The Passionate Dollar (The Dr. Is back)

The passionate dollar
(The beginning give me honest feedback alittle long but its worth it!!!!)

This book is made up of stories of events that happened in the life of a male e****t…Enjoy

(Last resort becomes the best option)

As i spent another saturday alone in my apartment off of work i was glued to my computer. After about a good hour or so of internet porn and self love i began job hunting. I was willing to take anything. Because anything was better than a cashier at a movie theater. Where they treat you like shit.

I applied everywhere. From fast food work, to a janitor at a school to a part time baby sitting job. Anything to pay the bills and help my parents with this tuition. Then low and behold i came across an ad for a job at a x-rated movie and novelty shop. Seeing how i like sex and most things sex related i said why not and filled out an application.

2 days later i had got a call when i was in class. I listened to the voicemail and it was the porn store. They told me to come in that night at 9pm for an interview. When i got back to my apartment i was nervous and felt awkward. Nervous because it had been awhile since I've had an interview. Awkward because it was at a porn shop.

9pm came and i got in my little beat down car and headed for the store. I passed it all the time on my way to the supermarket. It sat on the highway next to nothing. So if someone saw you over there they knew you were over there for porn. Which is awkward as hell. I pulled up in the lot parked my car and headed into the store. Hoping that no one i know recognized me or my piece of shit car.

When i walked in the store my eyes were drawn to the posters and videos all over. It was the first time i ever been in a porn store before.
“First time in here pal?” Said one older guy who worked there.
“Yeah.” I had replied still nervous and feeling awkward.
“Well my name is Jim i'm the manager. Let me know if i can help you with anything.”
“Actually i got a call about an interview at 9.”
“Ohh ok you must be Miles?”
“Yes sir thats me.”
“Good your just on time. Now this interview won't take long so lets get started. I already read your resume and im pretty impressed young man.”
“Thank you sir.”
“What year in school are you in?”
“I will be a sophomore in the fall sir.”
“Ok how do you enjoy the college life?”
“I love it …i would just love it more if i had a couple extra dollars in my pocket.”

“I understand where your coming from son. . . So im going to ask you a couple questions and depending on how you answer will see what we are working with ok?”
“Sure sir.”
“Ok have you ever worked in retail before? And how long?”
“Currently im working at a movie theater and i been there for 6 months. Prior i worked in a department store for a year.”
“Ok not bad… So why are you looking to work here …at a porn store? You some kind of sick freak or
“No sir, I'm just tired of putting out a lot of hard work and no being recognized or appreciated. And i applied here because i like porn and i like money so why not work somewhere that will interest me.”
“Ok…How much porn do you watch?” Jim said trying his best to keep a straight face.

“Probably about 2-3 videos a day or every other day.” I said trying not to feel embarrassed.
“Ill be right back…why don't you take a look around the store.”
While Jim left i was hoping that i got this job because i really needed the job. But as i strolled around i saw a lot of weird creepy shit.
I never seen a fake vagina in person before always on tv. It looked so real and felt real too. It could almost confuse you for a woman if it wasn't just the top of her waist and upper legs. But that didn't even match up to the dildo collection in the back of the store. If it wasn't for the fact i needed this job i would have booked it out of there. It was so many dildos…all sorts of sizes and colors it almost made me throw up. But hey i looked on the positive side with all these dildos they must get more female customers then male. Most times at least.

About 10 minutes later Jim came back out.
“Yes sir?”
“Congratulations you got the job!”
“Wow really?! Thank you sir.”
“Come back on wednesday at 7pm for your uniform and training.”
“Yes sir! Thank you again.
“Don't be late!”
I left out the store with a giant grin on my face. But i didn't know the fun was only about to begin…

First day of a long road

Wednesday couldn't have came any quicker. It was my first day at the shop and i started at 7pm. My last class was over at 4:30. So i had a little bit of time to do what i wanted to do.

When i got back to my apartment after class i laid down and got comfortable watching some tv. Before i knew it it was 5:30. So i got up took a shower and put on some black pants and a black t shirt. Jim didn't tell me about any uniform and hopefully i wouldn't have one. I got in the car hit the drive thru of a mcdonalds and kept on going. By the time i got to the shop and i was finishing the last of my salty ass fries it was 6:45. I wiped off my face fixed my hair and walked in.

