Submission pt6

After the orgy at Aunt Jane's, Mother and I settled down into a daily routine. In the morning, she would get up before me, don lingerie, makeup, and then prepare my breakfast. When I entered the kitchen, she would drop to her knees, lift her breasts for my amusement (be it to fondle or abuse them), and open wide her mouth for me to insert my erect penis. Those morning blowjobs kept me going all day.

Fred was a little upset when I told him to back off a bit, that this was a training period and he must respect my wishes if he ever wanted to 'bury his cock in my slut again'. Fred shot back with, “Well then, we've got to find me my own slave.” That was food for thought.

It was on Wednesday that my homeroom teacher told me I was to have a meeting with my guidance counselor and my mother the next morning, after second period. I asked her what this was about, and if I was in any trouble. She said that she didn't think so and for me not to worry. So of course I was concerned immediately. But no matter what I came up with, it always boiled down to mom and me.

Fred was no help at all. He merely made it worse by pointing out that if it had anything to do with my secret relations with mom, then she was certainly going to jail, and probably the two of us as well.

As soon as I walked through the door at home that afternoon, mom was ready for her normal good hard fucking, but I had other things on my mind. When I told her about the meeting, she said that the guidance counselor had called and made an appointment for the two of us to discuss my college possibilities. Boy, what a relief that was.

Mom was half naked, as usual and acting the part of sex kitten, while I calmed down and tried to get in the mood. I was way behind her though, but I had an idea. I called Fred and invited him over saying, “Mom needs to be royally fucked, in the worst way.” He made it to my house in record time. Mother was soon moaning in pleasure as he plowed her hot pussy from behind, doggy style.

After they both came, I was up for the game and had her give me a long drawn out blowjob. She was insatiable. When I shot my wad, she went to work on Fred, who said that he couldn't get it up right then. Yet, he did.

She turned around and begged him to, “Fuck my ass please, sir.” He obliged and reached around her, to pinch her nipples. She always got off on that.

Fred had to go home after that. Once he left, mom and I had a quiet dinner and she curled up at my feet while I did my homework. She licked and sucked on my toes, and ended up masturbating with my foot half way into her cunt.

Having given some thought to the impending meeting, I told mom to dress nice, but not provocative. She agreed saying, “I don't suppose that it would be a good idea for me to show up wearing nothing but a see through body stocking.” Actually, it conjured up a rather enticing picture, but it was out of the question.

My morning was quite normal, both at home and at school. I reported to the guidance office, at the appointed hour, and found mother sitting in the waiting room.

She was dressed in a conservative outfit, but on her it was sexy as hell. She wore stockings and heels, a black skirt that stopped two inches above the knees, and a floral patterned blouse that was not shear in the least. Two buttons were open on the blouse, but there was only the slightest hint of cleavage. Her hair was soft and flowing onto her shoulders, framing that beautiful face, which she had made up to emphasize her eyes and high cheekbones. Mother looked stylish and sexy, without looking like a slut.

She stood as I entered the room, rising to attention, which pushed her huge tits out. It was a simple outfit, but it showed every one of her ample curves. I couldn't help but notice that her nipples made an appearance as I stared at them. Damn she was hot.

We made idle chitchat, until we were called into the counselor's office. I pushed mom in first, following her closely, as I watched the left/right shift of her inviting ass. I had met Mr. Downs before, so I introduced mother to him. When I turned to look back at her, as she moved forward and bent slightly to shake his hand, I was shocked to see that the dirty old slut had undone three more buttons. Her cleavage now threatened to explode into the room, and revealed a sexy lace black brassiere.

Mr. Downs was a great guy and very easy for a boy to talk with. Yet this nice middle-aged man, looked at mom's bouncing boobs, with a lustful glare that was uncharacteristic for him. All right, so I guess he was human; but it did surprise me. It also embarrassed me. I made a mental note to scold her for that little stunt when we got out of there; and to punish her when I got home.

The gist of the meeting was to inform me that if I continued to make the grade point that I currently had, I could just about name any school that I wished. He felt that a full scholarship was not out of the question, but that I should start my selection process now. He also suggested that I contact the enrollment department of my favorite schools, to make them aware of my interest, as well as my outstanding grades.

Apparently, he thought that mom's big tits should be the recipients of this information, because he talked to them the entire time. However, it wasn't all good news. He pointed out that the big time universities expected a well-rounded student who had been active in the school community.

At this point, mother leaned forward, exposing a great deal of her charms and asked, “What would you suggest Mr. Downs?”

“Well actually, that is up to Tim. He should pick something that he likes and is good at. That will demonstrate his interest in the community. If he were to do some charity work, or perhaps he might consider a run for the student counsel. I know for a fact that he's popular, and a show of political savvy is always a good way to impress the decision makers of higher academia.”

His idea struck a strong note with me. Fred had suggested it a while back, but I didn't give any serious thought at the time. I was busy planning the seduction of the beautiful slut sitting at my left. But I liked the idea of being a politically active guy. After all, they're the ones who make the rules in this world.

Mr. Downs was staring at mom's tits again, when I spoke. “Mr. Downs, yoo-hoo, over here,” I waved my hand to get his attention. He blushed as I proceeded with my thought. “I like that idea, but I want to think it through, before I waste people's time. I mean it's better to be sure that it's something that I really want to be involved with. Then I can devote my full attention to it.

“There might be a few other possibilities as well, so let me give it serious thought, and I'll let you know. I appreciate your help.”

With his eyes back to mother's boobs, he said to her, “You have a mighty impressive son there, Mrs. Jorgenson.”

We said a few pleasantries and then our goodbyes. He told mom to call him any time to discuss my progress. Mom told him that there was nothing that she wouldn't do to further my career possibilities. Her forwardness, with out my permission, really pissed me off.

As I walked her to the car, I made her well aware of my anger, calling her a common slut and whore. “If I tell you to act like a slut, that's different, but not with out my say so.” By the time she drove away, she was in tears.

Second period ended just as I entered the building, so I headed for my third period class. On the way, I ran into Beverly, who sat behind me in that Biology class. She asked how the meeting went, explaining that Fred had mentioned it to her. I briefly told her what it was all about, and found myself staring at her tits the whole time. Damn, but they were really getting huge.

She was no longer the little girl that I had grown up with. Right then and there, I came to the realization that she was drop dead gorgeous. How in the hell had I missed the transition?

She smiled, as I stared, and then with a finger gently lifted my chin up until I was looking at her eyes. With an understanding grin she said, “Hey, I'm up here. If you want to have a conversation with my breast, you'll have to make an appointment.” How ironic that I should be admonished, so soon after doing basically the same thing to my guidance counselor.

Just a few months ago, I would have been terribly embarrassed, but not this time. I was more mature and self confident. And after all, we had been life long friends, who could tease each other about anything. In a deep and sincere tone, I said, “I can't apologize for admiring what a lovely woman you've become. And, I won't apologize for being what I am, which is a tit man.”

“I'm not sure that you've really given me a legitimate compliment.”

“Well you'd better believe it. Furthermore, I think you're sharp as a tack. Why else would I ask you to be my campaign manager in my run for president of the Student Council this year?”

“Are you serious, Tim? I mean I thought about running myself, but I know that I couldn't win, but you'll be a shoe in. I'd be honored to be your campaign manager.”

