The Night Before the Pool Party

Mom was going out of town for a week, which left me, Scotty and daddy alone. Daddy said he had a lot of work to catch up on, since he was out of town.
I had made some plans to have a pool party on Saturday and let my friends stay the night, if they were going to be drinking. I told Scotty he could invite some of his friends, if he wanted. Daddy gave me some money to go buy some food and drinks.

When I was at work that Friday night, I bought some waterproof toys, lube and condoms. I knew things would get heated up, with some of my friends. I made sure to invite some couples who were open and a bunch of singles. We are going to have a fun time.

Friday night after work, I came home to find Scotty and daddy sucking each other off. I watched thru the sliding glass window. It was making me horny, so I snuck to the patio and called Brian to come over. He said he was bringing a friend and his clothes for the weekend. That made me happy, he was going to sl**p with me in my bed for a few days or more. One of these days, I will be moving out.

Brian and his friend Timmy arrived, with beer and water toys. Toys were fun, noodles and rubber plugs. OH boy, things will be fun. Timmy started to clean up the patio, as Brian and I went to my room. I couldn't wait to get down there and peel his pants off to suck his dick. the thought of daddy and Brian, hmmm…cum in their mouths.

I was sucking on Brian, holding his balls in one hand and the other hand was rubbing his ass, with a finger finding it's way into his asshole. Brian let out a loud moan when I slid my finger deep inside of him. Brian held my face close to him and fucked my mouth, with each stroke of my finger in him. The faster I finger fucked him the faster he fucked my mouth.

Brian was ready to cum, he fucked my mouth faster and shot his load into my throat. I smiled as I looked up at him. As I continued with my fingering for a few more minutes, Timmy came down the steps and watched. he pulled his growing cock out and stroked for a few minutes. Brian asked him if he was horny. I laughed and asked what guy isn't horny?

Timmy said yes, he was. Brian told him, that he just got off and I need to have some dick, if he was interested. I grinned and couldn't wait to taste his cum, too. I was still on my knees, when Timmy strode over to me with his swim trunks around his ankles. I pulled him closer and took his cock into my mouth.
I sucked him for a bit, and told him that I'm in need of his cock inside my wet pussy. Timmy told me, that Brian had told him that I had a sweet pussy and that he needed to try it for himself.

I got up, led Timmy to my bed. Timmy had me bend over the end of my bed as he bend down and licked me from behind. He spread my legs wide, kissed my inner thighs and ass. His fingers were in and out of each hole, along with his tongue. I was wiggling around as I was cumming in his mouth. I fingered my clit and was ready to cum again. I turned around, leaned back and shot him with my silkiness.

Timmy got what he could in his mouth, before taking his cock and shoving it deep in my wet pussy. I let out a very loud moan and wrapped my legs around his waist. Timmy fucked me in a way no one else ever has. He lifted me from the bed, walked me over to the wall and fucked my throbbing fuck hole. With me holding tightly to his neck, my tits were rubbing his chest. My nipples were very erect.

Timmy told me he wants to eat more of my lucious pussy. I said yes, as long as I could have his cock too. Timmy lifted me off his cock and flipped me over, with my legs around his neck and with his cock in my mouth. He held me like that licking and fingering my holes. I slipped my finger in his, he jumped and giggled in an evil way.

I could feel the bl**d rushing to my head and told Timmy I was getting light headed. He helped me down, layed me on the floor and fucked me some more, missionary style. His cock felt soo good, He was curved upwards and was hitting my g-spot with each thrust. He made me cum a lot.

Timmy held on to me and rolled to his back. I fucked him for a while, then twisted around and faced his feet. I leaned forward, kissing his thighs as he slid a thumb in my ass. He slapped me a few times, making my cheeks sting. I told him I liked to be spanked, so he continued. His thumb was starting to feel too good before I lifted and slid my ass on his cock.
Brian came back down the steps, to see me getting my tight ass fucked by Timmy. He watched for a bit, then walked over and had me suck his cock, while Timmy bucked in and out of my hole. When Timmy was ready to cum, I pulled from him and stroked his cum into my mouth. Brian leaned over and took Timmy's cock and sucked it dry.

I told the boys, I still needed my orgasm. Brian came over to me, pulled his pants down and fucked me hard. Timmy brought his dick over for me to lick somemore. Brian lifted me to the bed, lifted my legs up high, spread them wide and fucked my wet hole. Timmy stood above me, holding my legs in a deep V. Brian was slamming my thighs, so hard, that he was lea ving red marks from the abuse.
Once he was ready to cum, he let out a loud yell and fucked me til he was dry. Brian pulled out and him and Timmy fingered me a bit more and gave me an orgasm. Making me wiggle a lot.

The three of us cleaned up enuf, to go upstairs and join Scotty and daddy in a movie. When the movie ended, everyone went to bed, including me and Timmy, in my bed. We fell asl**p right away. I know I had some exciting dreams and could only hope to wake up with two hard dicks waiting for my attention. I can hardly wait to see what the morning brings.