Tammys Tale

Tammy's Tale

Anticipation and Agony of the best kind setting in, you stare down at your phone as the screen is filled with our last Kik message: “Ok Babe, I'll be there soon”. Biting your lip a bit and staring out the window of the local coffee joint, your foot rocks back and forth, trying to focus on something thats not sexually related, as the two years of lacking sexual contact is overriding anything else you would want right now. Putting on a strong face you adjust your seat, making a bit of a squaking sound, but no one else seems to mind. Taking a deep breath you blow the steam of the top of your coffee, glancing over at the cup you got me, and iced variety of something you'd told me was good here.

About 15 minutes had passed and you were begining to get worried. Based on where I said I was, I should have been there by now. Picking up your phone you shot me a message asking if I was OK, I immediately shot back with “Right around the corner :)”, relieved, you sat back in your chair, trying not to get too giddy. Hearing the door open you looked behind you, seeing me walking in, T-Shirt and some Cargo shorts, with a small box in my hand and a gigantic grin across my face. You couldn't even stand up before I had made my way to the table, almost bumping heads as our eyes locked, pausing a second cautiously before we began to wrap our arms around each other for our first embrace of many that were to come. With a peck on the cheek, I try to contain my excitement in both my face and my crotch as I sit myself down as well as you. You look at the box inquisitively and ask “So what is it?” and I grin as I slide it across the table to say “Well then, just open it to find out.”

You raise an eyebrow as you pull the ribbon apart, taking the top off the box to reveal a beautiful flower pendant. Looking up at me I assured you “It wasn't much, but I saw it and thought it was fitting for you.” Pulling it out of the box, it looked to be a purple flower of some sort, holding it up to your shirt on the right side, looking at how it would fit on you. “Looks just about pefect.” I said as I offered to help pin it onto your shirt.

As we finished up our coffees and continues to chat about small things, enjoying each others presence and voices, we were faced with the decision to get another cup, or find another place to go enjoy each other. We decided that since your s****r was watching your k**s, we had some time to go find somewhere for just us to go enjoy for a while. After a bit of a drive, I pull us up under some trees, the sunlight rays showing through the leaves as a gentle breeze made the branches sway ever so softly. Sitting for a moment of heavy silence, I reach over the put my hand on your thigh, I feel you tense up a bit, but then I start to rub up and down the length of your thigh, calming you as we look into each others eyes. Without further hesitation we both started towards each other, our lips finding each other and subsequently, our tongues as well. With a feverish pace we made out like High Schoolers, fumbling about while our lips were locked, pulling away to catch our breath.

Your hands wandered across my chest and shoulders, as mine went to work on your legs and torso, still fully clothed, you could cut our excitement with a knife. Fighting back smiles as we continues to fondle each other, the excitment in my pants was becoming quickly evident. With a full fledged erection now you glanced down, smiling ear to ear wondering “How'd I get so lucky?”, looking down your tasteful, but low cut top, I could see plenty of cleavage, and I liked what I saw. Taking a moment to pause, I slipped a hand down between your breasts as I took a moment to enjoy the scent that you had on as it danced through my nostrils, completely intoxing. Coming back down to reality, I could sense how excited you were as well, the sweet scent of your wetness wafting into the air as you adjusted yourself in your seat.

As we sat and discussed options, going back to your place clearly was not an option, so we opted to go rent a room at the local hotel/motel, if for nothing else, to get back into an air conditioned room. After all the paperwork was filled out and room keys had been issued, we stepped into the room, dropped anything we brought in and quickly made our way over to the bed, arms wrapped around each other again. As we tossed and turned in the bed, we began to shed our clothing until I was down to my boxers and you were down to your Bra and Panties, which were matching today, and I was loving it.

Slowing the pace a bit, I went over to open the shades a bit, to let some light in to give the room a bit of a glow that wasn't artificial from the lights behind the bed. I pulled back to glance at you, sitting at the edge of the bed, your hair d****d in front of you, covering just enough of your breasts to tease just right, still restrained in your bra, legs crossed trying not to give off too much of a hint at how much excitement and lust was flowing through your body at this time. Reaching into your purse, you pulled out a bottle of hand lotion and then proceeded to lay on your stomach and ask me “So can you show me just how good of a massager you are?”, smiling ear to ear I obliged, grabbing the bottle of lotion from you and allowing you to get comfortable on your stomach before I got up into position.

