The Cuckold

The Cuckold by Kezza

We met Peter for lunch one-week day in the city. Lisa and I already thought we knew a little about him from his advertisement in a contact magazine. He was in our age range, looking to meet a couple; emphasis was placed on good humor, friendliness, health, cleanliness, discretion, which were all necessary for us; enjoyment of the finer things in life, wining and dining, good company, clean shaven and shaved, a nudist; all these sought after attributes helped us reach our decision. We responded. Peter replied with a phone number. We called and had accepted his offer of this introductory meeting.
He was a short dapper gentleman, well mannered, with a big hearty smile. Lunch was more about getting an idea of each other rather than food. He gave us his phone number for contact regarding our decision. Lisa called him to say we wished to progress further. She accepted his invitation to dinner the following Saturday evening at his apartment on the outskirts of the city center.
Peter was pleasantly surprised and grateful that we had brought a contribution of a couple of bottles of wine. He welcomed us into his home. The dining room table was beautifully and tastefully set for dinner, with elegant wine glasses, candelabra and cutlery. Soft music came from the adjacent lounge, which was large and softly lit. Open d****s provided a view of the city lights. Peter poured pre-dinner drinks while Lisa and I soaked up the warm atmosphere. We gave each other that look of silent approval; that we seemed so far to have picked a winner. Conversation was happy get to know you better stuff. He suggested that, given the purpose of the evening and that we were all nudists anyway, we might all like to shed our clothing. Great idea!
The main bedroom, where Peter invited us to hang our clothes, was large with a relaxing décor dominated by a king sized waterbed. Lisa kept only her stilettos on. He and I were happy with her decision; it added to her sexiness. Peter complimented us on our physical condition. He looked in good shape himself, some muscular definition for his age, and shaved like us. His cock was impressive. It swung flaccid from his belly over his dangling scrotum in a long curve of thick flesh, heavily veined along the length of a hugely thick shaft, impressively topped by a pink smooth massive helmet shaped knob that mushroomed out with a large protruding flange from the end of the shaft. Slack, it looked about six inches long. One wondered what size it would reach when erect.
We returned to the lounge and our drinks, and continued our conversation. Some brief time later the music changed. Peter asked Lisa would she like to dance. Only their hands and arms touched as they moved in rhythm to the music. Lisa is an excellent dancer. It was apparent Peter shared a similar skill. They returned to their seats happy and flushed with this additional common denominator found early in our relationship. He refreshed our drinks.
A little while later, when a slower romantic piece of music began, Peter asked Lisa would she like another dance. This time their embrace was much closer, in keeping with the mood of the music. One of Peter’s hands clasped a cheek of Lisa’s bottom. Her breasts rubbed against his chest. Their bellies molded together. Her smooth pussy and thighs caressed his hanging sex. Slowly around the lounge they danced. I sat and watched in wonder and pleasure. They looked good. The close touch excited them both. Their skin was flushed with excitement. Their slow dance finished, Peter’s body had responded to Lisa’s closeness. His cock had swollen in size, lengthened and thickened. He recommended we eat before we further distracted ourselves.
The entrée was beautifully presented, accompanied by a great crisp cold wine. At the end of the course Lisa suggested I clear the dishes while they have another dance. So I gathered the plates and headed for the kitchen, while Peter took my wife in his arms and danced slowly and sensuously with her around the lounge. In the kitchen I found the dishwasher and loaded it with the few plates and cutlery from our first course. On my return to the dining room I looked at the pair in the lounge. Their embrace was close. Peter’s tool was between Lisa’s thighs against her shaved sex as they danced. The knob poked out beneath her buttocks. I sat, sipped wine, and watched.
As the piece of music finished Peter thought it time for the main course. He stepped away from Lisa. His cock protruded from his belly, much thicker and longer than before, excited and fully erect. Lisa asked if the main course was hot or cold. Peter advised cold. She suggested then that we all had time to finish the entrée. He looked puzzled. She gently but persuasively pushed him back into a lounge chair and knelt between his legs.
Lisa fondled Peter’s balls and scrotum with one hand, ran the other hand up and down the length of his massive shaft. Her pink tongue licked the huge glans like an ice cream. I wondered when the time came how much of him she could fit into her mouth. Her tongue left glistening trails of saliva over his blossoming helmet. She bent his tool forward, trailed her tongue along the top of his thick shaft until she reached the base against his belly, lifted his cock up and in turn sucked a large nut into her mouth. Her tongue trailed back up the underside of his shaft towards the bulbous tip. She sucked his mighty knob into her mouth. Her bulging cheeks showed she had more than a mouth full. As she sucked she continued to stroke his shaft, sometimes with a hand wrapped around it, sometimes she stroked just her nails over the surface of the taut skin. Her other hand massaged his balls.
Peter told her in a strained voice that she’d better soon stop before he came. Her efforts increased. He leaned back in the lounge chair, the muscles in his belly and chest rippled. The veins along his cock engorged. With a shuddering cry he climaxed. Lisa sucked hard at his cock. She swallowed, but cum dribbled out of the corner of her mouth. She pulled her head away and cum sprayed and splattered over her neck and breasts. As Peter’s climax subsided Lisa bathed the glans and slit with her tongue, lapped up his final white dribbles. Peter commented that he’d just had a superb entrée.
