingering me. Then she looked at me again, “I'm sorry, I shoudn't have, I was worried you were gonna-” she was starting to cry, so I pulled her down and kissed her again, “It's ok, you're not the first, if you don't want it, then I won't make you.” She sat up, got off, then moved to the door, “I'm sorry, thanks though, maybe when I'm ready, I'll come see you? Rent's due tomorrow right?” I was a little bummed though, “Ok, yeah 100 tomorrow.” With that she left the room, trying to hide her tears.
I got my shower, got dressed and went to the kitchen to get breakfast. Everyone's room has it's own bathroom, and a personal mini-fridge, in case you had any snacks you wanted to keep to yourself. There are 3 living rooms, the kitchen is on the 2nd floor right next to its respective livingroom. Most of the tennants had already left for work or school. Tiffany had evening classes, she was eating a bowl of frosted flakes at the kitchen island. I had to say something to her, but not in front of everyone else here, 10 guys and 6 girls, I wouldn't dare, so I just walked up behind her, and whispered in her ear, “Hey, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me, I've been keeping this a secret since I was born, well trying to anyway.” She looked at me, she had still been crying, it seems everyone noticed though, so I had to make it appear that it wasn't my fault, and that I was helping to remedy the situation. “And stop crying over him, the asshole didn't deserve you anyway, seriously 'If you won't bear my c***d we cannot be together'? better hope I don't come across him.” I managed to conceal a wink, she just smiled, “Thanks Rose.” I saw faces in the livingroom smile and continue what they were doing, Mike and Adam were playing Call Of Duty on the 360. Ashley and Alyssa were just watching, everyone else was either eating or talking. I walked over to the fridge as I did I said to Tiffany, “Oh hey, your back tire is flat, there's a can of Fix-a-Flat in my trunk if you need it.” Tiffany owned a 98 Ford Taurus, simple for a first car right? I had a 96 Dodge Stealth R/T Turbo. “Dammit, not again!” I couldn't be sure but I think someone is doing this to her on purpose. So I stepped up again, “Ok, forget tomorrow's rent for now, put it toward some new tires.” She smiled at me again. “But then what about-” I interrupted “Just get it when you can, I'm not worried, everyone's paid on time so far so It's really not a problem.”

Just then one of the other tennants approached me, it was Ryan, he must have just woken up because he looked a little dazed, he walked over to me, “Rent, ma'am?” he held out two 50 dollar bills, “Thank you Ryan.” Ryan just turned 20 a few days ago, hes about 6'4″, freakin giant… and he had an athletic build, the only other thing I knew was he played for his colleges soccer team, so he was slim, but ripped!” Well we've got 56 tennants, it helps to know some things about them. I put the 100 in my pocket for now, I stepped back over to the island so Ryan could get in the fridge.

It was a pretty quiet morning. Except it took until now for me to realize, someone was missing….
“Has anyone seen Jack?” I called out to everyone, all I got in return was mumbling and a bunch of 'I don't know's' I was a little worried, but I kept calm, I went back to my room, no note…. some of his clothes were still here. His phone, wallet, keys, and his shoes were gone. I grabbed my phone of the night stand, it was a Droid Razr. I tried to call him “We're sorry, but the number you are trying to reach is not in service……Goodbye.” My heart skipped a beat, and not in a good way.

What happened, where did you go? Questions were starting to race through my mind, then my phone rang and yanked me out of it. “Hello?” sometimes if I don't recognize the number I'll answer with something like 'Charlie's whore house, you got the dough, we got the hoe!' or my favorite 'Miami city morgue, you slash 'em, we stash 'em!' but something in my head told me not to this time.
“Hello, Rose?” the voice was unmistakable, “Jack? What, did something happen, where are you?” I started to sounnd more like a mom than a girlfriend. “I'm fine, I can't tell you where I am, or much of what I'm doing, but I still love you and I always will. Right now though, something's happening, like I said I can't say what, but I'm in danger, and being around you would only put you right in the middle and I don't want you to become a target. If nothing else, I'll try to contact you once in a while but please don't worry about me. I love you, I'll talk to you when I can. goodbye-” “No wait!–click” I tried to catch him, but I was too slow. It was one of those times my emotions were conflicted, the guy half of me was thinking, 'Ok b*o, just be safe' the girl half of me wanted to hit the floor screaming 'WHAT DID I DO?!' but I kept that side surpressed for now, I couldn't fight back the tears though, I fell back against the wall and slid to the floor crying, “But why?” I was gripping the phone so hard I cracked the screen, but I didn't care, I felt so lost without him, and so stupid for not noticing sooner. I was crying for about a half hour before I pulled myself together. “Ok, dammit, but you'd better call.” I mumbled out of rage. I'd always trusted his judgement, even if I didn't like the decision.

