The dinner

As I sit here eating beautifully creamy Brie with some oatcakes I can feel the remains of cum soaking into my silky knickers. I feel surprise at myself, yet have just had one of the best fucks I have ever had, with perfect strangers.

When I arrived I was introduced to Greg, along with another very couple couple, the wife grabbing her guy very territorially, as if she knew I had just been through a split with my plank of a partner. I looked at the hubby, thinking in your dreams, as I would eat you alive but gave him a flirty smile so she could do her ‘hands off he is mine’ look.

Greg was put next to me, he wasn’t my type but it could be fun for the evening, the singles together in a sea of couples! Mr hubby was on my other side. I caught up with gossip and heard all about feeding regime for babies and extra tuition for their 5 year olds reading, looking at Greg once in a while to see the boredom on his face.

The starter was good and Greg and I had chatted a little about us and flirted a bit. He was a lecturer and laughed when I said that I was sure he had heard it before but he really didn’t look like the archetypal OU presenter! He asked what a lecturer looked like? I blushed a I realised I had blurted out ‘well not as hot as you are!’

He laughed and without missing a beat thanked me for the compliment.

I thought about trying to apologise or just come clean and tell him I been missing sex, deciding I would just sound sad and hey, the damage was done, he would either ignore me or feel flattered, as it happened it was the latter.

We continued to chat and flirt shamelessly all through the main course and he was very attentive and was putting his hand on my knee, running his hand up my thigh and between my legs. Although he wasn’t touching my pussy, the intimacy of a stranger having his hand between my legs was making me want to snog his face off.

He carried on a normal conversation with the others as I parted my legs a little and his finger found my knicks and he began rubbing my mound. I breathed in deeply and the hostess asked if I was ok? I said I was just needed to pause for enjoyment and put my fork down for effect. I could feel my pussy becoming wetter and wetter with the light touch of his fingers.

As the plates were cleared I excused myself saying I needed a little air, I know my hostess believes it is best to pause before dessert and so wandered out to the garden. It was a nice autumn evening, a little chilly and no clouds in the sky. I found the hubby of the couple I was introduced to, he was having a crafty cigarette in the summerhouse. He told me he was supposed to be giving up; I laughed and said he secret was safe with me! We chatted more and I realised he was quite hot and when he said I seemed to be enjoying myself during the main course, I realised that he had seen what Greg and I had been up to.

Greg came and joined us and I sat between them, wishing the hubby would go in and find his wife. Almost like he had read my mind he excused himself, leaving Greg and I alone.

We looked at each other and Greg leant into me and we began kissing, a hot and wet kiss and it took seconds for him to be pushing my legs apart and forcing his fingers into my hole, using my juices as lube. He stood me up and lifted my pencil skirt up to my waist, slid my knickers to my ankles and told me to step out of them.

His pushed my legs further apart and pushed his fingers deep into my pussy, pushing until he was deep in me, finger fucking me. He undid my blouse and slipped my nipples free from my bra (thank goodness I had gone for the slut look and not the Bridget Jones) and was grasping handfuls of my breast as I gasped with every push of his fingers.

I could feel the pressure in my pussy and in my whole pelvis and felt myself orgasm and squirt all over his hand, my legs shaking as I cum and I rubbed my breasts over his face, with him licking them as I orgasm.

I felt him pull his hand from my stretched pussy and felt my juices dribble down my legs, pushing him back and straddling him, sliding down on to his sizeable cock and riding him frantically, for fear someone may come looking for us.

I thought I heard footsteps behind me but was too into fucking this man to care. I felt someone behind me and then felt hands on my ass. I turned to see Mr Hubby his hands on my ass and fingering my hole. ‘May I’ he said.

I smiled and nodded and felt him slide a finger into me using my juices as lube to enter me, beginning to fuck me in time with Greg. I felt a second finger push into me and gasped with the sensation of being stretched and fucked, feeling a third finger being pushed deep into my ass. I stifled a cry in Greg’s shoulder as the stretching continued and he told me he wanted to fuck me.

It took a second for me to realise what he meant – he wants to ass fuck me, they both want to fuck me! I nodded before I had time to think about it and I feel him side his fingers out of me and feel the tip of his hard cock push against my tight asshole. As he pushes me apart I feel a little sear of pain and pleasure go through me and then feel my ass being stretched by his surprisingly thick cock entering me.

The guys fucked me hard and fast, all of us fearing being caught but spurred on by that fear in equal measure. I was so bordering on what felt like an explosive orgasm. ‘I’m gonna cum; I said and felt pure sexiness flood through me. I felt Greg twitch and groan as he filled my pussy with warm cum, closely followed by Mr Hubby, filling my ass with his cream with a loud ‘oh fuck’
We stood locked together for what felt like ages but must have been seconds and I felt their spent cocks slide out of me. I put my knickers back on and rearranged my skirt, sliding it down my body, over my hold ups and tidying my blouse.

The boys went back in together, talking about football and lads stuff like they could have just been in the garden sharing a cigarette (I’m sure Mr Hubby would prefer grief for that rather than the truth.) I walked in after a couple of minutes apologising saying an old friend had called wanting to chat.

No one seemed to bat an eyelid and dessert was served. The rest of the evening went on like a dinner party does except for Mr Hubby slipping me his card – well he could be fun, obviously more to him than met the eye! Over Brie Greg asked me for my number and I hesitated, I had enjoyed what we had done but did I want to see him again?

I took a chance and gave him my number and he asked if I needed a lift, he lived quite near me so I accepted. As I got out of the car a text pinged and when I looked it simply said ‘fancy a booty call – Greg’

I smiled as I text back!