The New Guy

A new black guy starts working at your job. All the women are attracted to him, but he has eyes for you. Well, all the guys have eyes for you. With the way you dress, most of the women are jealous, but the male bosses don’t seem to mind. Skirts, stockings and tops that show enough cleavage to keep the guys interested, but not too much to get you fired. This new man is completely smitten with you and he makes sure that you notice him. Which he had no reason to do so since you are very attracted to him too. After a couple of weeks of him turning down all the other women’s advances, he asks you out to a jazz club for drinks and music. You say yes and plan on wearing something that will definitely catch his eye. You keep on the skirt and stockings, but you slip on a garter belt and attach it to the stockings. Then you change into a sheer white top with a front hook black bra and make sure it is unbuttoned to show off the hooks on your bra. You meet him at the club and he has a table on the right side of the bar and offers you a seat next to the wall. The shaded candle lights on the table offer just enough lighting to see each other and the stage lights provide the rest. You start off with a margarita and he has a couple of shots of tequila and you do a little talking while the band warms up. Once the band begins their first number, the conversation stops and your date scoots over closer to you and puts an arm around you on your shoulder and puts the other arm on your inner thigh and immediately moves his hand up to bare skin. You look down to see his hand hidden under your skirt and you smile and look back up at the band. You are really feeling this jazz music and the rubbing of your date’s hand on your thigh. After a couple of numbers, his hand has moved further up and is now rubbing on your silky panties. You had debated about wearing any, but figured since it was a first date, you should. He pulls your head toward him and begins to kiss you and you really enjoy his lips while feeling your clit being caressed deeper and deeper. He pulls away his kisses and caresses your neck while stroking your clit faster and faster. You know you will soon cum and get really excited knowing that it will happen in this crowded club. You hold your lips tightly and hold on to the table as your first orgasm overtakes you. He strokes you a bit longer to prolong the effect and then stops and pulls his hand away.

He gets up and asks you to come with him. You were enjoying the music, but you were enjoying what he was doing to you more and get up hoping there is more to come. He takes your hand as you both leave the club and start walking toward the side of the club near a wooden fence. He leads you between this van and the wooden fence and turns you around and starts kissing you. You wrap your arms around his shoulders as you slip both your tongues inside each other mouths. He moves down and starts kissing on your neck and sucking on your earlobes. He moves his arms from around your back to one behind your head and the other on your breast. You want to show him that you are completely down with this and you finish unbuttoning your top and unhook your bra while enjoying your head held tightly with those deep kisses. That move seemed to turn him on even more as he immediately moves down to suck on your nipples. He slips his hand between your legs again and inside your panties to rub your bare pussy and clit. You lean back against the van as you know you will have a few orgasms from this and you don’t want to fall down. And sure enough, you climax a couple of times before he stops. He unlocks the van and slides the back door open and helps you up upon the seat. He lays you down and pulls off your panties and slips them into his pocket and spreads your legs. He reaches under your thighs and grabs your wrists and you spread your legs wider. He proceeds to lick your pussy, moving back and forth with his tongue from the top of your clit to deep inside you. It all feels so good and he puts you through numerous climaxes. He finally stops and lets you rest a bit caressing your bare skin legs and chest and wipes the sweat off of your forehead. You soon catch your breath and you raise up and hop down on the ground. He unfastens his pants and pushes them down and you finally get to see his thick, hard, black cock. Your mouth starts to water thinking about it sliding to the back of your throat and feeling him holding your head down as he cums in your mouth. He sits down on the seat and you put your arms behind you and begin sucking his cock. He loves that touch and begins to stroke your hair watching his cock disappear deeper and deeper with each movement of your head in your mouth. You pick up the pace and really start moving your head up and down and you are getting most of his cock in your mouth. You slow it down and move your arms around to his ass and use your nails to lightly scratch his cheeks. He grabs onto the seat with that and you hear an “Oh God” which turns you more and you begin to pick up the pace again trying to get all of his cock in your mouth. You caress the crack of his ass with your nails and you can feel him raising up to pump his cock in your mouth and you let him do so. He begins to pump away and you feel that he is going to cum at any time. He then abruptly stops and says that he wants to fuck you. You back up and let him slide out of the van. He closes the door and leans you up against the van, face first, raising your right leg up and sliding his cock deep inside you. He starts out with a nice easy stroke and reaches his other arm around and finds your clit again. Feeling most of his thick cock inside you and your clit being rubbed, quickly jolts you to another orgasm. When he hears you moan through another orgasm, he begins to pump away, pounding his dick deep inside you. You verbally encourage him to fuck you harder and to cum deep inside you. You hold on to the van with the side of your face being pressed firmly against it, sliding against the window with each thrust. He alerts you to his climax and you feel him slam his cock all the way inside you and hold it there. He begins to shudder and you hit another orgasm with him and you both shudder together. His last load finally finishes and he pulls out and you both lean back against the van to catch your breath. You both fasten your clothes back up and kiss and embrace and you wonder what is going to happen next.