My phone was busted, but not a problem. I reached in my dresser drawer and pulled out my Nano-Forge gauntlet. Technology had evolved quite a bit in the last few years, most of the money I earned was from using expiremental technology, this was one of the gadgets that actually did what it was supposed to. Basically the Nano-Forge, was the one tool that could fix anything, no questions asked, but come on, I made it clear I wasn't gonna use anything if I didn't know how it worked, or what any of it was supposed to do. The Nano-Forge, generates what scientists call 'Hard-Light', its a small projector inside the glove, tied to a motherboard that sits inside the arm piece, the light can change into any material on earth, or any material in exitence as long as the motherboard knew what that material is. Anyway, the motherboard uses the projector to quickly scan an object, and repair it with the Hard-Light at the same time. It's similar to Digistruct technology, but it's customized for personal use, and only meant for repair. So once I had the gauntlet on, I pointed my open hand at my phone, then I pressed and held a button next to a mall screen on the arm, the projector kicked on, and slowly the cracks on my phone glowed a light blue, and dissapeared, the bent frame on the back straighened out, and regained its texture. And after only about a half second, my phone was fixed, as if I'd just bought it. “Technology is so awesome.” I thought out loud.

I went into my bathroom and washed away the tears. I was staring into the sink, and smiled to myself, “I hope you're not lying to me.” strangely just then my phone buzzed, it was a text from a blocked number. “I'm not lying, sorry, I got cut off when the power went out. It's not much but I'm allowed to show you some of what I'm working on, some of it was installed in the complex while you were sl**ping, and I have two friends who are coming out to stay with you, they can tell you more, but not everything. They should be arriving shortly. Also sorry, but I tapped into your phone a few seconds ago, not trying to spy. Love you.”
I was a little surprised, but now confused as hell, 'installed in the complex'? And friends coming to stay with me? What the hell?

I walked back out to the living room, Tiffany was reading the paper on the couch, she was in her sweatpants and a blue top, she was wearing white ankle socks. Everyone else was gone, I looked out the window and all but mine, and Tiffany's cars were gone. Almost everyone here had busy lives during the day, that or they went up the beach. Interesting isn't it? It's technically the middle of winter, but here it's a warm 83 degrees… I leaned over the couch moved the paper a little and kissed Tiffany on her neck, she moaned a little. “Any interesting stories today?” I mumbled in between pecks. “Not in the paper, but there's this really hot girl making me horny, and I'm enjoying every second if it.” I cupped her right breast with my right hand. “Oh really? Do you want to share your thoughts on this girl?” I giggled. “Well, she's not just any regular girl,” she started “she's my landlord, and yet she not only feels like my mom at times, which I lover for it, but she's almost like a lover too, which is even more arousing.” I moved my left hand down between her legs and started rubbing her through her panties, which were getting wet, I was still kissing her neck and paused to ask her, “Well, that's sweet, anything else about her you like?” Tiffany spread her legs a bit and kept going, “Well, she's pretty special downstairs, I want it, I want her, I'm not ready to give myself up yet, but dammit if she weren't the lover I need, that I want, that I've been wanting for so long, and I hate myself for asking her to wait for me to make up my mind.” I turned her head just enough and gave her a deep long kiss, that kind you give someone when you love them, want them, and don't want it to end? When I pulled back for a moment, “Well I know she loves you, she'll wait forever if that's what it takes.” We were staring in eachothers eyes just long enough. Tiffany stood up and walked around the couch, she threw her arms around me and asked, “I don't know if I want you inside me yet, and I hate myself so much for asking you to wait, but maybe we can spend some time with out you inside me?” I kissed her again, “Of course, I hope you don't mind If I let him spectate though?” She was starting to cry a little, “Not at all. I think I might do something in return a little later though.”

We went into my room, as I was shutting the door Ajax, popped up, whinning, “What is it boy?” we both chimed. Then we realized he had his leash in his mouth, “Hey pup I know you want to go for a walk, but can it wait a bit?” I winked at him, he just wagged his tail knowingly, and walked away. “Such a good boy.” I mumbled.

