The Nurse (MF, rom, cons)

The Nurse

By SpectreOfHell

Greg made no effort to be quiet when he entered, no more than usual. He had told Valerie, the day nurse, that he would be unable to visit his grandmother today, but plans had changed, giving him the afternoon free. It was well after lunch, and it was likely his grandmother had already taken her medication and was fast asl**p. That was okay. It would give him more time to spend with Valerie.

Valerie had been the second nurse Greg's had hired to watch his ailing grandmother. There were three in all, two who alternated days and a younger girl who attended nursing school by day and slept here each night. The other day nurse was a matronly, gray haired lady named Hillary, but Valerie…she was special.

Greg had felt an instant attraction to her the day they met. She was all soft curves and delicate skin, with eyes he could stare into for eternity. She smelled like paradise, and her hair, when released from the ponytail she wore when on duty, hung in a golden cascade to the middle of her back. When his wife introduced her, Greg had shaken Valerie's hand politely, and as soon as they touch his cock had become painfully hard.

Ever since, he had been a dutiful grandson, checking in on her often, especially the days that Valerie worked. Really, he came to see Valerie. Just being in her presence was intoxicating, and they would often talk for hours. They flirted too, but kept it at a minimum.

They were both married, and as much as Valerie turned him on, he love his wife and didn't want to risk loosing her unless he knew Valerie felt the same way about him. Likewise, Valerie loved her husband. Yet the sexual tension was always there between them and neither of them was willing to back away from it.

So Greg entered the house that day hoping to find an opportunity for a couple of hours with Valerie. He looked to the left as he closed the door behind him. The den was empty, the television silent. The whole house was quiet. Greg set his keys on the table by the door. He felt an instinct to be stealthy, and he didn't want the keys jangling in his pocket.

He could see down the hall into the kitchen. It was empty. The bathroom? Or maybe she was upstairs. Then he heard it, a soft moan coming from the room on his right. That had once been the dining room, but he had converted it into a bedroom when his grandmother first became ill. Now the nurses used it for naps.

He heard another moan. Excitement flushed through his body as he thought he recognized Valerie's voice. Stepping as softly as possible, Greg moved to the doors on his right. The dining room had elegant french doors leading into it, and Greg had secured a curtain to cover the glass instead of replacing them. Gently, he pulled back a corner of the heavy white material and looked inside. He'd never thought to spy on the nurses like this before, but then he'd never had the opportunity.

He almost moaned himself when he saw Valerie laying on the bed. Not expecting him today, she had evidently decided she could afford some time for herself. She was on her back, her white blouse fully unbuttoned and open wide to expose her lacy white bra and silky, round belly. She had her white skirt bunched up at her waist. Her shoes were off, and she had her white pantyhose pushed down to mid-thigh along with her panties. Her hands were busy, one on her breast and the other covering her pussy, rubbing slowly. Her eyes were closed tightly, her jaw slack, obviously lost in the joy of self-pleasure.

It was the first time Greg had ever seen a woman masturbate herself. Well, in person anyway. He didn't count the porn he loved to look at, that he kept carefully hidden from his wife. He reached down to rub his hard cock through his pants, feeling wonderfully wicked.

Valerie arched her back as she pushed a finger into herself. She moaned again, louder, unaware that she had an audience. Greg studied her body. He loved her full, round thighs, the paleness of her exposed skin. She had her legs spread wide, knees splayed with her cute stockinged feet touching each other.

When Valerie added a second finger to her pussy, Greg could no longer contain himself. He unzipped his fly slowly, reached in to grasp his thick cock, and pulled it out. Wrapping his hand around his meat, Greg began to slowly pump his cock as Valerie continued to finger-fuck herself.

Valerie pulled her hand away from her crotch, giving Greg his first look at her cunt. It was, without question, the loveliest pussy he had ever seen. The perfect amount of hair, her inner lips protruding with excitement, glistening with wetness. His mouth began to water as he imagined licking her, driving his tongue deeply into her fuckhole.

