The History of Kim, Part 18

We were quite busy for the next 3 months. We took our paperwork to the Embassy, went to their doctor and got a complete physical for Kim, including chest X-rays, pap smears, and dental check. We were down to five days before we left Vietnam. I had our tickets on a commercial flight because, I was told, there was not space available for Kim on the Freedom Bird.

Our last night in Vung Tau was uneventful because Kim's father, grandfather, and three of her b*****rs, including Houng, came to take the things we couldn't ship home.
That was furniture, dishes, a TV and a stereo set. The Lt. had assigned a deuce and a half and driver to take the stuff to their home in Can Tho. He would spend the night there on that airbase, and they would let one of their guys accompany him back to Vung Tau, where he would be given a chopper ride back to Can Tho.

The next morning Paul showed up with a jeep to take Kim and I to the airport for our flight to Saigon. We loaded our baggage, and told everyone so long. Kim kissed everyone, and I was kissed by the new secretary. First leg of our trip home.

We arrived in Saigon, and caught a taxi to Camp Alpha, the debarkation camp. We would be there for three days. First order of business was for us both to give urine samples to test for d**gs. Kim didn't have a problem, but I couldn't go. I tried three times, and STILL couldn't give anything. Between tries I was in the club, drinking water to try and make myself go. I was sitting and talking to a Navy Senior Petty Officer, who had worked in the office assigning seats to people going home. I told him my situation, and he told me to go give them a bottle full, and for me to give him three copies of my travel orders. I did both. They locked me in a latrine, by myself, and I FINALLY MANAGED. Finished (AT LAST) I went back to the club where Kim and the Petty Officer were waiting for me. The P.O. had talked to some of his friends, telling THEM about our problem, and they had checked the manifests, and found us seats back to the “World” on a Freedom Bird….AND IT LEFT THE NEXT EVENING!
We thanked the P.O. for his help. Kim tried to offer to “thank” him in her own special way, but, he was on the way home, and was saving for HIS wife.

To kill time, the next day we went to a movie, but were so excited, we couldn't keep our minds on it, so we left, and went back to the club. We sat there and watched auditions for the club circuit until we had to go to the terminal for our flight home.

We arrived at the terminal, checked our bags, changed our money from MPC to U.S. Dollars, and were searched to board our flight. We flew from Saigon to Japan and on to San Francisco. We checked in, got Kim's Green Card, and caught our flight home.

My parents met us at the airport, and what was normally an hour and a half drive took us five hour because a thick fog was all around us.

The next three days were one f****y get-together after another. Kim met all the Grandparents, and most of the Uncles and Aunts.

We were wanting to start Kim's education for her Life in America, starting with her learning to drive. There was a pasture behind my parent's house that was about two hundred acres. The ONLY obstacle was a tree in the center. We put Kim in the car and told her what to do. SHE HIT THE TREE!!! We sent my youngest b*****r to get a tractor to pull the car back to the house, while Kim, my b*****r Jerry, and I waited.

Kim decided that she had to take a leak, and dropped her pants to do so. Jerry was standing there, ASTONISHED, at the way Kim squatted down to urinate in full sight of him. She finished her “business” and stood up, pants still at her knees. She saw Jerry looking at her, mouth open, and asked him what was wrong. He just pointed. Kim laughed and asked him if he had ever seen a grown-up girl naked, before. He managed to stammer out, “NO!” Kim looked around to make sure it was just the three of us, and took her pants the rest of the way off, followed by her shirt and bra. Jerry couldn't believe what he was seeing. Kim turned slowly around so he could see everything, then put one foot up on the bumper, so he had a clear view of her pussy. Jerry's shock wore off quickly when Kim asked him if he would like to touch it. He reached out first to feel her breasts, squeezing and fondling them softly. Kim then asked him if he had ever felt a girl's pussy. He said no again, and was invited to touch, and stick his finger inside her pussy. When he did she made her pussy bite his finger. We could hear the tractor coming, so Kim dressed, telling him that at the first chance, she would let him fuck her. AS MANY TIMES AS HE WANTED!!!

The next day we went in the car to get some feed for the chickens. I drove and Jerry and Kim went with me. We had to drive back roads about 15 miles to the store where we bought our feed. Most of the roads were low traffic. You MIGHT see two cars a day.

We found the perfect spot to stop. It was on a lease road with heavy trees all around. If someone drove down it, you would hear them coming long before they could see you.