I closed the door and turned around to find Tiffany was sitting on the bed, looking really nervous, “What's wrong?” I asked. “Still confused, I'm not sure this will go well. I'm so fucking indescisive, it's disgusting!” I walked over laid her back and we just made out for a while, I'd worked of my shirt, it was a button up shirt, black, it had the Oirental symbol for Wisdom on the back, it was Jack's shirt, but he'd grown out of it, he said it fit me perfectly, in more ways than one…dork. I usually keep it open, and wear a beater under it. I didn't have a bra on, the cotton of the beater felt great against my nipples. Tiffany had her top off now, we were kissing and feeling eachother, she couldn't seem to pull herself away from my breasts. “They're the same size, its almost like I'm fondling my own.” I on the other hand was rubbing her pussy, and kissing her neck, my right hand was just resting on her hip.

I'd worked off my pants, and she was still exploring me, I was kissing her breats, my left hand still on her pussy, her panties were pretty much soaked. Tiffany paused and asked me, “Can I see what it looks like?” I smiled and eased of my boxers, yeah they're the boxer briefs, I've been called a tomboy, and to this day, I don't give a fuck. When I threw my boxers over to lay with my shirt, her eyes were locked on my penis, I let it grow a bit, but not all the way. “What do you think?” She was still locked on, “I don't know.” I stepped closer to the bed, she closed her legs, “Don't worry I'm not gonna penetrate you. Thought you would enjoy a closer look.” She snapped her eyes up to mine, “Sorry I''m still nervous about this.” I was still smiling, “It's ok dude, I know what it's like.” She eased her legs open a bit then sat up, “Can I touch it?… Touch it, I sound like a k**.” I laughed, “Of course. Just be gentle, I don't care how many pornos you've seen, it's not unbreakable, even if it's all the way up.” I stepped a little closer and she just carressed it, so I let it up a little more, her eyes grew wider, like a kitten that just saw the world's biggest ball of yarn. Then she must have let her curiosity take over, she lifted my penis and slowly let into her mouth. I moaned a little, and she snapped back to reality, as she went to pull me out of her mouth I stopped her, “Well you don't have to stop, that feels good.” Tiffany paused looking a little worried, “But what if you?” I had a straight face for a moment, “I'm not gonna blow my load down your throat if you don't want me to, I'm more self controlled than that, please just go with it for a while, I promise I won't hurt you.” She sat up and mumbled around my cock, “Ok, I….alright then.” She started licking around the tip, over and over, I'd crossed my arms under my breasts, I was swirling my left nipple, and I was leaning my left leg onto the bed, hoping not to fall. She got a little more into it, she was fingering me with her right hand, and herself with her left at the same time. I was moaning a little louder. Well, it was good, so I just stood there, letting it go, then she paused for a moment, “Do you think we could… I mean I want to, uh…can I try it now?” I understood what she was asking, she wanted to try my penis in her now. “Ok, but remember you asked me.” She nodded and laid back, “Ok, I understand.”

As she spread her legs, I brought my erection up all the way. I had 8.2 inches aimed at her wet pussy as if I were magnatized to it. So I lined myself up and sat rubbing my penis along her pussy lips. Being that I was trying to keep my penis a secret from most people, I'd never been circumsized, and honestly I didn't want to. I started to push into her, and she was tight, not extreme, but enough. “Go slow, you're really big.” I could only manage to mutter, “Ok, you're really tight.” I was about halfway in when she let up, and I slid all the way in, it made her yelp. “Oh, my god, you're huge, but it feels amazing…don't move yet please.” I was just smiling, I felt my cock throbbing inside her, I guessed that's why she didn't want me to move yet. Then she stopped squirming , “Ok, really, really slowly. The whole thing.” Still smiling, I slowly moved until just the tip of my penis was inside her, then all the way back in, just as slowly. It was amazing, she wasn't bleeding, yet, but I figured it wouldn't be long. The second time I was pulling out, I looked down, yep, there it was, bl**d, not much, but at least I knew she wasn't lying to me. I looked back up to her, she was forcing her eyes shut, “Doesn't hurt too much does it?” She eased her eyes open a bit, “Feels too good to hurt, if you want to go a little faster, you can.” I picked up my pace a bit, I can't even tell you how amazing her pussy felt, mine was dripping on the bed I was so soaked down there. Just then Tiffany moaned, “I'm already gonna- AAH!” I had just pushed in all the way when I felt something warm hit the end of my penis, It was my turn, but I wasn't about to break my promise, “I'm about to too, crap!” I yanked out as fast as I could, but one tiny drop landed right inside her, I unloaded everything else all over her, I'd covered her stomach, and her tits, then I let my penis die down on her belly. “Well, how was it?” I was huffing a bit. Tiffany's eyes lit up, “It was amazing, I'm gonna need a morning after pill though right?” I shook my head, “No, not really, you were too worried at the time, so I didn't get to explain it, I've been infertile since the first time I had sex, in fact I could have blown all of that,” I pointed to the pool on her body, “inside you, and you'd be fine. So while we could go at it all the time, you're not gonna bear my k**s, even if you wanted to.” Tiffany sat up, and kissed me once more, “Thank god. I want you again, but not right now…. um can I use your shower?” I rubbed my penis along her pussy once more, “Of course you can, can't have you walking around like that can we?” She walked into my bathroom and started the shower, I had to change the sheets, luckily each tennants room has its own washer and dryer, yeah a lot of money went into this place.