She grasped the front of her bra with both hands, gave it a twist, and freed her tits. Crag thrust his hips, fucking his fist as he imagined being on top of her, sucking those wonderful gloves. Valerie's nipples were hard and erect, the skin of her chest flush with excitement. She licked both thumbs and lightly pinched each of her nipples, moaning as she churned her hips, seeming to match Greg's thrusting.

Valerie plunged her fingers back into her dripping cunt, moaning loudly as she did so. “Oh, yes!” Greg heard her say through the doors. “Fuck me! Fuck me with your big dick!”

Greg shivered as he listened to Valerie speaking those words. He imagined he was fucking her, that it was his cock pumping into her instead of her fingers. Valerie cried out as an orgasm washed over her. She thrust her hips up, holding her ass well off the bed as she frigged her clit furiously, her whole body shaking with the f***e of a little earthquake. She collapsed onto the bed with a gasp. She pulled her hand away from her pussy, and Greg could see it was coated with her juices. She rubbed the wetness onto her breasts, then licked her fingers, tasting herself as she squeezed her tits one-handed.

She began sucking her fingers as though giving a blowjob. Her hips began to churn again, and Greg knew the show wasn't over. When her hand was cleaned of her woman-cum, Valerie reached down and began tugging at her pantyhose. Greg had to release his cock for fear of cumming all over the door as Valerie exposed her lovely legs to him. When her limbs were bare, Valerie rolled onto her tummy.

Now Greg had a perfect view of Valerie's ass. He wondered if anyone had ever tongued her ass for her before…and he wondered if she would like it. Her hand appeared on her crotch from beneath her body. Valerie pushed herself up onto her knees, her ass jutting into the air. Greg could see her pink rosebud perched above her pussy, which seemed even more swollen now.

Valerie ran her fingers through her slit, dragging them over her clit. She rubbed her fingers back and forth, pushing down between her swollen lips. Then she began sliding into her hole, fucking herself deeply. Greg was riding the edge on an explosion, stroking his shaft from head to base with a slow, smooth motion. As Valerie moved her hips, fucking her own fingers, Greg would push his hips forward, fucking his closed fist the way he would fuck her if he could.

Reaching around from the side, Valerie's other hand joined her first. She used her fingers to move some of her dripping juices up, onto her asshole. Greg nearly moaned with excitement as he watched Valerie slowly penetrate her ass with one finger. He bit his lip and concentrated on not cumming, wanting to finish when she did.

Valerie's hand was moving faster on her pussy, her moans growing louder. She had her finger inside her ass to the second knuckle, and two fingers plunging into her pulsing twat. Greg increased the tempo of his jacking off, pumping his cock, concentrating on the sensitive spot just past the head. Valerie cried out as her body began to shake. She had stopped fucking herself and was frantically frigging her clit.

Greg made a strangling sound in his throat as he began to cum. His hard cock throbbed in his hand as a jet of hot sperm shot from him. Valerie moaned deeply and stiffened, her orgasm peaking as Greg shot more cum onto the white curtain. He thrust his hips forward, imagining he was plunging his cock into Valerie's throbbing pussy. His cum dribbled over his fingers as his body quivered. “Oh, Valerie,” he whispered, and thrust forward again, milking his cock.

Valerie pulled her hands from her crotch and stretched herself flat. She was panting, and Greg discovered he was too. It had been the strongest orgasm he had ever given himself. He was light headed and needed to sit down. Reluctantly, he closed his curtain peephole. He grabbed a few tissues from the box in the hall as he climbed the steps silently, his cock still hard and hanging form his pants. He wiped himself off, squeezed a last dollop of cum from his tool, made sure he got it all off his hands, and dropped the tissues into the waste basket at the top of the stairs.

It was hard to believe what had just happened. He never thought he'd see Valerie like that. It had been rare and precious, something he would never forget. She'd probably be getting up now. He'd visit his grandmother awhile then go downstairs to visit with Valerie. She'd be in the den with the TV on by then. He'd never be able to look at her the same way again.

Actually, he thought, that was a good thing. He was smiling as he stuffed his cock back inside his pants.

A few minutes later he found himself sitting heavily in the plush chair at the foot of his grandmother's bed. She was sl**ping peacefully and wouldn't know if he was there or not. And Greg needed time to think.

