Taboo Confessions part 2

Well as I was saying my wife's f****y were really into swinging but it was one of those f****y secrets that never quite stay hidden. It was a few years into our relationship that I introduced the subject of swinging ourselves to my wife which she was all for because all I had to do was ask during sex. When I fuck her up her ass and call her my cum guzzling whore it seems I could ask for her to eat my shit and she would agree (I'd never do that though cause if I'm the kind of person who if I can't fathom doing it it must be wrong). So after a hard fuck she then told me lets do it. But I had other plans…

When we dated I first met her father when after I just came inside his daughter I was a bit thirsty and headed into the kitchen for something when her father (she lived at I'm home) thought the same thing and both of us happen to kinda walk into each other yet I had shorts on with a shirt and he had just some tighty whity underwear on and no shirt. I have to say that's one hell of a way to meet your father in law. Most people might have looked at the crotch of the semi naked man infront of them but her dad was quite a chub, like me, and his gut hung over that part.

“Oh, um” was all I said as he introduced himself and talked me up like I wasn't staring at him. And then semi nude daughter of his peaked out of her room and whispered “baby get me something”.

I smiled as did he as most guys would secretly each knowing that I was fucking his daughter and he seemed cool with that.

Now after finding porn palooza on his own computer I'd have to say he must have known that his daughter was very much like mom and was quite horny all the time.

His wife my mother in law, she loved me because I was so good for her baby girl. And to know that she was just as naughty as her daughter is a turn on but to really see it in video and pictures…. Like a certain hampster website… Is always interesting fantasies.

So now that you know that info I will confess to making my wife ask her mom about the swinging world and also to secretly tape the conversation with her phone.

I waited at our house as my wife walked through the door smiling at me saying that it went well. I also had her pretend that she was asking her because she really didn't want to hurt me and it was her idea to swing. Plus I had her tell her mom that she had seen her and a few of her lovers on this very website. I told my wife this was to get the secret out and to find out the other details that for years was never discussed between this f****y.

My wife knew I'd want her mom to share why and how she could fuck so many other men other then her father. What I found out made me very hard. What made that confession so great was my wife pulled down my pants and swallow my cock as she gave me her phone and I hit play. Also as I fell back onto the couch she lifted my legs and licked her fingers as she pressed into my ass. Clean ass or not my wife will lick my shitter when she gets this horny as I watched the tiny screen.

“Mom we need to talk” my wife said sounding upset as she placed her phone down so I could see her mother with a worried look.

“Whats the matter, baby”?

“I've kinda found out about you and your boyfriends”. The look of shame flew over my mother in law as if she wanted to run out the door and cry. “Mom it's ok, I've know for a long time and let's face it I have known for a long time and I'm just like you except I want to swing but I don't know how to get into it with my husband and I need help”…

Lets just say relief and that same horny smile my wife gets washed over my mother in laws round face.

She really didn't hold to much back at as she admitted that it was her husband and her together that loved sex and I mean like everything sexual. When my wife was little they fucked with doors open and it was generational to a very large extent that started her on the road of spreading her pussy and ass for a variety of f****y and friends… This is a horny America back wooded fucking society that behind close doors can't stop fucking suckin and cuming into young fat old gay straight families…

If you like this confession let me know since I need nasty motivation to keep this going… Also its hard to type watching your own chubby mother in law fuck a black dildo into her fat pussy as she is spreading her husband's flabby ass cheeks and rimming his dirty ass as he sucks some old fat guys long dick… Gota love the Internet and wonder how people never knew their f****y and friends fucked and lived so kinky…