The Fishing Trip

A broken boat motor extended our five day fishing trip into one of idyllic isolation.
I woke up to the sounds of my father having a bad dream, he was huffing and grunting as if he were fighting or working hard; it scared me because I never heard it before. I listened as he moved around on his bed for a few minutes, restless with the dream then he groaned a long sigh and fell silent. I laid awake on my side of the thin wall for a few minutes until I decided his dream was done then slowly the worry ebbed and I drifted back to sl**p.

The next morning as I poured his coffee I asked him “Did you have a bad dream last night? You were banging around on the bed and making hard noises.”

My father snapped his eyes up to my face from the cup then his cheeks started to glow under his week old beard “Yeah, I was dreaming” he muttered hesitantly.

“What about, it sounded bad?”

He stood up abruptly “Doesn't matter, it's done and over.” He left the cabin to work on the boat.

My father and I were living, existing more like it, in a small hunters cabin on the edge of a lake in northern Manitoba. We had gone up there for a four day stay to fish for lake trout. This was a trip for me, I am an avid fisher and I wanted to try to catch the Canadian record Lake Trout for women and the lake was rumored to have the biggest fish in the Province. Very few people ventured so far north unless they were after records. We drove, towing our boat for three days to a small village then ran the boat up a couple of rivers to the lake. We'd heard tell of three cabins that could be used by hunters or fishers as long as we left them in good condition when we were done. We took a cabin on the northern end of the lake where the fishing was rumored to be the best.

That was seven days ago. The third day on the lake we hit a submerged log and sheared a blade off the propeller. The big outboard began to shake violently and twisted on it's mount before dad hit the kill switch. After a five minute inspection and a volley of embarrassingly foul language he announced that we were fucked, if we wanted to use the boat it would be with oars. We rowed back to the beach and yelled for help. After a 40 minute conversation over our emergency radio with the nearest Mountie office my father dropped the mike and looked at me. “They can't find what I need, they have to find out where to order the right prop. This may take a day or two. Whose goddamn idea was it anyway to buy a super secret, super quiet, uber expensive foreign motor anyway?”

I smiled into his irritation “Yours.”

Three days later I celebrated my nineteenth birthday. We were supposed to be back home but the busted boat kept us grounded in northern Canada. The planned party with my friends became a kiss on the cheek and a murmured “happy birthday sweetheart”. The news on the propeller wasn't good; it was going to have to be ordered directly from the manufacturer, some place on the other side of the world.

My mother was gone, died two years earlier, so there was no one at home waiting, it was summer so I didn't have to be in college. Dad had a girlfriend and I was dating Chris but we weren’t so entangled with them to cause undue stress. If I could open up my thoughts and examine them carefully, I would say I was enjoying my time alone with my father.

Dad was in the cabin getting more bad news on the motor part, the day was unusually hot, the lake looked cool, clear and inviting. I didn't have a suit with me but I wanted desperately to go swimming so I stripped my shoes, pants and shirt off then splashed into the water wearing just my bra and panties.

I was shoulder deep in the water when I pushed up with my feet, curved my back and rolled over and down, diving to the bottom to look around. I felt my back and ass roll through the surface then I straightened my legs into the air as I dove. I swam along the bottom for a few yards then popped up for a breath. I twisted my head toward the cabin and saw my dad leaning on the door frame watching me. I smiled hugely then waved an arm at him “This feels really good, better than a bath!”

My father grinned back “See any record trout in there?”

I frog stroked back to the shore then grabbed my towel to dab the water off me. As I started patting the drops off my face I remembered that I didn't have a suit on, just my flowery decorated bra and panties. For about a microsecond I thought I should be embarrassed but that fleeting idea evaporated as mist under the sun. It didn't bother me that dad was watching me rub my body down while only in my delicate wear. “How long do we have to wait?”

He started with surprise then turned red, cautiously he asked “wait for what?”

I answered “The prop.”

Dad colored even more as he hesitated, “Oh, yeah. They said it might take another 5 days then asked if we wanted an airlift out of here, they can send a float plane. We would have to leave the boat and come back later for it. What do you think?”

I didn't think about his hesitation as I smiled, tossed my damp towel at him and replied “Another five days in paradise with the only man I truly love? I'll take it!” We finished that day standing on a rocky outcrop in the lake fishing for dinner.

The 'wall' between our cots was a quilt hung from a rope which was nailed to a roof beam. When we went to bed it was our routine to hang the quilt, change into our night clothes then slip under the covers. Brushing our teeth and toiletries were taken care of in a small lean-to on the side of the cabin. The same night I played in the lake in my underwear we didn't put the wall up. We were so intent on our card game then some late night conversation that dad drifted to sl**p on his cot before hanging the blanket between us. As I rested on the pillow and watched the man sl**ping a kernel of a thought planted itself then grew to a full grown realization. I remembered the noises my dad made, the way he flushed when I came out of the water and in a sunburst of understanding, the hesitation when he answered my question 'How long do we have to wait?' With a woman's intuition for such things, knew my father was reacting to me as a male to a female, not a dad and daughter. My heart started thumping with dread, my mind quailed with revulsion when I thought of the possibilities. I wasn't virgin but the idea that my father might want to fuck me put me on an edge of nervousness I’d never experienced before. God, how gross could that be, just the idea was revolting.