They both went to the bathroom for a quick wash. Afterwards we shared a wonderful main course. Peter asked Lisa if she would care to sample his personal alternative version of desert in the lounge. She readily agreed.
He sat her in a lounge chair, positioned her bottom on the edge of the seat, her high heeled feet drawn up on either side of her buttocks, legs bent, thighs spread apart by her pose. Her pussy gaped open to our view; her labia framed the pinkness of her sex.
Peter knelt before her. He gazed at her pussy. His head dipped forward. He ran his tongue down the length of her open gash. Lisa’s body shivered in response. Peter swiped his tongue back and forth over her clitoris. Lisa’s hands massaged her own breasts, clutched at her own hardened nipples. His tongue delved into the open hole of her cunt. He fucked her with his face, his mouth, his lips, his teeth and his tongue. Lisa mouthed obscenities at him. Suck me harder, deeper, faster, she cried; oh yea, oh yes. He complied. Quickly her climax built. She rocked her body at him, clutched at the back of his head with her hands, and f***ed his face against her open cunt. Her legs stretched out straight over his shoulders. Lisa came, noisily, verbally. She flopped back in the chair and gasped for breath.
Peter helped her up and they returned to the table. His massive tool poked upwards from his belly to his navel. The huge knob was deep red. The veins bulged along the length of the thick shaft. He did not allow, however, his excitement to put him off serving the deserts.
After coffee Peter suggested we all might like to try his waterbed. Lisa suggested I clear the table while they did just that; but Peter wanted all three of us to be together, if she wouldn’t mind; he said he got a lot of pleasure from being watched and watching; and we all might share this voyeuristic trait. Lisa agreed, so we cleared the table together.
In the bedroom Peter orchestrated our positions. I sat with my back to the bed head resting against a couple of pillows, my legs spread. Lisa lay against my chest, a pillow under her backside, knees bent, feet flat on the bed, her smooth shaved pussy open, vulnerable. Peter knelt before us, his tool rampant. He squeezed clear wet lubricant out a bottle into Lisa’s parted gash. He dribbled a quantity of lube over his glans.
Peter leaned forward and placed the lubricated massive red helmet of his tool at the entrance of Lisa’s glistening cunt. Be gentle she said. I looked down my wife’s body, fascinated by my intimate view. He eased his cock forward. The mighty knob penetrated her cunt. His size stretched her, her flesh parted, her swollen pink labia dipped inwards. He slid his knob and a few inches of his thick shaft inside her. He briefly paused. Deeper Lisa urged. Peter rocked forward. More of his cock slid into her cunt. He slowly commenced their fuck. As he eased backwards the lube sheened on the tight veined skin of his shaft. Her labia stretched along his skin. As he pushed his massive tool inwards most of his cock slid into her cunt. Soon he was completely enveloped by her cunt, his pubic bone rested against her sex, all of him buried inside her. Fuck me; please fuck me, she cried.
His cock fucked rhythmically in and out of her cunt. The flesh glistened along the length of his shaft; the veins bulged. Lisa’s body responded to his caring fuck. She pushed her arse up at him, matched his inwards thrusts with upwards lifts of her own. Her cunt muscles clenched at his cock. Fuck me hard, fuck me deep, fuck me fast she urged. Peter pumped himself into her, his breath grunted out of his open mouth. They fucked each other hard and fast. I tweaked at Lisa’s elongated nipples with my fingers. My cock throbbed against her back.
Lisa climaxed. Her feet left the bed, her legs straight out in the air on either side of Peter’s waist. Her toes curled in the rictus of orgasm. Obscenities poured from her mouth. His body bent backwards as the pleasure gripped him. He pounded his orgasm into her, grunted as he came, shot his spunk deep into the cunt that grasped his cock. At last he stopped, his cock buried deep inside her. He rested against her. Sweat streamed down his body. Lisa’s legs rested flat on the bed. Slowly they came back to earth. They looked at each other, and smiled. Can you do it again he asked? She nodded. Let’s swap places he said to me.
As we repositioned ourselves I could see the white spunk run out of Lisa’s pussy into the crack of her behind, her labia swollen and red, her dark pink cunt gaped wetly open. I placed the knob of my throbbing fat hard tool against the entrance of her vagina. With ease my tool slid completely into her hot wet depths. Peter’s hands massaged Lisa’s breasts as he intently watched my tool slide in and out of her cunt. I looked down at us. My shaft was slick, coated with their juices. Lisa’s body clutched at me. Harder, harder she urged. I plunged into her cunt, fucked her fiercely, fucked her fast. She cried out, wrapped her legs behind my back, groaned and grunted as she climaxed. As she peaked I increased my thrusts. I needed release now. Her legs dropped back on the bed. As my orgasm hit I pulled my tool out of her hot cunt. Gobs of white spunk jetted out of me, splattered over her belly.