Clicking the cap open, I start to spray the lotion onto your back, I see you shiver as the cool lotion touched your warm back. I got into position as I rested my cock between your asscheeks, nothing but two thin layers of cloth keeping us from touching. You put your arms up above your head and crossed them as I shifted a bit and found just where I wanted to be as I mounted you, begining my massage on your lower back, just above your panties, working my way up your back, across and out on your rib cage and up to your brastrap in the back. With one swift movement, I undid the clasp on your 50DD Bra and watched as the fabric snapped to either side of you, allowing me full access to your entire back. Gazing upon your flesh, I couldn't help but lean down and start to plant kisses along your spine, watching goosebumps form as I got farther and farther up your back until I was at the nape of your neck, sucking some of it into my mouth and letting my teeth sink into your flesh a bit, a moan escaped your lips and I felt your hips push back against me, a sign of enjoyment for sure.

Continuing on with my massage, I was now able to run from your shoulders to just above your buttcrack, hands slick with lotion as you were being relaxed and turned on by my hands gliding across your body. After the lotion was mostly absorbed, I slid down, giving me access to massage your thighs, and calves. Rolling your head to the other side, you enjoyed the massage as I skillfully worked my way up and down your legs, smooth as butter, teasing you more and more as I worked my way up the insides of your thighs, stopping just before I reached your lips and panties, your breath quickening. As I ask you to turn over, you ask why, to which I reply “So I can get the front too, silly!” as you turn over, I watch as you let your bra slide off one arm, leaving your breasts bare, drool forming at the edges of my mouth. I see you smile as you bring your arms up under your breasts and caress yourself, teasing me a bit as you let the nipples slide between your thumb and forefinger, instantly making them hard for me.

I licked my lips as I applied more lotion to my hands and began to work my way over your belly, up under your breasts and across them, taking each one in both of my hands and giving them plenty of attention before sliding up and back down between your breasts as I continued to rub all the skin I possibly could. At this point I had left a wet spot in my boxers that was undeniable. Smirking you said “Just get rid of those pesky things if you want.” and in a flash, I had pulled them down and kicked them off, my freshly shaved chest with a happy trail that started between my nippled and led down catching some of the sunllight rays in front of you as you sat up, you looked up at me longingly, watching my precum form again at the tip of my cock, I could see it in your eyes, you wanted to service me, and who was I to tell you no. I took a step closer and the 6 gauge Prince Albert ring and 10 gauge Frenum bar came into view. Somewhat puzzled, you stuck your tongue out and accepted me into your mouth, my hands on your shoulders at this point watching your breasts sway as you slowly slid my length into your mouth, tongue twirling about, already bringing me close to climax.

I began to push you away a bit, letting you know how close I was, not wanting to waste what I had built up already. Smiling, you stopped, feeling great knowing you still had amazing oral skills that were able to please a man almost instantly. I motioned for you to lay back down and you scooted back to where your head was now on the pillows as you spread your legs for me, panties still blocking my view of your everwet slit. I took my hand and started to rub the length of your slit, feeling the wetness that had soaked through, rolling my eyes back, enjoying the sensation of my hand against your panties, quickening my rubbing, your moans and breath quickening, I could tell you were getting close, and planned on many many more than one orgasms today, put your hand on my arm and pushed me away. Somewhat caught up in the moment, I couldn't stand it anymore and reached up, my thumbs wrapping under the hips of your Panties, I ripped them off of you, one leg at a time. The sound of ripping fabric was almost too much for you, as you put your hands over your mouth trying to muffle your excited scream.