He was 35 and had been married to his wife for nearly 13 years. Never once in all that time had he cheated on her. And yet for nearly a year now, Valerie had been in his thoughts practically every day. His desire for her was so strong he could taste it. Sure, they had flirted with each other enough, but he never had the nerve to try anything, unsure if she would want that.

She had told him she was happy in her marriage, that she loved her husband. Would she want to have an affair? If so, would she want Greg?

He shrugged and stood up. The questions didn't matter. He'd never have the nerve to make a move on her. He'd been up here chasing his thoughts in circles for 15 minutes, time enough for Valerie to have recovered. He left the room and went back downstairs, determined that he would steer their conversation to sex this time and hope he'd get up the nerve to seduce her.

The den was still empty, and the doors to Valerie's bedroom were closed. Greg licked his lips nervously and peeked beyond the curtain. His dick, which had never fully deflated, sprang back to rock hardness at what he saw.

Valerie had rolled onto her back and was fast asl**p. Her bra was gone, and her shirt was wide open, her milky breasts exposed. The skirt was still up around her waist. Her legs were bent at the knees and drawn toward her body so that her bare pussy was exposed. It beckoned him.

Telling himself he just wanted a closer look, Greg opened the doors and slipped inside. He removed his shoes so as to be silent. She never moved as he approached. Finally, he lay a hand on her soft leg and caressed her smooth skin as he stared between her thighs. Up close, her cunt was inviting, tempting, her entire body was like a d**g that removed Greg's mind from reality.

It was like watching someone else as his hand reached out for her. He stroked her inner thigh. Valerie moved a bit, and Greg jumped back startled. She had just pulled her leg up a bit, and now she was spread open wider for him.

Greg took a deep breath, willing himself to relax. The air was thick with her scent. The delicate perfume she wore, the smell of her clothing…and the heady aroma of her aroused cunt. Greg tugged at his crotch where his cock was painfully hard. Looking down, he spotted her panties on the floor and quickly picked them up.

Feeling a bit perverted, he lifted Valerie's underwear to his face and sniffed. His cock jumped as he inhaled the fragrant aroma of her pussy juice. He opened his fly and released his cock again. He stroked himself as he sniffed her panties again. Then he dropped the panties to the floor and took a step toward Valerie.

All caution was gone now. When his knees bumped the bed, his hand reached for Valerie's crotch. He stopped breathing when his fingers touched her swollen pussy lips. She didn't stir as he used his fingers to gently pry her apart until he could see her fuckhole, still wet with her juice. He stroked her clit and almost jumped back again when she groaned in her sl**p.

Instead, he stroked her clit again, then dipped a finger into her opening. Valerie's head rolled to one side, and her breathing increased. Greg slowly inserted his finger into her as far as it would go. Valerie's toes curled, and she sighed, almost a moan.

Withdrawing his finger, Greg brought it to his face. He inhaled her aroma deeply before putting the finger in his mouth and tasting her pussy for the very first time.

Now, he knew he was lost. He had to go farther, as far as he could. Carefully, he climbed onto the bed, crawling up between Valerie's spread legs. He slipped his arms under her thighs and around them. Then he lowered his mouth to her pussy.

This close, her smell was intoxicating. He ran his tongue through her slit, pressing in deeply. Valerie's face scrunched up. Greg licked her again, and her mouth fell open, allowing a soft moan to escape. Greg licked her pussy like ice cream, pausing at the top of each pass to flick her clit with the tip of his tongue. He covered her with his mouth as her juices began to flow and fucked her with his tongue.

Valerie began to stir. Her hips were churning slightly, and he knew she was beginning to wake up. He couldn't make himself care, though. He sucked on her pussy, swirling his tongue through her slit.

“Oh my god,” he heard her say. He peered over the top of her pussy. Her eyelids were fluttering as she stared at him through half-open eyes. “Greg?” she said. “Is that you?”

He expected her to scream and shove him away. Instead he felt her hand on his head. She ran her fingers through his hair then gripped the back of his head and pulled his face to her pussy, thrusting her hips up at the same time. Greg opened his mouth wide and slurped her cunt. Valerie moaned loudly and threw her head back.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned. “Shit, yeah. Eat me, Greg.” He obeyed, thrusting his tongue into her as far as it would go. He flexed it, making it swell inside her. He wiggled it around, drinking the liquid that poured from her into his mouth.

