The Naiads of Thessaly Springs

This is the story of Wendell Connors, a recently divorced man of middle age and very active imagination, who has taken residence in an apartment community, where he finds both solace and excitement in his poolside home. With the help and encouragement he receives from his cheery and charming young neighbors, he finds new life, and a second chance at love.

This is a work of fiction. All rights are reserved.

. . . . .


The Naiads of Greek mythology were nymphs found in or near bodies of fresh water, such as rivers, lakes, creeks and springs. They interacted with both gods and mortals with sometimes fateful results.

“Nature, exerting an unwearied power
Forms, opens, and gives scent to every flower
Spreads the fresh verdure of the field, and leads
The dancing Naiads through the dewy meads

William Cowper (1731 – 1800)

. . . . .

The Naiads of Thessaly Springs

Chapter One: Ashley

“Oh god yes, Wendell, keep licking! Make me cum before my mother gets home! Yes! Yes!” Babydoll's youthful pussy was soft and supple under my face, and her schoolgirl sweet perfume brought back memories of the first pussy I ever licked, twenty five years ago. I had her bent over the back of my reading chair, with her skirt up, her panties down and her pom poms at my feet. “You're tasting fine, babydoll, just fine. Let it come. Don't fight it,” I said. 

“Fuck me! Get that glorious monster penis of yours into my young, virgin vajay!” In an instant she was sprawled on my sofa, her pom poms beside her long thick blonde hair, her panties pulled away from her pussy to give my glorious monster penis easy access to her hot pink little hole. She moaned and begged, “Make me pregnant, Wendell. I love you! Fill me with your sweet baby batter!”

I saw her fingers holding open the wet lips that enwrapped her cock-starved, virgin, cheerleader pussy, framed with golden curls, waiting to be filled with my skilled, rock hard cock. With her delicate little feet on my shoulders, and my dick shooting off deep into her pussy, I heard myself saying, “Yes baby, take my seed. Take it all!”

I shot at least a dozen times and reached for the tissue to wipe down my belly. It was the fourth or fifth orgasm I gave myself after first seeing my new neighbor. I didn't know her name then, and had only our first brief exchange of smiles to base my masturbatory fantasies on. Now, six months later, I have so many more, not that I need them with my new girlfriend. And it's Ashley I have to thank for my new girl. Remembering it all now, I sometimes have to stop and think, which memories are real, and which are inventions of my erotic imagination? She and her dozen friends gave me so many happy moments to remember, and so much to fantasize about, it all sort of got jumbled together. 

The first time I saw Ashley, she wore a blue and yellow cheerleader skirt with an enormous golden bow on top of her head and the letters CA emblazoned across her chest. She smiled and gave me a wiggly finger wave she passed, with a pretty wrinkle of her slightly upturned nose, as she took a drink from a bottle of mineral water. As I watched her walk away I thought, “CA is right. Cute ass!” I had just moved into the apartment across from her the day before, not long after my divorce, and was happy to find such a pretty girl living so close. I assumed she was in high school, she was so young and adorable. I guessed her to be 16 or maybe 17. It was a pleasing little moment and one I replayed over and over that night as I lay in bed, stroking myself and creating fantasies of this delightful girl, my “babydoll” as I thought of her then, less than a third of my age, teasing me in her little cheerleader skirt.

But it was the second time I saw her, a week or so later, that was our first real meeting. That time, as I returned home from the office, I saw her approaching me on the walkway our apartments shared, beside the large circular fountain that showered above a shallow decorative pool. She wore a sparkly red evening gown that generously revealed the luminous skin of her shoulders. On her feet she wore a pair of black high heels, a pair I came to treasure, since they were the cause of our meeting. 

