sweet s****r susie part 2

The thing I was doing was a thing I shouldn’t be doing! Not at the time and not at the place where I was at. I was sitting in the back row of pews in church along with several other teenagers. I should have been listening to the Godly words of the preacher, but I was not. Instead, I was trying to fight off devilish thoughts. I was having very little luck doing so!

Curse my wicked soul, I sat there with a hard-on that was about to burst my pants. To make the situation even more sinful, I was covering my hard cock with a church hymnal.

At the age of 16, a hard-on was nothing new to me. But, I usually didn’t have them while I was at church. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the sexy 15-year-old preacher’s daughter sitting beside me who was responsible for my predicament. No, my eyes were focused elsewhere.

Two rows up, sat my s****r. Susie was 12. I loved my s****r a lot. Why, everybody loved Susie! She was a really sweet k**. Everybody else thought so, too. But, everybody else didn’t know Susie like I knew Susie!

From my seat on the back pew I saw the girl’s short, curly brown hair. I saw her neck and bare shoulders. Today, she was wearing a short, white dress with a flowery pink-petal pattern. The dress was sleeveless with thin shoulder straps. Susie liked dresses. She was what I called a ‘girlie-girl’. She much preferred dresses and skirts to shorts or jeans.

I really liked that dress. It fit Susie’s young feminine form well. Oh hell, it fit too well and left too much tender young flesh exposed! An innocent young girl shouldn’t wear such a dress! Hell no, an innocent girl shouldn’t!

But, like the words to a popular song; that young lady ‘wasn’t all that innocent’! Oh, last Sunday when she came to church she was pure and innocent. And, she was so on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

On Saturday, this was yesterday, that girl lost her innocence! She lost her virtuous virginity. This was the same day that I lost mine! Yesterday morning I fucked my sweet s****r Susie!

I had not planned to fuck her. It was the farthest thing from my mind when I awakened. But, events had conspired to make temptation overwhelming. Mom had left early for work. She had told me to wake Susie for breakfast. It was not my fault that I found Susie lying uncovered in her fluffy-pink ‘girlie-girl’ bed. Why, I had not told the girl to go to sl**p with nothing on but a short, sleeveless tank-top and skimpy, pretty-pink panties!

It was devilish temptation that led me to drop to my knees beside that sl**ping girl. It was temptation that guided my hand to reach inside those panties. This same temptation led me in my inexperienced quest towards seduction of my sweet s****r.

Surprisingly, my awkward attempts at seduction were not resisted. Susie never once told me to stop. She didn’t stop me when my hands entered her panties and played with her pussy. She didn’t stop me when I pulled the panties off and kissed her pussy-mound. She made no attempt to prevent my tongue from licking her clit or penetrating her pussy-hole.

Our first sexual experience ended not with fucking, but with sucking. Before breakfast yesterday, that s****r of mine had given me my first ‘blowjob’. I returned her gift by tongue-fucking her pussy until she was squealing with delight.

As soon as that breakfast was over, I had Susie laid-out on the kitchen table. We started out with more sucking, but with the sweetened assistance of some powdered donuts and maple syrup we ended up fucking.

We two, Susie and I, lost our virginity with each other. We had a morning bath together, took a short nap, and fucked again. We’d both had a day filled with sexual awakenings. Oh, damn we both discovered that we loved fucking!

Now, that’s why I was sitting in church with a hard-on! I was looking at that girl with remembrances running through my mind. I was remembering the joys of sex with my sweet s****r Susie.

A poke in the ribs awakened me from my memories. Becky Sharp was the sexy 15-year-old girl sitting beside me. She spoke with aggravation, “Jase, where’s your mind gone to? I said what are you staring at?”

Well, I wasn’t about to tell the girl that I was staring at my s****r and thinking about fucking, so I said, “Becky, I’m not staring. I’m listening to the sermon. You’d better be doing the same! Girl, you’re sitting in church!”

But, a short while later, my meandering memories returned. This time, they weren’t limited to yesterday. Saturday had come and gone. This morning was Sunday and it had started out fine. I was already building memories of this day.

Last night had been another warm one. I had opened my window and slept without covers over me. I had closed my bedroom door so that I could sl**p nude. I’d never done that before, but I’d had a lot of ‘first-times’ lately.

When I awakened this morning I immediately knew that something was happening to my body. Yet, I wasn’t fully awake. My sl**p-befuddled mind couldn’t yet register facts.

All at once, my mind cleared and jumped to attention! My cock did the same! It came to full-erection! And, it was no goddamn wonder! My 16-year-old cock was in the mouth of my 12-year-old s****r!

Susie’s had slipped into my room and saw my nude body. She saw my limp cock and decided to ‘fix-it’. Her mouth had closed around it and was licking and sucking on half of the 6-inch shaft.

When Susie saw that my cock in her mouth had been ‘fixed’, she stopped sucking. She withdrew it from the warm shelter it loved. She kissed the shaft up and down. She then worked her way up my body. She kissed my belly, my chest, and my nipples. She kissed my neck and my chin.

At long last, she kissed my mouth. She kissed me with warm, sweet kisses. And, I kissed her with inflamed passion. My hands became entangled in her curly locks as I pulled her head close. I grabbed her tongue and she grabbed mine. Our tongues dueled, and teased, and played. I tongue-fucked her mouth, and she tongue-fucked mine.

