The New Sexual Awakening: Part 3

Day 20

“It's been 20 days since I was exposed to the Augmented formula. In that time I have had several partners both male and female. The chemicle effect seems to supress inhabition as well as exaggerating Hormonal production. The effect even overrides sexual orientation as evidenced by my liason with a confirmed Lesbian classmate. With Spring Break quickly approaching I have decided to put my study on hold. I have developed a contact lense solution to dampen the effect of Occular stimulation.”

Trevor closed his notebook and locked it in his desk drawer, then with bag in hand he proceeded to his car.

Trevor purposely chose a College four states away from home, even among his own f****y he was an outsider, a meek and frail young nerd in a f****y of type A jocks. Dad was a Highschool Wrestling Coach, Mom a former Cross Country Skier who took Silver in the Salt Lake City Olympics, his older b*****r Jack had a full ride Scholarship to the University of Connecticut playing for the famed Huskies Basketball team. Of Course that was before Trevor was exposed to the Variant N74, he estimated that his cellular Density had tripled and his muscle mass had increased by a factor of four. Plus he now had a six pack and noticeable pecks. It took several hours for Trevor to return home, a modest Ranch Colonial in a suburb of Hartford by the Cars in the drive he could tell that the whole f****y was home probably sitting down to Wednesday dinner of Tacos. Parking on the street Trevor grabbed his bag and walked up to the attached Car Port and lightly rapped on the screen door.

“Surprise!” he said with a grin as Mom answered.

“My Baby!” she shreaked throwing the door open.

“Get your behind in here it's freezing!” she said.

“It's almost 60ยบ Ma, hardly Freezing.”

Trevor instantly felt like a c***d again as his Mom led him inside.
“Everybody guess whose here!” His Mom Ellen said.

“Hey welcome home b*o!” Jack said

“Hey Boy, you finally decided to show up?”

“Sorry Dad I was busy but I'm here now.” Trevor said.

As they stood there a door nearby opened and out stepped the most stunningly beautiful woman Trevor had ever seen.

“Lena, babe I'd like you to meet my little b*o Trevor.” Jake said.

“You never told me you had a b*****r.”Lena said with just a hint of a German accent.

“Mein Bruder Vergisst, dass ich manchmal vorhanden sind.” Trevor said.

“Sie sprechen Deutsch?” Lena asked.

“Nicht sehr.” Trevor said.

“Dude you speak German…that's so cool!” Jake said.

“So Honey how long you in town for?” Ellen asked.

“I have a Month off for Spring Break…I hope my room is as I left it.”

“Of Course it is dear go get settled and I'll make you some leftover Tacos.”

Trevor grabbed his bag and headed for his room. It was just as he had left it two years ago when he left for college. The walls were littered with ribbons and plaques, The Newberry Award, The Rothmore Applied Sciences Grant, The Tri-City Academic Bowl Top Prize, the “You Are Here” Spiral Galaxy Poster and of course a photo of his idol Nicola Tesla.

After devoring the platter of Tacos Trevor decided to wash the road off of himself. The shower felt great, the Hot water cascading down his recently augmented physique was more soothing than a Swedish Massage.

Trevor dried off, put on some clean pants and walked out into his room. Pulling a shirt from his closet he spotted his reflection in his full length dressing mirror.

Ever since he was a k** Trevor was embarrassed about his body. He was a very pale k**, his bright white skin and zero muscle mass made him an easy target.

But ever since the exposure his cell structure has been changing and the result made him look like Magic Mike.

“Hey b*o Lana and I are gonna go to….no way!” Jack said entering unannounced.

“Jeez Jack you ever hear of knocking?” Trevor asked.

“What the hell happened to you!” Jack said giggling.

“You look like…you look like me!” Jack said pulling his shirt off.

Jack was right, Trevor now had a similar physique to his elder b*****r.

“Oh my what happened to my little boy?” Ellen said entering.

“My Roommate Brad is a health nut he got me involved in P90X, been doing it for a couple years.” He said lying.

“That's cool, bet the ladies love it huh?”

“James Arthur Smalls don't talk like that in front of your Mother!” Ellen said.

“Besides Trevor has more important things to do then date…right?”

“Well I've always been good at Multitasking.” Trevor said.

“My b*****r is jacked and bedding the honeys, what kind of messed up world are we living in!” Jack shouted

“As I was gonna say we're going to The Boiler Room, you in?”

The Boiler Room was a notorious local watering hole, the only place in town that you didn't get carded when you were a teen. Everyone went there…everyone except Trevor.

“Sure, I'm in.” Trevor said.