The walkway leading from the apartment building diverges into a circular path as it approaches the fountain. She could have gone left or right to walk around it to the parking lot, but luckily she chose the path I was on, and as she approached me, a heel broke and she began to fall forward. She lurched toward me with both hands outstretched, and I was able to step into her fall and catch her by her underarms. I held her in my hands as her face pressed against my chest. Here at last was my chance to meet her, and after a week of masturbating to thoughts of her, trying to recapture her features as I came all over myself, a chance to see her up close again and to make an impression. “You dance divinely, my darling,” I said. She looked up at me with a stunned look in her large silvery blue eyes while I held her. I was a little stunned myself at suddenly finding in my arms the girl of my fantasies. I breathed in the scent of her perfume and watched a smile form and broaden to almost the entire width of her kittenish face. I had not held a woman in longer than I could remember and suddenly my hands were filled with her smooth, downy, girlish flesh, warm and impossibly tender. Her breasts rested between my wrists and I wondered if she could feel my cock stiffening against her stomach. The smile on her face and the giggle as she said, “Why thank you, kind sir,” told me yes, she felt it. 

We straightened up and, while she readjusted her gown, I allowed myself an eyeful of her partially exposed breasts. I thought I got a glimpse of pale pink nipple, then reminded myself of her youth, and chose to be careful not to let her see me looking down her top. I turned my attention to her feet and found a heel had come almost completely loose from one of her shoes. “Is your ankle hurt?” I asked. She seemed to be in some minor discomfort. “I turned it!” she said. I told her it might be a sprain and asked her to let me help her back to her door. I stooped down to help remove her shoes while I retrieved the clutch she dropped. She held my arm as we walked to her apartment. I stayed a half step behind her and fixed my eyes on her pretty little butt. In the dimming late afternoon light, I watched it beneath the fabric as it bounced and jiggled with each limp.

Inside her apartment she flipped on the wall switch and a wave of hot pink washed over us. A hot pink sofa faced the far wall, which itself held a framed print of a Peter Max pink lady lithograph. A softer pink table cloth covered the dinette and pink lampshades colored the air in a rosy hue. Ashley's bright red gown sparkled in the pink haze surrounding me and her blonde hair shone even more brightly than before. She hobbled ahead of me and my eyes went back to her little round ass as it swivelled and tilted with her gait. “Let me have a look at your ankle to see if its swollen,” I told her as we sat on the sofa. I removed my glasses and leaned forward to get a closer look when she lifted her leg and placed it across my lap. The slit in her gown allowed all of her shapely, athletic leg to glow before me in the soft pink light. It was a stunning vision. I must have reacted to the sudden sexual charge she was giving me because she laughed at my amazement and asked, “What do you think?” It took me a moment to figure out which question I should answer. She was asking both what did I think of her legs, and what was my diagnosis of her ankle. She was allowing me to choose which direction to go. She wore no stockings being so young, and her soft fair skin contrasted sharply with the red of her gown and the pink surrounding us. My eyes ran the length of her leg till it disappeared under her dress, then returned to her foot resting against my stiff dick. I let myself lightly finger her toe tips and admired her pedicured nails, painted bl**d red. More boldly, I gripped her arch and held it in my hand while gently testing her ankle, and her reaction. She didn't object. Finally, I replied, to both possible meanings of her question, “Oh. Well. It uh … it looks … very nice… a little pink, though, sweetie.” I added, “But then everything does!” She laughed and said, “Yes, pink is my favorite color, if you couldn't tell.”

She told me she had had sprains before and was sure her ankle would be alright, then turned her attention to the shoe she now held in her hand. The four inch heel dangled loosely. “And this is only the second time I've worn these!” I told her it was a shame, that they were a very pretty design. “I've always thought ankle straps were very, uh, smart.” I stopped myself from saying sexy. “I have some glue that might solve the problem but it will need time to set. I'm afraid this pair won't be ready tonight. What others do you have?” She darted suddenly from the sofa with only a slight favoring of her ankle, and vanished into the hallway. She returned with two pairs of heels and said, “You seem to have an eye for fashion. Which do you think?” She had obviously noticed my attention to her attire, her body. She held before me a red pair of pumps and a beige pair with straps and waited for my decision. “The beige.” She smiled slyly and looked at me sideways. “I should have known,” she said.