I reached out and grabbed her and pulled her body atop mine. She was scantily clad in girlie-girl sl**pwear. Some kind of cartoon kitten adorned her short, thin, sleeveless top. The kittenish character seemed appropriate on this horny, young sex-kitten.

With no bra as a hindrance, the thin fabric of the top allowed my naked chest to feel the imprint of her nubile nipples. I knew that Susie’s tits were not all that big. They were the size of teacups. I knew their exact size because yesterday, in the kitchen, I’d taken two of Mom’s teacups and fit Susie’s naked tits into them. They fit perfectly!

The only other piece of clothing Susie had on was a skimpy pair of pale-pink panties with hot-pink pussycat characters. Again, I thought of the appropriateness. Pretty pussycats were covering a pretty pussy! If anyone could testify to the prettiness of Susie’s pussy, it would certainly be me! Hadn’t I just spent much of yesterday playing with that precious petite pussy?

Susie’s pussy was a wonder to behold! That girl had not yet reached the full-maturity of puberty. She had not yet developed pubic hair. And, that was fine with me. Damn, I loved her bare-nude pussy-mound! There was not one single hair to cover or conceal any of the tender luscious young flesh!

The jewel in the crown of that pretty pussy was Susie’s clit. Her clit was small, yet there was plenty of flesh to tickle and lick. I loved capturing the little nubbin and teasing it until it was stiff and erect enough to suck with my mouth.

I was horny as hell with this sexy young girl lying on top of my naked body! My hands were making a frantic exploration of every inch of tender flesh. One hand had entered the panties and was playing with her ass. For a girl of her age, she had a really nice ass! My other hand was under her top and I was rubbing it up and down her back.

But, hell, I wanted more than an ass and a back! I wanted nipples and tits along with a sweet pussy and clit. I raised Susie and grabbed hold of both ‘teacup-tits’. I let go with one hand and plunged it into her panties. I cupped the glorious pussy. Now, that’s what I wanted!

But, as soon as I had gotten the feminine delights that I desired, they were snatched away from me! Susie jerked up suddenly and jumped out of my bed. She looked at me with a look of regret and said, “Oh, Jase, we can’t do this just yet! Mom’s going to catch us! She sent me in here to get you to come for breakfast. We’d better go or she’ll wonder where we are.”

Why I couldn’t believe it! That little cock-teaser had gotten me all worked up and now I couldn’t have her! I spoke a little more harshly than I intended, “Oh shit, Susie, why the hell did you tease me like this if we couldn’t do anything?”

The look on her face turned to contrition. She whispered soft words of apology, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to start anything with you yet. But when I saw your nakedness, I just had to touch you. When I saw your soft cock, I just had an irresistible urge to make it hard. I remembered all the good times your hard cock gave to me yesterday. Oh Jase, I love your cock! I just had to kiss it and suck it! Please forgive me?”

This time, I spoke more gently, “Hells-bells Susie, I’m not mad at you for sucking my cock! You just suck-away anytime you want. But, you’ve made me so horny that I’m crazy!”

She spoke again with regret, “Jase, I’m horny too. I wish we had time to fuck! But, we don’t right now. We’ll have to wait. Can you wait? Maybe we can fuck after we get home from church. Ok?”

I was filled with pent-up frustration. I needed to fuck my s****r right now, not later! I spoke with pleading in my voice, “Susie, babe, can’t we even have a ‘quickie’? Can’t we have a quick fuck now, and a long one after church?”

Susie had more maturity than most girls at age 12. She summoned her resistance. She spoke with feminine logic, “Jase, I want to. My pussy aches to have your cock in it. But, we don’t want to get caught. If Mom caught us, we might never get to fuck again. We don’t want that! Come on, let’s go eat. We’ll figure this fucking-stuff out afterwards.”

Reluctantly, I climbed out of bed. I pulled on a pair of cut-off jeans. I didn’t bother with shoes or a shirt. I stuffed my throbbing erection inside my shorts. I had a quick thought to go jack-off, but I told myself to save it for Susie. I followed her towards the kitchen. I watched as she jiggled her pretty, pink-panty-covered ass down the hallway.

Just before we entered the kitchen, I grabbed Susie around the waist. I plunged one hand into her panties and grabbed a handful of pussy. My other hand grabbed a soft tit. I pressed my erection firmly against her ass. I might not have time for a quick fuck, but I found time a quick feel-up of her pussy and tits.

Mom looked up from the stove as we entered. I saw a hint of a question in her eyes. I had a notion that mom’s are a lot smarter and more intuitive than their k**s sometimes think.

That question in Mom’s eyes came out of her mouth, “Susan, did you have a hard time getting Jason awake? It seems like it’s been ten or fifteen minutes since I sent you to wake him up. And, how come your hair is so messed up?”

u*********sly, Susie looked towards me with her face beginning to redden. Before that girl was f***ed to admit to deeds of wickedness with her b*****r, I spoke up, “Mom, Susie woke me up unexpectedly. You know that I don’t always wake up in a good mood. So, I got to fussing, and tussling, and wrestling with her. I reckon I messed up her hair.”

I had just told a lie to my mom! That’s not something I normally do. Yet, part of what I said was true. Susie ‘did’ awaken me in an unexpected way. And I ‘did’ mess up her hair.