“You don't know how long I've wanted this,” she said, groaning. “Oh god, Greg. I'm gonna cum…”

Greg redoubled his effort, lapping at her cunt like a thirsty dog. He closed his teeth lightly around her engorged clit, then smothered it with his flattened tongue. Valerie screamed and bucked her hips up at him. “I'm cumming!” she wailed. Her body thrashed as an intense orgasm ripped through her. Greg felt her pussy throb in his mouth and she let go a flood of juice. He french kissed her pulsating fuckhole, sending her into another spasm of pleasure.

Finally, her body settled onto the bed. She pushed at his head weakly. “No more,” she begged. Greg reluctantly removed his mouth from her crotch and pushed himself up onto his elbows, smiling at her.

Valerie giggled as she looked over the curve of her tummy at him. “Is that my cum all over your face?” she asked.

“Yes, it is,” Greg answered. He licked his lips and smacked happily. Valerie blushed, but she smiled and playfully squeezed his head with her thighs. “You aren't angry?” he asked her.

“Jesus, no,” Valerie replied. She slid her hand over the covers, seeking his, grasping it when she found it. “It's like a dream come true,” she told him. “Come on up here.”

He rose up to his knees. She gasped when she saw his cock jutting out of his pants. She sat up and reached for him. His cock rubbed across her tits, then her warm hand wrapped around his shaft. “It's so hard,” she commented in a near-whisper. “So thick!”

Greg was at a loss for words. He watched her stroke him, thrilled by her touch. She cupped his balls gently, then slowly jacked his cock a few times. “You have a beautiful cock, Greg,” she told him. Before he could think of a response, Valerie leaned forward. He felt the tip of his cock brush her lips, then pass through. Her hot tongue came out to stroke the underside, then swirl around the head. She leaned toward him, allowing more of his cock to enter her wet mouth.

Greg moaned. He felt suddenly weak in the knees. The sight of Valerie's beautiful face in his crotch, his cock half-engulfed by her sexy mouth, it was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to him. So far.

Valerie took half his length, then pulled back, applying suction. Her tongue fluttered under his cock, making him moan loudly. She let his man-meat slip from her mouth, a thin tendril of saliva stretching from her lips to the head of his cock, and she smiled up at him.

Valerie had meant what she said. This was a dream come true. She had thought Greg might be immune to the sexual attraction she felt. But she had been thinking of him more and more the last few months. She loved her husband, at least as much as she knew Greg loved his wife, yet there was no way to deny that something was missing. That something, she felt sure of it now with his cock bobbing in front of her face, that something missing was Greg.

He groaned loudly as she sucked his tool back into her mouth. The sound of him giving in to his lust for her made Valerie's pussy quiver, and chills of excitement raced up her spine.

She took his entire length this time, not stopping until her nose was in his pubes and the end of his cock hit the back of her throat. She pulled back quickly before she could gag. Greg gasped as he watched her. He was leaning back, propped up on his outstretched arms so that his crotch was conveniently aimed up for her.

Valerie wrapped her hand around his thick shaft and pumped slowly as she bobbed her head. Her nostrils flared with every breath she took, and she discovered that she loved his manly smell. She used her free hand to caress his balls as she jacked his cock into her slurping mouth.

Finally, the heat in her pussy became too much. She let his cock fall from her mouth, glistening with her saliva. She looked at his face and met his eyes. He appeared crazed with lust, and Valerie knew it was a mirror of her own expression.

“I want you inside me,” she said, voice raspy. “I want you to fuck me. Now.”

Greg watched her lay back, and knew that the moment of truth had come. And he was going to give her the fucking of her life.

Valerie lay back on the bed. “I want you to fuck me, Greg,” she said. She threw her legs wide in a lewd display, holding her arms up to him invitingly.

