“The Center”

“The Center for Interracial Relations” could have been more fully known as “The Center for Interracial Relations AND CUCKOLD TRAINING”, because cuckoldry was at the very heart of it's existence!

Since The Center's inception, in the summer of 2012, in Atlanta, Georgia, had grown almost exponentially! It's founder, and CEO, Demetrius Williams, a lifetime citizen of that same sprawling Southern city, had begun the business after he had become involved (sexually) with an older white married Southern couple; and this single encounter (the husband of the wife had implored Demetrius to “PLEASE satisfy my wife like I just can't!” On the spur of the moment, on a whim, more than anything else, a caprice, Demetrius had (apparently if the husbands reaction, as well as his wife's, was any indicator of success) the very thing he had been so implored to do!

After words, in the lingering afterglow of one of the more incredible fucks of his young life, this same couple said that they were in contact with “other” couples (an other white married couples of a certain middle age bracket) that would be more than happy to pay Demetrius for such services. This came as a huge shock to him. Of course, he was living in the post-Martin Luther King Jr. phase of the South, where such things as 'interracial' sexual experiences were much safer, and more common, than they had once been! Still, that this older white married couple said that they knew of “many other couples like us”, left him feeling cautiously skeptical.

Weeks later, in his e-mail INBOX, he noticed five messages. The oldest one, he recognized, as being from the older married couple he had previously had sexual relations with the wife. He clicked it open and read.

The gest of their e-mail was that they had taken the liberty of giving his e-mail address to some friends of theirs who might be 'interested' to 'meet' Demetrius, as they themselves had done not long before. At first, he wasn't sure he wanted his e-mail passed around, but, on second thought, the memory of the nice fuck he'd given to that first older white married woman (Cynthia), stirred his youthful libido.

'Okay', he thought to himself, 'why not fuck another bored white house wife?!' Why not, indeed! So, right then and there, he decided that, at least for the time being, at least until he thought of what he was 'really' going to do after graduating from college, he'd fuck at least some of these older white women! It be fun. He was always up for a good, hard fuck; and Cynthia, that first older married white woman, had absolutely adored the hard, urgent, and well— almost brutal fucking that he had given her; so, maybe these other white wives were looking and hoping for the same treatment? They probably were!

Anyway, soon after words, Demetrius began meeting up with an increasing number of (always older) white married couples, all from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and even as far away as Florida (Miami!), who's husband could apparently no longer keep 'up' the sexual demands their wives seemed incapable of being fully satisfied, at least, not by their husbands!

Eventually, Demetrius was busy setting up appointments all over the south eastern part of America; and meeting white couple, after white couple, after white couple (always married, always somewhere around 40 to sometimes 55 years of age), and Demetrius became quite a stud, or, as one wife's husband once quipped, a Bull!

The guy had said, after having spent the entire time watching Demetrius vigorously, unrelentingly, and quite unabashedly, fucking his wife's pussy: “Goddamn, son! YOU are one helluva Bull!”

The term Bull could have offended Demetrius, with it's not so subtle connotation of being possibly equated with an a****l, but the husband hadn't really intended the term to be an insult. He had meant it strictly as a COMPLIMENT! A compliment to Demetrius' stamina, and his obviously superior sexual prowess, which, by contrast with the husband's, will off the charts, so to speak!

So Demetrius became a Bull. At that time, there was no “Center for Interracial Relations.” No “cuckold training”. No nothing! Just his e-mail INBOX popping up with further interested white married couples seeking the forbidden, the exotic. In other words, him; a young, good looking, well-educated black man with a big cock, and one willing to utilize it for the sex-starved older white Southern wives that seemed to be oozing out of the woodwork! The idea for that, for being a professional Bull, hadn't yet begin to form in Demetrius' mind, though it soon would.

About two years later, Demetrius confided in a college friend of his, and black, about his on-going 'hobby', as called it, fucking desperately bored white married women who's husbands were either impotent, or possibly fags. His friend, Tyrone, loved the idea immediately! They began expanding their 'stud services' on-line a few months later. The list of white married couples grew even bigger!

One day, Tyrone said: “We got ourselves a tidal wave of sexually frustrated older white pussy! It just keeps on getting bigger. I don't know about you, but as much as I love fucking these white women, I can only do so many! You know? My balls are big, but they only got so much cum in 'em! There's no fucking way just you and I can keep these white women accustom to the sort of fucking you and I give 'em, Demetrius. We're gonna have to have more black dick! We gotta expand the Bull pen, in other words! Ya know?”

And right then and there, The Center For Racial Relations had it's birth. It began with Demetrius, and then later included Tyrone, but after two years, it consisted of eight different guys, each willing and ready to fill as many white Southern women's pussies, married, or not, full to overflowing with plenty of African-American sperm! What had been taken for granted before, a black man's genetic load, previously despised by many Southern white males, had now become a growing, and highly lusted after commodity by these same white men's wives!

The more Bulls were added, the greater the demand for yet more continued. Even today, five years later, The Center continues to grow in popularity. It's clients have come now from nearly every state in the Union, as well as from Germany, France, Spain, England, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, Canada, and even from as far away as New Zealand!