Thus it was, that I made my decision to run for office, and enlisted the best looking fat titted girl in school to be my partner in political crime.

I also decided right then and there, that I would work up a plan to have sweet Beverly groveling at my feet.

On the bus ride home, I brought Fred up to date regarding the meeting, as well as my offer to Beverly.

“Hey, what am I, chopped liver?” he asked.

“Fred, it never occurred to me that you had any interest in politics. If you're serious, how about being co-campaign manager with Beverly?”

“Yeah! She can draw in the female vote and I'll deliver the guys; although, with those knockers, she'll probably bring along more guys than I will.”

So now I had two people on my side. That was a start. Fred hopped off at his stop and I at mine. When I strolled inside, anxious to tell mom about my choice, she wasn't there. I called out to her, but received no response. I looked all over the first floor, including the garage, but nothing.

As I approached the top of the stairs, I noticed that all of the doors to the bedrooms were closed, except for mother's, which was ajar.

For some reason, I was afraid of what I might find, as I pushed open her door. I was shocked! She was there all right. She was tied up, with her hands above her head, her feet to each end of the bed, a gag in her mouth and a whip hanging around her neck. It was just as she had been for my father that first night, in which I had secretly watched them play their kinky games.

She looked at me and then at the floor, in front of her. My eyes followed hers and I saw a sheet of paper. Reading it, as I picked it up, her message to me was as clear as a bell. 'NAUGHTY SLAVES MUST BE PUNISHED SERVERELY'.

There was only a dim reading lamp on, in the corner, so I didn't really get a good look at her until I moved in nice and close. She had written, in felt pen, all over her body. On her forehead, PAIN SLUT, on her chin with arrows pointing at her lips, COCK SUCKER, on her breasts, PLEASE BEAT MY TITS, just above her pubic hair, TORTURE MY PUSSY, and when my curiosity sent me around to gaze at her behind, **** MY ASS (she must have had a hell of a time getting that on). Finally, on her belly, two words larger than the rest, NO MERCY.

I said nothing at first. I just began slowly removing my clothes. When I was naked, I took the whip from around her neck, and then asked her, “Is this how you want it?” She nodded affirmatively.

“There must be no mistake as to why you deserve what is about to happen to you. You presumed an action that I had not approved. In fact, I had indicated my wishes to have you act conservatively, but you disobeyed. You just had to be a slut. But in doing so, you embarrassed me, your master. That is why I'm going to make you suffer, and there will be no pleasure from it this time. Pain will be all that I allow.”

The whipping that she received was by far one of the worst that I had ever given her. I paid a lot of attention to her tits and pussy. They would be unusable for a least a day or so. Her screams could be heard so loudly through the gag, that I feared the neighbors would hear. And by the time that I got around to r****g her asshole, I was so ready that I came with a few quick, but brutal strokes, much before mother could get into the pain.

She was sobbing in agony, as I left the room. I didn't return until I was ready for bed, some three hours later.

As I untied her, I noticed that I had broken the skin in a few places. I cleaned them up with alcohol, which stung her like crazy, and put on a few band-aids. She could barely move and in fact collapsed on the bed. I slapped the hell out of her shouting, “Get back up, you filthy slut. You're not going to get off this easily. You're going to remember this night for as long as you live.”

I f***ed her to crawl on her hands and knees, all the way to the basement, where I tied her to the toilet. There, I left a rather large bowel movement, in the bowl to give her something nasty to smell. My final act of punishment was to piss on her, in her hair, on her face and body. Normally she would get hot as hell if I did that, but she howled as though I was burning her with acid.

The following morning, I prepared my own breakfast, being sure to make enough noise to let mom know that I was awake. After eating, I went down to look in on her. She looked like hell. Good, I thought. She deserved every thing that she got last night.

The small bathroom stunk terribly. The crap that I had left in the commode had filled the air with a horrible stench. Mother looked at me, pleading with her eyes. She could barely move because I had tied her so close to the base of the toilet bowl. I started by telling her not to speak, and then I removed the gag from her mouth.

“This is to remind you of your place, you disobedient slut.” I pulled her head as far from the toilet as possible, and slapped her several times. She yelped with each blow, but said nothing.

“You really pissed me off, bitch. You are my slave. I own you. You gave yourself to me of your own free will. You are still my mother and always will be, but don't you ever presume such liberties with me again, or I'll make you suffer beyond anything that you can possibly imagine.”

She was in tears by then, and my slapping her four more times sent her into a fit of deep, racking sobs.

I stood over her, undid my fly, pulled out my cock and said, “I have to piss.”

At first it didn't register with her. But when it did, she slowly twisted her face to me, as best she could and offered her wide-open mouth to be used as my toilet. I released a stream of warm pee into her face, finally targeting her luscious mouth, and finished with a few strong spurts on her welted bosoms.

“I'll look in on you when I get home from school.”

“Please don't leave me like this. I have to go to work today”

“I'll call in sick for you. Do as you're told slave.”

I called her office and spoke to her boss, explaining that she was running a fever. He expressed sincere concern, so I told him the truth. I said, “She's in very serious discomfort, but she should be back to work Monday.” He seemed relieved and thanked me for calling.

As I walked up into the kitchen, I had serious second thoughts about leaving her there all day. But the more that I considered it, the more I knew I must re-establish my dominance over her. Evidently, I would have to do this from time to time, in order to keep my slave under my thumb. Hell, I figured, she'll love me for it in the long run.

As soon as Fred and I jumped off of the bus at school, Beverly came running up to us, all bubbly and cheerful.

“Morning Tim, morning Fred. I've come up with some great ideas for your campaign and I want to go over them with you.”

She didn't know yet, that I had promised Fred a co-campaign manager position. Well, I thought, this is as good a time as any.

“You'll need to work out the details with my other campaign manager here. I think that two are better than one, so I've engaged Fred to be on the campaign staff, as an equal to you. But I'm the candidate, and my word is final on the issues, so don't either of you go making statements on my behalf, without my permission, understand.” I gave both of them a stern look, as I delivered this last line.

The disappointment written on Beverly's face was quite obvious, as she blurted out, “But I thought it was just going to be you and me together on this thing.”

“Beverly, you're an extremely important person to me, both as a friend and political advisor. But, so is Fred. You each bring a view of things that I might miss, and if you really want me to win, then you'll work together. The three of us are best friends. We've known each other most of our lives, so I'm positive that together, we can be an unbeatable team.

“Furthermore, you're very special to me Bev. I've never told you that before, but it's true. I guess because of our years of familiarity, I kind of took you for granted, but I'll do better from now on. Yet there is one point that I can't stress enough. I like to be in charge, and I expect to be obeyed. So do what ever I tell you to, and we'll have a great time doing it, as we win together. But if you disobey me, I'll insist on punishing you.”

She had perked right up, when I told her she was special to me. But to my last comment, she replied, “What'll you do, put me over your knee and spank me?”

“Actually, that's exactly what I had in mind, Bev, and not on your jeans, but on your sweet little panty clad butt.”

She chuckled and said, “Well I thought that you'd never notice my sweet butt, the way that you're always staring at my boobs. At least I have something to look forward to, when I screw up.”