As Susie and I took our seats at the table, Mom had something else to say. She spoke first to Susie, “Susan, I’ve noticed that in the past year, since your dad left, you’ve been running around quite a bit in your underwear. Those panties and that top you have on this morning are pretty skimpy. I’ve also noticed that your little girl’s body is beginning to fill out and mature. You’ve got to realize that your dad wasn’t the only male in this house. You’ve got a b*****r with eyes to see you.”

Mom’s next words were directed to me, “Jason, I noticed that you have become aware of Susan’s maturing body. I’ve seen you looking at her when she wears revealing clothes like today. I’ve seen the bulge in your pants. Why, you’ve got a big bulge in your pants right now!”

I was almost afraid of what Mom might say next. For a few minutes she didn’t say anything. She seemed deep in thought.

But, she finally spoke, “You two think you have me fooled, but you haven’t! I’m not sure how to say what I need to say. So, I’ll just start. I know my warning has come too late! You both have reached an age of sexual curiosity. I guess I knew that the day would come. Yet, I didn’t realize you would seek each other out to satisfy your curiosity!”

Oh, shit! What was Mom about to say? What did she know? Well, hell, she didn’t know anything! There was no way in the world that she could!

But, she did! She was a mom! She knew! She told us so. She looked from one of us to the other. She took a deep breath and she said, “I found a pair of panties in the laundry basket this morning. I saw the stains. I saw a mixture of dried virgin bl**d, semen, and some kind of sticky lubricant. I left you two here alone yesterday. I left two virgins alone in the house. But, I didn’t come home to two virgins. Did I?”

I looked a Susie and she looked at me. Surprisingly, this time, her face didn’t redden. She didn’t blush. She seemed to not be embarrassed. To my amazement, I wasn’t embarrassed either! We’d been caught! This was the thing we feared. Our secret was out.

Susie left it up to me to give Mom an answer to her question. But, I wasn’t about to come right out a say ‘yes Mom I fucked Susie’. I gave an answer a politician would have been proud of. I said, “Mom, when you came home, there were no virgins in this house.”

Astonishingly, Mom laughed. Mom had always been proud of my good grades in school. She was laughing now because of my diplomacy. The laughter was still in her voice when she spoke, “Jason is that why you and Susan were taking so long getting to breakfast? Were you two having sex again?”

I now laughed, although I didn’t know why. Maybe it was because Mom seemed to be taking the news so well. I decided to tell her the truth, “Well, I reckon we were. I mean, at least we were trying to. But, we didn’t get far. We were afraid that you’d come in and catch us.”

Mom became quiet again. She was thinking. She finally made a decision. She spoke seriously, “I guess you two had a good time yesterday because you wouldn’t be starting this day by trying to do it again. I don’t think it would do me any good to tell you two to stop playing around. You’ve already tasted the forbidden fruits of sex. Once sampled, forbidden fruit can’t be denied! If I told you to stop, you’d just play around behind my back.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. Was I hearing things? I looked towards Susie for confirmation, yet she too was sitting in silent disbelief.

Mom spoke again, “I guess I’ll have to go ahead and let you two have sex here in the house. At least that way I’ll know who you’re with and where you’re at. Susan is too young to get pregnant right now. But, girl your young body is maturing quickly, so we’d better start you on the pill!”

Susie and I sat in stunned silence. We had our mother’s permission to fuck! We could fuck anytime we wanted without fear of getting caught! This was unbelievable! Wow, what a Mom!

That marvelous mother of ours was speaking, “You two go ahead and finish breakfast and then go ahead and finish what you started. I’ll do the dishes and you go fuck each other. It’s about two hours before we have to get ready for church.”

Susie and I ate quickly. The breakfast disappeared from our plates. Susie finished first and said that she had to go pee. I was left in the kitchen with Mom.

Mom seemed glad to have a minute alone with me to talk. I thought maybe she was going to give me some motherly advice. She began speaking, “Jason, I hope you are gentle with that girl. She may not be the innocent virgin she was yesterday morning, but she is still a vulnerable c***d. She could easily be hurt by being mistreated sexually.”

I was quick to come to my own defense, “Mom, I would never hurt Susie! I love my s****r a lot! She’s a really sweet k**. I’m just as gentle and easy with her as I possibly could be! Mom, I wouldn’t treat Susie bad!”

Mom surprised me again with her next words, “I just wish I knew that to be true for sure. I’ve had personal experience with mistreatment from a man. I’ve been abused and hurt. I don’t want any such fate for my daughter. If I could just be absolutely sure that she’s being treated right it would really put my mind at ease. If I could watch you with her just one time I would know.”

My startled mind was trying to grasp the meaning of her words. I was confused, so I asked a question, “Mom, are you saying that you want to watch me fuck Susie?”

Mom’s eyes took on a pleading look. Her voice was shaking as she answered, “Yes Jason, that’s what I want. I want to make sure Susie is treated right.”

I was still shocked, yet not so much so that I couldn’t speak, “But, Mom, Susie is so shy. She’d never let you watch us fuck!”

Mom was ready with a question, “Would you be too shy Jason? I think I know you very well. I think you would do this for me.”

My mother was a very intuitive person. I would do anything for her. I told her so, “Mom, I would do it for you, but I don’t think Susie would!”

This time, Mom was ready with an answer, “Well, what if she didn’t know I was watching? If you leave the door open a little, I can just peek in and see. If you love me, you will do it for me. If you love her, you will do it for her.”