Fabric strewn across the room, I focus my gaze back upon you, sprawled out on the bed, hands under you breasts, making them full and round, your gorgeous belly and down further till I see your hot pink slit again the rest of your dark skin, watching the gleam of your wetness as I can see your pulse in your pussylips. Lowering myself down I greedily start to lap up your juices, my tongue exploring every fold and bump and crevace it can find, my tonguering knocking against your hard clit sending jolts of pleasure through your body. Slowing myself, I start to guide my tongue back to the middle of your opening, running from above your clit, down past your urethra, into your opening, and back up, placing your legs over my shoulders so I can get in as deep as I can with my tongue, sliding back and forth and in an out of your tight hole, oozing with your wetness, I can't get enough, my hands roasming across your stomach, up to your breasts, back down to your hips and I grab and pull myself into you as I feel you get more and more worked up, my tongue picking back up the pace, now working on your clit almost exclusively, I begin to suck on it, gently at first, then harder and harder as I slide two fingers into you, getting them plenty wet as I slide them in and out, your moans becoming louder and quicker, only driving me to work harder and faster. I begin to stroke your G-spot with my fingers as I continue to suck on your clit, filling it with bl**d as my tongue swirls around it, feeling your hips begin to buck, I grab ahold of you tighter, as you continue to buck and writhe as I feel wave after wave or orgasm hit you, having to cover your face with a pillow to muffle your screams of pleasure, placing a hand on the back of my head to keep me from leaving your pussy, my tongue now sliding down further to meet my fingers and taste all the cum that is now leaking out of you.

I slide my fingers out of you and raise my head up, your body still convulsing from cumming, Looking up I asked “So was that OK?” and without missing a beat you just moan “Oh God, more please. More!”. I adjust myself to where I am facing you again, my rock-hard, leaking shaft just inches away from your freshly licked slit. Gazing into your eyes, I tell you that you are beautiful and you nod, feeling my thick head begin to silde up your slit, the ring gliding past your clit, back down and past your opening, teasing your asshole a bit before sliding back up, running the lenth of my member against your wetness, grinding against you, getting you back to a worked up state before lining myself up to enter you. I paused and looked over to my shorts and said “I brought something just in case.” and you shook your head pleading “Please, please, I need it in me now, I need to feel it pulsing and throbbing deep inside me, please fuck me Chad, please!” I took that as the go-ahead and began to push myself into you, watching as you wrapped your hands around my arms and dug your nails in. Not anticipating how thick I was, feeling the ring and bar pass into you, pressing and touching on areas not stimulated before, you felt an orgasm coming already, with only two inches of me inside you, teasing as I slid in and out and in and out, I began to feel your body tense and hips start to buck again as you started to cum. Eyes rolling back in your head, I felt your pussy clench around me, your juices escaping around my cock as I continued to slide in and out of you, watching as your chest heaved and sounds of an unimaginable tongue came out of your mouth. I continued on, extended your orgasm for another 30-45 seconds just by slowing my rhythm, feeling your juices run out of you and down your ass, you wondered if youd lost control and peed, but you knew you didn't, you were just that wet.

Pausing for a moment to let you catch your breath, I decided to continue into you, every bump, bulge and vein felt amazing and pushed you to the limit of fullness, eventually feeling all seven and a half inches of me sink into you, my balls pressing against your ass, you let out a sigh of relief, not sure how much more of me you could have taken, but were more than willing to try. Stopping myself as deep into you as I could possibly go, I started to f***e bl**d down into my cock, pulsing and throbbing deep inside you, a gasp and moan escaping you with every pulse. It was almost enough to bring you climax again if you hadnt already just had two of the best orgasms of your life. Starting to pull out, you moaned, letting myself slide out halfway, then sliding myself back into you, again and again until my pace quickened and I was sliding my length in and out of you completely with every thrust, the Frenum bar popping past your opening with every thrust, making you feel even tighter, mentally bringing you a high you didnt know possible until today. I felt myself coming close to orgasm, I slowed myself and let you know how close I was. Wrapping your legs around me, you asked me to just pound you, raw and hard, as fast as I could, you wanted to feel me deep inside you, you wanted to feel me coat your insides with my load. Yearning to feel my hot cum gush out of me against your cervix.