We were next to a fairly large pond that occasionally people used to go skinny-dipping in. The weather was warm, so that is what we did. We all stripped off our clothes and jumped in. We splashed around for a bit until Kim got out and went up and laid down on the trunk lid of the car. Jerry saw her and went right to her, asking if he could feel her, again. There was a tarp and a blanket in the trunk, so he pulled them out and spread them on the ground. Kim laid down and spread her legs to let him look at her. She asked him if he had ever fucked a girl, before, and when he said no, offered to teach him how to do it so the girl would cum, too. She also told him that he SHOULDN'T cum inside the girl, so she wouldn't get pregnant, BUT HE COULD CUM INSIDE HER IF HE WANTED TO. In fact, she WANTED him to cum inside of her pussy.

She told him to get on top of her, which he did, and she guided his dick to her pussy, and told him to push it in. She told him that the first time he would cum very quickly, and not to worry about it. He only fucked her for a few seconds before he came. She assured him that that was normal. A man's first time was almost ALWAYS like that.

They rested for a few minutes before Kim asked him if he was ready for number two. She had squeezed out all his sperm from the first time and wiped herself clean with water from the pond.

She told him to kiss her lips first, and then to kiss or lick where she told him. When he kissed her she gave him a deep kiss with lots of tongue. Then told him to hiss just under her ear. He followed her lead, and sucked lightly on her earlobe, moving down to kiss and suck both of her nipples. She told him to wet his tongue, and lick down her belly, and when she tapped him on the back to kiss where he was licking. He did this until he reached her crotch.

she had her knees pulled up to her sides, and reached down to open her pussy with her fingers. She told him to look at the tiny bump at the top of her hole. He saw what she was talking about, and she told him to lick it lightly, and suck it the same way, which he did. After a bit of this, Kim was panting, but managed to tell him to stick his tongue INSIDE her pussy and lick it, too. This made Kim cum three or four times, almost smothering Jerry as she pulled his face into her pussy.

Kim reached down to feel Jerry's dick, and sure enough, it was hard. She turned over on her hands and knees, and told him to put it in her. He did as instructed, and began to pump in and out of her, making her groan with the sensation.

This time it would last much, MUCH longer than the first time. Jerry fucked her for about ten minutes like this, then Kim told him to lay on HIS back. She mounted him and rode him cowgirl for a little while, then turned around to reverse, so he could see his dick going in and out of her. This almost ended it. Kim sensed his feeling and stopped so he wouldn't cum, yet.

She dismounted and laid on her back, and told him to relax for a second. When she felt that he was ready, again, she told him to do just like he did the first time, and NOT TO STOP UNTIL HE SHOT HIS CUM.

Like a good student, he did as he was told. He got on top of her, put his cock inside her pussy, and started fucking. She was hunching back at him, her ankles locked around his back, her arms around his shoulders, and her tongue in his mouth. They went at it for several minutes, Jerry finally letting loose a huge gush of cum, deep inside of Kim's pussy. Jerry groaned, and Kim screamed in mutual orgasms. They were both limp as wet rags.

They both laid their for several minutes. Kim recovered first, and went and washed her pussy clean, then came back and sucked and licked Jerry's dick and balls clean.

They rested a bit longer, and Kim asked Jerry if he was ready for a test on what he had learned. With a smile, Jerry told her ,”Yes.” Kim laid back on the blanket and told him to make her cum.

Jerry started with a kiss, licked her all over, eating her pussy, and finally giving her a very long fucking. Kim had orgasm after orgasm, thrashing and screaming with each one, until Jerry had fully fucked her for the THIRD time, dropping another load of jizz inside of her. She told him he was ready for ANY girl, now.

We dressed and went on to get the feed, but decided, at Kim and Jerry's request to stop at the pond, again.

We had put the tarp and blanket in the back seat, so we could put the feed in the trunk. We hadn't even made it to the road, before Jerry asked Kim if she knew what the back seat of a car was for. She smiled at him and asked if it was for fucking, and he told her it was.

They scrambled into the back seat. Jerry pulled his pants to his knees, and Kim took hers off, completely. She straddled him, and they were off, again. Number four.

Back at the pond, for the trip home, they had numbers five and six.

Just before they finished number six, we heard a sound in the trees. One of the neighbors had walked from HIS house, about a quarter mile away, to look for some stray livestock. He had watched ALL of number five, AND number six. He had shown himself just as they were finishing.

He and I had graduated High School together, and after his parents had decided to retire, he had taken over the f****y farm.

I hadn't seen him since graduation. I introduced him to the STILL naked Kim. She never blinked an eye. She offered her hand, and shook with him, smiled, and asked him if he would like to fuck her. When he said he would, she asked if his wife would mind, or if he wanted to meet us somewhere. He told her that he wasn't married, and Kim told him we could come to his house for a visit, and she could give him some pussy.

WE went visiting the next day.