“Great! Your early.” Jim had said
“Are you ready for training?”
“Yes sir.”
“Good… Now listen closely cuz im not goin to explain all of this shit over again ok?”
I nodded my head letting him know im listening.
“Good… Now here are some of the things you need to know. First, no special hook ups on shit…im trying to run a business… Second, if a couple or anyone comes in to use a private booth in the basement they HAVE to clean up after or its a extra charge …make sure u look too… Third, make sure all the videos and stock is arranged neat a nicely…even the dildos…and don't give me that bullshit of you to much of a real man that you can't touch a dildo…if you want that fuckin check in your hand every friday …you better organize them plastic dicks . Next if a woman comes in here buying porn or a dildo and she starts looking at you like she wants you to fuck her…you lock the doors go in the booth or my office and you wax that ass…BUT YOU CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF….lastly you have no uniform and DONT BE LATE. Any questions?”

“No sir.” I said trying to wrap my mind around the last thing he said. That had me laughing into my hand.
“Good now let me get you your keys… Are hours are from 8pm-2am. And your starting rate is $10.25 an hour.”

“Ok thats great!” Even though that kinda didn't work around my class schedule that $10.25 sounded a whole lot better than $9.35 at a shitty movie theater. Whelp looks like I'm going to have to make it work.
“Ill come in once a week to see how your doing Miles and then after that you might not see me as much. So take my cell number and call me if theres ever any problems.”
“Ok sir.”
“Ohh last thing at the end of the night lock up all the money in the safe in my office and ill get it in the mornings.”

After Mr.Jim had gave me the break down of how the shop worked i began working. The store actually wasn't that bad i didn't even know this much porn existed. I walked up and down the small aisles straightening up.
Fat black asses vol.9 …b*o i fucked your mom ….big Asian orgy …damn there was something for everyone here. This shit was crazy. I guess because I'm so used to watching videos online and not buying the whole movie. No matter how perverted this job was i liked it. And it was only going to get better.

I went back to the register where i had a view straight out the door. I saw Jim getting in his car he waved as he left. No later than he left another car pulled up. Surprisingly a middle aged white lady came out the car. She had a scarf around her head and dark shades on. Like if she was trying not to be seen.

“Hi, how are you doing?” I said with a smile on my face trying to be friendly.
“Im ok thanks for asking.” The white lady responded awkwardly like she didn't expect the black guy behind the counter to not be friendly.
“Let me know if you need help with anything miss.”
She nodded her head and went up and down the aisles. I kept my eyes on her checking her out as she walked around the corner closes to the register. She seemed to be at least 5'5″ with a nice ass and probably b cup tits. She was probably anywhere from her early 40's to her early 50's. i would definitely fuck her. I don't know why but i have a thing for older women. I guess its because as teenage one of my fantasies was to let a milf have her way with me.

Before any more thoughts could come to my mind about what i do to this lady she was at my register.
“Find everything ok?”
“Yes thank you.” She said looking over her shoulder like someone she knew would walk in any minute.
As i was trying to figure how to work the register i could feel this lady staring at my face.
I looked up her and just flashed her my smile. That everyone seems to love so much.
“Im sorry miss its my first day.” I said so the lady wouldn't get upset.
“Its ok. Your very handsome for a young man your age.” She said which came across pretty flirtatious.
“Thank you” i said awkwardly trying to figure out if this lady is flirting with me.

“Your very beautiful yourself miss.” I answered back giving her a flirtatious look while slowly licking my lips.
“Do you really think so? You think this old woman is beautiful?” She said like if she was ashamed of her looks.
“No… I think your sexy miss. And i mean that in the most polite way.”
“Im sorry did i offend you?”
“No im just glad that someone young still finds this old body sexy.”
“If you don't mind me asking… How old are you and whats your name?”
“My name is ruth and im 47.”
“Nice to meet you im Miles”
“How old are you miles?”
“Im 21 ma'am.”
“Please you don't have to call me ma'am. But i need to ask you something?”
“Sure what is it?”
“How would you like too…”
“How would i like to what?”
“Im sorry i never done this before but your so handsome and that smile and you finding me attractive… Would you like to fuck me?”
” wow… Are you serious?”
“I knew i shouldn't have asked.”
“No! Its not that i just wasnt expecting that ….yes i would fuck you … Right here right now?”
“Yes right here right now.”
“Ok wait one second.”
I gave Ruth her change, locked up the register and locked the door then pulled the shade down.
When i turned around i saw ruth standing there in here hoodie and yoga pants and sneakers like if she had just came out of the gym. I turned down the lights and looked at her. As i walked toward her she walked closer to me.
She began to kiss me and soon as our lips touched she invaded my mouth with her tongue as i did the same. I began to feel all over her body grabbing her ass and caressing her breast.
It took no time for my 9 1/2 inch dick to get hard. Without any hesitation i could feel her hands all over my dick.
Within seconds she had my cock out and was stroking it.
I pushed her away only to fully expose my body.
I step back and took off my shirt showing her the body i worked on all year. I could see her bitting her lip as i went to get off my pants and shoes i could smell her sweet juices close to my face. When i looked up she was completely naked right in front of me. I kissed her again letting my dick brush up against her wet slit. She silently moaned in my mouth.

