The Dirtiest Thing…

Everyone always asks me, “What's the dirtiest thing you have ever done?” I usually answer with a short fucked two guys an hour apart answer, but I think it's time I tell the whole story.

As you probably guessed, I'm Jenni. Or Jen, or Pink or Pinky. I got that nickname from my friends when I dyed my waist length hair bright pink earlier this spring. I'm your not so typical college freak. Other then my hair and dark eye liner, I'm just like any other college sophomore. I work 2 job, I go to school full time, and I LOVE sex.

Last spring, I was hanging out with my boyfriend. I use that term loosely, he's male and he's a friend. We aren't dating in any restrictive means. We just enjoy each others company in and out of bed. This particular evening, we had the place to ourselves, his folks were away for the weekend, and our friends were all hanging out at a party that night.

I had just finished showering and primping to make this a night he will NEVER forget. I looked myself over in the mirror… Short black miniskirt and black satin thong?… Check… Tight black Misfits tank top?… Check… Twenty eye knee high Doc Martins?… Check. Today's birth control pill?.. Taken. I was ready to rock his world!

I arrived just after 9pm, smelling like my fall harvest perfume. I jumped as Bill opened the door before I could knock. He was looking good himself! Black leather pants, black muscle shirt that shows off his strong arms, deep dreamy dark eyes. To get even with him startling me, I pounced on him the before he could say a word. Pushing him back into his empty dimly lit house, closing the front door with my foot. I kissed him and drove him back until he fell backwards onto his living room sofa. I climbed on his lap, making out like it was our last night on earth. I could feel his bulging cock though his tight leather pants. My satin thong glided along his cock bulge perfectly. I dry humped him for long minutes as we kissed.

Panting and squirming on his huge bulge, I finally couldn't wait any longer. I had to have that thing inside me! I stood up and spoke the first words of our date. “Pants. Off. NOW!” He must have seen I meant business because he had his pants off before I could get my satin thong off, of coarse he didn't have garters to deal with like I did.

There he sat, my goth Adonis, with a throbbing 8 inch purple cock in his hands. I was dripping wet from hours of anticipation. I turned away and slow began to do a mock lap dance for him. Grinding my soft pink ass on his dripping cock. I was planning on teasing him a good long time, but he had other ideas. His strong arms pulled me down on his hard cock. I suddenly felt my wet pussy open as his meat slid into me. It was heavenly. He has a nice fat cock, just long enough to push hard on my deepest treasures, but not so big to cause internal hemorrhages.

I bounced on that cock for only a few minutes when his phone rang. We looked at it on the coffee table, but decided to ignore it, our pleasures were just to nice to give up for a silly phone call! Bill's hands ran up my shirt and pulled down my bra. He was kissing the back of my neck and squeezing my 36C's while I rode him like a wild a****l. A few minutes later, his phone rang again. His s****r's name was on the ID. Sighing, I reached down and picked it up, handing it to him with his his cock never leaving my body.

“Hello baby s****r.” He said, trying not to sound out of breath at 9:30 at night. I watched as his face drew serious. “Slow down… Are you OK? …….. Where are you?….” My heart started to sink as I felt his cock start to soften. “I need to get dressed. I was… asl**p. I'll be there as soon as I can.” His last works stuck the final blow. My long night of sexual adventure wasn't going to happen.

“She's broken down off highway 33. I need to go get her.” Bill said with serious disappointment in his voice.

I smiled at him, “Well you better fuck me fast then and get your ass on the road!”

Without missing a beat, we quickly flipped around on the sofa. I was on my knees leaning on the back, my ass was the perfect level for him. He slammed his cock in my soaking wet pussy and fucked me HARD. It only too a few minutes more and I felt him squeeze my hips and ram his cock as deep as he could. Warm wet excitement flooded my hungry pussy. I love the way he thrusts with each spurt. I came for an eternity, milking his seed into me.

He quickly got dressed as I laid there ass in the air, still quivering from orgasm. “I'll be back in THREE hours. Don't you leave!” He told me, as if I was going to. I was juts getting warmed up! Twenty minutes? That's just foreplay. I need more then that!