She sat beside me on the sofa and slipped them on. “I'm Ashley. I'm sorry we had to meet like this. I'm not usually such a klutz!” I told her her my name and added, “You're not klutzy at all. I'm very happy I was there to catch you, Ashley. That could have been a nasty fall for you. I think this was a very fortunate way to meet.” She smiled again, that wide pretty smile I love so much and said, “Yes! I'm glad you were there, Mr. Connors. I really need to run though or I'm going to be late.” I told her I would take her shoe with me to glue and put into a clamp to make sure it set properly. “That's so nice of you!” she said. “I can pick it up tomorrow then? Will your wife be home if you're not?” I told her I lived alone, divorced, and that she could knock anytime tomorrow and I would be in. “You live alone? In that big three bedroom apartment?” Our floor plans were identical, but reversed. I told her, “I use one bedroom for an office and the other to store my books and old records and all the years of stuff I've accumulated. I didn't want to live in clutter, so I chose the largest floorplan I could find in the area. Thessaly Springs Apartments are also the nicest in this part of town, I think.” She said that sounded smart. “Arent they? We love the being between the pool and the big fountain in front. So you have lots of those big old records? That's so awesome!” 

She told me she lives with her roommates, Sierra and Alexis. “We all love pink except Alexis jokes that it clashes with her red hair! Those are pictures of us together.” She pointed to a desk that held a large screen monitor and, attached to the wall behind it, a pin board filled with photos. Alexis was obvious by her blazing red hair. Sierra, then, was the beautiful young darker complected girl. Every photo showed them laughing and having fun, dressed glamorously and tastefully in colorful dresses and lavish hairstyles, in luxurious settings featuring green grasses, flowers, waterfalls and ponds. Fun, exuberant girls, the kind I wished to have known in my own youth. I said, “I hope I can meet them, too, under less risky circumstances.” She said, “We'll have to have you over for a party sometime. We're always throwing parties. Any excuse!” She told me she goes to college where she is also a cheerleader. This was very welcome news. She was at least 18. I felt a little less lecherous, and more comfortable with the fact that she had noticed my attention to her beauty, and my excitement by it.

By then she was ready to go and I became aware of the stiffy in my slacks when I had to stand to leave. I watched her eyes to see if she would notice as I rose. She glanced at my crotch and smiled, then looked into my eyes and said softly, “You're sweet, Mr. Connors.” She waited for a reply but I was speechless, both happy and slightly embarrassed that I stood before her with an obvious hard on, at my age! She broke the silence. “I'll stop over tomorrow then?” I told her yes, please do. We parted outside her door and I watched her walk away, her cute little bottom twitching and swishing. “Don't rush now!” I called after her. She turned and looked over her shoulder and gave me a last look at her smile, and with a flickering waive, heels clicking smartly on the pavement, said, “Till tomorrow!”

. . . . .

I went to my own apartment and changed out of my work clothes into some pajama bottoms and a tee shirt. In the bathroom, I took my softened cock out of my fly and found it slick with precum. It had been dripping since the moment I touched Ashley. I smiled and thought, maybe this will lead to something that will take my mind off my ex-wife and that nagging feeling of betrayal, and the loneliness I'd been falling into. Ashley was less than half my age but, college girls date their professors sometimes, right? I wasn't as handsome as I used to be but, looking in the mirror, holding in my stomach, I looked pretty good still. Why not? She did seem to like me. She put her foot right on my dick! She was sending signals! 

