The Italian Job 20

The Italian Job 20
The night went well with Maria giving her usual performance, she was staring at me as she took the guys in turn as they lined up to fill her with spunk, it was running down her legs in rivers by the time they had finished and got bored with her,
I was surprised because neither Sonia or Yvonne got involved with anyone else and there were plenty of potential suitors but they didn’t seem to want to know, Christina was still a bit sore in her arse but she took some guy in the pool that I think both eased the problem with her arse and took her mind off the problem because she seemed to enjoy the fuck by the noise she was making, Ellie was sat beside me holding onto my arm, she had a few drinks and then a guy asked her to dance and it seemed like she did not want to leave me but she consented and danced with him, trailing her arms over his shoulders as he pulled her into his tenting trousers, she was wearing a low necked dress and I knew that the way she had her arms d****d was pushing her tits together and making her cleavage bulge like her tits were trying to escape, he had his hands on her sides just below her arms and he was thumbing along the side of her breasts,
I could see that she was breathing heavily, his attention was taking effect, I also noticed that as his thumbs worked he was gently pulling her dress open by gripping it as he pulled and releasing it as his thumbs move to the front again, very slowly her breasts were being f***ed out of their packets, as they turned she looked at me and raised her eyebrows,
I smiled, she was kissing him lightly on the lips as he cruised round the dancing area with her, her dress had reached its limit and still her tits did not pop out, he kept looking down at them, he tried from time to time to ease her off the dance floor into the shadows but she was not having that, not after what had happened earlier, she f***ed him back onto the floor, Sonia and Yvonne had come to sit with me and had linked me either side, we talked as Ellie danced, the guy now turned his attention to her buttocks, dropping his hands to them and squeezing them, pulling them apart and I knew that her vulva was being pulled open as her cunt leaked onto her panties,
I knew that his actions would make her horny, he was gathering her dress up in his hands as the tops of her lacy holdups were coming into view, she did not resist, his pressure with his tenting continued, now her dress was around her waist as he continued pushing into her, she released one arm and brought the hand down and unzipped him, his cock almost flew out of his trousers, she wanked it for a few strokes then guided it between her legs as she hooked her finger under her panty crutch and pulled down making room for his cock to slide in under her slit, she then released her panties as the elastic pulled up his cock hard against her slit,
I saw her close her eyes and she started to hump at him, he was not inside her but it was just a matter of time before the pressure of the elastic f***ed his dome into the waiting opening of her cunt, they were hardly moving in the middle of the dance floor as she hung onto his neck,
I felt Sonia’s arm tighten on mine, Maria was now showered and dressed and stood watching this spectacle, she kept glancing at me possibly to see if I would react, Ellie was a big girl and she knew what she was doing, Ellie continued to gently hump at the guy as I could almost imagine his cock sliding across the opening, then it happened, she lifted her knee to his side and this was enough to open her vulva , her inner lips and her cunt to welcome the cock I as it slid in, she gasped as she had got what she wanted, he was now holding her leg up as he jerked into her fucking her, we could see his cock holding her panties back as it slid in and out of her, she was hanging on to his neck with her head on his shoulder, he came and went down as his legs buckled pulling him out of her, she came rushing over to us and waved Sonia and Yvonne away “stand up” she ordered now fuck me,
I was so fucking close to coming, my nerves are still tingling” she dropped her knickers and bent over as she got hold of Sonia round the waist I lifted her dress and got my cock into her as a couple of strokes took her over the top, she started to shake, I squeezed her tits and she blew, growling at me “come on fuck me you bastard fuck my cum loaded cunt” then the growl lead to a scream as she came again, I did not let her drop when her legs went,
I kept my arm around her waist and I just kept pounding into her as the guys cum leaked out of her onto my cock, he was recovering on the dance floor as I finished Ellie off, I had not ejaculated so my cock was still rigid, exposed in the warm night air in Italy, Yvonne came up the side of me and put her hand round it gripping it and looking down at it as she kept it alive by stroking it, I knew what she was thinking,