She and I laughed together, but Fred just stared at the two of us in amazement. Later he said, “How in the hell do you do it. I mean, you had Beverly eating out of your hand. If I had said I was going to spank her, she would have kicked me in the balls. You've got her looking forward to it. And don't think that I didn't notice how you were starting to control her, Mr. Dominant. You don't just want to fuck her. You want to tie her up and whip her first. And you'll probably get her to beg you for it first.”

With an arrogant grin I shot back, “Now you're getting the picture.”

The rest of the day was average; that is until I got home. I was thirsty as all get out, so I pulled a soft drink out of the fridge and took a big swig. That's when I realized that I hadn't fed mom before I left. But worse, I had left her nothing to drink, other than the warm piss that I had given her in the morning.

I raced downstairs, fearful of finding her dead from dehydration. The stench coming from the bathroom was overwhelming. When I gazed in on her, she rolled her head toward me and smiled saying but one word, “Master!”

I flushed the toilet first, which only stirred up the filth that was rotting in there and making the smell even worse. Then I untied her from the commode, and helped her to her feet. She was very shaky, and when she went to her knees, I thought that she had fallen. But instead, she began to kiss my sneakers and lick them with her tongue.

I didn't allow her to pay homage to me for long, as I knew that she must be very thirsty. I took her to the kitchen where she drank a quart of ice water. The guilt that I felt at my carelessness regarding her safety was substantial. However, I kept it to myself. It would be contrary to her training, for me to seem weak at this point.

“Follow me up to your bath, slave. I want you to be clean for me.”

“Yes master.”

Once she was in the tub and relaxing, I began to bring her up to date on my plan to run for office. I told her of my use of two campaign managers, and who they were, explaining that I trusted them more than anyone I knew, except for my obedient slut.

She smiled at me and looked as though she had something to say, but held her tongue.

“You may speak.”

“I'm so proud of you, my son and master. You think things through so much better than me. I should have known that you would deal with whatever comes along with common sense and intelligence.”

“There's something else I need to tell you mom. I've got a bad case of the hots for Beverly. Christ she's become so beautiful so fast I can't believe it. If her tits keep growing, they're going to be bigger than yours. I'm going to seduce her mom. Not just seduce her, but also make her my slave. I can't wait to work over her tits.”

Mom's face went white.

“You'd better be careful son. If anyone ever heard you talk like that, you could go to jail for a very long time. I'm not sure that this is a good idea. I don't like it. I'm your slave and you can beat me if you wish, but I don't like it.”

“I appreciate your motherly advice, and I shall never punish you for giving it to me. However, I should point out that I'm not going to **** her. I'm going to seduce her, and have her beg me to hurt her. I don't know how or why, but I just have a feeling that she could get into it. I'll probably want your help at some point in the debauchery process, but you needn't worry. I'll be very careful.”

I left mom alone for a while, to enjoy the warm bath. I returned with a body stocking and heels, for her to wear. The stocking was black (I really like black) with holes for each of her massive tits and crotch-less. I told her to prepare my dinner, while I studied.

When I later went down stairs, I noticed the table set for two people. It was still two soon for her to be treated with any respect.

“You stupid fucking cunt. You don't get to eat at the table with your master, unless he says so. Place your plate by my feet, and you'll eat without utensils.”

She looked hurt, but did as ordered. While we ate, I made a point of abusing her breasts, which were still carrying the marks from the previous night's punishment. Half way through the meal, I pissed in her mouth. She didn't spill a drop.

Later, in my bedroom, I had her lay on her back and hold her pussy wide open for me, as I spanked it harshly with my hand. Then I plunged my cock into that swollen red-hot piece of meat, burying it to the hilt. I came before she did, and quickly pulled out to deny her the pleasure of finishing.

“Master, may I please masturbate?”

“No! I'm still upset with your failure to obey me at the school, the other day. I'm going to tie you to my bed tonight. And if I catch you trying to fuck yourself in any way, I shall make last nights pain seem like a walk in the park.”

“Yes master.”

“By the way, your boss was very worried about you, when I called him. Tell me what's happening on the job lately.”

As I tied her hands and feet to the bed, she brought me up to date.

“Well, if you'll recall, I offered to shake my big tits for him when ever he wanted me to. He's getting quite comfortable talking about my tits, and he asked that the next time I came to work, I should walk into his office and do some shoulder rolls to make my boobs dance for him. I promised that I would, so that's probably why he was upset about my not getting into work. But of course, that will just make him hotter to trot next week.”

“In that case, I think I'll have you wear that thin lace bra, which doesn't prevent your tits from bouncing around. A very shear blouse, with that, should give him a good view of just how large those areolas are, and crotch-less pantyhose topped off with a mini skirt ought to leave him with a nice bulge in his pants.

“When you finish bouncing your boobs for him, use your fingers to pull on your nipples. Don't let go of them. I want you to ask him if that was an adequate show for him, and may you stop hurting your tits. Then just do what ever he says. If he doesn't say anything, beg him for permission to stop. Make it obvious to him, that he has complete control of you. Remember, you may suck him, but you may not fuck him without you master's approval.”

“Yes sir, of course. I'm sure that he'll get the message.” She looked puzzled for a moment, and then asked, “I assume, from your suggestion, that you want him to degrade and hurt me. That you want me to do everything that I can to encourage him along those lines.”

“Absolutely! And I expect you to give me every juicy detail, on a daily basis.”

With a wickedly lustful smile she said, “Your whore hears and obeys, master.”

Beverly approached me, at school the next day.

“I have to get this off of my chest, Tim. I'm very hurt that you made me a co-campaign manager, after you told me that I would be it, that I would be the one. I don't expect you to fire Fred, but I just had to let you know how I felt about it. And don't worry about me getting along with Fred. We get along just fine. He's like a little puppy in heat, and I think the world of him, but I'm very disappointed in you.”

I realized that whatever I chose to say would be very important to any future relationship that I might hope to have with her. So I gave careful thought to my response, before answering.

“I must confess that my decision to run for class president was impetuous. You see, Mr. Downs had suggested that as one option, which I might consider, in order to make myself more attractive to a big name university. A few minutes later, I was staring at your tits if you recall. I realized at that moment, with you guiding the way for me, I would have a pretty good chance. Then later, the same impetuousness kicked in, when I was talking to Fred. He's got a much better sense of humor then I do, and he's popular. So I felt that he could guide me through areas that you might not be able to.

“I didn't even think, before I acted, which is very unlike me. On the other hand, it was only because of my trust in my two best friends that I did what I did, without fear of offending you. But I was wrong.”

Then, in my most sincere voice, I said, “I am truly sorry, for offending you. I am so sorry that I want to offer you a deal. How about if Fred and I work as your co-campaign managers? I believe that, as long as the three of us work together, we'll be unbeatable. What ya you say?”

“You would do that? You would back me for president?”

“Sure I would. You're a hell of a lot smarter than I am. I just don't want you angry with me.”

She startled me, by jumping into my arms and wrapping hers around me, as she mashed her breasts against my chest and kissed me, albeit platonically. Finally she backed away saying, “I pledge my full and undying support to Timothy Jorgenson for president. And what the hell is that in the front of your pants?”

