The Sexual Awakening Part 8: The Cure for What Ail

One Week Later….

As I regained my strength in my room. Ben was there every day keeping me aprised of his research. “Dude!” he said bursting into my room. “Guess what I found!” he added. “What?” I asked lampooning his excitement. “I found THE Milo Rembaldi expert, his name is Dr. Michael Reyerson!” “And this helps us how?” I asked. “Because not only is he the Rembaldi expert he's also his great grandson. He was Born Milo Michael Rembaldi!” “We gotta talk to this guy, he has to have answers!” I said sitting up. “The only drawback is that he lives and works in Coleman…that's 40 miles away!” Ben said. “Then we better get driving then!” I said tossing him my keys.

As we drove up to the Campus of Sutton University I sank low into my seat. “Oh no College girls!” I said aloud. “Stay low dude, don't let any one of these Honey's get a whiff of your Mojo or whatever.”

We pulled to an isolated part of the Campus and parked. I slowly got outta the car and we made our way to the Historical Sciences building. “Where's his office?” I asked Ben. “Michael Reyerson is in room 1603.” he said checking out the Directory.

We made our way to Michael's office and slipped inside. We found him bent, sl**ping on his desk. “Are you Dr. Reyerson?” I asked. The man jostled awake and sat up, a yellow sticky note hanging from his lip. “Yes!” he said startled. “I'm Cameron O'Hare and this is my friend Ben Markham. This may sound odd butI need your help.” Isaid pleading. “How can I help?” he asked. “Tell me about this!” I said holding out my watch.

“Good heavens where did you get that?” he asked jumping from his seat. “Then you know what it is?” Ben asked. “Of course I do, this watch was created by Milo Rembaldi himself!” he said drooling over it. “Then you know what it can do?” I asked. “Do..I don't follow.” he said. “Oh you mean the whole female infatuation nonsense, pure poppycock!” he added. “Yeah if only!” I said. “Word man, this watch works! Any woman that comes within spitting distance of Cam here has the sudden urge to jump his bones!” Michael looked at me, then to Ben and then back to me. “Who put you up to this, was it Cruz? He always rags me claiming Tesla was superior to Rrmbaldi!” Ben shook his head. “No joke man, this guy it like catnip for ladies.” Michael smirked. “Really..let's see!” he said pushing his intercom. “Lucy can you come in here please?” he asked. “Who are you talking too, no one's out there?” Ben asked. “Lucy was on her lunch break, but that ended five minutes ago.”

The door opened and a stocky bleach blonde entered with a newspaper and cup of coffee. “Here's your stuff Doctor.” she said passsing us by. “Thank's Lucy..that'll be all.” Michael said waving the girl off. She walked to the door then closed it behind her. “Oh wow that girl was clearly attracted to you.” he said.

As Ben and I exited the Historical Sciences building I caught a glimpse of Michael looking at us from his office window. With my attention turned I didn't see a rollerblader until it was to late.

“Owww!” The girl screamed as hes shapely rear hit the grass. “Oh I'm sorry, let me help you up.” I said. After I helped the girl to her feet she began to smell the air. “That's fine sweetie, here give me your hand.” she said. She wrote her number inside a doodled heart. “Call me, I'll make it worth your while.”

As we continued to the car we hearda shout. “Hey wait!” We turned to see Michael running up the path to us. “Lucy has a cold!” he said panting for breath. “Huh?” Ben and I both uttered. “That stunning lady sniffed the air as you helped her up! She must've smelled…something. Lucy has a headcold, she can't smell because her nose is stuffed so much! Quickly come back to my office!” he said with a grin.

We found ourselves back in Michael's office. “Hold on a second…ah here it is. The 18th Journal of Milo Rembaldi. 1910-1913.”

Michael began to gently thumb through the pages until he found 1911. “Here it is..listen.”

June 1911:
I was comissioned by the British Navy to design a new ship. During the voyage of the Prototype I found myself floating off the coast of Ireland. When my vessel struck rocks and began to sink I thought my life was over. Then like a gift from god he appeared. A young fisherman pulled me from Posideon's grasp and saved me.

Augustus O'Hare is a most fascinating young man. He is strong as an Ox but as gentle as a lamb. I ask him if he has a f****y and am saddened to see he does not. He is shy around women and lacks confidence. I vow to help this kind soul find love.