I thought “why not, I dropped my trousers and my shorts and took off my shirt then jumped in the pool followed by Sonia, Yvonne and Cristina who were still clothed, I hadn’t noticed but Maria jumped in too after shedding her dress, I started to undress all the girls in the water as we swam around, the water was too deep where we were for them to touch bottom, I got hold of Yvonne’s dress and pulled it straight over her head, then turned her and loosened her bra, it came off very easily then I dived and pulled down her knickers almost drowning her as she went under with the f***e of my dragging them down ,she kicked them off in the water as they floated to the surface along with quite a lot of other clothes that were being discarded by the other women that I could not get to, Christina was naked as she had not bothered to put her underwear on after her fuck so it was just a matter of her taking her dress of to expose all her assets, they were all swimming around as I felt someone grab for my cock, he had not gone quiet but the water had somewhat cooled him down a bit if you catch my drift,
I looked at Ellie who was sitting on the sun bed with a big smile on her face, the girls were trying to corner me as I kept diving and touching their bits as they shrieked at the contact, the pool was alive, there was a splash as Hazel joined in, she was much more able in the water and I felt that she would get to me first, I dived and came face to face with Maria who grabbed my head and kissed me, taken by surprise I surfaced as she clung to my neck, her body coming against me as I tried to stay afloat with her arms around my neck, “fuck me, fuck me now, god I need your cock, fuck me” she said as she tried to manoeuvre herself into position on my cock but I was not having any, I dived again and she was not ready for it, she had to let go or drown, she broke free and surfaced while I swam under water to get clear of her I surfaced and most of them were looking the other way, Christina was the closest so I got hold of her, pulled her to the side and got my cock inside her as I hung onto the side she was impaled on my cock which was holding her up in the water, she started to hump instinctively, she fed me her tits as I hung onto the water drain ledge around the pool, Sonia and Yvonne were closing in, Maria was hanging on to the ladder at the other end, hazel was nowhere to be seen which frightened me, suddenly she bobbed up beside us, she was naked as well, she kissed Christina hard on the mouth, Christina’s legs were wrapped around my body as I fucked into her making her come in the water, she threw her head back and nearly drowned as she went under, hazel managed to get her off me as she played with her tits, Sonia closed in like jaws, coming at me legs first as she got them around me and guided my cock into her, she knew I couldn’t do anything because I was holding the pair of us up at the side, she humped me and she came gagging at the f***e of the orgasm as she fed me her tits, “let’s see you try your nipple lick now you fucker” she screamed,
I could not let go my hold or we would have both gone down without a trace, Ellie was laughing on the side of the pool, I took Sonia again then Yvonne moved in and again encircled me with her legs, she was not as good a swimmer so I let go with one hand and guided my cock into her as I fucked her, she was kissing me and holding onto my neck while shouting something in Italian, Ellie said “she is asking you to hold onto her to not let her drown” “tell her she will be alright because she has good floatation balloons” Ellie folded with laughing, she translated as Yvonne laughed and nearly let go, I was fucking into her and I could see the orgasm in her eyes as she concentrated her eyes on my mouth then kissed me as she came gripping me so tight I nearly let go, her tongue came into my mouth and I realised that this was a woman who had missed me, she was a woman in need, and as luck would have it a very good fuck, Maria swam to the middle of the pool and was about 10 feet away treading water “will you fuck me now” she said,
I looked at her scornfully, her mother was still eating my mouth, you are helpless at the moment, I can take you if I want, I have missed that cock, I didn’t realise how much till tonight till I saw it in action to finish Ellie” “do not come near me or I will drown your mother ”! warned she laughed “sure you will” I started to fuck into Yvonne who was taken by surprise and tightened her grip,