I made no attempt at hiding my bulging erection. I looked her in the eye and said, “You're going to find out a few things about me, during the campaign. The single most important of those will be my brutal honesty. Keep that in mind when I say that you have made reference to my stiff penis. One of the many others of my interesting features is the fact that I am easily aroused, especially by big titted women, when they thrust their breasts at me. I hope some day to demonstrate a side feature of that, which is my ability to quickly recover from a hot session of unbridled passion, to rapidly plunge right back into the warm moistness of your up thrust vagina.”

She just stared at me for a moment, as she put together what I had said. “I'm not sure if I should slap you or invite you to my bed. You know, when I cut through the bullshit of what was a very articulate statement, all you really said to me was, 'you're honest, and you have a hard on thanks to my tits'. And last, but not least, 'you want to fuck me more than once.' I haven't been your co-campaign manager for a full day yet, and you are already sexually harassing me.” She had a big grin on by then.

“Damn you're smart Bev. That's why we're going to win, your brains, Fred's personality and my big cock.”

She laughed and punched me on the shoulder. We made an appointment to meet at my house for some planning, on Saturday. I asked her to tell Fred.

Thoughts of seduction were running through my head, when I entered the house after school. Mother greeted me, wearing the undergarments that I had sent her to work in that morning.

She walked toward me slowly, the way I liked, allowing her breasts to sway with each step. Her naked pussy peaking through the crotch less pantyhose was a sight to behold. Thoughts of Beverly had kept me aroused all day, so I was ready for a quick one.

“Into the den slut. I need to fuck right now.”

As she led the way she tried to slow me down. “I had an interesting day today. I think that you're going to like my little story. Why don't I bend over the lounge chair and start telling you about it, while you undress. That way you'll be even hotter by the time you **** my asshole.”

She made quite a production out of placing herself into position, for my assault. With her legs spread wide and her hands pulling the cheeks of those fabulous butt cakes open for me, I almost jumped before disrobing. But I held off, as she related the happenings of her day to me. I knew that there was something good coming.

“When I went into work this morning, I did exactly as you ordered master. I entered the Mr. Novak's office, closed and locked the door, and then I moved my shoulders making my tits sway a lot. Then I pulled on my nipples and asked him if that was good enough for him, or did he want to see more. Of course he said that more would be better, so I walked over to the side of his desk and shook slowly for a lot longer, finishing up by tugging on my nipples again, and holding them out. It hurt, and I guess that it showed on my face.

“I asked him again, if I could have his permission to let go of my nipples. When he asked me 'What if I don't'? I thought that I would cream right there on the spot. I told him that it was up to him to decide what I should do with my big tits. I also told him that holding my nipples for him was quite painful, but that if it pleased him, I would suffer the pain.

“I looked at his crotch and could see the tent forming rapidly. He told me that he wanted a closer look at my tits, before he would allow me to release them. I used that old line about his wish being my command. While I maneuvered between his legs, he asked me if that was how it was, with a seriously intense gaze for my reaction. I told him that he was in complete control that I needed to be controlled and abused. His face brightened considerably at that.

“I'm not satisfied with the view of your tits, he told me. 'I need to see more. Open your blouse'. I took that as permission to let go of my nipples, and unbuttoned my blouse all the way down, pulling it out of my skirt. He reached up and began fondling them gently, with one hand as he moved his other hand up my inner thigh, until he found my naked pussy. I thought that I would die with lust. My juices made his hand wet.

“He said, 'You came in here ready to fuck didn't you?' I told him that I couldn't fuck him, but I didn't say why, of course. I did tell him that he should use some imagination when dealing with the new me.

“He thought for a moment, and then got a big grin on his face and asked me if I could satisfy him in any other way that he might wish. I just nodded my head yes. I was pretty damn hot by then, and I know that it showed, because my tits were rising and falling a lot, with each breath. He told me to remove my blouse and skirt, which I did.”

“He began to fondle my pussy, without putting a finger inside, just rolling the flesh of my cunt in his hand. My juices were leaking out all over him, and he asked me if I liked to act like a slut and be used like a cheap whore.”

Thanks to mother's hot story, I was erect and ready to enter mother's dripping snatch. As I did, she had a sharp intake of breath and stopped talking. But I wanted to hear the rest of her story, so I pulled out and threatened to quit if she didn't go on.

“OK master! Please don't stop. I'll tell you what a whore your mother has become.” I eased back inside her warm, wet velvety pussy, as we both sighed, and she continued.

“Well you know how much I get off on degrading myself by admitting to others, that I am a slut. He had found that out about me so quickly, and my excited response left no doubt about it. I told him that it aroused me beyond description to be treated like a dirty slut, to be used harshly and dominated. With those words he began to twist my cunt meat in his hands. The pain was nothing that I haven't experienced before, yet submitting to it so willingly was humiliating and terribly exciting.”

I pulled out of mom's cunt and immediately pushed the head of my cock into her tight asshole. It must have been painful for her, judging by the way she froze in position for a moment, as we both waited for her sphincter muscle to adjust. I pressed deeper and with more urgency, as she went on with her tale.

“He leaned forward and captured one of my nipples in his mouth, biting it hard and causing me to cry out a little, but not too loud. He told me to shut the fuck up, that we both knew that I loved the pain, and that he was going to hurt me more. He went to my other nipple and bit it as brutally as he had its twin. Then he said that he had always fantasized about slapping my tits. I quickly thrust out my chest and begged him to beat my tits.

“He slapped them mildly, at first. But as he began to realize that I wasn't going to stop him, he increased the severity of his attack. I still can't believe how long he went on with it. I was sobbing by time he relented. My breasts were deep red and throbbing; yet I wanted nothing more than to have his cock rammed to the hilt in my pussy. He even said that that was his desire, but I was not about to disobey my master. I told him that he would have to use me some other way, in order to obtain his pleasure

“He slapped my face twice, and ordered me to suck his cock.”

I could hold off no longer. My rapid pounding of mom's sweet butt, coupled with her tale of lust, brought forth an eruption of hot white cum deep into her bowels. As I unloaded in her, she followed me with her own release, a gasping and grunting affair, which was the equal of my own.

She lay there, bent over the chair with me on her back, slowly slipping out of her. When I finally recovered enough to get off of her, she quickly rolled to her knees in front of me, and took my limp prick into her mouth, washing it clean of the vile scum that coated it. What an incredible slut she was.

“All right slut, finish the story.”

“Yes master. I sunk to my knees before him unzipped his pants, freeing a beautiful large cock, almost…but not quite the equal of your's. I took it in one hand, guided it to my lips and began licking the underside of it. I could tell that he was very aroused and wouldn't last long, so I placed my mouth on him, sucking hard and deep. In just a few stokes in my mouth he exploded. I wasn't quite ready for it; so much of his cum ran down my chin and onto my breasts.

“After he came, I sat back on my heels to catch my breath, but when I started to wipe the cum from my boobs, he stopped me. He said that a slut like me should be happy to wear his cum on my tits. I had no problem with that I told him, but I did have one major problem. I badly needed to cum. He told me to spread the cum on my tits with one hand, while I masturbated with the other. And that's how I got off.”

“Well mother dear, it would seem that you're on your way to being a true slut. I want you to continue to suck-off your boss at work, but I still forbid you to fuck him. Tell him that you want him to go with you to a clinic and you'll both get an STD test, at the same time. Let him know that if he checks out, he can fuck you any time he wants to, but only at the office. Of course, I'll want all of the sordid details.”

She smiled, evilly, “Of course master.”