I wasn’t sure if I understood her logic, but I nodded in agreement. I would do it! I stood up from the table and went looking for Susie. Mom followed.

I found Susie in her room. I pushed open the door and entered the ‘girlie-girl’ sanctum. The color pink assaulted my eyes. There were pink-prints on the wallpaper, pink lace curtains at the windows, and pink pillows and bedcovers.

I walked towards the girl scantily clad in sexy-pink girlie-girl panties and top. Thankfully, she paid no attention to the fact that I’d left the door halfway open. I knew Mom was watching. I knew that if I were to do this I’d have to put it out of my mind that she was there. Could I do it?

Susie was sitting on the edge of the bed. As soon as I was within reach, she held out her arms. Her hands unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. She pulled them down, all the way down, and off. She jumped from the bed and twisted around. She was on her knees between my legs with her back to the door.

That girl, my sweet s****r, grabbed my cock and kissed it. She kissed the erect, engorged shaft up and down its length. She pulled back my foreskin exposing the pulsating head. Her tongue darted into the pee-hole. She then used that tongue to slowly lick the head with slow lazy circles. Her mouth then captured the head and 2-inches of the thick, 6-inch shaft. She licked and sucked.

Despite myself, I looked toward the door. Mom had a hand over her mouth stifling a cry of astonishment. I took my eyes from her and grabbed Susie’s curly hair. I pulled her hair viciously and my cock popped out of her mouth.

I spoke with harsh admonition, “Oh goddamn, Susie, you’re going to make me cum! I don’t want to cum just yet! I want to save my cock for your pussy!”

Susie wasn’t offended by my admonition. She spoke with repentance, “I’m sorry Jase. I just couldn’t wait. I had to kiss and suck your beautiful cock! Oh, I love it more than anything in this world. If Mom only knew how much I loved it! Jase, she was right when she said that it wouldn’t do any good to tell us not to play around. I would sneak around and fuck you anytime you wanted to! I love it, I do!”

Just to prove the point, she kissed the rigid shaft a few more times. That sweet s****r of mine, held my cock with one hand and reach toward her beside table with the other. She held out a long, bright-pink, inch-wide ribbon. She expertly looped the ribbon around my stiffened shaft and tied a delicate bow. She sat back to admire her handiwork.

Susie spoke in a playful, mischievous tone, “Now, there’s my big, beautiful boy all dressed-up for Sunday! I bet he’s ready to come out and play. Jase, can my boy come on out and play with my pussy?”

Oh, shit! I stood there in the middle of a girlie-girl room with a pink bow tied to my cock! My erection was pointed straight up. Who would ever believe it possible for a near-grown guy to stand still for such silly playfulness?

Well, my mother certainly would believe it! Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her gazing open-mouthed. She shook her head and then smiled.

I dropped to my knees beside Susie. I pulled her close. Her arms encircled my neck and she kissed me. I kissed her back passionately. I grabbed her thin top and pulled it off. I pulled her pink panties down and stripped them from her luscious body.

I lifted that young lady from the floor and sat her on the edge of the bed. I grabbed two hands full of tender, young, teacup-sized tits. I placed my mouth on a pretty-pink dime-size nipple. I swirled my tongue around and round the nubile nub until it grew stiff and erect. I then followed up with the other nipple.

Susie’s breasts were still tender from all the kissing, and licking, and sucking they’d had yesterday. Yet, she made no complaint. My mouth, again, kissed, and licked, and sucked every exposed inch of the still-maturing tits.

I pushed her back onto the bed until she was lying on her back. She knew what was coming. She lifted her legs and spread them wide.

I looked at Susie’s magnificent mounded pussy. Her outer pussy-lips were pouted and stiff. My s****r’s pretty pussy had become the joy of my life. I’d never known such erotic beauty. My mouth was wet from the anticipation of kissing it.

And kiss it I did! I kissed the pussy right on the crack between the lips. I kissed the outer pussy-lips. I kissed the tender softness between the pussy-lips and the thighs. My tongue licked every spot my mouth touched.

Finally, I spread the pussy-lips. I found the glorious jewel I sought. The pussy was Susie’s crown, yet her clit was the ‘crown-jewel’ of delight. I touched my tongue to the pee-hole. Susie softly moaned. I flicked and licked the clit. It stiffened. My mouth captured this exotic feminine flesh. I sucked, and pulled, and tugged. Susie sighed and moaned louder. I continued my wild, voracious attack on the spicy-sweet clit.

My eyes sought the pussy-hole. I found the hot-pink opening and my cock shuddered in eagerness toward entry. Yet, I f***ed myself to wait. I had not yet finished my oral explorations.

My tongue touched the warm entrance. This glory-hole was virginal yesterday morning. This morning it was burning with invitation. My tongue was welcomed in. It plunged into a scorching vaginal cavity.

Susie’s eyes were tightly closed. It was a good-damn thing they were! I knew Mom had softly crept into the room. She watched in silent awe as my tongue moved in and out of her daughter’s pussy-hole. I had come too far to stop! I continued to tongue-fuck my s****r’s pussy.

Susie’s eyes were closed, yet her mouth was speaking words, “Ooh, Jase, ooh god, ooh damn that feels good. But, Jase, you need to stop. Ooh, goddamn it, I don’t want to cum yet! I want your cock in me when I do!”