I fucked her hard as her tits bobbed in the water, she came and so did I as the familiar cloud of my semen and Yvonne’s juice floated in the pool,, my cock wilted and Yvonne slipped off me and swam off, I was knackered and stayed put for a few seconds, Maria saw this as a chance and swam in wrapping her legs around me as her mother had done, gotcha she proclaimed smiling at me “ now all I need is to get you back up again and I am in or rather you are in” I was I admit scared, she knew my weaknesses and I was sure she would use them against me, the ladies had left the pool area to get showered and changed, she put her arms around my neck and tried to kiss me, I was telling my cock to stay quiet, do not let me down this time, she put her mouth beside my ear and started to talk to me “now! there is no one around, you can just slip it into me, no one will know because it is under water, you want to fuck me don’t you, I can tell, can you feel my tits against your chest, my nipples are very hard being this close to you, fuck! you turn me on” she said as she had another go at my mouth, “come on don’t be a spoilsport, let me in. let me get to your tongue, I want you to put your tongue in my mouth, I would prefer it in my cunt but for now my mouth will do, did you enjoy watching the guy fuck Ellie on the dance floor,
I thought it was rather erotic as I saw his cock slip into her, of course she made sure it did, my cock was beginning to rise, “fuck” I thought “she seemed to enjoy his great big prick violating her cunt, bit of a whore on the quiet your lady I suspect” my cock touched her buttock “well now what do we have here, it seems like talk of Ellie fucking others turns you on, is that why you do it, is that why you let her fuck, because it turns you on, duly noted that when she was in desperate need of a finish she came back to her prick, and you didn’t disappoint” she had let go with one hand and was feeling for my prick, she contacted it and started to guide it to her cunt, “lick my neck” I said “what” she said “lick my neck, it will make me come up faster and harder, then I can fuck you” I said “let me in first” she purred as she assaulted my mouth again, this time I parted my lips and her silky tongue slipped in and searched around for mine, she broke contact and licked my neck, I ejaculated, she was still holding my cock as it twitched and kicked in her hand and I shot my load into the pool “you bastard she said, you fucking bastard, you will do anything not to fuck me” she said angrily, the lack of movement was starting to make me cold in the pool, she let go of my neck and swam away glaring at me as she got out of the pool, her naked form was still exciting to see, I got out and picked up my clothes making my way to my room, Ellie was sitting with the girls as I entered and went in the shower, when I came out the girls were all getting into some what looked like potato sacks that had ribbon ties down the front, “what are you doing” I asked “it’s for the auction” Ellie said “what auction?” I said “the theme of this gathering is for an auction, the proceeds will go to charity, the guys will sponsor a woman and then the guys can bid for any other woman, they can then spend 2 hours with the girl they have bought and do anything to her apart from bodily injury of course, we don’t want anyone cut up, you cannot buy your own sponsorship, if a girl does not comply then she has to pay back the money to the buyer, you can buy more than one girl if you think you can handle it, we had to do this because there are more girls than boys” explained Ellie “just who’s idea was this?” I asked “mine” said Ellie as she took off her under wear and put on the sack, she looked quite sexy with her pubic cushion peeping through the gaps between the laces, Roseanna was to be the auctioneer and she was also going to sponsor the women who did not have one or who wanted to participate but their spouses were reluctant to participate, while at the same time, if you did not make a sponsorship you could not bid, so this was like a giant wife swap for money, a plan was formulating in my mind, I went down to the kitchen and found Sam, Ellie’s chauffer, I talked to him then went back upstairs to the auction with Sam following me, the auction began, there were one or two other small rules that I will tell you about as we go along, a short redheaded woman was first up, Roseanna undid the tapes to show her assets and so that the buyers could see what they were getting, she went for 300 euro, then off she went with her buyer to fulfil the contract,
Yvonne was next up and she went for 500 euro, as did Sonia who looked magnificent even before they loosened the tapes because her sack could hardly contain her, several other women came next who went for a mixture ranging from 250 to 600 euro, Christina came next and I was mentioned as her sponsor Ellie looked at me, Sam bought her as per our agreement, she was slightly damaged because no anal was allowed with her but he bought her for 600 euro, Ellie was next and I bought her for 1100 euro, she looked a little disappointed but I was determined we would not get a repeat of the earlier incident where I could not see her and she was attacked a load of others paraded through, some chickened out at the last minute much to the anger of