Trevor watched as Jack and Lana entered the now infamous pub and Jack followed. It was hardly what he suspected from the stories told to him by the guys in school.

“This place isn't what I thought.” he said aloud.

“The original owner got shut down for selling to Minors, there's a new owner.” Jack said.

They made their way to the Bar and sat down.

“What can I get you?” The Bar Tender asked.

“Three Beers please.” Jack said.
“Actually I'll have the MacCutcheon Whisky, red label. A double.” Trevor said.

“Look at my b*****r! Trevor Smalls, the pride of Anderson High ordering Whisky fuckin' A man!”

“Did you say Trevor Smalls?” A guy said coming over.

“Heck yeah he's right here!” Jack said.

“Trevor hey man it's Nick, Class of 2010…how you doing?”

It took Trevor a minute to remember Nick, he was in Trevor's Algebra class Freshman year and they kinda became friends.

“Hey Nick how are you?” Trevor asked.

“I'm good…I own this place, and you?”

“My b*****r is a science whiz, he's gonna be the first Nobel Prize winner from this rinky dink town.”

“Cool well come on over I got some others who would love to say hi.” Nick

Following Nick, Trevor walked over and noticed a table full of familiar face, but one stood out. Kate Price, a girl he had such a crush on in highschool.

“Hey guys look who it is, Trevor Smalls.”


“He was our Valedictorian.” Nick said.

“I thought our Valedictorian was some mousy guy with glasses.”

“Hi, nice to meet you. I'm the Mousy guy with glasses.” Trevor said.

“So how long you in town for?” Kate asked.

“A Month, then I gotta go back to school.”

“Oh that's too bad.”

Trevor was shocked, this girl was falling all over him and he hadn't even used his abilities yet. When she slid her hand on his thigh he shot up.

“Well I'm feeling tired I'm probably gonna turn in now.”

“Me too, hey can you give me]a ride home?” Kate asked.

“My b*****r drove so…”

“Relax b*o, we'll take a cab.” Jack said.

Trevor hopped into Jack's truck and Kate joined him.

“I live a couple miles in the opposite direction…maybe I can crash at your place?”

Trevor had made it a point to rest this week, but in his heart he had become addicted to sex and his teenage self was shouting at him to Fuck Kate's brains out.

“Sure we live only a few blocks from here.”

Kate stretched out on Trevor's bed. She began to moan and rub herself all over as she whipped off her blouse.

“Do you like my body?” she asked.

“Yes very much.” Trevor said.

“I remember you you know. You'd always stare at me in the Cafeteria.” she said.

“I bet you thought about me everytime you jerked your thing huh?” Kate said pointing to his crotch.

“Here have a look.”

Trevor gulped as Kate hiked up her skirt and pulled her panties down.

Trevor instantly got hard and it showed.

“Oh my!” Kate said with wide eyes.

The cab pulled up and Jack tumbled out with Lana behind him.

“I guess Trevor struck out.” he said noticing his Truck.

Jack saw his Mom and Dad in the Kitchen making coffee with concerned looks on their faces.

“It's three a.m what are you guys doing up?” Jack asked.

“Just listen.” Ellen said.

“Listen to what…?”

“Oh yes Fuck me!” Kate screamed.

“No way…that can't be real!” Jack said.

“Harder you stud, Fuck me with that Massive Cock!”

“Massive….since when!?” Jack said.

Trevor had tried to quiet Kate down but he didn't care anymore he was caught in a haze of lust.
“Oh shit I'm Cumming!” Kate screamed.

“Way to go b*o, fuck that dirty slut!”

An hour later…

“They're still going at it!” Jack said.

“You need to have a talk with that boy!” Ellen said.

“Talk…are you crazy Woman I'm just glad he's having sex.” His father said.

“At least she stopped screaming.” Lana said.

“She probably lost her voice.” Jack said.

“Fuck yes Cum in me!” Kate screamed.

“He's Cumming now…really?” Jack said thumping his watch.

Kate collapsed on the Bed panting like a dog.

“Water!” she begged.

Trevor pulled on his pants and walked out the door.

“What's going on here?” Trevor asked.

“What the hell was that?” Ellen asked.

“What, I'm 21 for Christ sake Mom!” he said.

“She was screaming Trevor, woke us up out of a Sound sl**p!” Dad said.

“I'm sorry I tried to make her stop.” he said.

“You could've stopped…”

“Fucking…yeah right!” Trevor said.

“Ma relax it's over now so let's everybody just go back to bed.” Jack said.

“Yes I think that we all could use some sl**p.” Lana said.

“Ok but this isn't over.” Ellen said.

As the f****y returned to their rooms Trevor grabbed a couple bottles of water and returned to his room.