Over dinner that night, I told mother that Beverly and Fred would be coming on Saturday, to work on my campaign. She asked me what she should wear. I thought about it and dreamed up a little scenario that I thought would be interesting. Mom was very nervous about it, and prefaced her concern with, “I'm going to do what ever you wish master”

I told her that she had no choice in the matter. I was quite sure that she would get off on my scheme, anyway.

When Bev knocked at the door on Saturday, as arranged, mother answered wearing a very exotic outfit. She was nearly nude, yet not so, with a very shear blouse, a very shear bra, which easily revealed her nipples, six inch heels, a micro mini skirt and black crotch-less pantyhose, with a floral pattern. Mom told me later that Beverly just stood there for a moment, in shock.

Fred and I were already in the den, when mother ushered in Bev. I spoke to mom in a commanding voice, telling her to provide soft drinks for each of us.

Beverly was obviously nervous about mom's appearance, and said something about it.

“I guess your mom's going out somewhere, cause she sure is dressed up. I mean she's kinda sexy looking, if you know what I mean.”

Staring her right in the eye, I said, “She wears clothes like that because I told her to. You see, after my dad died she was really in a funky state for quite a while. I didn't talk about it, but Fred noticed it too. I realized that she used to take better care of herself and made an effort to look good for my dad. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.”

It was here that mother returned with soft drinks and over heard the rest.

“I insisted that she change her ways, and I warned her that if I wasn't pleased, that she would be punished; and occasionally she was.”

Bev had a puzzled look on her face as she mulled over what I had just related to her. Then she softly asked, “What kind of punishment.”

It was the perfect opening. “Mother, tell her what happened, when you disobeyed.”

Mom was still standing and looked down at Beverly, then said with a smile, “I was severely spanked, on my bare bottom. I was in tears by the time he was satisfied. Unfortunately, he had to punish me several times before I came around, but it really was just the thing that I needed to snap me out of my depression. Now he hardly ever needs to punish me.”

There was laughter from Bev, as she first thought it was a joke. But when no one else laughed, she understood that what she had been told was real. The expression on her face slowly changed to one of astonishment.

Looking back to me she said more than asked, “You spanked your mother until she cried. How could you?”

“It's easy actually. I just have her remove her clothes, bend over the back of the chair and use my belt on her ass.”

Again amazement. Looking back to mom she said, “Why did you let him do that?”

Mom gazed at the ceiling for a moment and then back at Beverly. “I was foundering…lost…without any direction. It took a strong hand to guide me back. I'm a woman who needs to be controlled. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying. I mean, I have my own thoughts and wishes, but I do so much better if a real man takes me under his wing.

“Tim saw that his father ran a tight ship, both at work and at home. Fortunately, he too felt the void, but instead of waiting for someone else to fill it, he did it himself. He truly is the man of our f****y now. He makes the important decisions, and I like it that way. And, he insists that I look sexy, here and at work. It's done wonders for both of us.”

“That's enough for now mom. We have work to do. If I need you I'll call. In the mean time, you can be preparing some chicken salad for lunch. Now leave.”

Mother bowed and said, “Yes master.”

Beverly watched her as she left the room, and then looked at me in wonderment. I said, “Let's get to work.”

We toiled away for two hours, writing slogans, short speeches and designing posters. When we decided to take a breather, Beverly's curiosity got the better of her.

“Tim, isn't it a little awkward to have your mother walk around in front of Fred and me, when she's practically naked?”

“Not really.”

“But, don't you think it's wrong for Fred to see her like that?”

“Fred, does seeing my mom look all sexy and everything make you uncomfortable?”


“But…her nipples are showing.”

I gave a bored sigh of frustration, and told her, “Look, I've seen my mom nude many times and it doesn't bother me at all. I think what you're worried about is whether or not Fred wants to jump her bones. Well Fred, would you like to hump my mother?”

“Timothy Jorgenson!”

“Go ahead and tell her Fred.”

“Well, sure I'd like to screw her. What the hell, she's a fox, with a killer body. In other words Beverly, I'm a normal male a****l.”

The shock on her face was great. This was going just as I had hoped.

She stammered for a second, and then said, “Well it's just not right.”

Poor Bev was having a real problem trying to pigeon hole this new concept.

With the quiet tenderness of an understanding father, I said, “Beverly, don't you think that many a man has looked at your mother with lust on his mind. Your mom is a fox.” And she was too, a full-bodied woman, beautiful in face and figure. “My mother was used to that type of reaction from many men. But when dad died, she gave up on herself. Being a sexy woman was an important part of her self image, just like it is for you.”

“Just look at yourself, Beverly. You're gorgeous. You wear just the right amount of makeup, you dress to show off, not hide your figure, and you have to know that guys like me would love to take you to bed. That's how the human race keeps on keeping on.”

“I'm not suggesting that my approach to mom's dilemma was right for everybody, but it worked for her. She feels comfortable in the roll of a submissive woman, even though she has a very bright and strong mind. I'm very proud of her.”

She just sat there, staring off into nothingness, as the wheels of comprehension and then acceptance turned in her mind.

Finally, she broke the silence by saying, “I guess if you're both happy, then it must be OK.”

“Good,” I said. Then turning toward the kitchen, I yelled, “Mom get your big fat tits out here.”

More shock on Beverly's face and, “Jesus Christ Tim!”

Mom came into the den, big boobs bouncing and swaying. “What is it dear?”

“We were just having a discussion about how you reveal so much of your body, and Beverly was concerned that it might be inappropriate.”

“Damn you Tim.” Bev was angry now.

I looked at mom and she responded with, “It's all right Beverly; Men have been talking about my body, and in particular, my big tits, for quite a while. You are going to be a bombshell within the next year or so yourself. So you had better face the reality of it. You can either hide from it, or accept it.”

Bev was blushing at the frankness of the conversation, but she hung in there. “I all ready have to put up with the likes of Tim and Fred and lots of others, who talk to my breasts instead of me. I'm just not going to dress like a slut!”

When she realized what she had just said she looked at mom and apologized, “I'm sorry Mrs. Jorgenson. I didn't mean to imply that you dressed like that.”

“It's OK Beverly. I do dress a little like a slut, at least a classy slut. I admit that I enjoy the lustful looks that I get from horny men, young and old alike. I'm not sure why I'm that way, but there it is; and I'd be a fool to deny the truth to myself. I'm just very lucky that my son knows that about me and loves me anyway.”

Mother lifted both of her breasts with her hands, pointing them at Fred, their nipples hard and clearly visible through the thin fabric. “I even like the way Fred sneaks glances at my boobs, when he doesn't think I notice.” Dropping her hands and turning back to Bev, “Young lady you know darn good and well that we woman can usually tell when a man is ogling us, and we like it. So when a man strips me naked with his eyes, I just ignore him.”

“Beverly, I don't always dress quite this sexy, and sometimes I dress even more so.” Turning to Fred mom said, “And as for you and your sneaky side glances, you might just as well stare at my body parts when ever you want. I know you do it anyway. I don't mind and I don't think that Tim minds. But you can't touch unless Tim says it's OK.”

This part of the script was very delicate. After all, we didn't want to scare Bev away. We had decided to allow Beverly to guide the direction that we took from there. She wouldn't know it, of course, but we all just looked at her and waited for her reaction.