I was anxious to work on her shoe and my mind was reeling with thoughts of how to seduce her. I got some epoxy and a woodworking clamp from my tool trunk and sat at my dinner table to repair her shoe. I held it in my hands and picked up the scent of her perfumed foot mixed with the shoe leather, and visions of her flooded back to me. I saw again her breasts shifting in her gown as she straightened it under my eyes, the hint of nipple hidden from me, her firm little ass straining the back of her dress, her shapely leg stretched across the sofa, her foot in my hand weighing on my cock, which now poked out from my pajamas and demanded attention. I resealed the epoxy tube without having applied any. I had another idea. 

I placed the ankle strap around my balls and tightened it hard. I rubbed the underside of my cock against the platform that supported her pretty foot only an hour before. I could almost feel her warmth, or so I thought at first, as my cock swelled. I tugged the shoe up and outward to feel the strap pulling at my nuts. I pressed it hard against my shaft and remembered her smile as she looked at my stiff cock under my slacks only minutes before. “You're sweet Mr. Connors,” I heard her say again and my cock tickled as if electrified.

I held her bare foot in my hands as she rubbed it hard into my cock under my slacks. “What do you think, Mr.Connors? Am I doing it right? I've never given a footjob before.” I unzipped my fly, and let my massive member pop out before her eyes. “It's enormous!” Her eyes went wide and her mouth fell open. “And so pink! My favorite color.” She lifted her other foot into my lap and pressed my cock between her delicate ankles. “I've had sprains before and I was never able to do this. Do you like it, Mr. Connors?”

“You footwork is divine, my dear.”

“Why thank you, kind sir.” She reached behind her back and I heard a zip and a snap. Then the top of her sparkly red dress came down, exposing her young, pouting breasts, her pale pink nipples wide, full and swelling before my eyes, waiting to be sucked. As if reading my mind, she said, “You seem to have an eye for young titties. Which do you think?” I considered the angle and made my choice. “The left one,” I said and leaned in to cover her creamy white breast with my lips. I sucked gently at it and heard her say, “I should have guessed.”

I heard giggling from somewhere behind me and took my mouth off Ashley's breast and turned to find her roommates, Alexis and Sierra, watching us. Ashley said, “We're having a party for you, Mr. Connors. We're always throwing parties!”
Alexis, the red haired girl, approached me and kneeled between my knees. “Such a beautiful pink cock! I hope it doesn't clash with my red hair.” She spit on it and started rubbing it while Ashley's heels massaged my balls. 

'You have such big balls! So awesome,” Ashley said. I went back to sucking at her breast, and heard Sierra, the lovely dark haired one, say, “Let me give you something to look at while you suck klutzy girl's titties.” She stood behind Ashley's head and lifted the long black dress she wore and exposed slim, dark, shapely legs, teasing me by keeping her pussy slightly covered but making sure to let me know she wore no panties. 

“You can cum anytime,” Ashley said, as Sierra finally lifted her dress to show her smooth, hairless pussy, dripping honey-sweet cum onto Ashley's blonde hair. My cock shot off with thick streams of white shots high into the air, landing on the girls heads and titties, and faces, like white rain, and they laughed so happily. They said, in unison, “We love your big fountain, Mr. Connors!”

A thick white stream of cum suddenly appeared on the black leather of her shoe, coating the instep. I turned her shoe over in my hands to shoot a pulse or two of sperm into the space where the epoxy would go. My cock softened and I loosened the strap to relieve the strain of my now aching nuts. I scooped the cum from the platform and sc****d it into the loosened portion of the heel. I laid it down to let my cum dry on it. Then, later, I would add epoxy to my sperm and seal the heel to the platform for Ashley to wear. My cock tingled. I felt myself smiling and wishing she could know somehow the pleasure I had just experienced, wishing she could share in the intimacy I had just created with her. Something told me she would be pleased by it, too. After all, she is sexy and tasteful, obviously very romantic considering the subtle way she chose to let me know she wanted me, placing her foot right on my hard dick like that. She probably was hoping I would fuck her right then and there. Of course! So stupid of me not to have picked up on that obvious advance!

Next time, I thought, I won't disappoint her.