After I'd changed the sheets, and Tiffany was dressed, we took Ajax for a walk. It was just around a couple streets, when we got back everyone was still gone, I saw burnt tire tracks next to my car, and a note in the windshield, it read “Sorry we missed you, no one answered the door, we'll stop back by later, hope you're around. -Amber” I don't know anyone by that name, I guess I'll find out who 'they' are sometime later. I didn't want to tell Tiffany about it, well not until I knew more myself. I turned the note over and wrote on the back, “Amber, got your note, come find me later, I'll be down on the beach. -Rose” I wasn't sure where to place the note so I just stuck it back in the windshield.

We went back inside, then I decided to sit out on the 2nd floor balcony. Each floor of the complex had a balcony and a set of stairs connected them all. Tiffany had gone to her room to lay down before her classes, Ajax was sitting out on the balcony with me chewing on his favorite bone. I fell asl**p, but woke up an hour later. Ajax was gone, and somehow I had an erection…well at least everyone was still gone. I checked the clock, 4:30p.m. I waited a little longer, I was watching some of the surfers for a while, the sun started to set around 6:00, so I decided to head out to the beach, I looked outside and Tiffany's car was gone. Ajax was sl**ping in his bed in her room. What also caught my attention was the note I put back in my windshield was also gone… I didn't think anything of it and went out to the beach, I had my button up shirt on, the one from earlier, a white beater this time, and I was wearing a bra, with my favorite pair of blue jeans, they were a little worn, and the right leg had a small hole in the knee. The jeans weren't baggy, but they weren't skin tight. When I headed out to the beach, it was pretty empty except for the few bonfires that were up, it got a little chilly in the evenings. I just rolled down my windows, and parked near one of the fires. I sat with my driver side door open, I was listening to the radio, one of the rock stations. I felt someone had walked up to me, so I looked over, I was a little shocked at what I saw. It was a girl, she stood about 5'4″, she was so frail, but not boney, her hair was pure white, about shoulder length and she had bright blue eyes. I kept a straight face, “Yes?” I asked trying to hide my surprise. “Um, did you come from that building over there?” she pointed to the complex. “Yes, I did.” She seemed afraid of me. “Do you know if they have any open rooms?” I figured it best not to hide it from her, “Yes, I have several rooms open, since quite a few people moved out over the summer.” Her eyes lit up, “You're the owner?” I was smiling now, “Yes, I am.” Then she paused for a moment, she was really kinda shy. I was just gonna move it along for her, “You need a room? Rent's 100 a month, due by every 10th. I just need your name.” She was smiling at the ground , “I'm Mariah, I just turned 17, I don't really have a last name.” I wasn't gonna laugh at her shyness, it was adorable though. “Ok, Mariah, I'm Rose. Let's go.” I'd just noticed the bag she was carrying, it had almost nothing in it! She looked puzzled, “Go? Go where?” It was adorable to no end that she was so shy, “Well, I gotta show you to your room right?” She walked over to the passenger side as I started the car, “Ok then.”
It only took a few minutes to get back, the beach was gigantic, but it didnt look that way. A few of the cars were back when I returned but there was a big problem. THE WHOLE PLACE WAS ON FIRE?! There were police, firefighters, and a tv news crew outisde when I pulled up. “What the hell is going on?!” I ran up to one of the officers, “What the hell? How did this happen?!” The officer pulled the obvious, “Ma'am we're not sure how the fire started, but I must ask you to keep your distance.” I was pissed, but then my Nano-Forge gauntlet was buzzing. I looked at the screen, “Autocannons ready, enable Hydro-Pumps?” I was even more confused than earlier. I pushed the button to confirm, but the screen read, “Out of range, move closer please.” Yeah figures… Well, I figured it was about time to figure out what all this was, so I hopped the police tape, and made a break for the complex, I was spamming the confirm button as fast as I could, the officer had started running after me, then finally, the system started up, a series of plates flew open in a bunch of different spots on the ground, thankfully, one was right behind me, the officer almost completely froze in place. There was a bright light over each of the spaces. Then a loud vibrating sound came from each of them, right before my eyes, it was building…something! As it all progressed, the crowd had silenced, I looked around quickly, all the cannons were built in only seconds, then I heard a loud electronic voice, “System ready, firing.” At once all the cannons started shooting water at the complex, completely covering it in water. It took only a minute for all the cannons to put out the fire, I felt as if I were in a sci-fi movie. The cannons stopped firing, then the voice spoke again, “Fire surpressed, scanning…….two life forms detected. One sustained injuries.” It was only then I realized that the system was voice activated as well, “Identify life forms.” I said loud and clear. The system responded immediately, “Scanning….One human female, one canine male. Human has sustained major and minor burns, canine lost consiousness. Life forms took shelter under over-turned fridge unit in 2nd floor kitchen space.” My heart started pounding. “Oh no.” I took off as fast as I could go. Just as I got in the front door I was almost heart broken, everything was charred, but I had to find them, I hope they're ok.

