The Late Bus

“Hey, hey man, last stop” a deep voice said as a strong hand shook Johnny awake. “Ahh shit” Johnny said opening his eyes to find himself still sitting on the bus, he scratched his head while looking out the window finding that he was far from home and it was late, “how long are you gonna be for?” Johnny asked his voice still raspy from sl**p, hoping for some good news, “sorry man, this was my last run, my shift is over so I'm taking her in” The Driver informed with a soft sympathetic smile. The Driver walked back to wheel and started the bus up while an irritated Johnny stood up and headed for the front of the bus with every intention of calling for a cab or simply walking but as soon as he got to the door a question popped into Johnny's mind, “Excuse me…” Johnny started “I know you just wanna go home, and it is my own fault for falling asl**p on the bus, but can I ride along a bit, at least until you get as close to 9th and Carter as you’re gonna get?” The Driver sat there silent looking straight ahead out the window and sighed hard before turning to Johnny with a slight grin on his face, “yeah sure” The Driver said and pulled off.
Johnny sat right at the front and did his best to make small talk but it seemed The Driver just wanted this to be over so he could get on with his night after what Johnny assumed was a long day for him. Johnny knew The Driver was off the clock but he still thought it was weird to be on a bus without the lights on and way off route but Johnny was happy for the ride which is why he didn't see anything wrong when The Driver turned onto a street lined on both sides with warehouses and before he pulled over under a dim streetlight.

Johnny didn’t pay much attention to this, he simply assumed nature was calling and The Driver had to take a piss, from the corner of his eye Johnny could see the driver turn in his seat and face him. Johnny looked over at The Driver, “This as close as you going to get?” Johnny asked slightly dissipointed looking out the window, “well, I could get closer but…” The Driver said and stood up and took two steps and was right up on Johnny, “I seem to be having a problem” The Driver said and soon as he did Johnny heard the sound of a zipper go down and his eyes shifted and were now focused on a hard, long and thick dick in his face, “Think you can help me with it?” The Driver asked with that same grin on his face as before.
Johnny quickly slid to the next seat over but The Driver moved right along with him, “wait, wait, wait, just hear me out man… it’s late, and, 9th and Carter… You’re a long way from home, just do me this little favor and I will drop you off at your front door” The Driver said wagging his dick in Johnny’s face. Johnny sat for a second and weighed it out his head, and in his hesitation The Driver undid his belt and yank down his pants, the musky smell of sweaty balls instantaly filled Johnny’s nose and made his head a little fuzzy and Johnny couldn't help but take a few deep wiffs, “yeah Thats a seven hour shift…” The Driver said with a laugh.
The Driver stood there with that grin making his dick throb again and again while looking down at Johnny who seemed utterly mezmerized by the sight and smell of a hard throbbing dick in his face. “So you gonna do it? or should I take this bus in right now?” The Driver questioned, Johnny could hear every word The Driver said but he couldnt seem to focus his own thoughts on anything but the dick he saw, his mouth started to water and his dick started to swell.
with Johnny silent The Driver took it upon himself to take Johnny’s hand and place it on his dick and used Johnny’s hand and used it to stroke, Johnny finally looked up at the driver with nervous excitement on his face and slowly opened his mouth wide until he it was wide open. The Driver smiled down at the sight of Johnny’s waiting mouth before taking hold of his own dick and and putting the tip right on Johnny’s tongue.
The Driver started slapping his dick against Johnny’s tongue before he begun slowly sliding his dick around on Johnny’s tongue before Johnny shut his mouth gripping his lips around The Driver’s dick and pulled him further into his mouth inch by inch until he gagged on his dick, “oh C'mon you can do better than that” The Driver said thrusting the tip of his dick right into the back of Johnny's throat.
Johnny gagged hard but tried his best to fight urge to vomit, “oh, thats good” the driver commented, “now try and relax” The Driver added taking his hand and gently rubbed on Johnny's neck and throat before he slid the head of his dick right back into Johnny's throat repeatedly, “Ung, mngnf, ffrsh ggrnr” Johnny gagged, his head was spinning with lust and desire, his body his body felt strong but weak like soft clay, His dick was hard as steel and throbbing uncontrolably as his mouth was used to pleasure another man.

