The Stanger in the truck

It was so beautiful outside and i wanted to embrace the sunny day, so i took my s****r's dog for a walk. He's a tiny little mutt but i love him anyway like he was my own puppy. I figured he would cause heads to turn as people admire how adoramble he is but my goodness, people were stopping in the middle of the street to see the puppy.
It was about half way til we got back home that this person had to stop me and talk to me. With it being unusally hot out i began to sweat a lot. As i focused on the pup cris crossing on the side walk, i didnt notice him pull over and park. upon me standing up, i looked up and saw a truck blocking my path. I felt the need to just giggle, thinking to myself 'fuck. i am trapped like a rat in peanut butter leading to a mouse trap.' He looked me up and down very slowly, paying close attention to my breast, my pussy, and to my booty. 'Aye, i aint seen u round here before… U just move out here or somethin?' 'Nah, i didnt just move out here…' i said. 'Oh, so how long u been living here then sexy?' I had to be quick on my toes so i told him 'Not too long, why do u ask?' He looked at me slowly up and down again, and smiled. 'So you not too far from home are you?' 'Nah, i'm pretty close. But i gotta go and feed my dog now so take care.'
As i walked in the opposite direction he sat in his truck and said 'Yeah imma see you again… Yes sir, and when i do imma fuck you until the water runs dry.' He cackcled and started the truck and pulled off…