The Temp

The Temp:

the week started off kind of special… my regular secretary
was off on a two week vacation and it was the first day of the new temp…
usually they are older woman…plain… and not very exciting…but this
one was more than special as i was about to find out… you walked into
the room …tall blonde and very attractive… your smile brightened up the
my day immediately… your dress was conservative by it still had a hint of
your sexuality…its very hard to hide that and i could see from the way
you walked and your actions that it was there…you came into my office…
when you saw me for the first time your face light up… and the expression
was one of relief,and surprise..( i guess you were use to older guys that
didn't look all that attractive)you came over i stood up and your eyes
quickly ran over my body…i extended my hand to you and you introduced our flesh touched for the first time i could feel the
electricity surged through your bodies…..i could see that you sensed it
too…as i explained a few things that i need you to do…you leaned close
to me….your sweet smelling perfume filled my nostrils..and i quickly stole
a glance at your firm sexy figure as you bent view the document..
not realizing that you had noticed…i moved my eyes over your sleek voluptuous
body..your breasts where large..and ripe…. hiding behind that blouse….
but i could tell they were nice and the bra you wore showed slightly
through….your skirt…was short but..tasteful..and your long legs, shapely
and smooth…thinking to my self that this could be the start of a lovely
week…SMILE…you then returned to your new desk outside my office…i

had arranged it so that i could glance up and see you… as you sat…and
the desk was open underneath so my view of your shapely legs was unobstructed
…..the morning was uneventful…as you where getting use to the potion…but
every once in a while i would look up and sneak a glance at your long sexy legs
…and you would seem to know exactly when i was peeking as you would uncross them
slowly..and then re-cross them giving me a very good view of your smooth and
creamy thighs…watching you bend over at the filing cabinet…was a sheer eyes wander over your thigh
buttocks..screaming to be released from there confines…the first couple
of days were fun and exciting as we joked and teased each other getting to
know one and the other…your life out of the office was dull and boring