“I'll be here, wet and ready! And don't think that I'm not going to see what porn is on your computer while your gone!” I mused at him.

Then, as fast as the night had begun, he was in his car and headed out. Three hours. I had to wait three damn hours for him, and that was hoping he was right about that. I went up to his bedroom and sat down at his computer. He had a good collection of porn, I was impressed. Lots of group sex and orgy stuff. Grinding my soaking thighs together I watched for awhile.

About 30 minutes passed. The phone rang, it was Bill. His friends Mike and Heather were coming over, he just wanted to give me a heads up. Before I even got off the phone with him, I heard them come in the front door.

“Pink?! It's us, Mike and Heather, don't freak out.” He shouted up the stairs. Like I have a history of freaking out or something. I put Bill's computer to sl**p and headed down the stairs. Just as I crested the last step, I saw Heather, collapse on to the couch that I very much enjoyed not an a hour ago. Mike looked at her with kinder eyes then I could. She was d***k. Not like a little tipsy cutsie blond d***k, like falling down no idea where she was d***k.

Mike looked up at me with an apologetic smile. “Bill said we could crash here. She can't drive and I don't want to drive too far on a suspended license.” To my horror, Heather picked up my soaking wet satin panties, that I left on the coffee table. “Soooome one was havin' FUN!” she broke out into d***ken hyena laughter. I must have turned bright red, I felt my face burning. Luckily the hysterical laughter was all she take, passing totally out in a heap.

I looked at Mike with nervous laughter, I must smell like sex. I took focus away from myself and offered to help get Heather up into Bill's bed so she could sl**p it off.

Once we got her in bed, we decided she can't sl**p with all her clothes on! Mike and I stripped her down to her bra and panties. Heather was a hottie. Small Irish frame, perfect little B cup breasts, blond hair, pale skin with just a hint of freckles. Mike was hard as a rock, I could see his excitement from undressing his girl friend with me. We laughed as we unhooked her bra and slowly pulled it off her. We even took turns spanking her ass as she lay there totally oblivious to us. It was a good time.

After we had her all tucked in, we shut off the lights and headed for the living room. Mike looked me over hungrily, “Damn I was really hoping to fuck Heather good and proper tonight., but it won't be any fun with her passed out!”

I smiled at him, “You know, Mike, I”M not passed out! Bill was supposed to fuck ME good and proper tonight, too!”

A long moment passed between us, and suddenly we were plastered against each other making out like virgins in their parents basement. His hand was riding up my short skirt squeezing my ass. I had one knee raised, grinding my thigh to the bulge in his shorts.

The nearest open door was the bathroom. We slipped in there and I hopped up on the counter. His hands worked their way around to my soaking wet pussy. I felt him slip 2 fingers inside me.

Whispering in my ear, “Someone is very very wet!”

I smiled at him and whispered back, “Um.. that's not me, that's Bill… we um… played before he had to run.”

Mike quickly spread my thighs with his hips. “Good, then I don't have to warm you up!” Pulling down his shorts his hard cock sprang free.

I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him to me as she slipped his cock in my cum filled pussy. I could feel the hot cum that was inside me, being pushed out by the new invading cock. Bill's cum was dripping down my ass, on his own bathroom counter, as his buddy Mike fucked me hard. Mike's girl friend, Heather, was a mere 20 feet away passed out in the next room while her date fucked my aching pussy.

Mike pounded me for what felt like an hour before he blew his load in my already full pussy. The feeling of 2 different mens seed inside me awakened something very primal in me. I can't get enough cum in me now. I want more and more and more. Maybe someday I'll have a story of my exploits with a group of horny men, but for now, I have this memory to excite me during solo play.

As for Bill, Mike and Heather, We did full disclosure in the morning. Bill and Heather said they need to get together and fuck to make them even with us. I have no problems at all with that! Maybe I will be able to lick 2 different men's cum out of a hot Irish girl! Ahh… a girl can dream right!

Till, next time! Kisses!

~Jennifer Pink