I laid her on her back on my counter and began to devour her pussy eating it. And nippling and flicking her clit with my tongue. It must have been good cause she clawed at my head like i was trying to hurt her. Before she came i eased my rock hard dick inside her and watched her face as she took every single inch…

As i pushed it in i could feel her muscles tighten up around my dick… I started off stroking her nice and slow i loved the way she moaned quietly as she bit her lower lip and grabbed on her tits…

Then i began to pick up the pace …i began to stroke her harder and a little faster…

“YES OH GOD DON'T STOP!! Fuck this wet pussy baby”
I didnt intend on stopping anytime soon… I kept drilling her harder and faster as she moaned louder and louder… I got tired of the same position so it was time to try something new…

I picked her up in my arms…
“Hold on” i told her in my sexiest voice
She locked her arms around my neck and i began to thrust harder into her dripping wet pussy… As i fucked her harder and harder i could feel her juices running down my leg…
At first it took me off guard what she said but in the heat of the moment i didn't give a damn what she said.
I gave her just what she wanted i beat that shit up until it hurt me…and if it was hurting me i know it was killing her…
As she came all down my leg i slowed down just a little bit as i placed her on the ground she quickly got to her knees and before i noticed my dick had disappeared in her mouth.

She was deep-throating me…gagging all over my long dick as she slowly came back up to the tip she licked all over it going up and down her mouth never coming off of my dick…then she began to tickle my balls while she sucked me…then she began to suck my long balls. Then back to the dick she went…

“Yea suck that dick baby ….suck it….oh shit …yes … YES!!!! Oh FUCK! Im about to cum!… Im abou…”
Before i could say it again i began shooting my cum deep down her throat… And some on her face and tits… As i pulled my dick out of her mouth …ruth did something most girls my age would never do…she swallowed my load. I was amazed.

“That was great miles!” She said with cum and a smile on her face.
“Yea it was only way it be better was if you payed me.” I said laughing
“Thats actually not a bad idea …how would you like to be my e****t?”
“e****t?” I said confusingly.
“Yeah ill pay to come and fuck me at my house….ill give you $300 each time you fuck me like you did today? Sound good?

“Sounds great!” I said happier than ever.
“Ok fantastic.”
So me and ruth exchanged numbers and i told her to text me whenever she wanted me…
After that she got dressed grabbed her videos and left the shop…

It was from this moment my life was going to change for the good…or so i thought.

2 weeks later

It was 2 weeks after my first day and everything was going pretty good. My work schedule and school schedule had worked out perfectly. And it hasn't been a lot of customers in a while. And i haven't heard from ruth in awhile as well.

It was 5pm and i just got out of my last class and i didn't have to go open the doors at the shop until 9. So i had a couple hours to do what i had to do. So i did some homework i had to do. Then grabbed a shower. While i was in the shower the hot water felt so good. I started thinking about ruth. And how she fucked me so good. Then my dick had starting getting hard. Then when i thought about her sucking this long fat dick my cock got harder. Before i knew it my hand was wrapped around my soapy black dick and i was stroking it up and down nice and slow. Then when i thought about fucking ruth from the back nice and hard…i started stroking myself harder and faster … What seemed like 20 minutes later of this good stroking and thinking about ruth i found myself reaching my climax all over the shower wall.

When i got out the shower i looked at my iphone and saw it was 6:50 and that i had one missed call and a text message… It was from ruth.

“Hey Miles… Im coming by later tonight be ready for me 😉 … Oh and i have a surprise for you.”

Damn! i wonder what that surprise is?

I rushed out the door almost leaving my wallet and my phone.