I started thrusting into you as hard as I could, watching your breasts bounce with each thrust, nipples begging for attention. I lowered my head down and took your right nipple into my mouth as I thrust deep into you, I bit down slightly as I sucked on it, a slight wince of pain washing across your face, hoping you could cum with me. As I continued on you felt my cock swell as my orgasm approached. I couldn't stand it anymore, I let you nipple out of my mouth and began to grunt ” Oh fuck, oh fuck, Im going to cum, please cum with my Tammy!” hearing my grunts along with my swollen member you let loose, another orgasm completely overtaking your body. Feeling me unload my hot sperm inside you, pulse and pulse and gush after gush, your orgasm helping to milk my cock of everything it had, overflowing your pussy and running down my balls, your ass and onto the bed, leaving a wetspot the size of a softball easily. Both of us gasping for air, enjoying the afterglow of our sex I collapse next to you, taking your head and putting it onto my chest and wrapping an arm around you.

After catching our breaths, you sit up, feeling all of our jucies underneath you, normally not a pleasant sensation, but oddly comforting right now. I walked over to the bathroom and got us both a glass of water to help rehydrate us after a monumental session of lovemaking. After we finished our waters I suggested you get on all fours. Still riding your sexual high you get up and are on your hands and knees in no time. Finding a pillowcase and making it into a makeshift blindfold, I wrap it around your eyes and move you to the edge of the bed, ass sticking out. You feel my hand between your shoulderblades pushing you against the bed, then feel my hands start to caress your hips and ass, down your thighs and back up again. My tongue starts to go to work and I clean up our juices that have flowed our of you, avoiding the clit as not to overstimulate you, you feel my tongue plunge into you, wriggling around and digging as much out of you as I can, then working up further, past your Taint until you feel my tongue against your asshole. Not sure of this, I feel you tense up an bit, but my hands just sort of rubbed along your back until I felt you begin to relax again, as I worked my tongue up and down between your pussy and ass, applying more and more pressure to your ass with each visit with my tongue. Eventually my thumb found a home against your clit, making semicircles against it as I continues to eat out your ass like it was the last one on earth. My hand still massaging you as my tongue and thumb were doing work I paused and wrapped my arms under your hips and pulled myself in close to you as I continued to tonngue fuck you, my cock getting ever hard again, eagerly awaiting round 2. Humming a bit as I worked my tongue into your pussy and ass felt really really good, like a living vibrator of sorts.

Once I couldn't take it anymore I stood up, took your blindfold off and guided the tip of my cock to your pussy again, one hand on your hip, the other at the base of my cock pressing into you. Moaning and lowering your head again you savored the sensation of my cock sinking into you again, this time lubricated with your own cum as well as mine, making a creamy mix that gathered at the base of my cock with each thrust into you. Slamming you onto my cock as I listed to our wetness was a huge turn on for me, ensuring my cock stayed nice, hard and thick for you, watching as the skin was stretched taught as I slid out of you. I put a thumb in my mouth and got it plenty wet, then lowered it against your asshole and applied pressure until it popped in. I heard a grunt of discomfort from you, which quickly subsided as I continued to rock my cock back and forth in and out of you, my thumb awakening nerves that you werent sure were there until today, making you feel even fuller than before, mixing a bit of pain with alot of pleasure. I started to pound you harder as my free hand reached up and grabbed hold of your shoulder, using it as leverage to ensure I was going as deep as I could, my ring hitting the back of your pussy, which drove you wild with pleasure. As I sped myself up, my orgasm was quick to follow, feeling you squirm under me, I knew you were close to yet another orgasm as I pounded away, watching your ass smack off of my hips and my cock get swallowed by your pussy again and again. I watched as the mixture of our juices trippled, signifying you had another orgasm and then I let myself unload into you again, refilling you with my backstock of potent sperm into you.

Pulling out I again watched as my seed spilled from your pussy, only imagining if you were fertilized by the ammount of cum that was just depositied into you, the thought making my cock fill with bl**d yet again. You collapsed on the bed and rolled onto your back as I ran my hands along your body, still sensitive from your orgasm. I began to kiss you all over your body as your own hands roamed over your body, almost to make sure it wasnt a dream, and it wasnt. Just pure, unbridled 100% bliss.

Both of us being spent from such intense orgasms I lay down next to you, you rolling onto your side and I roll up next to you, my still half hard cock resting between your asscheeks as I wrap an arm around you, pulling you close to me from just under your breast as I kiss your shoulder and whisper in your ear “This has been wonderful, why don't we do this everyday.” to which you giggled and replied “I think I would be OK with that.”