I slept very little that night, lying in the dark, afraid of my own thoughts, watching my father sl**p on the little bed next to me.

The sun burned away my nighttime fears and I saw my dad again as my father, not a predator. We rowed the boat to a spot on the lake near our cabin that looked intriguing as a place to catch a lunker. Dad and I fished for several hours, catching and releasing several nice sized fish but the big ones weren’t taking the bait. It was another hot day and since our supply of ice had long ago melted we had only tepid bottles of water to cool us. The longer I sat in the boat with my parent the more ridiculous my nighttime thoughts became. Around noon I decided that it was all my own imagination, my dad didn't want me that way.

Not only did I convince myself of his pure thoughts, I started to experience small nagging doubts. Why didn’t' he want me that way? I was nineteen, a full grow woman, he was a healthy, and (I had to secretly admit) an appealing, handsome man. We were so alone we could have been the last two people left on earth; why didn't he want the warm companionship of willing young woman?

Willing Young Woman!? Did I actually think that? I had to break the train of thought!

“Hey, the fish are too lazy to fight, I'm hot, I'm going swimming again.” I stood in the back of the boat and shucked my shoes, socks, pants and shirt. In moments I was poised on the side of the boat, I turned to dad, bade him good bye then dove into the clear cool water, with nothing between me and the water except thin cotton lingerie'.

My father laughed at my antics then asked “can I join you?” In moments he was undressed to dark blue briefs then dove cleanly into the lake. He surfaced several yards away then began to stroke strongly away from me. I kicked into motion and swam after him, trying to reach him in an unspoken race. I caught him by the shoulders then wrapped my arms around his neck, clinging to his back. Dad floundered briefly then rolled to his back. My grip was loose so I stayed in place and in seconds we were face to face, stomach to stomach, legs rubbing together as we tread water. I looked into his bright happy eyes and felt a small flame ignite between my legs. I saw a flash of something primal in those eyes then he pushed away toward the boat.

Dad and I splashed and gamboled for fifteen minutes, clutching, holding and chafing often. Finally he'd had enough and pulled himself free of the water. As I watched his back, ass and legs rise from the water the small flame grew to a campfire, I couldn't deny the surge of want that engulfed my womb. I reached my arms up so he could lift me to the boat, when he did my eyes were locked on the hefty bulge that his wet briefs formed around, I was staring at his cock and the image of it hard slammed into my womb and added more fuel to the growing flames. I grabbed my shirt and tossed it over my shoulders to warm me but the evaporating drops of lake water caused me to shiver so I reached for him and wrapped my arms around him then plastered my body against his to warm up. My breasts were pressed against the broad field of his chest muscles, my stomach caressing his. He rested his hands on the rise of my butt and held me until the shivers stopped. When I broke apart from him he was looking down into my eyes and I saw a moment of pure feral lust in them. I recognized it, I wanted it. My heart thudded heavily as my bl**d raced; I wasn't wary, I wasn't self-conscience, I didn't avoid his eyes. In less than a second I knew I could fuck my father. The fire in my loins spread to the entrance of my body, she swelled and began to seep.

I don't know if dad felt the same way but my day passed as if I were on a date. I caught myself flirting with him, offering coy comments, brushing against arms and hands when the opportunity arose. In turn he seemed more animated, more focused on me than on fishing or the boat. The day passed quickly but at the same time it was agonizingly long hours before the sun set. I couldn't eat my dinner, I just pushed it into small piles as we talked.

I didn't want to boldly strip naked and throw myself into his arms but I fervently hoped he would make a pass at me. It would only take one, just the right touch or suggestion no matter how small would get me into bed with him.

It came from an angle I wasn’t expecting.

I was in bed when he pulled the quilt wall aside then sat next to me, he had a picture in his hand. “Have you seen this picture?” he asked.

I took it from him and in the dim light I saw my mother sitting on a beach in a bikini smiling into the camera. I'd never seen the picture before. “That's mom only very young, how old was she?”

“s*******n. I took that picture on our first date, we were at the park at Scotch Lake. I fell like a tree in the forest for her and asked her to marry me fifteen minutes after I took this. I was serious but she thought I was just trying to get into her pants and managed to hold me off for four years.”

“You dated for four years before she let you?”

“No, sweetheart, she married me four years later. We did manage to get together a few times before that” he said with a wistful smile.

I was a little puzzled why he was showing me a picture of my mother I’d never seen before until he said “I was watching you today and every move you made, every turn of your head or smile on your lips took me back to the day in this picture. You were your mother, you became her in my mind and I fell in love with her all over again.”

“Maybe you were feeling the memories, or maybe you missed her more that normal, I'm not that much like mom.”