The wheels of understanding were turning again. However, was impossible to figure out what was going on inside that head of her's. But from the change of expressions on her face, she was having a very tough time reconciling the possibility that Fred might actually intimately touch my mother, and with my permission.

Finally, in a very soft voice she asked, “You're not serious, are you Mrs. Jorgenson? I mean, you wouldn't really let Fred touch you, in some kind of sexy way?”

“Of course not, but if Tim told me that I should allow him to, then I would. You see it's a measure of my commitment to Tim. I can't explain just how deep was the hole that I had fallen into, after my husband died. I was certainly on the verge of a mental breakdown, at the least. Tim became strong and assertive for me, because I couldn't, and right now I need to have the guidance of someone that I know loves me, but understands my need for … well, domination. It's kind of kinky, but that's the way that I was with his father, and that's the way it is between us now.”

There was another long silence as Beverly noodled it out, as best she could.

“I'm not really sure that I understand all of this Mrs. Jorgenson, but I'm trying.”

Mom smiled, in a motherly way at her, and said, “Beverly I know your mother a little bit, and I know that she's had a rough time of it since the divorce three years ago. It's probably been pretty bad for you too. I want you to think back to a time a few years before they broke up, and remember how your mom used to act and dress. She's changed Beverly. I don't know her all that well, but I can see the difference in her. She doesn't keep herself as attractive as she once did. And let's face it; to use one of Fred's favorite phrases, she's a fox. She's built like a brick outhouse; only she's not showing it off, as she did a few years back. Think how bad she must feel about herself, if she denies to herself, the fact that she is a beautiful woman.

“When Tim made me more aware of my natural womanhood, I felt better about myself. Frankly my dear, shaking my ass and tits in front of the guys, has helped me snap out of my funk, and I bet that it would help your mom too. But that's not for a stranger to bring up to her. I'm not saying that you should either. I'm trying to get you to see that it works for me. I'm whole again. If that means that horny young men want to screw me, then I can easily live with that.”

When mom finished her little speech, she was misty eyed. Her sincerity was real, and it showed. She wiped at the corners of her eyes, then turned and left the room. That wasn't in the script.

Bev looked more concerned than confused. I was getting better at reading her and I felt that she had a suspicion that mom and me were getting it on, but didn't want to believe it.

“Look Bev, my relationship with my mother certainly isn't a normal one, but it's helped her and we're a strong little f****y again. A lot of people wouldn't understand, much less approve, of our… unique situation. There is a lot of love here, and I don't want to lose it.”

“Tim I'm not going to do or say anything that would change that. As a matter of fact, I think it's great that she's doing so well.

“And another thing; what she said about my mom is true. I've been kind of selfish, I guess, because I never picked up on her depression. But your mom is right. My mother needs to get back to being the 'FOX',” she stuck out her boobs, “that she is.”

“Thanks Bev. And for the record, you're a 'FOX' too.” She grinned deeply and nodded her appreciation.

I put a troubled look on my face and said, “There's a problem, however. Mother had no right to make that comment to you, about your mom. I really should punish her. She actually will expect me to. It's the environment that I set. That's what pulled her out of her depression and I don't want her to backslide. The thing is I should punish her in front of you, as you were the offended party. But I won't do it if it bother's you.”

“I don't know Tim. What do you mean by punish, and what about Fred being here?”

“Fred has seen her punished before. He's even helped me in the past, and I really appreciated it. As for punishment, I intend to have her bend over the back of that chair and then I'll spank her bottom.”

She was chewing on her lower lip, as she contemplated what I was suggesting. Then she said, “You don't expect me to spank her, do you?”

Great! She had already accepted the fact that mom would receive a spanking, but she didn't want to do it herself.

“No, you don't have to, unless you think that the lesson would be better learned if you did it.”

She pondered a little more then, “I'd better not. Tim, is she really going to do this just because you tell her to?”

I turned toward the kitchen door and shouted in an angry voice, “Mother come here!”

She came bounding through the door, breasts jiggling up and down, with each step, until she stood by me, but facing all of us.

“Mother, you had no right to bring up Beverly's mother. Especially when, by your own admission, you hardly know her. You need to be punished. Go over to the chair.”

Beverly was rapt with attention, as mom went to the infamous chair and stood there, waiting for further instructions. I picked up the 18″ wooden ruler that we had been using to make posters.

“I think ten good swats on your ass are appropriate. But first, I want you to apologize to Beverly and tell her that you deserve this.”

Mom looked at Bev and said in a husky voice (Jesus, she was hot already), “Beverly, I am truly sorry for having offended you, and I want you to know that I deserve to be punished for my rudeness. If you're worried about me, don't. I need this.”

Then she pulled her skirt up to her waist, and bent over the back of the chair. Of course, this revealed her crotch-less pantyhose, and with her legs spread wide, her naked pussy as well.

Beverly's sharp, loud intake of breath was a clear indication of her surprise.

“Mother, you will count out each stroke of ten, do you understand?”

“Yes master” again, a look of shock on Bev's face.

I caressed mother's lovely derrière once, and then struck her butt with a loud, cruel blow, followed by her yelp of pain.

Beverly spoke up, “Tim that's to hard.”

Mom jumped in with, “It's all right Beverly. Tim always punishes me harshly because he knows that any other way wouldn't be enough. That's one master.”

Beverly sat there mesmerized. Her eyes never left the beautiful rear end of my mother, as each stroke placed another bright red stripe upon it. After the eighth blow, I turned to Beverly and crooked my finger for her to raise and come to me. She slowly rose to her feet and walked, as if in a dream, to my side.

I handed her the ruler saying, “Give her the last two. She must know that you're in charge.”

Bev couldn't speak. She looked at and hefted the wooden stick in her hand. By the extreme rise and fall of her breasts, I realized that she was quite aroused.

Mother heard, but could not see what was happening. She must have assumed some reluctance on Beverly's part, because she said, “Please Beverly, finish the job, I really do deserve it.” Mom wasn't even trying to conceal her sexual excitement.

Bev took up my position behind mom and raised her arm, then brought it down on mom's proffered butt. It was nothing compared to what I had been doing. Mom asked, “Does that count, even though it wasn't very strong?”

“No,” I said emphatically. “Beverly, don't hold back. Remember, this is for her own good”

She still couldn't speak, but nodded her understanding then struck a vicious blow that had mom screaming in pain. Yet after a few seconds, “That's nine mistress. May I please have the last one, and make it the worst yet.”

Bev didn't disappoint. She put her weight into it, and sent mother bolt up right and yelling. I thought for a moment that mom was orgasmic, but not quite. Beverly was nearly as hot as mom. Her face was flushed, her breathing deep, her nipples were outlined on her blouse, and she was rubbing her loins through her jeans.

Mother bent back over the chair. It had become our normal routine that she stay there until I gave her permission to move.

I moved in close behind mom and inserted two fingers into her twat.


“My my, you certainly are ready to come, aren't you mother?”

“Yes master. Please master; you know how badly I need to.”

“Mother, do you mean that you want me to make you come, right here in front of Beverly and Fred? They'll see what a dirty slut you are. Is that what you want? If it is, then beg for it in the appropriate terms.”

“Oh God yes, master! Please use your fingers on my dirty old cunt and make me come. I want them to see what a nasty old whore I am. They're your friends, and deserve to know what kind of slut you have for a mother.”