Peter brought us a lovely cold refreshing drink. We lay together on the bed. All three of us needed to relax, to cool down, and recover. Conversation was quiet, desultory. After a while we dozed.
The rocking of the waterbed woke me. As my eyes opened I saw Peter was lying on his back in the middle of the bed. Lisa straddled him, her legs on either side of his body. Her hands grasped the bed head for support, his cock buried inside her cunt. The bed rocked as she alternatively lifted herself off him before she dropped back down. As she rose up over him the taut skin of his thick swollen cock glistened with her juices. Her fat flaps of flesh stretched along his veined shaft each time she lifted off him. Her rich deep pink orifice opened up to swallow and engulf his impaling cock each time she dropped back down, plunging his mighty tool deep within her depths. Her open mouth sucked air into her lungs. Her heavy breasts bounced and swung, her nipples hard and elongated. As her passion built she began to verbalize about her fuck. Yes, oh yes, I want to fuck you harder; I want to feel all of you inside me. Lisa came, no longer rising and falling over him, now grinding her pubic bone over the base of his cock, his massive thick length completely buried inside her. She ground her sex on him. She came in shudders, and collapsed along his body, and finally rested against his chest. Peter wrapped his arms around her body, held her gently, his cock still buried inside her cunt.
Lisa’s breathing finally normalized. That was good she told us. Can you go again he asked? If someone else does the work I probably can, she agreed. Peter arranged us on the bed, Lisa on her hands and knees, myself underneath her, almost but not quite in a classic sixty nine position, him behind her ready to take her doggy style, my head between her parted knees, face close to the action, my cock ready to be sucked by her. I felt her hand grasp my hard cock around the base. Her tongue stroked across and around the glans. Her mouth sucked the knob.
Above my face I saw Lisa’s pink gash, the labia swollen and parted, the nub of her clitoris poked out erect, the throat of her vagina gaped open, the inner flesh dark red, and clear stringy mucous leaked out of her. The massive walnut head of Peter’s tool slid into view along her wet cleft. He manipulated the head into her sex until it snuggled into the open aperture of her vagina. His cock pulsed forward, entered her. His cock rocked again and many centimeters of his thick heavily veined shaft slid into the wet recess of my wife’s cunt. Her body moved back against him over my face. More of his massive length of meat slid into her. He thrust forward, his tool completely buried inside her, his tight skinned heavy scrotum rested against the rear of her sex. Slowly he withdrew, the skin of shaft now covered in the clear slime of her wetness. He thrust forward again and began to build up the speed and rhythm of his fuck with my wife. She too fucked him, rocked her body back against his inwards thrusts, so he achieved maximum penetration from her efforts. Amazingly Lisa managed to keep most of my cock in her mouth while she and Peter fucked each other.
The excitement of the scene in front of my eyes, the sensations of Lisa’s mouth on my tool caused the pleasure to build in my belly. Then Lisa’s mouth let go of my tool. Noisily, verbally she began to orgasm above my face as Peter’s cock thrust into her sex. The movement of her body became intense and deliberate as she pounded her belly and arse back at his thrusting cock. She came hard, groaned, moaned, screamed. Juice ran out of her gash, coated his shaft, creamed over his balls, and dripped onto my face. His movements never ceased, just slowed briefly before he picked up the pace again.
Her mouth returned to my tool. Their former rhythm resumed. The muscular clasp of her wet pussy, her response to his thrusts excited him. The thick pump muscle running along the under side of his shaft pulsed, his scrotum began to swell, his whole shaft became engorged. I could hear him as he panted and groaned. I closely watched his cock as it slid faster and faster in and out of Lisa’s pussy; his movements now harder, more f***eful. He cried out. His cock pulsed in front of my face, the muscle spasmed and pumped. With slow hard thrusts he emptied his spunk deep inside Lisa’s cunt. Finally his movements slowed, stopped. He rested, his cock still within her. She ground her arse, her gash against his pubic bone. She too orgasmed; my cock temporarily forgotten, hard and throbbing on my belly.
I looked at their joined sex above my face. As his erection subsided white cum dribbled out of her relaxed cunt. It creamed along his shaft, over the sac of his balls, dripped onto my face. Both were motionless for some minutes.
Lisa leaned forward, with a hand lifted my cock to her mouth, and sucked my knob and shaft deep into her throat. Her tongue moved across the glans, her mouth sucked hard and deep. The excitement built in my belly quickly. My body shuddered. Cum shot up the length of my tube and pumped into her mouth. With a sigh my lovely wife sucked me dry.
We three lay together and slowly recovered. Time had flown. We all shared the shower. As Lisa and I prepared to leave Peter asked about a repeat meeting again soon. Lisa suggested on the next occasion we forego the meal to concentrate our efforts on our mutual interests. She asked Peter if he had friends who could be trusted, who possessed appropriate personality and physical characteristics, who he thought worthy of inclusion in our arrangements. He said he needed to think about it carefully, that we explore this option further by phone.
What transpired became material for another story, some other time!