My father looked down on me and his voice changed, lower, quieter, huskier; his eyes crystallized sharp and clear as he looked into mine, “No, you became your mother and it had a strong effect on me, I never in my life had thoughts like that before.” With that he stood beside the bed and pulled his pants down and off his legs. His intent was evident as a long, hard erection that rose into the air over big condensed balls. The flames in my belly had reduced to glowing coals after dinner but the sight of him readying to come to my bed fanned the coals which burst into a full scale conflagration in seconds. Not a single thought of the thousands rushing through my mind was to reject him.

The small bed wasn't big enough for him to lie beside me so I eased to my back as my legs automatically spread, readying to receive the endowment between his legs. Dad sat next to me then leaned down and put his head on my breasts while a hand began to caress my lower leg. I put my hands in his hair and lifted his head off my chest then reached for his neck and pulled him closer, encouraging him over me. He sat back up then took my sl**per pants in his hand and tugged them down. I lifted my butt, then my legs, allowing him to strip them off. As the flannel bottoms fell to the floor dad stretched out, rolled up and over me, the end of his erection slipped down my body crack, testing the slickness of my swollen pussy lips. I brought my knees up to his sides which gave him more room between my legs then almost swooned with rapture when he plunged his solid, throbbing manhood into me until his groin crushed against mine. I heard a girl puff softly with intense pleasure when my father started fucking me.

I could smell his maleness, I felt his masculinity, I focused on his erection as it plunged and thrust between my legs. Nothing in my life had ever prepared me for the experience I was enjoying. I recalled that two days earlier I was repulsed thinking my father wanted me but that moment of insanity was gone, replaced by a cloud of rapture as his balls slapped repeatedly against my body. He bent his head and covered my breast with his hot moist lips then teased the nipple with the tip of his tongue, I gurgled a moan at the thrill that raced through my breasts. He pushed up on his arms, looking down on me as his hard throbbing cock pinned me to the bed. I couldn't think of anything except that I loved what we were doing so I managed to tell him “Oh god dad, I love this, I love you so much!” I reached for his face and pulled him down again to put my mouth over his. As we kissed sexually for the first time he lost the rhythm and started banging against me in a frenzy as he jerked and came in long intense bursts. My cunt warmed even more as the hot discharge from his balls filled me to overflow, his cum was gushing around his erection and down the crack of my ass. I was elated that his big balls could produce that much love for me.

He rolled to his side, his chest heaving for cool air and collapsed on half of my pillow. I turned to face him, out stomachs and groins pressed together, and kissed him again. I was drifting on bright euphoric clouds, I hadn't had an orgasm but it didn't matter. I was able to give my father my love and affection, that was satisfaction enough.

He looked into my eyes then slipped a hand between my legs, feeling my cunt and the slick fluids seeping from me. He moved his fingers to the top of my crack and within seconds I was on another sexual journey. He was skillful, he was tender and he was bringing me to my peak by pressing and teasing my hot button. Dad slid two fingers across my clit for only a few moments before the lust inside me exploded into a flaring wild fire that enveloped my entire body. I cried out my pleasure as my legs vibrated and my hips humped against his hand. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in for a tongue lashing kiss while my climax crashed through me as tidal waves of ecstasy.

I melted like hot wax against his chest and allowed my body to go numb in the afterglow of what he had done. I had never experienced sex like that but I knew immediately I would again. He kissed my cheek then said “I can't stay here sweetheart, it's too crowded to sl**p comfortably.”

I smiled at my father, “Wasn't too crowded just a minute ago.”

He pinched a nipple, causing another shudder to vibrate though me, “We weren’t sl**ping.”

I held him close again and teased “I love you daddy but I'm done with you, now get out of my bed.” He chuckled softly as he rose from my side and went back to his own narrow cot. He didn't bother to put up the quilt wall.

I lay in the dark watching his profile as he slept. I don't know how long I laid there, trying to sl**p but I couldn't, I could only think about how hot I got and how skillfully my father had brought me to a stunning orgasm. The longer I watched him, the longer I thought about him, the stronger my lust for him built again.

He was on his back when I got up and went to him. I pulled the blanket down and inspected him as he slept. My dad is tall and slender, not skinny, but at 6'1 he weighed just over 200 pounds, much of that in broad powerful chest and shoulders. He doesn't have ripped abs but his tummy is toned, flat. All that was pleasing to look at but it was the junction of his thighs I was most interested in. The fresh memory of his erection doing its work in me made my bl**d bubble as I looked at the limp member lying slightly to the left over his nut sack. Even flaccid I liked the size and heft of the cock that had delivered me from him to my mother in a rush almost 20 years earlier. I sat across the sl**ping man's lower legs and reached for my beginnings.

I lifted his cock gently then bent over and kissed the head of it. I tasted myself on him and it turned me on even more so I parted my lips and pulled the tip of his cock between my teeth and began to lick it with my tongue tip. My heart was smashing against my breastbone, I got hot then wet between my legs as the object of my desire began to swell and pulse in my mouth