The Sexual Awakening Part 7: Getting Burned

I woke up in the hospital connected to IV's. “Oh Cameron thank god!” Mom said rushing to my bedside. “Where am I?” I asked unsure. “You're in the hospital baby don't you remember what happened?” I looked into my mother's eyes and it all came flooding back to me. After I told Natalie that I wasn't ready to be a father she went missing for a few days. The police were called and when they broke down the door they found her hanging from the ceiling. Her suicide not read “What's the point of living if I can't have him!”. Everyone wondered who “him” was, but I knew it was me. Whatever happened to cause these women to become lustfully attracted to me was causing severe mental deterioration. I even noticed a change in Missy she was getting Paranoid calling and texting thirty times a day wondering where I was. When I finally went out to meet her she accused me of checking out other women. The last thing I remember clearly was the front door to the restaurant opening, the jingle of the entry bells and two loud cracks.

“It was Jenny dude, she shot you…and Missy.” Ben said coming in. “Missy is she…?” “She's fine, just a graze. But you got hit square in the chest. Lost a lot of bl**d to.” I looked at the bandage taped to my chest. “But I didn't….I mean I didn't even sl**p with Jenny.” I said very confused. “The police found hundreds of photos and video of you on her computer. She's been stalking you for months!” “It's my fault Ben…this watch is a curse! The longer women are exposed to it's effects the more obsessed they become.” As Ben sat down next to me it dawned on me that I was in a hospital. “Oh shit…the nurses Ben I gotta get outta here!” Ben stood up and pushed me back in the bed. “Relax Cam, I've been in and out of here for two days. The Nurses haven't once tried to mount you.” he said. “I wonder why?” I asked. “Call me crazy but I think it's the bl**d. You had to have three seperate infusions during surgery. Whatever's causing you to be irresistible must be in the bl**d. “That's good for now, but I need a way to stop this madness once and for all Ben, can you find someone…Anyone who knows of Milo Rembaldi and his work?” Ben smiled and nodded. “You bet, don't worry Cam we'll fix this thing.”

As Cam left I couldn't help but think to be a little optimistic.

The rest of the day went off without a hitch and by next morning I felt as if things were behind me.

“Good morning and how are we feeling today?” a nurse asked coming inside. “Oh much better nurse…?” “Oh sorry Gwen.” she said holding up her nametag. “I have to check your wound so bear with me.” Julie said crossing to my right. She reached over me and gently pulled the tape away. The wound was about 6 centimeters long and stitched. “No weeping…looks good.” She crossed to the front and lifted my sheet. “What're doing?” I asked. “Oh I'm checking the circulation in your feet, it's common for patients confined to a bed.” I looked around puzzled. “But I'm not confined to the bed.” I said. “It's ok Cameron…trust me.” she said with a wink.

I have come to regard a wink as an alarm bell, especially among women. My fears were soon confirmed as her hand began to move up my leg. “Relax I'm just checking your pulse.” she repeated. As her hand wrapped around my cock I wanted to scream, to cry **** but I knew that it wasn't Gwen's fault but rather mine own so I let it happen. I watched as Gwen began to suck my dick, running her slippery tongue down the sides getting it nice and wet. “Now for the good part!” she said climbing up on the bed. She lowered herself onto my stiff prick and began to ride it like a bucking bronco. I tried to think on anything else. To watch tv or listen to my music but my urges grabbed hold and I started getting involved. I reached up and wrapped my fingers around Gwen's throat. I pulled her down to my level and started kissing her. Our tongues probing each others mouthes. She tossed off her gauzy scrub top and pressed her big tits into my chest. I winced in pain as one 36 C tata pressed into my wound. Gwen smiled and jumped off, almost as if she knew I was gonna cum. She grabbed my dong and beat the cum out of it and onto her tits. “What a rush!” she said licking her cum drenched finger. “I'll see you again later cutie!”

I grabbed my cell and texted Ben. “You have got to get me outta here…now!”