I stopped sucking and tongue fucking her pussy. I knew her eyes would open soon. I jumped on the bed a fell into plump girlie-girl blankets and sheets. I pulled Susie on top of me. Mom back away out of immediate sight.

I captured Susie’s mouth in a slippery-wet kiss. We kissed and mouth-fucked with our tongues. I lifted her higher in the bed. Her small tits hung like ripe peaches ready to be plucked. My mouth latched on to each in turn and sucked at the sweet nectarines.

Lord-a-mercy, I was horny! I knew, without a doubt, that Susie was, too! Her next words confirmed the fact, “Oh, Jase, please fuck me now! I need you to! Please don’t wait! I need your cock in my pussy!”

In turn, I confirmed the fact of my horniness to Susie, “s****r dear, I’m going to fuck you right now! I am! But first, I need one more taste of your pussy and clit! Goodness-gracious, I love your pussy and clit and I love your nipples and tits!”

I flipped that girl over onto her back and I dove straight down to her pussy. I seemed demon-possessed as I ravaged her pussy and clit over and over with my mouth and tongue. My slicky, slippery-wet mouth and tongue added additional lubrication inside her waiting pussy-hole.

Susie spread her legs and opened her pussy as I climbed into position above her. I grabbed my cock. Oh shit, it still had a pink bow-ribbon on it! I whispered, “Susie, maybe I should take this damn ribbon off, first!”

That s****r of mine surprised me with a heated reply, “No! Jase, don’t you dare take it off! It’s your trophy! You win ‘first-prize’ as the number one ‘s****r-fucker’ in the whole-wide-world!”

Her words went straight to my head. Both my heads were swollen. The head on my shoulders was swollen with pride at being given the honor. The head of my cock was swollen with inflamed lust.

My two heads worked together to get what they wanted. My cock-head entered Susie’s pussy-hole. I pushed it in deeper. Unlike yesterday, I had no virginal hymen to penetrate. I thrust in. Susie’s hips thrust up. I thrust in and out. Susie’s hips thrust in a rhythm with mine.

My semen and sperm reached a boiling point in my testicle sack and erupted on a schedule that would have made ‘Old-Faithful’ proud. And just as that famous geyser would, my cock spewed forth stream after stream of liquefied fire. My orgasms hit me with volcanic waves of pleasure.

As my streams of milky-white sperm entered Susie’s pussy-hole, she too shuttered and shook. The flames of my seminal inferno caused her orgasms to begin. She wiggled, and squirmed, and bucked as if an earthquake had hit her young body. Orgasmic bliss consumed her.

Susie’s young pussy-hole was not big enough to hold and engorged cock and a full-load of cock-cream. This warm fluid was swished and squired out with each thrust of our hips. Both, of our pubic mounds became a sticky mess.

I looked toward the doorway and saw that Susie and I weren’t the only ones caught up in orgasmic ecstasy. The thin belt to the pale-blue morning-robe Mom had on was untied and the robe was open. She had on no bra. One of her hands was cupping a breast with the fingers teasing an erect nipple. Another hand was deep inside her white panties. I knew her fingers were deep inside her fully-matured vaginal opening. Her panties were stained with her own pussy-juices. Her body shivered in orgasmic spasms.

I didn’t know moms did that! I didn’t know moms masturbated! I certainly didn’t know my mom did it! I’d never even thought about the fact. But, I now knew that moms do play with themselves. I knew for a fact that my mom did! I was looking right at her doing it! She saw that I saw her, yet she didn’t stop until she was spent.

Susie and I lay back. We too were sexually spent. Susie snuggled up against me. She spoke with a wanton huskiness in her voice, “Oh, Jase that was good! Oh, it was fantastic! I love to be fucked by you! It gets better every time! You most certainly do deserve that ribbon as a good fucker!”

There I lay. I had a pink ribbon still tied to my limp cock. Yet, I was completely sated and satisfied. I spoke words of sexual contentment, “Susie, I was glad to be of service to you. I had a really good time, too! I accept this ribbon on behalf of all satisfied s****r-fuckers in the world! I dedicate my award to my sweet s****r and to all the sexy s****rs out there who make us b*****rs hard and horny!”

I sat up pulling Susie into my lap. Mom had disappeared. I stood up cradling my s****r in my arms. I spoke softly, “Babe, we need a bath to wash off all this gooey-sticky mess from fucking.”

I carried my naked s****r to the bathroom she and I shared. I assumed that Mom had gone to her own bathroom. I had to pee. Susie did, too. Yesterday, after our first morning fuck, we had peed together. Susie had sat on the commode and I had knelt between her knees. We peed with our amber fluids joining in a single stream.

This morning, I wanted to try something different. I sat first on the commode. I pulled Susie onto my lap facing me. Her legs straddled mine. I pulled her tightly against my chest. My limp cock pointed down.

Susie was a bit confused. I spoke reassuringly, “Baby-doll, I’m going to pee. You go ahead and pee, too.”

The look on Susie’s face was still perplexing. The tone of her voice was, too, “But, Jase, if I pee sitting like this my pee will go all over your hairs and run down over your cock!”

Again, I spoke to reassure her, “I know babe. I don’t care. Just go ahead and let go and pee! We can wash it off in the bathtub.”

Susie trusted me. She started peeing. I did, too. Her warm pee bathed my pubic hairs with warm, watery fire. It felt so erotically comforting. The fiery pee ran down the length of my cock-shaft and joined my own flowing stream. For the second morning in a row, our amber streams of pee became one.

