The first night

We finally meet in a bar after exchanging messages. Admittedly I’ve been turned on by the thought of where the night could lead but you can tell I’m slightly nervous. As we enjoy our first drinks together we chat about nothing in particular but I notice a cute smile you have as we talk.

You can see that I’m becoming more comfortable and open with you so you decide to ask

‘hunni, what do think will happen tonight?’

I lean in close and whisper

‘I want you to be my first’ before kissing you softly on your lips.

We start to kiss passionately and then decide to leave the bar.

As we make our way back to yours we whisper to each other the dirty little things we want.

You lead me straight to your bedroom, dimly lit setting the mood. You lay down on the bed and entice me to join you.

We kiss passionately as our hands begin to explore each others body. Your finger tips slip down my pecs while my fingers tease your thighs. I kiss your neck and suck your ear lobes as your hand strokes my cock through my jeans. I quickly undress so you can see my naked form with precum dripping out of my hard hot cock. I moan as you wrap your lips around it and start to suck slowly, hardening with every movement.

I pull you up and remove your dress so I can finally excite your breasts. Sucking on your hard nipples before kissing you deeply I lay over you so our cocks touch. I can tell you need to be unleashed from those panties. I look at you as my finger glides over your bulge.

‘It’s ok baby, you don’t have to.’

I come up and kiss your neck

‘but I want to’

And with that I drop to your thighs and unleash you, taking a second to admire your amazing cock before wanking you gently.

‘Baby…’ you whimper

‘It’s time.’
with that you lay me down on the bed and spread my legs before kissing me and sucking on my lip. You slowly stroke down my body with your tongue until you reach my ass

‘I’ll be gentle’

I suck your fingers to get them moist and moan as you start to finger me,opening my tight hole. My cock is now rock hard and I breathe

deeply. I arch my back so my ass opens for you before whispering ‘Let me taste you’

You climb up over my face as I take your cock into my mouth and suck hard. You’re surprised just how into it I get as I enjoy the taste of your cock. The more you moan the more I suck.

You pull out, roll me onto my back and I push my ass up into the air. You know what I want and without hesitation you spread my asshole wide, slowly teasing your hard, lubed up dick inside me.

Fuck! It’s so good! My ass trembles as you start to fuck me, your hands holding my hips so you can push just a little deeper with every thrust.

I pull away and roll onto my back, throwing my legs and arching my back so you can fuck me and see the ecstasy on my face.

‘I want you to cum over me, let me taste it.’

You ravish my ass, with each thrust getting closer and closer to climax and then you pull out and I go to taste you as your cock explodes, covering my face.

‘ You were so good baby, I’ll suprise you next time’