“Did he do it? Did he help Augustus find love?” Ben asked.
September 1911:
I came upon a curious article in a local tabloid. A Swiss watch company was refunding and subsequently destroying thier entire production line because customers were getting ill. I bribed and employee who quickly smuggled me one before it was smelted. I discovered that the gold isn't gold at all but rather Fools Gold or Iron Pyrite. This Pyrite has a very strange Chemical makeup which leads we to suspect that it is not terresteral iron, possibly from a crashed Meteor. I discovered quite by accident that the micro vibrations of the watch's gears cause a sort of Radioactive discharge that caused the sickness. It dawned on me that this might be the answer to Augustus' problems.

December 1911:
I have done it. By placing coils of my own design withing the Pyrite casing I have discovered a way to induce love in women, using a sample of Augustus' bl**d I have keyed it to his genetics only.

“That's why it didn't work when I tried it!” Ben said slapping my arm. “Does it say how it works Michael?” I asked. “Indeed…and it's quite impressive.” he said.

The coils in my watch cause the metal to radiate a kind of energy. this energy I am calling Labidonium. The Labidonium reacts with the holders Gaba Receptors casing a minor shift in pheromone production. This shift causes an increase in Oxytocin production in the brain of women within range of the subject. This causes immediate infatuation.

“That's why Lucy didn't want your Jock, her cold blocked out the Pheromones from reacting with her Oxytocin levels!” Michael said. “How do we stop it?” I asked. “That should be an easy fix actually. First we must get rid of the watch.” Michael said.

We made our way to the University's Metal Foundry and to the Smelting pit. “Just toss it in!” Michael said. I looked at the watch in my hands and carefully tore the cover off. “This has been in my f****y for four generations. I'd like to keep at least a part of it.” I said.

We watched as the timepiece tumbled into the molten metal and burned up leaving a dark red patch among the yellow lava like metal. “Now what?” I asked. “We inject you with this Cameron.” Michael said holding up a small syringe. “What is it?” I asked. “It's an A.C.E inhibitor, it'll scrub out your Neural pathways and cause your Pheromone production to revert to normal. What'll you do with that?” he asked about the watch cover. “I'll probably put it on a new watch, start a new f****y tradition.” I said. “Then you'll probably want to pour some carbonic acid on it. The Carbon Acid will bond with the iron causing the radiation to become Inert.”

I thanked Michael for his help and Ben and I were on our way.
“Then what happened Dad?” August asked.

Your Uncle Ben and I returned Home. I was afraid of what I might find but as it turns out your Mom Melissa had had a crush on me for a long time. The watch just gave her that little nudge she needed to convince herself. We continued to date throughout College and got married and had you.

“What about Uncle Ben?”

Benji came out of his shell in College and eventually me your Aunt Linda. They are happily married with two k**s.

“What about Derek Silver?”

Derek Silver took over Silver enterprises following his Dad's death of a heart attack. He went on to be the first Openly Gay Vice President of the United States.

What about Michael Reyerson?

Michael Milo Rembaldi found a way to duplicate the Libidoium at a reduced level and sold it as “Rembaldi's Lust” a boutique Cologne and Perfume to increase sexual stamina.

“What about Jenny?”

Jenny got the help she needed and was released from Calm Meadows after two years. She's married and is expecting her first k**.

“And what of the Watch?”

The matal from the watch went into a statue of Milo Rembaldi for Sutton University. Rumor has it that the ground around the statue has become a notorious Make-out spot for students. As for the cover it's right here attached to this new watch which I'm giving you now on your 16th birthday.

“So it won't make me a stud like it did you?” August asked.

No son, the confidence to change peoples perseptions of you must come from within you. When you play with emotions as I did it's like playing with fire and as they say if you play with fire, you get burned. It's late champ, get some sl**p oh and happy birthday.

“How'd it go?” Melissa asked.

I told him all the full uncut crazy story.

“Even the part with us hooking up in the Auxiliary room?”

I had too, it was for story symmetry!

“He probably thinks I'm a slut!”

No he thinks I'm a slut and I was.

“Yeah but you're my slut!”

Oh am I?

“Yeah infact I think I feel a little of that Oxytocin Magic coming over me! Give us a kiss stud!”

As crazy as that whole ordeal was I'd do it again. I had the most outrageous adventure imaginable and got a breathtaking beauty and brilliant son out of it.
I couldn't be happier….

The End