Unexpectedly, my cock reacted to her warm, soothing liquid by stiffening. By the time we had finished peeing, it had awakened to full-erection. I couldn’t believe it, but it was hard enough for another fucking.

Susie and I bathed together. We washed each other bodies until they were again sparkling clean. We dried each other off. I kissed her tits and pussy-mound. She kissed my cock. I carried her back to her room. I kissed her and got ready to leave her to get dressed and ready for church. I’m sure she had some girlie-girl things to do.

I had something to say before leaving her. There was a twinkle in my eyes and my voice, “Baby-doll, after we get back home from church, I think we might want to have another one of these fucking parties.”

Susie replied with a thrill in her voice, “Oh, I love these parties! It’s a date! I’ll be here and I’ll wear my best birthday-suit!”

I spoke with thrilling excitement, “Oh boy, Susie girl, that birthday-suit of yours is my favorite thing that you have to wear!”

Finally, I left Susie’s room, closing the door behind me. I walked toward my room with my erect cock slapping my belly. I was thinking about the fucking party Susie and I would have sometime after church.

Mom’s bathroom door opened and she came out. Unbelievably, she was strip-stark naked, same as I was. She was drying her hair with a towel. She had never before walked around naked! She stopped and stared at me. I stopped and stared at her.

Oh goddamn! I’d never seen her naked! I couldn’t stop looking. Mom had a short, petite body, yet her feminine features were fully-developed. Her twin breasts were the shape of full-size g****fruits. And, just like Susie’s peach-size tits, these nectarines seemed to offer an invitation to be plucked.

I’d always been told that with age a woman’s breasts became victims of gravity. They were supposed to sag and droop. I now believed that I might have been told wrong. Mom’s breasts boldly stood as proud and beautiful decorative ornaments upon her chest. Dark-pink nipples, surrounded by silver-dollars-size pale areolas, completed the ornamentation. Mom’s breasts were gorgeous!

My eyes strayed lower. Her figure was trim and firm. My eyes settled on the patch of hair between her shapely legs. I’d seen pictures in magazines of full-grown women’s pussies. That’s where I learned about pubic hair on a pussy. Well, now I was seeing my first ‘real-life’ woman’s pussy in all its furry glory!

Yet, I was not certain if I was pleased at the sight or not. Susie’s pussy was my first! Susie’s pussy had no hair! Susie’s pussy had spoiled me! I loved Susie’s bare-nude hairless pussy-mound!

But, contrarily, I couldn’t take my eyes away from Mom’s pussy. That bush of pubic hair added an air of exotic-erotic mystery. What jewels and treasures lay concealed within that veil? Did I dare attempt an unveiling?

How long were Mom and I going to stand there staring at each other? I could turn to my right and quickly enter my bedroom. Mom could turn to her right and quickly enter hers. Yet, neither of us turned.

Finally, Mom took a step towards me. She leaned close and spoke to me in a muted whisper. Perhaps she didn’t want Susie to hear. She said, “Jason, I want to thank you so much for letting me watch you fuck your s****r. Oh, God, that was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! I didn’t know that’s how you were with her. Oh damn, I certainly don’t have to worry about her being mistreated! Why, I’ve never seen a female treated with such loving tenderness by a male as I saw with you and Susan! It’s no wonder that she loves to be fucked by you! Any female would love to get what you can give!”

Mom became quiet for a minute. She then spoke again, “Jason, you’re old enough now to know the truth about your father and why I consider him such a ‘son-of-a-bitch’. In the past few years he mistreated me badly. I mean sexually. He became a mean and vicious lover! I had my tubes tied just so I wouldn’t get pregnant. I was actually glad when he left me for a younger woman a year ago.”

She stopped talking to wipe tears from her eyes. u*********sly, I reached out and she stepped into my arms. We were both keenly aware of our nudity, yet I held on to her tightly. Her hands were resting on my chest.

Mom found her voice and continued speaking, “I haven’t trusted a man in so long. That’s why I don’t date. I lost all faith in men. That is, until today! Today, I found out that there are males in this world that are tender and gentle with women! I found out because of you!”

Mom turned her face and softly kissed my cheek. She then kissed me on the lips. This wasn’t a ‘motherly’ kiss. It was a kiss a woman gives to a man. The kiss I gave back wasn’t meant for a mother. It was meant as a comforting kiss for an injured woman. Was I subconsciously trying to atone for the sins of my father?

A recollection came to me. I recalled an article I’d read about sex. The article made the claim that women reach their sexual peak in their mid-thirties and guys reach their peak in their mid-teens. I further recalled that Mom was 35 while I was 16. Why did that information now come to my mind?

The kiss between Mom and me became two and then three. I took a step to my right bringing Mom with me. We were in my bedroom. I closed the door. Mom sat on my bed. I dropped to my knees between her legs. I kissed her again. I know that she’d seen me tongue-fuck Susie’s mouth. I now did the same to hers. She learned quickly. She tongue-fucked my mouth in return.

I moved slowly and gingerly. I took my time, I didn’t rush. I reached out and cupped both breasts with a gentle touch. They filled my hands. I gently massaged her magnificent orbs. Her nipples stiffened as my thumbs caressed them. I leaned over to capture one of the mature nubs in my mouth. I heard a moan of delight. I captured the other nipple. I sucked with soft, gentle pressure. My tongue made slow, lazy circles around and around. I heard sighs and moans.

