The house is rocking Part 4

I had a really tough week at school a couple of major exams and some papers with deadline looming left me exhausted, so when some of my roomies went out to party on Thursday night I had declined. I hit the sack early and was in a sound sl**p until I awoke sometime in the mid morning. There were two girls coming into my room. The were d***k and giggling, shushing each other which made them even louder, but I pretended to be asl**p, I liked where I thought this was going.

Recently I had just started fucking the third member of the house. Karla was an old fuck buddy, Lana and Traci were the two latest. I was keeping my eyes most of the way closed and I couldn't figure out who was in my room, but I could see that they were both striping. Everyone in the house knows I always sl**p naked so one of the girls pulled back the covers and crawled up next to my cock. She took it in her hand and put the head into her mouth.

The other girl moved up across from her. Looking down the bed I could see that the one girl was Traci. She was the girl I had just started screwing most recently. I assumed then that the girl with her was Connie, her best friend who was visiting from out of town. Connie had pert little B cup titties with puffy nipples that I wanted to reach out and pull on so bad, but I wanted to see where this was going.

Traci stopped sucking and offered my cock to Connie. She took it hesitantly into her mouth. She was having trouble getting her mouth around it. I got the impression she really wasn't very experienced. Traci talked to her in low tones coaching her on how to suck and not sc**** with her teeth. Connie was starting to get the hang of it, and when Traci leaned down and took one of my shaved balls into her mouth I let out a slow moan which caused them to both stop. When I didn't move or make any more sound Traci started stroking my cock again slowly.

She said to Connie, “So what do you think, are you going to try it?”
“I don't know, its so weird, he is asl**p and I am worried about the size.”
“You will get used to the size, its not like you are a real virgin.” said Traci.
“I am too a virgin.”
“Sure you have never fucked a guy, but I have seen you with that dildo of yours, you are not going to have issues.”
“You might be right, should we wake him?” asked Connie.
“Nah, he will wake up on his own.”

I felt Connie straddle me and lower her pussy down to my cock. When it got there Traci rubbed my cock on her pussy to get it wet for entry. Traci lined my dick up with Connie's hole and said “OK”, and Connie brought herself down. She was tight, very tight and wet. She went down a few inches and then back up. She did not seem willing to go all the way down, but Traci started playing with Connie clit and she sort of slipped and came all the way down.

Connie started to moved her hips back and forth and rub her clit into my pubic region. This stimulated her clit and she really was getting off on it. I laid still but it was taking a lot of self control. I wanted to be ramming her hard and sucking on her sweet titties. Connie started to cum and had a series of orgasms on my cock, it felt incredible as her pussy contracted on my cock repeatedly. I thought it might put me over the edge, but I was able to control.

She got up and laid down next to me and Traci said that it was her turn. Traci started to ride me hard, and it would have woken the dead, so I opened my eyes. I reached up and took her tits into my hands. I stroked her nipples as she rode me and reached her first orgasm. I sat up and lifted Traci off of me. I repositioned her into doggy and got behind her. Connie was masturbating watching us which was really hot to watch. I entered Traci hard and fucked her fast. She was digging it and came again pretty quickly. I looked down at Conne and said “Come here.”

She got up and I put her on top of Traci also in doggy. Traci lowered herself a bit and I entered Connie. I took turns fucking both of them. They both seemed to be on a sex high because I was fucking them for a minute or two and they would cum, so I would switch to the other. This went on for a while and I slowly worked my index finger into Connie's asshole while I fucked her. When I would switch to fucking Traci I would finger her pussy and ass at the same time.

At the time I was to switch again I made sure my cock was really wet with some extra saliva and pussy juice and I lined up with Connie's ass. My cock went in for the first inch or two pretty easy, then Connie tensed up and let out a little scream. Traci rolled over and started kissing her friend and fingering her pussy while I worked my cock into her tight ass. It was really hot taking in this scene, Connie seemed to be out of it, she was thrashing herself and almost screaming just repeating “fuck fuck fuck fuck” over and over. Finally she stopped moving and tensed up as she was racked with an incredible orgasm that seemed to rip through her and leave her totally spent.

I let her roll off of the top of Traci and she just laid there panting. Traci laid next to her and I started stroking my cock. I had been pretty close to cumming for a while so soon I was shooting my cum all over both of them. I tried to make sure that they each got their share and my load seemed huge. I crashed next to them and fell asl**p.

When the sun came up I woke up and saw them both laying there covered with my dried cum and it got me very hard. Traci was on her side, so I decided I would wake her up like she did me. I got my cock lubed up with some lube I had and spooned her. I fucked her pussy good and she woke up just as I filled her pussy with my cum. She seemed a bit upset but I simply replied that turn about was fair play.