their sponsors who were hoping to fuck some fresh meat that night, the time with the girl started when the buyer collected her so I sat and watched the remainder go through, Maria was last and to everyone s amazement I bought her for 750 euro, she looked very excited as I went along the passage with Ellie, leaving Maria sitting on a sun bed, girls were not allowed to fraternise while they were waiting for the collection in case the buyer had purchased more than one, I took Ellie to the bedroom and she started to unfasten her laces, she posed around showing me all her bits and pieces as she walked around the room, “you are getting very protective of me” she said “is it wrong to be protective of someone you care about?” I asked “no” she said “but I was expecting a fresh cock was going to fuck me tonight” “and what about earlier, if I had not come in when I did, you could both have finished up in hospital, seriously injured, sex is a very strong d**g and when someone gets hooked they don’t care how they satiate the lust”, I was sitting on the bed and she came and sat in front of me with her back to me, I wrapped my arms around her and rested my chin on her shoulder “we had an agreement that you would only fuck elsewhere when you were in my sight, if you want to terminate that agreement then we can end this relationship here and now I said, she spun round on me and knelt on the bed throwing her arms around my neck “don’t say that, don’t ever say that, you have changed my whole world, and I love you so much but if you dump me I swear I will end my life in a second” she was sobbing, “does it ever enter your head that I feel exactly the same about you, I will not see you hurt or injured in any way with these games we play, the only way I can live with you having sex with someone else is if I see you do it, and yes this maybe a kickback from the situation with Maria and the way we broke up, I am a bit disappointed that you knew there was an auction tonight and you didn’t tell me when we spoke on the phone so you would have been fucked out of my sight, I said “no” she said “ I only entered the auction when I knew you were here and I thought you would sponsor me, that was very naughty of you to get Sam to do it” she said still clinging on to my neck, “why did you buy Maria?” she said, I had been expecting this question “I intend to give her to Hazel,
I know Hazel fancies her” I replied “I am going to ask a big favour of you and believe me it is for all our good but it has to be done, I want you to fuck Maria tonight, this is an ideal opportunity, I thought you would have done it in the pool and that is why I left you to it so that you could fuck her without me knowing, the reason I am asking is that the girl is addicted to you, she has been impossible to work with and I have had 6 complaints from the boss of the plant, they want me to sack her, I don’t want to see her back on the streets again, it would break Yvonne, she started her war with everyone as soon as you went to Croatia, please, for me, fuck her and calm her down” she said, looking at me “I may be taking a risk that you might decide to go back with her but I am hoping to goodness that I am not wrong in my assessment of how you feel about me, if it helps then I can go down the camera room and watch, now fuck me and make it rough,
I am your slave remember” she said “do you want it in your bum?” I said “ooo, yes” she said “it’s been a while, since you fucked that” I went down on her and brought her off with a screaming orgasm as I probed my tongue into her genitals, she was creaming herself as her juices flowed, then I fucked her cunt in many positions making it hard and fast as she made her orgasms hard but not so fast, then I got out the gel and eased into her, she gasped a lot because I was fighting the difference between hurting her and making it a bit more rough but she seemed to be enjoying it from the noise she was making, I stripped her of the sack cloth and ravished her whole body much to her delight and a lot of giggling, my two hours were up much too quickly, we walked down to the camera room and found Sam sitting in the chair with Christina sat on his lap, they were watching the antics of the other buyers,
Christina had her arm around Sam’s shoulders and she was rocking gently on him and I realised he had his cock inside her, I smiled at him, Christina looked at me as she slowly closed her eyes, she was enjoying the ripples of sex, she crooked her finger at me to come closer, I put my head near to her mouth “thank you for this” she said “he has been so gentle with me, he took me on the table to begin with, he is very thick, she said, she shuddered as another tremor hit her, I saw her dig her nails into Sam’s neck, she was still rocking gently, Ellie took a seat in another chair, watching the screens, Maria was sitting on the sun bed looking less than happy, I went and collected her.
