The Waitress ( part 2 )

As the week’s followed me and the Waitress became close. A lust driven steamy affair began to take shape in the work place. It was a busy Saturday afternoon the Restaurant was flowing nicely. I was over staffed on purpose. As soon as she came walking up those stairs she'd give me the all familiar wink.. She was young and very attractive even in her tight black uniform you could see her curves and hour glass figure oozing out of those tight black leggings and black v neck t-shirt. She had small tits but they were firm and ripe. A flat stomach and a booty you could bury your face in for days on end. All a hard working Chef could ask for. But it was her attitude that got my rocks of the most. The ‘I don’t give a fuck kind of attitude!’
“ chef fancy a walk round to the shops for lunch “ she whispered in my ear as her free hand grabbed my hard cock through my chef whites. I was busy chopping lettuce as I nearly chopped my hand off… I just smiled back at her as she slowly started pulling at my love pump. As she placed the two glasses she had bought up from the restaurant onto the side. She slowly turned to pick up a knife that had fallen off the side. Letting go off my throbbing manhood she pushed her big round arse into my crotch. The kitchen now empty as the K.P had just gone on his break. I grabbed the keys to the store room off the side by my work station. Grabbing her by the hand I e****ted her into the large store room and locked the door from the inside. As I turned back round she was already undressed just wearing her matching red bra and knickers. She pushed me up the back wall on top of the large refrigerator and began ripping at my whites. Finally taking off my safety boots. She told me to sit on the fridge pushing my feet up into the air. Sucking my balls and rimming my asshole as I tugged hard on my cock. I could feel my meat throbbing again for her sweat young love nest. I reached down forcing her head deeper into my ass. Her hands remained behind her back like the good submissive she had become for me. I couldn’t take this pleasure any longer as I stood up. Pulling her knickers down and off I picked her up at the waste. She wrapped her thighs tight around my waist as my manhood slipped into her saturated tight cunt. She gasped with the sheer size which always hurt her young hole at first. Slowly she slid up and down on me. As my thrusts became greater and more intense. Sucking and biting my shoulders as she dug her nails into my back ripping at my flesh. I grabbed and squeezed her plumb buttocks. Soon enough she came hard convulsing in my arms…She whispered
“ please fuck me doggy so I can feel your hot spunk Daddy !”As I placed her back on the ground her legs were visibly shaking after that strong orgasm she just had. Placing her head to the left always looking back she pushed back onto me. Moaning with pleasures as I grabbed her hips and slapped her arse continually..
“ fuck me Daddy Fuck me!”
She repeated this with more aggression as my thrusts and stamina began to run at full steam. Grabbing at her head pulling her up to me I interlocked her arms behind her back as I fucked her so hard that her juices exploded all over the tiles below. Screaming with pleasures I came hard and fast as my juices shot straight up into her tightness. Her pussy clenched onto my meat as if she didn’t want me to go. Kissing her back both of us where shattered….
Suddenly the door handle wiggled. Shit someone was trying to get in for stock. Looking down at the carnage of clothes and visible lady juices. I began to panic. Quickly we both got dressed. Laughing and giggling. Luckily there was a mop and bucket to hand. I frantically tried too tidy up the mess. She grabbed my hand smiled and looked at me. She was always the one who could calm me down. Which she did. Kissing my cheek she hid behind the fridge door. As I unlocked the door to the stock room there stood the K.P ( thank fuck I thought ) he winked and said…
“Don't worry Chef your secrets safe with me.” As the Waitress fixed herself and ran past me back into the kitchen.
“ Same here Chef !” God I love my job…. I thought to myself.