as you were new in town and hadn't meet many people…the third..night i was
going to work late and i was not expecting you to the rest of the
office cleared out…you came in walking over to my desk standing only inches from my chair…you said that you couldn't leave me work all night by myself and that you were going to stay and catch up on some extra work….my face lit up at your words….feeling the excitement growing in my loans….but the thought of you and me alone in the office…made
me rather extremely excited…i say you glance down..and a knowing smile came over you face…and then you turned and walked slowly out of the office…my eyes glued to your form as your hips swayed gently under the skirt…i managed to get most of the work finished while looking and watching you type busily away at your desk.. your skirt…riding up your long legs and exposing the soft firm inner flesh that flashed before me….twice you had come into the office..standing close to me your hips
gently brushing my arm as i sat …in my chair.. my mind wander thinking what it would be like to take you right there on the desk in my office…the slight touch of your hand on my shoulder brought me back to reality..and you smiled down…looking into my passion filled eyes…i could hear the slight quiver in your voice as you spoke…knowing where my thoughts were….enough of this work you said….and i agreed and asked if you would like to share a glass of wine with me….your eyes light up as i moved over to the cabinet…opening the small bar fridge i pulled out a bottle of champagne that i had been saving for a special occasion… and two glasses…i pulled one of the comfortable office chairs…over and asked you to sit down… you did smiling up to me as i gave you the glass filled with the champagne ….you laughed and asked what the special occasion was..and i told you that it was to celebrate the first couple of days that you were here…your cheeks blushed slightly… as you sipped …. your long legs slowly crossed again… giving me ample..view of your inner thighs…i told
you how was impressed at how you made my day so enjoyable…and said it would be a shame when you leave….smiling…you could feel the excitement build as we sat and chatted together… i could feel my manhood getting very excited..pushing against the material of my pants…after the second glass you asked me laughing are you trying to get me d***k…i smiled at you and asked if that would be so bad…not at all you said…looking down at the are the type of man i go for you said a little wicked smile came over you lips as you sipped at the champagne i could see the outline of your hardening nipples as the pushed against the thin material of your white blouse….you were relaxing ..i could tell, the way you sat in the chair..the vibes your body were giving off made me more excited…as you glanced at my thighs… by the third glass of champagne…
i could not control myself..and i told you how beautiful you were and as i spoke the words you smiled and stood up and walked over to the desk…sitting on the edge…sipping on the glass your wet lips parted and your tongue darted out…and you looked down at me and said those were my feeling exactly…you then put your glass down on the desk… you look into my eyes…and say i going to show you how much you excite me…lowering your self onto your knees you take my zipper and slowly pull it down…and reach in and pull my thick hard manhood out…your lips part and you lick your lips as you glance up at me…a wicked smile comes over your face…your tongue darts out touching the head of my engorged shaft…you taste the precummmm that oozes form its head…licking around the top you place it in your mouth taking the whole tip… slowly you sucking and licking at it lift my hips as you pull the rest of my pants down over my thick
taunt hips…your fingers explore my balls as up cup and squeeze them.
your mouth returns to the head of my now throbbing cock… the
excitement of all the had will quickly show as i can feel the build of of
my cummmm…your experts lips.. take control and make my shaft feel
like its about to explode… i lean my head back as i grasp your blonde
hair holding your mouth close .. you take the whole length deep into your
throat…its just to much i can't hold on any longer…and with a sudden
groan i release my wad of built up seaman….filling your mouth with the
hot sticky white fluid….my groans fill the room as your eyes look up
at me as you watch me cummmmm….gush after gush the climax continues
i feel like my whole body is being drained….your wet red hungry lips
continue to take my juices….a trickle of the white liquid escapes
your mouth running down onto your chin…i take you by the shoulders
pulling you up to me…and kissing you deeply…removing the last drop
of seed form your chin…our kiss continues your hips straddle my thighs.
i can feel the heat form your love triangle…as you push your hips down
against my semi erect penis… i push you back laying you on the desk…
pushing the letters and documents onto the floor. my face runs down to
the sheer blouse you wear..pulling it open i expose your thin sheer
bra… your hard nipples push against the silky material…i pull
greedily at it removing it and your firm ripe breasts are now in full
view…there pink hard nipples stick out straight begging to be sucked
my mouth and tongue explore the hard nipple and the surrounding area
making you groan out with pleasure…my tongue trails down your flat
smooth tummy…i can sense that you are very close to cummmmming
i lift up your skirt pushing it up over your hips exposing the lust
supple thighs…adorned in there silk nylons and garter belt…
hummm you look so sexy laying there you skirt up over you hips and
your sexy legs covered in my favourite attire…i grasp at your
white thong panties…pulling at the material… exposing your
wet swollen lips…the fluid already seeping… my tongue darts
out touching them… your moans tells me that you love my touch…
your legs lift up and rest on the edge of the desk exposing your
lovely sweet sex to me .. my tongue circles your hard clit
and my fingers touch your creamy white buttocks..massaging them
to life ..your puckering little anus…pulses as my fingers
touches against its tight mouth…my other finger is now deep
inside your wet throbbing pussy…probing and sliding in and out…
your climax hits with a sudden explosion.. your hands grasp at
my head pushing down hard….i lick and suck at your love..
taking all the juices that flow from….your sex….my face is
so wet….i hungry lap at your cummmm….your hips slow down
there bucking and bouncing…as your climax subsides….
my now hard cock…sticks out ready… and pulsating… i lean
over kissing you so you can taste your own love juice..your
eyes tell me the pleasure you just experienced…my hands
cup and massage your still firm nipples..gently squeezing..
you grasp my throbbing hardness…stroking it back and forth…
moving it closer to your still wide spread thighs….god you
look so sexy there before me….you part your lips with my organ
taking the head in…i push forward slightly burring it half groan out as you feel me enter you…your lips part
and make them wet…your ripe hard breasts heave as you feel
my hard cock enter you all the way…i grasp your hips
and slowly pump my engorged penis deep into you slowly
pulling it out and reinserting it….with in seconds you
cum again …and your legs wrap around my back as you pull me
deep inside you as your orgasm consumes you…i stop just for
a second as you look up at me and tell me that you want me to
fuck you from behind… you move swiftly as you lean over
the desk….your breast sway as you position your self spreading
your thighs.. and i move between your cheeks… sliding my
hard shaft deep into the folds of your wet pussy, your hands
grasp the edge of the desk…as you push back against the
hardness of my organ…thrusting deep into you i pull your
ass cheeks apart….touching the puckering little hole
of your anal opening…i put my finger into my mouth getting
it all wet and juicy..and i then insert it past then clench
muscles….your anal opening soon relaxes as my finger plunges
deep inside you… you turn to me and gasp as you cummmmm
again…my other hand grasps one of your breast…gently
squeezing the hard pink nipple…i ride you as your orgasm
flows trough your body….my cock is hard and ready to cum..
but i want to fill all your orifices and i slowly pull out…
you look back at me your eyes filled with passion…as you
know what I'm about to do….i rub my hard shaft against
the tiny puckering hole…of your anus…and i push against
the muscles….they are so tight..but they give way to my
penetration… i feel the tightness…as my head of my now
bl**d filled cock…slides deeper into you.. pulling your
cheeks apart i love to watch as my organ moves in and out of
you your fingers reach under your hips and slowly massage
your clit and slide down and enter your wet love…i can feel
them deep inside… your hips are soon pushing back against
my thrusting manhood…your fingers work your clit and pussy
lips i can feel the excitement build as i know i will soon
explode deep inside your ass…with one final thrust i moan
out loud as you reach your orgasm and i start to fill your tight
ass with my seed…my legs shake to hold my self up as
wave after wave hits me….your fingers are deep inside you
i can feel them through the thin wall..of flesh….
small droplets of perspiration drop form my forehead as
we lay hard shaft still deep inside you
the final drops of cummmm oozing from its head….i kiss your
back running my hands up and down your soft smooth body….
i kiss your neck..and you turn so our lips can meet….
we continue or passionate night…finally leaving in the
wee hours of the morning…i take you home…and
the next day i make you my secretary… for ever….