I made it to the kitchen and threw the fridge, my fear had been realized, Tiffany was burned really badly, and Ajax was out. I spoke into the gauntlet, “Notify the medics I need them in here now.” The system responded immediately again, “Understood.” I heard the voice outside, then a diesel engine getting closer. Everything started spinning and I passed out.

I woke the next morning, I was in the hospital. I felt fine, but the doctor was insisting I stay in bed a little longer, but I couldn't stop myself blurting out, “No dammit, where are my girlfriend and my dog?!” I surprised myself a little but I care at the moment, because I was worried. The doctor put his hand on my shoulder and told me, “The dog is fine, but the girl is in the burn unit. Nothing too serious, the worst she got was a few 2nd degree burns, luckily she got some cover before it got too bad.” I felt better but not much. The doctor stood up and continued, “You on the other hand, all you got was a small gash to the side of your head, and some smoke inhalation. However…” My heart skipped a beat once I realized I was wearing a gown. “One of our nurses got spooked trying to get that on you, so I had to pick up.” I was embarrased. “How much did you see?” I felt stupid for asking. He smirked “Enough, but no need to worry, you're not the first one I've met, and I doubt you're the last.” I couldn't shake the embarrassment “What about the nurse?” He turned to me again, “Well, she's one too, but it was more of… how to put this. You had an erection when she started to undress you, and, this is kinda funny, your penis smacked her in the face.” He chuckled. I was even more embarrassed “Oh, god.” My whole face was red. The doctor moved to the door, which thankfully was closed. “Well she was shocked, and a little jealous, you're bigger than she is.” Just as he grabbed the door handle, “Oh, and before I forget,” he pointed over to the window, “You're s****rs showed up for you last night.” I looked over and couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was… two of me?!

There, laying on the couch, were two girls, who looked just like me! They looked a bit younger, but still! The couch was a little big for the both of them, but it seemed they didn't care, one was laying on her back, with her left arm hanging off the side, her right arm was over the other girl as if they were hugging, and her right leg was dangling over the end. The other was face down on top of her, with her head just resting on the first ones breasts, and her right arm was off the side. For now they were both asl**p. I was completely baffled. The doctor mentioned, “I think its pretty awesome, they showed up last night, when I told them what happened, they were so worried, I just brought them here, and they've been there ever since.
After the doctor left, I was sitting in the bed, I couldn't help staring at them. I was so confused, they were me!

It was just before noon, when one of them woke up, it was the girl on the bottom. She blinked a couple times, then looked over at me, “Hey, how's it going? I'm Amber.” I was still staring. “Uh, hi.” she raised an eyebrow, “I know this is sorta confusing, I can explain later, but for now, I'm hungry.” She looked at the other girl that was laying on her, “Hey, get up.” Obviously she didn't hear. Amber tried again, “Come one, dude get up.” Still nothing. So Amber cleared her throat, and imitated the Heavy Weights movie, “Time to wake up c***d…..GOOD MORNING!!!” Just then the other girl finally woke up with a jump, “AAH, what?” Amber waitied a moment, “Well, now that you're awake. Get up, I'm gonna go get something to eat.” Then she looked at me, “This is Summer, by the way.” Summer looked at me, “Good morning Rose.” I was still confused as ever, but Amber interrupted that, “Like I said, I'll explain later.” Then she looked back down at Summer, “For the love of god, get up already, or I'll throw you.” Summer rubbed her eyes and stood up, “Ok, fine, but your boobs make an awesome pillow.”