As quickly as he could, he shoved his pants down his legs and kicked them off. He walked on his knees between Valerie's thighs until they were resting over the tops of his own. His hard cock brushed over her pubic hair, making them both shiver. He rocked back so his cock would slide over her pussy lips, dropping down until the head nudged against her opening. For the first time, he realized Valerie had shaved herself around her pussy lips, so all he felt was her smooth, hot skin slippery with her excitement.
Valerie reached down with both hands and spread her pussy wide for him. He pushed his hips forward, inching his head into her. She took her hands away, allowing her protruding cunt lips to seal around the tip of his cock. With a loud moan, Greg pushed forward, sliding an inch of his meat into Valerie's body.

Valerie felt Greg's cock entering her, and she thought she would burst. It was her fantasy come true. She tried to take in the whole scene, the sight of Greg kneeling between her legs, his face contorted in ecstasy, the feel of his strong hands on her hips, the way his thick cock seemed to fill her up. She moaned as he pulled back and thrust into her, getting another inch deeper. He did it again and doubled the depth of his penetration. Once more and his cock was buried inside her. She could feel his balls against her ass, his wiry pubes pressed against her own.

Greg leaned over her, a look of pure wanton desire burning in his eyes. “You feel so good,” he managed to say, half moaning the words. He pulled back and slammed his cock back into her, making her gasp. His hand closed around her breast, his thumb covering and caressing the hard nipple. He leaned over farther, his body covering hers, his weight driving his hard cock back into her pussy, and he kissed her.

Valerie embraced him tightly. She lifted her legs into the air, allowing Greg to penetrate her to the deepest point yet. He pulled back and slid into her slowly, driving deeply into her tight cunt. Valerie moaned into his mouth as their tongues entwined.

Greg felt like he was in paradise. He pushed his cock in and out of Valerie's incredible pussy, fucking her with his whole body. Her bare tits pressed into his chest, he could feel her smooth, soft tummy against his. She locked her legs around him, pressing her heels into the backs of his thighs as though encouraging him to fuck her deeper, harder, and he did.

He hooked his arms under her legs and bent them back. Her feet jiggled in the air as her entire body shook with the f***e of his thrusts. Greg shifted his arms so he could grasp her ankles. He held her legs up for her, spreading them wide as he rose up on the balls of his feet, plowing his throbbing cock into her.

The room became filled with the sounds of their lovemaking. The wet suction of his dick pistoning in and out of her. His groans mingling with her moans and occasional squeals of delight. The bed was creaking, the headboard thumped against the wall, and Valerie could hear as well as feel Greg's heavy balls slapping against her asshole.

Suddenly, Valerie tensed. She went momentarily rigid as her orgasm exploded inside her. White hot tendrils of ecstasy raced up her spine and filled her head with a dazzling light. She nearly screamed as pleasure rippled through her. She clutched at Greg with her hands as well as her pulsating cunt.

Greg cried out, a guttural, primitive moan. He leaned into her, shoving his cock into her deeply. Just as Valerie's orgasm began to subside, she felt another rip through her. Greg was cumming. She could feel his manhood swell within her, could feel jets of his hot sperm filling her pussy. She loved it, loved feeling his hot cum inside her, loved feeling him above her, loved the way he rotated his hips as he came, his pubis grinding over her clit and sending her into the throes of a second orgasm.

She pulled him down to her and kissed him frantically. He pulled his cock halfway out of her then slammed back in. Another pulse of his cum shot into her. He thrust again, but he was dry. Still, it felt good to feel him filling her again.

He lifted his head and looked down at her. There was a strange look in his eyes, one he saw reflected in hers, as if each of them had suddenly discovered something new about themselves, about each other. As if each had suddenly realized there was more than enough room in the human heart to love someone special.

Greg felt he was going to choke on the sudden intensity of his emotion. He kissed Valerie quickly before he could say something that might have been foolish. Valerie was grateful for the gesture. She, too, felt her heart expanding. There was more than lust behind their ardent desire for each other.

“That was great,” she managed to say when he stopped kissing her.

“Yeah,” he agreed. She smiled at him and clenched the muscles in her lower abdomen, making her pussy squeeze his cock. He was only semi-erect now, but that would change. And they had plenty of time.

“Next time,” she told him, “I want to be on top.” He laughed with genuine pleasure.

“You got it,” he said, and reached for her again.