The Grocery Store

My wife likes that I like going to the grocery store, and since I also do the majority of the cooking, I like to see what is freshly available. It is no secret to many that know me that I am a tit man, I love 'em! All sizes, shapes, colors and configuration, One of the added benefits of doing the grocery shopping is that the store is loaded with all types of women. As I browse the counters, I also look at every woman (mostly) and try to envision what thier boobs look like, some times it takes more imagination with some women then others. I have always had a fantasy of hooking up with a lady during shopping, but it has not yet happened. My last shopping trip was a good start, but still have not yet closed the deal.
With a half full (or half empty, depending on your view) shopping cart, I was in the pharmacy section looking at different pain medicine, a very nice looking woman in her mid 40's, wearing a halter top and no bra. She too was looking at pain medicine, as she bent over, I got a a great view of her nicely shaped B+ sized boobs and erect nipples, in fact, I got a couple really nice glimpses,and I could feel myself strating to get erect, but her friend called her to another aisle and that was the end of the encounter. I have had similar occurences in the past, but my fantasy is that the lady notices that I am looking, but continues to stay in a position that allows her boobs to be noticed. She can tell that I am enjoying the view, we make a bit of small talk, and I apologize for being so noticably distracted. We both continue our shopping, passing ocassionaly as we pass each other down the aisles, it is when we get to the last aisle that she says to me “looks like we are both done, I am glad I could at least make you smile, and flashes me and giggles, I tell her that I wish I could return the favor, she tells me that she is married and flirting is as far as it goes. We exchange smiles and continue to checkout. After paying for everything, I am in the parking lot thinking of my recent encounter, and thinking that I need to jerk off to my new found memmory. As I am almost done putting things in my truck, a car pulls up beside me, there is my grocery buddy, she is sitting in her car, with her shirt pulled up over her boobs, she said she wanted to make sure I got a great look before she left. She can now see that my dick is hardening through my shorts, she asks if that's her fault, I told her it was, and that I may need a hand in resolving the issue. She tells me to get in her car, and pulls in beside my truck which is the secluded side of the parking lot. She says I can touch her boobs, but nothing else as that is for her husband. I explained that I am married as well, my wife know that I love to look and allows touching on occasion. She asked for me to pull out my dick, it is already hard, she asks if she can jerk me off, to wich I replied “What are you waiting for?” She starts to rub gently and teasingly, taking her time to rub the head, and squeezing to turn it bright purple. I am playing with her erect nipples, she starts to fidget in the car and tells me she can cum from nipple play, so i gently pull, tweak her nipples, rubbing the aerolas until they are nice and hard. She has a cold soda in her drink holder, I get the tips of my fingers nice and wet as well as coldfrom the sweat off the bottle, she loves it and tells me she is very close to cumming, she tells me in a very sexy vioce to start pulling a bit harder as she is now cumming as she rocks back and forth in her seat. She tells me it is now my turn, opens up one of her bags and gets out some lotion. She tells me to be quick as she should be back home by now, I tell her I would do the best I can. As she gets my dick nice and lubed she says ok, you ready, and I say yes. She immediately start stroking my dick as fast as she can, encouraging me to come, “you need to cum now, right here on my tits!” She leans over so the tip of my dick is touching her nipple while she is stroking, she gets faster and faster, her boob is bouncing all over my dick, I am getting close and let her know not to stop! Pre-cum is at the tip, which encorages her even more, until I blast a load all over her tits, chin, legs, and she finally starts to slow her motion and stops when I can take it no more.
She takes her shirt off and cleans us both up, and pulls a fresh halter from under her seat, she says she always carries a spare. I tell her thanks, and she said she had fun as well and wanted to know when my next grocery shopping would take place.