About an hour later, I finally got to see Tiffany, she didn't look too bad, just some burns and a couple bruises here and there, but she was ok. I was crying when I hugged her, “You're ok. Thank god.” She was crying too, “Thanks to you and your sci-fi tech I hear.” I smiled, I'll explain later. Ajax came in the room, and bolted at me as soon as he saw me. “Hey buddy, you're ok too.” He was whining. Another hour went by, we were both discharged to go home, that's when it hit me….home.

We got to what was left of the complex, not much, the 3rd and 4th floors had collapsed, I was heartbroken, for almost a minute, then Amber chimed in, “You know, you could always fix it.” I was irritated, but then she pointed to my Nano-Forge, “That's what it's meant for.”
I almost didn't understand, then I walked over to where the front door was. I looked at my gauntlet, “Could it really be that simple?” So I pointed at the door, and turned on the forge, in seconds the door was back to the way it was, as if nothing hapened to it. My heart raced, so I kept at it, I slowly went in the door with my forge still running, I was rebuilding everything, as if nothing ever happened. I heard some comotion outside, but I didn't care, this was way more important.

Seconds were passing, after only a few minutes, I had rebuilt the 1st floor living room and a few of the bedrooms. Minutes started to pass, after only a half hour, I had not only the 1st, but the 2nd, and 3rd floors back to the way they were. I couldn't explain the feeling of relief I had, I was crying as I finished the 4th floor, and the balconys.
As I walked out the front door, so many people were watching in disbelief, couldn't blame them. I walked over to Amber and whispered, “Alright, I have questions.” She smiled , “I only have so many answers though.”

A little later in the evening, there were still people outside, the tv news crew had come back, I got Mariah into her room, she wanted to go to bed, “Not yet, I have something to bring to everyone's attention.”

A few minutes ago, I'd asked my A.I., to find the origin of the fire. It took a moment to respond. “Scanning…..Fire caused by thrown object from outside building.” I was pissed.
A few moments after talking to Mariah, I had all the tennants in the 3rd floor living room, as I had enough space for all of us.

“Ok, before anyone leaves this room, I have something you all will hear.” The room was dead silent. “I did a little digging. Last night's fire, was started from outside the building. I can't imagine why, or who, would want to do that. But here's the thing, I will find out who did it, and they will know hell. You guys should be careful for now. There is the possibility it could happen again. Now, as I wasn't here earlier, rent is still due by most of you, but I'm tired, so I'll take care of it tomorrow. Is that understood?” All I heard were a bunch of low tone 'yes, ma'am's' but I didn't care. “You are dismissed.”

Everyone was walking out of the living room, except for, Mariah, Amber, and Summer. I turned to look at them, “I'm going to bed, Mariah, if you need to talk we'll do it later.” Then I turned to Amber, “I'm to tired to go looking for a room right now, so go pick out one you like and let me know tomorrow.” All three of them mumbled, “Ok.” and walked out.
I was so tired when I sat on my bed, I realised my door was cracked, but again I was too tired to care. Ajax popped in, whinning. “Not tonight pup, I'm tired.” I hated myself for sending him away. I laid back in the bed and I was out.