I eased Mom to her back. She made no resistance. She helped as I spread her legs wide. I studied the mysterious bush between her legs. I saw a forest of hair covering a magical, magnificent pussy-mound. Her pussy-lips were puffed and the mounded flesh stood up graceful and proud.

Mom’s clit was easy to find. It was not completely hidden inside the outer pussy-lips. My mouth and tongue found it easily. I flicked it, and licked it, and teased it. It became stiff and erect. But, the warm, tender ridge of the clit was much like the tip of an iceberg. There was much more below the surface. I spread her pussy-lips and found the glory within! My mouth and tongue found a glorious abundance of tender vaginal flesh to consume. I ate voraciously!

I had learned much about females in the past two days. I knew when sexual stimulation caused exquisite pleasure. I knew my stimulation was doing this to Mom. I know she was forcing herself not to cry out. She certainly didn’t want Susie to know what was going on. Even so, I heard whimpers and barely concealed cries.

I stopped for a moment. I looked at my mother’s naked body. I spoke with a new maturity, “Mom, if Dad was a ‘son-of-a-bitch’, he was also a ‘goddamn- fool’! How could any man in his right-mind not appreciate the magnificence of your sexy body? Why, you’re ‘smoking-hot’ wonderful!”

Mom sat straight up in my bed. She grabbed my head with both hands and kissed me passionately. I kissed her back. She then dropped to her knees on the floor and told me to lie back on the bed. I minded my mom.

As I lay on my back on the edge of the bed, Mom moved into position between my legs. She leaned over and kissed my engorged cock. She kissed up and down the entire length. She pulled and tugged on my shaft. She stood my cock up straight and pulled the foreskin back. As soon as the cock-head popped out, she popped it into her mouth. She was now the one with the voracious appetite. She seemed starved for a cock to eat. She sucked my cock deep into her mouth. She licked and sucked with enthusiastic zeal.

As I did with Susie, I grabbed Mom’s hair and f***ed her to stop. I was ready to blow. Mom knew it. She spoke with a mixture of regret and happiness, “Oh, Jason I’m sorry. I almost went too far! Please don’t cum yet! But Jason, Susan was right! You have a wonderful cock! It’s no wonder that she loves it! Oh, I love it, too! And, it’s no mystery as to why she loves you to fuck her with it! Oh, Jason, will you fuck me with it, too? Will you fuck me right now?”

I did not answer. I jumped off of the bed and she took my place. She lay on her back and I knelt between her legs. I knew that this was going to be one of those ‘slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am’ fucks. I knew because I couldn’t wait and neither could Mom.

She spread her legs and I grabbed my shaft. This time my cock was going into unfamiliar territory. Yesterday morning I was a virgin until my cock entered into Susie’s tight, virginal pussy. Susie’s pussy had not yet reached pubic maturity. Now my cock seemed to be once again a virginal explorer. It fought through a jungle of thick growth forested bush. It sank into a soaking-wet hole it had not yet explored. A wild-river of pussy-juices flowed here.

My cock entered Mom’s pussy and sank to the full depth of its 6-inch shaft. Pussy-juices drowned and lubricated the shaft. There was no virginal hymen here to break. Instead, an experienced pussy grabbed my cock-shaft. As I thrust in and out, the pussy-muscles grabbed and released.

I fucked my mom and she fucked me! My seminal fluids boiled and churned. They erupted as streams of hot lava. My semen and sperm entered Mom’s glory-hole pussy and were met by waves of vaginal cum. We fucked with a passion of unrestrained lust and love.

My orgasms shook me violently. I experienced a new kind of orgasmic pleasure. It was the same as I had with Susie! Only it was different! I liked fucking Susie better! No, I liked fucking Mom! I didn’t understand my raging hormones. So, I just stayed on the ride and enjoyed it!

As for Mom, she was lost in another world. After years of sexual abuse and then a long drought of sexual inactivity, she was finding herself fulfilled. The fact that it was her son’s cock buried deep inside her pussy didn’t matter. The fact that it was her son’s hot semen pouring into her wet vaginal cavity didn’t matter. What did matter was that she was now on the wildest roller-coaster-ride of orgasmic satisfaction she’d ever been on!

Mom had put a pillow over her mouth to stifle her orgasmic screams. I was thinking that if we were alone in the house, she wouldn’t have cared. I wouldn’t have cared either. She could have screamed as much as she wanted. But, Mom didn’t want to alert Susie to the fucking going on in my room.

As it happened, Mom’s valiant efforts to keep Susie from knowing about our fucking were not necessary. I had made on last thrust with my cock into her pussy. My last drop of semen dripped out. Instinctively, my eyes looked across the bed into the mirror over my dresser. I could clearly see the door to my bedroom behind me. I saw that the door was open. My sweet s****r Susie was standing in the doorway!

That s****r of mine was a wonder of a girl. She was watching her b*****r fuck her mother, yet she had a smile on her face. As my eyes met hers in the mirror, that girl’s smile broadened, she waved at me, and then she winked. She quietly closed the door.

At that very moment, I realized that my s****r was a lot more intuitive than I was. I guess her feminine mind had picked up on Mom’s unhappiness and sorrow while I had been clueless. Susie was smiling because she loved her mother. She was smiling because her mother was finding joy. That sweet girl was smiling because the b*****r she loved was fucking the mother she loved!