The Driver pushed forward making the tip of his dick go past where he had been stopping and eased his dick into Johnny's throat, “Oh god yes” the driver the whimpered unnable to push any further into Johnny's mouth. Johnny raised his hands and pushed The Driver away “bwaaahh” Johnny gasped pulling in a much needed breath,”that mouth” The Driver said taking his dick in his hand (That Dick!) Johnny thought to himself rubbing his throat breathing hard while he sat there looking right at it, (That Dick, That Dick, That Dick That Dick, That Dick, That Dick) was all Johnny could think so much that his ass stated to ache. “Caught your breath yet?” The Driver asked with a pat to Johnny's shoulder, but as soon as Johnny opened is mouth to answer The Driver stuck his dick right back down Johnny's throat and stated to treat it like any other hole what started as slow pushing was now a steady stroke of The Driver's dick. Johnny's throat was sore but he wanted more and without really thinking about he reached down undid his belt then start shifting in his seat as he wildly pulled his pants down freeing his his erection from the prison that his pants and boxers had become then started stroking himself. The Driver pulled his dick back out of Johnny's mouth and smiled to allow him a breath when he noticed that Johnny had started playing with his own dick, “ahhh suck it” The Driver said wagging his dick in front of Johnny beckoning him to take it back in his mouth and Johnny did just that leaning forward and putting his mouth back on The Driver's dick.
Johnny sucked like his life was on the line using working his neck to glide his mouth along The Driver's dick.

“Oh shit, oh shit” The Driver said pulling his dick from Johnny's mouth and with a few strokes his dick erupted with long thick ropes of fresh cum, some landed right under Johnny's nose some on his cheeks and on his lips , “like the smell of my nutt?” The Driver asked breathing hard as he took a step back from Johnny, “fuck I needed that” He continued while Johnny sat there as the cum rolled down his face, the strong stench of it filled his nose and only one thing was certain for Johnny now, now Johnny wanted more.
“Well a deals, a deal…”The Driver said putting hs dick away “where did you want me to drop you?” The Driver asked looking at Johnny while he fixed his pants but there were no words, instead johnny shifted his body across the uncomfortable bus seats and threw his legs up in the air showing his hole to the driver.
“Can you put it here?” Johnny asked looking up at The Driver,That same grin as before came across The Driver's face looking on as Johnny presenting his ass to him.

The Driver dropped his pants back to the floor and sat in the seat closest to Johnny's ass, licked his finger a bit then reached his hand over and begun playing with Johnny's hole. Johnny was gripped with instant tingling pleasure at the feel of a wet finger rubbing against his asshole, “ungh” Johnny let out the moment The Driver slipped his finger into Johnny. Johnny started to impatiently roll his hips around on The Driver's finger, The Driver leaned down getting his face right at Johnny's ass and taking a whiff before sticking his tongue out and licking it.
With the cum still on his face, with each breath Johnny took the smell of fresh sperm filled his nose making him even hornier, “Nugh fuck yes” Johnny moaned as surges of pleasure raidiated from his ass through his body, Johnny's moans and the loud slurping sounds The Driver made filled the bus.

“Nice and wet” The Driver announced sitting up and positioning himself so that his dick liked up perfect with Johnny's waiting ass, “SSSssss, ahhh” Johnny continued to maon as The Driver slowly entered him. With each thrust of The Driver's dick Johnny allowed himself to sink further and further into the grips of his own ecstasy, his moans started to become screams of pleasure but The Driver knew that there was no one around and kept right along pumping his dick in and out of Johnny.
The Driver started to slowly pull his dick out only to quickly thrust it back in making Johnny moan loudly each time he did, “yes, yes, yes more” Johnny cried out, caught up in his own pleasure Johnny reached down and started stroking his dick, “take it, take it all” The Driver said stuffing his dick as deep into Johnny as he could then pushed some more, “oh my god” Johnny moaned feeling every inch of The Driver inside him.
With his hips still pressed against Johnny's ass cheeks The Driver started to grind his hips making his dick wiggle around inside Johnny's ass before he started a relentless pounding. The Driver worked his hips harder and faster while looking down at Johnny's cum covered face and saw nothing but delight in Johnny's eyes and he swelled with pride knowing that he was the one who put that look on Johnny's face.
“Feels… So… Damn… Good” Johnny said taking deep whiffs of the fresh cum under his nose while stroking his dick and licking his lips clean of cum, “found me a little freak” The Driver announced with a huge smile on his face thrusting hard and deep into Johnny.
“Cumming, Cumming” was all Johnny said as cum started spurting sperm all over his belly and chest before he allowed his body to go limp on the hard bus seats, “here it comes” The Driver said pulling his dick out and stood up stroking himself a few times before dribbling his second load down onto Johnny's dick and balls. “So, where do I drop you?” The Driver asked taking a deep breath and pulling up his pants and walking back to the wheel, “home…” Johnny let out still dick d***k, ŝth…. and Carter” Johnny added before closing his eyes laying there his face, chest, and dick in cum, The Driver smiled and started up the bus.

“Hey, Hey man” The Driver said shaking Johnny awake again, ŝth and Carter, we're here” he added pointing out the window, Johnny slowly sat up and realized his clothes were just as he left them and he was still mostly and the cum all over him had started to dry, then he looked out the window and saw he was right where he asked, “thank you” Johnny said standing up and fixing his clothes, “for the ride, and for the dick” Jonny said using his arm to wipe the dried cum from his lips as he stepped off the bus and walked halfway up the block to his building.
Johnny got inside his house and after a hot shower he went to bed thinking about the big dick bus driver that helped him home.