I took her to the bedroom, on the way I warned her about the camera’s “so be careful what you say” I said “ I will master, I promise” she giggled, the prospect of me fucking her seemed to have cheered her up a bit, we got to the room and she discarded the sack, she was naked as she wandered around the room “what made you change your mind, is it that you have realised where you really belong, in my bed!, how do you want me? with my back to you I would expect, now that I know your weakness, you must have been desperate to get rid of me to part with that snippet of information” she said quietly “if you use it you are just spoiling it for yourself” I said “ it could go on for quite a while but it ends if you do that” “message received and understood master” she said cheerily , she crawled onto the bed and laid down on her side, I laid beside her facing her, she put her arms around my neck and came in close “am I allowed to kiss you now?” she whispered “ are you going to let me in, are you going to resist like you did in the pool” she cooed my cock was hard and she got hold of it and put it between her legs then pulled it up from behind to nestle along her shaved slit, I could feel the heat of her cunt on my prick, she was humping me very slowly, wanking me with her legs and genitals, she kissed my nose then put her lips against mine, I felt her tongue flick out at me, it flicked again as my cock came to full rigid “that’s my boy” she said, “he knows where he belongs, he can’t wait to get into me, to come home, I had my hand on her hip as I stroked her then I lifted her leg along my side, and started to reach for my cock, my intention being to stick it in her and get it over with but she wasn’t having any she reached down and moved my hand “not just yet” she said “ I’ve been waiting quite a while for this so I am not going to rush things, you are not going to slip it in like the guy did to Ellie on the dance floor although I think he was more surprised when it went into her, he certainly didn’t last very long, I have to give it to her, for a woman of her age she certainly worked his cock into herself quite expertly, I was impressed, were you impressed? to see your woman take another cock so readily, so easily, she knew what she wanted and she knew you were watching, was it like deja-vue when you watched me being fucked on the video, you got hard then if I remember” she purred, she flicked her tongue again but this time it went between my lips as I opened them a little “now that was better” she said “ now you are getting into it, would you like to lick my cunt, I would like you to, you were always very good at it, she pushed her tongue between my lips and I responded with my tongue into her as we fenced bringing our mouths together, her humping got noticeably quicker, and she squeezed my neck with her arm so that I could not escape the contact, she broke, panting “you really do turn me on you know” she whispered staring at my mouth “no one else came even close to what you do to me, even when I was whoring, with all the cock I had no one got near to me like you and I tested enough of them, I miss you so much, I have a constant ache for you, gnawing at me day and night” she whispered as she planted her mouth on me again and drove into me with her tongue, she rolled me onto my back, my cock still between her legs as she sat on it,
I knew that my cock end was sitting just slightly beyond her rectum, she slid back slightly so that the swollen end was resting against her anal ring, “oooh, that brings back memories” she said “ you never did fuck my arse, well I am afraid it is far from being a virgin because it has been violated many times by my punters but maybe you would like to fuck it tonight, seeing as you no longer have respect for me” she fished, I got hold of her buttocks and pulled her forward as she slid unresisting along my cock, onto my stomach then onto my chest, she was breathing heavily as she stared down at me, her vagina was at my chin as I tilted my head slightly and flicked out with my tongue, she yelped as she watched me tease her slit with it, I slid her further up so that her clit was on my lips. She leaned forward putting her hands on the pillow behind my head, her tits filled with flesh as her aureoles swelled, she started to grind her clit against my teeth then came as she shook and bowed her head, her hair hanging down framing her face, I pushed my tongue into her cunt, licking her lips and vulva then squirming my tongue around inside her, I could taste the chlorine of the pool still in her vagina.