I woke up in the middle of the night to an odd sound… moaning. I looked at the clock, I'd gone to bed about 9:45, it was 12:29. I was starting to get mad, thinking, what the hell, but when I rolled over I got an interesting surprise. Amber and Summer, were in my bed, making out, but that wasn't all, I looked over. They were having sex in my bed, next to me, while I was sl**ping! Amber was on top, just ramming away at Summer. “What the hell are you two doing?” I couldn't stop myself asking the obvious question. Amber was still thrusting in and out of Summer, “Having awesome sex without you.” Being that they are infact clones of me, it wasn't hard to believe that this would happen, I kinda wanted in. Amber looked at me with a horny smile, “Want in? She's wet and ready to go man. Or, you know, I've never tried anal yet.” I was horny and didn't care to hide it. So I thought what the hell. I didn't bother to turn on the lights as my eyes had already adjusted. I slid over to Summer, Amber helped me lift her up onto my stomach, I was fully erect. Amber stopped for a minute, and started to give me a blowjob, Summer was stroking her cock and rubbing her pussy, waiting anxiously for more. Amber then stopped and lined up my cock with Summmers' ass, I popped up, “Oh, lube, in the nightstand.” Amber looked embarrased for a moment, “Right.” She flew over and back in seconds. She started to put some of the lube on my cock, it felt nice to be stroked so gently. Then she put my cock back against Summer's ass, and I pushed it, she almost squealed, “Aah, slowly, you're really big.” Amber got back in front of her, and back in her pussy she went. We were going for almost an hour solid, well Amber and I traded spots about halfway. It was about that time, I was getting close to cumming. I was in ecstasy, I was ramming almost all the way in and out of Summer, while Amber was in and out of her ass like a machine. Then I had to cum, Amber piped up, “Ah, I've gotta cum! Summer it's gonna go right in your ass!” Then I had to say it, “And I'm cumming in your pussy!” Summer chuckled, “Well ladies, let me have it!” I felt that urge to cum rush through my penis, and in no time, I was pumping so much into Summer, it started to drip out around my cock, I looked down to see the same happening with Amber. It feels so good to cum deep inside a girl. I was kissing Summer for a few minutes afterwards, we were all laying on our side, Amber and I still had our cocks planted in Summer's holes. She started rocking her hips a little, it felt amazing, but then, I looked across to Amber, her face was bl**dshot red, then her mouth fell open, I started to ask her what was wrong, she slowly pointed to the door behind me, then my heart stopped.

I rolled over, it was Mariah, she wasn't saying anything, but her mouth was wide open, she had an open shirt so I could see her nipples, and her panties were wet. I started to speak but she darted off. I whipped back to Amber, who was shaking a little, “Well, do something!” I put my boxers and my shirt on, and ran after her.

I got to Mariah's room a few minutes later, she was laying on her bed facing away from me, and she was mumbling something. She was quirming a bit, so I snuck a little closer. “Oh my god, that was hot. I wish it would have been me in the middle of that. How, my landlady is a hermaphrodite, I walked in on her and her friend railing that lucky girl. Of course I couldn't tell her that.” As she was mumbling, she was fingering herself, as I was about to say something, she came. I didn't want to risk spooking her, so I snuck back out to the door, and I stood there for a moment, until her orgasm let up, then I whispered. “You really wish it was you?” She almost panicked, so I raised my finger to my mouth, “It's ok, you kinda had Amber worried, just standing there. I don't believe I heard you right, you said you wished it were you?” She was sitting up still rubbing her pussy, “Yes, it was hot, you two were actually railing her. I'm bi but I've always wanted to do it with a hermaphrodite. Kinda been my fantasy since I was little.” I raised an eyebrow and entered the room slowly, she snapped her legs shut after realising she was fingering herself in front of me. I just chuckled, “No need to hide it now, that I know.” I dropped my boxers just enough to let my cock out. Mariah seemed to try to avoid looking at it, “It's ok, it's ok to look, hell if you want to touch it, that's ok too. You have no reason to fear me.” She finally looked up, I was letting my erection grow. Then she reached up, and started to stroke me. “Your hands are nice and soft.” She was stroking at a gentle pace, so I spoke up, “Do you want me, or them too?” She looked at me, “I want you both.” So I leaned in next to her ear, “How about all three of us?” I watched her eyes snap open, “All three?” I was still at her ear, “Yep, the other girl, Summer, who was in the middle? She has one too.” Mariah started to lick me, “I want you all, please.” Having realised they were standing in the doorway, I motioned for them to enter the room. Amber shut the door slowly.

We stood around Mariah, our cocks exposed and pointed at the sky, she could barely speak. So I started, “So which do you want first?” Mariah sat up, and pointed at me. “I want you in my pussy.” Then to Amber, “I want you in my ass.” Then finally to summer, “And I'll blow you.” I couldn't hold back my really horny smile, “Well, ladies, lets get started.” And with that I threw my boxers to the wall, but I left my shirt on. Amber and Summer did the same. I started kissing Mariah, while Amber and Summer worked on eachother. After a minute or so, I was lined up with her pussy, Amber had crawled under and was already pushing in her ass, and for the moment I was blowing Summer, who had already cum in my mouth a little. Then when Mariah took Summer in her mouth, I eased into her pussy, which was tighter then Tiffany's! We were going at a slow pace, then Mariah spoke up, “Ok, can you go faster?” I was the first to respond, “Of course we can.” Then Amber and I picked up our pace. After a little more time Amber and I were railing Mariah so fast, she could barely work on Summer. Just then I heard a knock, we all looked to Tiffany standing in the door, completely naked, and dripping wet. I spoke up, “Hey sexy, here to join us?” She smiled, “Yes, can I have you for a while?” I looked at Mariah she was lost in the ecstasy, “Of course give me a moment, if you're willing, Summer wants a blowjob?” Tiffany rubbed her pussy, “Gladly.”