Thankfully, Mom didn’t know that Susie had seen us. I didn’t want her to be upset or feel guilt. This was beginning to be a ‘tangled-web’ I was weaving. Mom had watched me fuck Susie, yet Susie didn’t know. Susie had watched me fuck Mom, yet Mom didn’t know. Yet, I had full-knowledge. I knew I had fucked Susie and I knew I had fucked Mom!

Mom sat up. My cock slipped out of her pussy. It was limp, lifeless, and drained. Mom dropped on her knees beside me on the floor. Radiant joy lit her face. She kissed me with sweet passion. Her voice spoke with the same passion, “Jason, thank you. Thank you for fucking me. It was wonderful! It was glorious! Best of all, you were slow, tender, and gentle. You are a magnificent lover!”

A bit of mischief then entered her voice as she said, “I’m going to have to find some ribbon for your cock. Susie gave you a girlie-pink ribbon as a trophy for being the best ‘s****r-fucker’ in the world. I think I’ll find a bright-blue ‘first-class’ ribbon and award it to you as the best ‘mother-fucker’ in the world!”

I laughed. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would ever wear ribbons. Yet, here I was being offered ribbons as an honoree for sexual achievement. Well hell, I decided that those were ribbons I would wear with pride!

With our sexual escapade over, I walked Mom to my door. Her tone once again became serious, “Jason, thank you again. Because of you, I think I can now begin to trust men again. I’m going to start looking. I want you to help me. I want to find someone with the same gentle qualities you have. I want to find someone to love and to be a lover. I want a man that can fuck my brains out just like you did! But, I think I might have been spoiled by your fucking!”

I spoke with a sincere wish in my voice, “Oh Mom, I hope that you can find someone. I’ll help if you really want. I want you to be happy. I love you, Mom.”

Mom gave me a kiss on the cheek and said, “Oh, Jason, I love you, too. I had every intention of telling you that this thing that’s happened with us can never happen again. But, damn my wicked soul, I don’t know if I can say it! I will say this; I want you to fuck your s****r anytime you want. I want her to feel your cock in her pussy. But, if I admit the absolute truth, I’d have to say that I want to feel your cock in my pussy, too! Oh, goddamn, I want you to fuck me again! And, I want it sometime real soon!”

After those words, she was gone. For the second time this morning, I had to go to bathroom to wash sex-juices off my cock. For a guy that was a virgin yesterday morning, I was now getting a lot of pussy! Well shit, that was just fine and dandy with me! I was a guy that sure loved pussies!

And speaking of pussy, I had just dressed in a pair of dark blue slacks and a white shirt when I looked out my window and saw our sexy new neighbor lady picking an apple from the tree between our houses. She was wearing a long t-shirt.

When the woman reached up to grab an apple, I saw a stunningly revealing sight! The woman had no panties on! She was bare-naked under that shirt! Her pussy-mound was fully exposed! That woman’s pussy was full-grown and matured, but it was absent of pubic hair. Why, it was shaved completely bald! Lord-a-mercy, it was beautiful!

This woman and her husband had just moved in next-door two days ago. They were both 20 and had been married for a year. I found out yesterday that her name was Cathy. I met my new neighbor in an unexpected way. She had come to our backdoor and she had caught me fucking Susie in the kitchen!

Well hell, I’d thought she would tell! Instead, she did the opposite. She complimented me on the size of my cock! She told Susie that she was real lucky to have a b*****r with such a nick cock to fuck her with. That woman had actually grabbed my cock and invited me to bring it over sometime to play!

Of course, I was stunned and surprised. At my age of 16, I thought that older women like her didn’t give teenage boys a thought. But, that was yesterday. Today, I’d found out that sexual attraction has no age boundaries! Hadn’t I just fucked a girl of age 12? Hadn’t I also just fucked a woman of age 35? Now, why in this world couldn’t I fuck a woman of age 20?

A sharp jab in my ribs awakened me from my meandering musings about pussies and fucking. That 15-year-old girl sitting beside me on the church pew had rudely reminded me of where I was at. Her father, the preacher was rambling on.

Now, I reckon that Becky had a damn good reason for jabbing me so hard. I had a hand on her leg and it was so far up her dress that it was nearly touching her panties. My daydreaming about pussies and fucking had subconsciously guided my hand.

But, hell, that sharp jab had aggravated me! Well, preacher’s daughter or not, I let her know so. I whispered in her ear, but I spoke a little more harshly than I intended, “Becky Sharp, if you punch me again I’ll lay your over my knees and spank your pretty little ass!”

That young lady wasn’t the least bit offended. In fact, she smiled and leaned over to whisper in my ear, “Oh Jase, is that a promise? If so, then wait until I can get my panties pulled down so you can spank me real good! Sometimes I’m a really bad girl and I need a good ass-spanking!”

Oh goddamn-it, I was sitting in church! This was not the place for a pounding, pulsating cock! But, bl**d was racing through my disobedient shaft. Now I had another pussy on my mind! I added it to my list. The catalog of pussies on my ‘dream-list’ was getting longer. One was 12, one was 35, one was 20, and now one was 15.

I was eager for church to be over with. I wanted to get home and relieve some of the pressure built-up in my cock. I knew one thing for certain; when I got home I would fuck my sweet s****r Susie!