I withdrew the wet fingers of my right hand, and began to massage her clit. Her moans and obscenities grew louder, and when I inserted three fingers of my left hand, she exploded.

As mom's climax neared an end, I looked behind me and saw that Fred had his cock out masturbating like crazy. Beverly was just starting her own cries of release, as she used the hand that was now inside her jeans, to bring her to her much needed finish. Fred followed with a blast of cum that splashed all over his pants.

I stood there for a few long moments, as everyone caught their breath. Then I ordered mom to get on her knees in front of me. I merely held up the slimy wet fingers in front of her. She smiled and nodded her head, then took them into her mouth to bathe them of her juices.

Finally, after removing the freshly cleansed digits, I said, “It would seem that every one got off but me. Beverly, how should we amend this situation?”

She looked at me puzzled, and said “Tim, I'm still a virgin and I'm not ready to lose that yet.” Then a light went off over her head and she asked, with a big knowing smile, “What do you and your mom usually do?”

Mother then took things into her own hands, literally. She pulled down my zipper, yanked out my erect cock and surrounded it with her hot wet mouth. She and I moaned together, as her velvet tongue swirled around my aching prick. It didn't take long. Having Bev and Fred watch was a huge turn on, as my slave groveled at my feet while sucking my cock. I cried out involuntarily, as my balls dumped a load of hot jizz down my dear mother's throat.

I almost lost my balance, but was able to stay upright. Mom lovingly sucked, licked and kissed my deflated cock. Beverly sat on the floor, with her hand still down the front of her jeans, and Fred lay back on the floor, his flaccid prick oozing cum on his pants.

Pulling back from mom, I told her, “Crawl to Fred and clean him off.”

“”Yes master.” She fell to all fours and maneuvered over to him, bending her head down to use her tongue on his genitals, and then his trousers, as she hungrily gobbled up all off his cum.

Beverly watched intently, at mother's submission to my orders. She began to manipulate herself again. Damned if she wasn't going to get off one more time. Still, I realized that I must exercise control of her now.

In my best command voice I ordered her to, “Stop that right now Beverly. If you need to get off again, I'll have my slave take care of you. Otherwise, you may not come.”

She looked hurt and frustrated, but she stopped. Then, as she reluctantly withdrew her hand from her loins she said, “I'm not sure what you mean by that.”

I was very pleased. She had accepted my position, as the alpha male, and obeyed. Her question sounded as though she was more curious than concerned.

In dominant voice again, I said, “She cleaned me and she cleaned Fred. If you wish, I'll order her to clean your pussy as well. If you want to use her mouth for your pleasure, that's fine with me.”

She looked at my mom as a man would, with lust in her eye but shook her head no. “I guess not Tim. I've never done it with anybody, man or woman. And I know one thing for sure. I'm no lesbian.” That last was spoken very emphatically.

“Very well. I just thought that you might be interested in having someone suck on your cunt. I would love to do it myself, but I thought that maybe you would be more comfortable with my mother doing it.”

She didn't speak this time. She just shrugged her shoulders and shook her head no. She didn't seem upset by what had happened. That was a good sign.

After ordering mom to her feet, I whispered some commands to her. She left the room then Bev and Fred took a seat, as though nothing had happened.

I took a deep breath and said, “Well, I certainly didn't intend for this to happen. Now that it's out, I ask that you keep our secret Bev. If you tell anyone, mom will probably go to jail and I'll end up in a foster home after months with some shrink, who doesn't know jack-shit about what my mom and I have gone through before all of this.”

My plea was honest, sincere, and it carried more than a little fear with it. But I needn't have worried.

Bev gave me an understanding grin then said, “Tim I would never do anything to hurt you or your mom. Anyway, how in the hell could I tell somebody that I was masturbating, as your mom sucked you off, and Fred blasted his stuff all over himself? They'd sure as hell put me in the funny farm, right next to you.”

We all laughed at that. There was a long pause, broken by a series of observations and questions from her.

“I suppose that you're screwing your mom, on a regular basis, aren't you? And what about Fred? He obviously is in on this. Does he get to have sex with her too? And another thing, is your mother really your sex slave? Do you string her up and whip her?”

She had asked these questions in a light atmosphere, yet I knew that this was really heavy stuff. So I maintained a serious demeanor when I responded. “To be blunt, crude and honest with you Beverly; yes, I am fucking my own mother. Very few women are as beautiful or loving or needy as she is. Yes, Fred screws her whenever I authorize it, which is often. Yes, my mother is my obedient sex slave. And finally, yes, she loves to be bound and whipped.”

“You may as well hear the whole story behind this. Not even Fred has heard it all.”

At this time mother entered the den, with a tray of sandwiches and soft drinks. She had removed her skirt, blouse and brassiere as I had commanded. Her large breasts hovered over the tray, and after setting it on the desk, her naked pussy was peaking through the hole in her pantyhose. She came to me and knelt at my feet facing Fred and Bev. She made no effort to cover her boobs, and spread her legs wide to reveal the moist pink lips of her pussy.

We ate as I related the entire story to both of them. Mother would be shocked, I knew, when she heard that I had first seen her and dad that night years ago. But, she shocked me instead. It seems that she had known that I was there the whole time, but she was too d***k to care. I left out one part, however. I never told them about my learning from the friendly hooker. I felt that would weaken my image. They heard every detail of my dominance over my slave, my orders for her manner of dress, the punishments and the outright torture.

When I finished, mom broke the silence by saying, “I'm horny. All this talk of what we've done has got me hot as hell.”

“Me too,” Fred added.

I looked at Bev, who was still taken back by all of this, but she bobbed her head up and down to indicate her agreement with the sexual environment.

I mumbled more commands to mother, and she quickly disappeared. I sat there staring off into space, as the other two, quietly waited to see what I had set into motion. Mom returned five minutes later, clad only in the dog collar, a pair of extremely high heels and carrying an armload of things that I had told her to retrieve. She placed it all on the desk.

I strolled over to it and picked up a pair of nipple clamps. Turning to Beverly I asked, “Do you know what these are for?”

Shaking her head, “No.”

“They're clamps that are placed on her nipples. They can be applied firmly, which can be a great turn on, or they can be tightened to a degree that is very painful. Beverly, I want you to choose which way to put them on my slut.”

With the easy use of that humiliating term, mother moaned. Then she turned to face Beverly and Fred, lifted her breasts, and said, “Now is not the time to be some weak kneed little bitch. You got off big time, when you smacked my ass, and I liked it too. So don't be afraid to let it all hang out. This slut is glad to suffer for her master's pleasure.”

Beverly hesitated but a brief moment, before a sneer contorted her young face. “Make it hurt Tim. If your slave wants to suffer, who am I to disappoint her?”

I placed one on mom's right nipple and cranked it down until she winced. Then I held out the other one toward Bev and said, “Put this one on the on the cunt's other tit.”

She hopped up and nearly ran to my side, grabbing the clamp from me. She slowly caressed mom's left breast and observed, “It's so soft, just like mine, only a hell of a lot bigger. This is weird. I've never felt another woman's body before, much less her naked titty. No wonder you guys think about this all the time. It feels great, not like when I do it to myself.”