While Amber and I were still railing Mariah, who had cum twice already. Tiffany was giving Summer some good head. Well eventually, I'd say after another hour, Summer was fucking Tiffany's ass, I was still pumping in and out of Mariah's pussy, while Amber was doing the same to her ass. Well I started to get that urge, and I felt it was gonna be a good one this time, I whispered to Amber, “Hey I'm gonna cum again.” She looked up at me, “Yeah me, too.” I looked over at Tiffany, “Hey is it ok if Summer cums in your ass?” Tiffany looked at me, “Hell yes it is.” She looked back at Summer, she was ramming away, “Well come on girl, let me have it.” After a few more seconds, I came, and I came hard. I was still pumping in and out, cumming more and more. Amber groaned, “Oh man, I'm cumming so much!” I giggled, “Same here.” I looked over to get a good sight, Summer was unloading into Tiffany's ass, and I watched some spurt out between them. After what seemed like an eternity, we finally stopped cumming and just stayed still for a few minutes.
I finally pulled out of Mariah, Amber did too, there was cum dripping everywhere. I looked over to see Tiffany lying on the bed with her ass in the air, as Summer pulled out, I watched her cum start dripping everywhere. Mariah came back to reality, “Oh my god, that was so good. Thank you.” I slid my cock back inside her for a moment and kissed her, “No trouble at all.” Then I leaned over to her ear, “And you know, if we can enjoy you more often like this, I won't make you pay rent.” I pulled out. She kissed me then whispered, “Anytime you want me, anywhere you want me, I'm yours.” I leaned down and licked her pussy, I licked up some of my cum and swallowed it, then I sucked some of the cum off Amber's cock, and swallowed it too. Amber laid Mariah on her side and they made out. When they paused, Amber leaned over and whispered, “Thanks for having me, I like being in your ass.” I moved over and sucked off some of the cum from Summer's cock and swallowed it too, then last, but not least, I licked some of the cum from Tiffany's ass and swallowed it. Taking it as a hint, Summer sucked me off for another minute, then Tiffany, Amber, Summer and I left Mariah to sl**p and went back to my room.

As I shut the door, I turned to Tiffany who kissed me, she was rubbing my cock, and I was getting hard again. Amber sitting on my bed spoke up, “Hey, if you're gonna go another round, I want Summer to myself, and you two can have eachother, k?” I looked over to her, “Fine by me, but first..” I walked over and pushed her on the bed, then before she could sit back up, I slid my cock in her. She moaned, “Wait what?” I came inside her a little bit then I explained, “Well, you're the only one who's pussy I haven't had yet. I figured I'd do it know before the night is done.” She rubbed her pussy, “Ok, I'm cool with that.”

Amber and Summer went to the love seat in the corner, and just went at it. I was more concerned with Tiffany now.

Tiffany straddled me, and I immediately slid my cock in her pussy. She let out a small moan, but started rocking back and forth. Then while I was sliding in and out of her we started kissing as well. It went on like that for about 15 minutes, and Summer had already cum inside Amber, they'd fallen asl**p with Summer's cock in Amber's pussy. I was getting ready to cum again, I spoke up, “Hey Tiff, I'm getting ready to cum again.” She kissed me again, “I want it inside me this time, all of it.” I was happy to oblige. after another minute or so, “Ok I'm gonna cum.” I buried my cock as deep as it would go, and I came hard again. Tiffany squealed a bit. There wasn't as much as when I came inside Mariah, but then I've cum a lot today, in the past few hours alone. We laid there with my still fully erect penis all the way in Tiffany's sopping wet, and cum filled pussy. I started to whisper, “You know Jack's gonna be gone for some time. It would help if I had someone here to call my own.” Tiffany looked me in the eye, “Me?” I reached into the night stand, and pulled out two solid gold engagement rings. One I slid on her ring finger, the other I put on mine. Then I kissed her, “If that's ok with you.”