The Morning After The Night Before

I have just returned from an eventful holiday in Sweden. This is the third of a few reports from a fantastic week in a wonderful country, with beautiful people.

The morning sun lit up the bedroom with a warm glow, slightly diffused by the curtains but still remarkably bright. I blinked awake and almost groaned as a dull ache in my chest reminded me that I had not taken supported my ample breasts with a bra last night and the weight of them had stretched my muscles. I then smiled and sighed with pleasure as I remembered what I had got up to last night. I turned over in the bed expecting to find Anya lying next to me and was disappointed as I rolled into an empty space. The warmth of the sheet meant that she had not been gone long and the untidy heap of her clothes on the floor beside the bed meant that she was coming back, so my disappointment was short lived.

Snuggling into her pillow to savour her sweet scent I had almost drifted back to sl**p when I heard the door gently open and close. I looked up to see my lover wrapped in a towel her hair was no longer spiked like last night but lay flat her blonde tips not hiding her naturally red hair so much. Her eyes, green and sparkling; shone with happiness her smile letting me know that she was pleased to be with me.

“Hey.” she greeted me. “How’s my beautiful Princess?” my heart fluttered with her greeting but I tried to stay cool.

“Lonely” I grinned back at her and patted the empty part of the bed, “I thought you’d left me” I mocked heart break.

She smiled and let the towel fall, in the light of day I found her even more beautiful than the night before. Without her butch clothes my prejudices were proven to be c***dish and I just admired her perfectly gorgeous body. Her skin was incredibly smooth over her toned body. I admired her small but very pert breasts, her nipples so lightly coloured that they were almost the same as the rest of her breast I could not help but be drawn to the fiery triangle of unkempt pubic hairs.

She laughed as she said something in Swedish, I obviously looked confused,

“You’re insatiable, a…” she paused searching for the English words “…a dirty bitch!”

She then giggled again as I gave my best all innocent coy look, letting my long dark hair fall over my face. Sitting on the edge of the bed she pushed my hair over my ear and looked into my eyes. I was drawn right into them. Her thumb traced a line down my neck (I guessed following a scratch mark from our battle last night).

The smile left her eyes for a moment “I am so sorry we fought last night,” her words soft and considered, “I promise it will never happen again.”

“Please don’t feel bad I am as much to blame” I started my apology but she pressed her thumb over my lips to stop me.

“All we will do now is make love, all the time we are together, it is love, and even apart think of me with love, please Laura can you promise me?”

My heart was bursting out of my chest as I almost sobbed a yes.

Bending forward she replaced her thumb with soft lips, a gentle kiss as she once again ran her fingers through my hair. Her other hand cupped my face as her kisses became stronger. I fell flat on my back as Anya climbed completely on the bed and lay next to me. I tried to turn and hold her but she gently pushed my arm away and slid on top of me, the weight of her on my chest squashing my breasts. My arm was released and I was able to hold Anya tight as our kissing became more passionate, it had not taken long for me to get excited and my legs parted as my pussy became hot wet and sticky, due to Anya’s beautiful kisses and caresses.

Our bodies slowly gyrated against each other and we effortlessly positioned ourselves so that our thighs were rubbing directly onto our wet vulvas. It had not taken long for my passions to hit dizzying heights. Anya’s loving and sensual kisses, caressing and rubbing had my senses buzzing. The change in her breathing and an increase in the f***e and speed of Anya’s body movements indicated that she like I was building up to a crescendo.

Our kissing and movements became wetter and clumsier. We sucked on each others tongues nibbled on our lips with big slurping noises and hard breathing. Anya’s small breasts rubbed against my huge squashed orbs as her thigh rubbed my hard clitoris I tried to f***e my leg against the hairy wet mound of her vagina with increasing f***e and speed.

With a sudden movement Anya sat up and without a word we both moved to position our pussies so that they were directly rubbing against each other, the bald wet lips of my shaved pussy disappearing into the fiery red bush of hers I felt the hot wetness of her as we first joined then I was only aware of intense pleasure as we ground our groins against each other with increasing speed and f***e it was only seconds until the fire in my pussy exploded and the hot fluid of my gushing orgasm seeped onto Anya’s her orgasm coming with a grunt and a cry of “Laura” which made me well up in happiness and brought renewed heat and tension to my pussy and a second orgasm gripped my still shaking body.

We collapsed into each other gasping for breathe; I was crying, tears were trickling down my face. Anya kissed them away.

“What’s wrong?” she asked in a concerned whisper.

“Nothing!” I sobbed. “This was just so very beautiful, please will you stay with me a while?”

I couldn’t explain that I rarely wake up with a lover; Sarah my long term lover is married and normally has to leave me to go home to her husband and c***dren soon after our love making

“I can stay all day if you wish.” Anya’s smile showed that she wanted to as well. “I only need to leave tomorrow morning to go to work if you’re happy for me to sl**p another night.”

I sobbed with joy as I held her close and begged her to please stay.

We, did little else that day than enjoy each others bodies. I was fascinated by the soft downy hair under her arms and on her legs. She had never shaved any part of her body. She unsurprisingly paid my breasts a lot of attention every part of them covered by her soft lips and wet tongue. My pussy was almost sore from the rubbing, kissing, licking and sucking it received and I believe hers must have felt the same from the loving attention I gave her.

I cried when Anya left me early the next morning the bed felt huge without her and my heart mourned her leaving, although my body probably needed to recover I wished her back with me the moment she left.