She came again as the climax raced through her, throwing her head back, I groped her tits as she rocked on my mouth, she turned around to what I knew was one of her favourite positions, the 69, she had her vulva in my face as she got hold of my cock and kissed it, I got hold of her buttocks and pulled them apart stretching her cunt open and inserting my tongue, “heeello, my friend” she said as she trailed her tongue up the full length of my shaft, she twitched as I flicked my tongue at her clit “that’s not fair” she said “you always could distract me from my work” she inserted my cock into her mouth and sucked on it,, slurping around it “not this time big boy” she leered “ this is mine, I am going to make you come, you have plenty of time to recover before you fuck me, she went back to sucking my cock, I plunged my tongue into her cunt and licked hard “oh! fuck” she screamed ”as I felt the juice flood my tongue “ you fucking bastard, stop that please, let me do it, just let me do it” she plunged her mouth on my cock and started to suck me in desperation, she was wanking me hard as I released and poured my cum into her mouth, her lips closed around my cock to stop any leakage as she gulped down my semen, she continued to suck and lick the drops as she squeezed the last few drops from me as my cock wilted, she stretched out flat on me as she waved my cock in her hand, like a trophy, I heard her chuckle, her genitalia was very close to my mouth and I could not resist having a quick lick as she jumped,
I got hold of her legs that were at either side of my head and pushed them apart, her knees came round as I stretched her wide open but that that was not my goal, as her knees went round into my sides, her rose came into range and I licked it hard, her ring did not close fully probably because it had been stretched so much by cock so I inserted my tongue, and squirmed it “you getting it ready for this” she said as her arse bucked involuntarily at my attack, she was waving my cock again that was starting to show signs of recovery, “well lets see what we can do for him” she said as she climbed off the bed and went to my fridge, she took out a half bottle of wine and poured a glass, then she took a mouthful, she came back to the bed and got hold of my prick, she sucked it into her mouth sealing the circle with her lips then let the wine surround my cock, I jumped at the very cold contact as my prick lurched into action swelling and extending rapidly, I had seen Sonia do this to Marco but I never thought I would be on the receiving end so to speak, she let the wine slip down her throat as she wanked and sucked my cock to full hard erection, she looked up at me and smiled,
I was still on my back as she crawled up me and took my cock into her cunt, “now it is time for you to fuck your purchase” she said as she put her arms around my neck again and kissed me, she started to rock on my prick, I fondled her tits, tweaking the nipples as they came out hard and pert, she still had a good body and I reckoned she would have made a lot of money selling it as she did, she was watching me “ something on your mind?” she said “why” I said “why what?” she asked “ why did you do it” I replied “I told you why at the time, I needed attention and the men gave me attention, some of them several times as they fucked me” she said quietly “but why lie about it, why continue to try to hide it when it was obvious it was going to come out” I said to her as she gently rocked on me “ I was afraid that you would hate me, you were being loved by all of those women, they absolutely adore you without exception and me, only one person apart from my mother loved me, you! I so wanted to be loved by everyone and I was jealous if you like of your popularity because I was not Maria, I was your girlfriend and I felt that I was tolerated, that is why I liked the role play because usually there was someone else involved like the guy who played with my nipples in the club and you watched, I loved it because I was getting attention, I was getting it from you and from him and then at the party you were off sorting everyone out and I was left on my own, waiting in the side-lines for you to pay me some attention, then I started getting it and I fell into the trap, it became like a d**g and the deeper I got the harder it was to tell you the truth and then it all came out, that fucking bitch Hazel dropped me right in it, showing you the fucking tape, as soon as I realised you were looking at the tape I knew it was over, there was no going back, the vase had a crack that could never be fixed, and yes I meant what I said at the time and what you so generously reminded me of was that my father gave me attention with an ulterior motive, to fuck his daughter, can you imagine for one minute what it feels like to realise that the only reason he shows any affection to you is so that he can fuck you, so that him and his b*****r can drive their cocks into you and satiate their lust” she cried ”she had tears in her eyes” as she pulled me to her and put her arms very tightly around my neck,
I wrapped my arms around her and held her naked shaking body close to me, her nipples carving a groove in my chest, she had stopped rocking but was still sitting on my cock “ I know things can never be the same” she said “but I would like us to be friends perhaps with the occasional fuck, Ellie seems fairly flexible perhaps she is also frightened of losing you if she applies restrictions but I promise never to lie to you again because I understand that you allow Ellie to have the occasional fling and that your relationship with her is based on trust, you are both perfectly open with each other and it works so I realise finally that this was where I made my mistake, in my trying to hide everything, now where is that fuck you paid for, I got hold of her buttocks and lifted her slightly then pounded my cock into her as she came, pouring her juice all over my balls as I fucked into her with a renewed driving f***e, she screamed and cried as I took her to sexual heaven and back, she flopped off me and rolled on her back, Ellie and her party came through the door “times up” she called as she came and sat beside me and stroked my arm, she pulled me to the shower and we got in together, Sam sat in the chair as Christina plonked herself on him again looking for second helpings.
Later I was in bed with Ellie and she came in close to me “how do you feel?” she asked “I take it you heard it all” I replied “yes” she said “what she doesn’t realise is that I was lost to her quite a while before the split because I had found true happiness elsewhere, in a meeting I attended, I said, she smiled and we made love through the night.
To be continued……………….