The Summer Sex Drought's Ended – This Time It

This is another true story from a year in college that had a series of unusual sexual and fun incidents that occurred after a summer of not getting laid due to a work schedule that put me out of touch with my network of friends.

Keri, the girl from my story “Jan Curing My Summer Sex Drought” was starting to attend my college a few weeks after my encounter with Jan at the party, where Keri’s advances were frustrated by Jan’s bold move to burst into the bathroom and give me an ambush fuck.

Keri was a cute blonde with a nice body who I pretty much ignored during high school, but what I knew of her I thought she was cute and a lot of fun. A friend of mine Dave, who lived across the hall from me the previous year, was a conservative straight laced guy and was having a party at his apartment to kick off the new school year and he invited me and a bunch of other people from our dorm of the previous year. I thought it might be good to bring some girls, so my roommate and I asked several to join us including Keri.

The turn out was good and we were all sitting around talking and drinking. Every time I got up to go to the keg, Keri followed me and tried to get me alone. When alone, she’d start whispering “I’ll bet you have a big cock, I want to have your big cock”. I’d flirt back and tell her “I’d like to see what you’d do with my cock”. Now this sort of talk just made me hornier and hornier but I didn’t drive and we had no where to go until perhaps after the party, or so I thought.

After awhile, I had to get up and go to the bathroom. In their two bedroom apartment there were two bathrooms each connected to one of the bedrooms. The main one everyone was using was occupied, so I thought I’d try the second one. I went in, took my pee and when I came out of the bathroom, Kerry was there in the bedroom having closed the door behind her. As soon as I walked out she walked up and gave me a big, hot kiss on the lips and pushed me down on the bed and said “I want your cock now”, and started tearing off her clothes.

Shortly she was naked on top of me taking my pants off and then slid her ass over my face getting into the sixty-nine position. Keri started grinding her pussy on my face, feverously sucking my hard cock. Her pussy was soaking wet and I just plowed into it sucking and licking her clit and sticking my tongue in her pussy. Then I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread her ass wide and started sucking on her asshole and tongue fucking it. Her moans and increased speed, intensity and cock suction demonstrated she was really enjoying it. She was getting wetter and wetter and I really went to town licking her clit with the tip of my tongue really fast, sucking and pulling on her lips with my lips. Keri quickly started Cumming, gyrating and bucking from her intense orgasms. I just held on to her butt cheeks and pulled her harder over my mouth and made her cum again and again as she kept bucking, but she kept my cock in her mouth the whole time, sucking on it. I was locked on her hot wet pussy and she had my cock deep in her throat fucking it with her mouth.

Outside, some people thought we might be fooling around but the music was too loud to hear. Dave the apartment owner was saying, “No nothing’s going on in there, they wouldn’t do such a thing!” He grabbed his camera and said, “I’ll show you guys”, and right in the middle of this hot sex, the apartment owner, Dave, whips the door open with camera in hand as we we’re in sixty-nine bliss and Keri’s ass is up in the air grinding on my face spread wide and facing Dave and the door. Dave’s flash went off but he didn’t get a shot because he was so flustered and surprised.

Dave quickly shut the door and then unfortunately Keri jumped up and was suddenly embarrassed about the incident. We got dressed and re-joined the party excited but frustrated we didn’t get to fucking. Now we were trying to figure out how to finish what we started.

So while attending parties over the last two weeks, I got jumped by two different girls breaking into hot sex when making a restroom break! Keri was trying to emulate what Jan did to me and wanted some of the action Jan got for herself. The summer and the drought were indeed over.