Mom lifted her breast up and out, offering it to Beverly. Bev ran her fingers over mom's rubbery nipple, and then taking it between her thumb and finger, she pinched and twisted it cruelly.

“Is that what you need bitch. You like the pain, don't you? You really get off on being treated like a cheap whore?”

Mom moaned lustfully, as Bev twisted even harder. “Come on slut answer me.”

“Yes mistress, I'm aroused beyond belief when I'm humiliated and tortured. You've really got me hot. Do it. Be cruel, please.”

Bev wasted no more time. She surrounded mother's nipple with the clamp and proceeded to tighten the screw. She didn't stop until mom's face was scrunched up into a state of obvious agony.

Damn, I thought. I've created a monster.

Bev watched as I placed wrist and ankle straps on mother. Then I directed her to the center of the room. Fred stood on a chair and hung the rope from the ceiling rings, attaching each one to a wrist. I used the large ottoman to keep her legs apart by tying each ankle to the short stubby legs of the thing. She now stood with her arms stretched above her head, lifting her full bosoms high on her chest, and accentuating her clamped nipples. Her breathing was deep and her excitement quite evident.

Like a ringmaster at the circus, I spoke as though to a large audience. “And now ladies and gentlemen, this filthy fucking slut will be whipped and thoroughly fucked for your viewing pleasure. In other words, Fred and I will whip her, and then Fred will fuck her face while I fuck her asshole.”

Beverly's loud moan drew my attention. As I looked at her, I could see the obvious excitement on her face. She asked, “What about me? I need to come too.”

I walked over to the desk and picked up a vibrator. Using it like a pointer, I said, “You are going to sit behind the desk and watch, my sweet little cunt. I'm going to tie your ankles to the chair, after you have dropped your drawers. I'm also going to tie one arm to the chair. With the other arm I shall allow you to use this on that hungry hole and clit between your legs.”

“Oh shit Tim. This is so fucking kinky. I can't believe I'm doing this.” She never questioned my control. “Can I take off my blouse and bra to? I'll pull on my nipples. But you and Fred have got to promise that you won't try anything with me.”

Reaching out, and gently cupping her face in my hand I softly said, “I give you my word of honor, that neither Fred nor myself will approach you.” She smiled and nodded; her face had been flushed and very warm in my hand.

To Fred's and my surprise, she quickly stripped off every stitch of clothing. We stared at the incredible firm young body of this girl that we had both been fantasizing about. Her breasts were creamy white, firm and flawless, with the blue veins showing through the skin. Her areolas were a very light pink and covered a large portion of her exposed tits. The nipples seemed about to explode. She made no effort to hide the light blond muff at the vortex of her loins. In deed she arched her back and said proudly, “You may look but not touch.”

Mother stared in amazement. Fred and I said, almost in unison, “Jesus Christ you're beautiful.”

“Thank you guys. That really means a lot to me.” Then she blew us a kiss and said; “Now how about making that bitch scream.”

Her last comment reminded me to place a gag in mother's mouth. Then, handing Fred the whip, I asked him to warm her up while I attended to Beverly.

I walked over to her, running my eyes up and down that phenomenal body.

“Sit!” She sat.

“Spread your legs.” For a brief moment she hesitated, and then did as she was told. It was very difficult to tie her feet to the chair and not attempt to stroke those lovely legs. The scent of her wet musky pussy was driving me wild. I told her so and the look of fear on her face let me know that she still didn't quite trust me.

In a soft and gentle voice I said, “I didn't mean to frighten you Bev. Don't worry, I'll keep my word.” She smiled and I felt better because I knew that she did.

“Which hand do you want to use the vibrator with?”

“I'm right handed, so tie my left hand.”

Fred laid the first of several light strokes to mom's ass and back, forcing painful moans from behind the gag. I quickly restrained Beverly's left arm, being sure to leave plenty of mobility for her right. Then I turned on the vibrator, and placed it in her right hand. She shoved it between her legs and let out an a****l sound that betrayed her lust.

As I turned to get back to mom, Bev said pleadingly, “Touch my breast.”

Well I couldn't turn down that offer. I slide my hands down her chest, from behind, but deliberately avoided her nipples. My hands ran around and underneath, as she moaned in delight. In a horse whisper she asked me, “Touch my nipples Tim. Please touch them.”

She was really wound up now, but it was important to keep my word, so that she would know that she could trust me. It wasn't easy, but I did hit on an idea.

“No Beverly. I gave my word and I'm not going to take advantage of you. But I want you to think about this. I am a dominant, just like my father. I like to control and hurt women. I don't just want to touch your nipples; I want to devourer them in my mouth. I want to chew on them. I want to pinch and twist them. But I won't do it here, not now.”

She was panting now and pleading with me to pinch them all that I wanted.

Grabbing her face in my hands, forcing her to look at me, I said, “You must come to me at school, in a perfectly safe environment, when you know that nothing will happen there. You must tell me that you will submit to me and that you want me to restrain you and then to torture you nipples. If you say those things to me, under those circumstances, then I'll have kept my word to you, and then and only then will we make arrangements for the abuse of your most gorgeous tits.”

She had been working on her pussy the whole time, and was getting real close.

“I know that you're about to come, and I'm going to help you. Just watch Fred work over mom.” As she shifted her attention, I yelled to Fred, “Use the short whip on her tits, and work them over good. Beverly wants to hear mom screaming behind that gag, don't you Bev?”

“Hell yes! Put it to her Freddy. Make those monster tits bounce for me.”

Quickly going to the shorter whip, he was able to place the strokes with greater accuracy. Mom's breasts depressed, as the whip struck them, and that would then send them into another direction. But it was mother's tears and the high pitched wail that escaped from around the gag that let us all know just how much she was suffering.

“See how mom's tits are distorted with each blow. God it's such a turn on to watch the tears flow down her face and onto those big fat tits. Can you imagine what she must be feeling right now; the pain, the agony that explodes through her chest each time? Yet with each and every lashing, she gets closer to ecstasy. The pain flows through her entire body and ends deep inside her pussy. She's ready to come right this second, only she can't, because she's missing just the slightest stimulation on her clit. Watch this.”

I went over to mom and with one hand I spread her pussy as wide as I could. With the other hand, I began to pull and twist her inflated clit. She began to cum immediately, her hips pumping, her head nodding in the affirmative to urge me on.

I knew mom's tendencies well enough to tell that this would be a long drawn out series of multiple orgasms. So, I quit twisting her clit and began to gently massage her over excited lust button. Her deep throaty growl, coupled with her frantic shudders of ecstasy, made it clear to all of us that she was experiencing an incredible explosion of pleasure. Her head was rolling around, as she luxuriated in the hazy universe of her bliss, brought on by a series of exquisite little deaths.

Behind me, I heard the telltale signs of Beverly's explosion, marked by a string of filth that both surprised and delighted me. “Oh fuck yeah…oh my pussy, my pussy, it's so fucking wet…feels so good. Oh God I want it all…I want my tits whipped, I want my cunt fucked, I want my asshole fucked, I want you to fuck my cocksucking mouth and shoot a big load of cum down my throat. God damn you Tim; I want you to make me your slut.”

No one spoke for a few minutes, although there was the noise of everyone's heavy breathing filling the room. The first to break the silence was Bev. “Damn, I had no idea that I would turn into such a nasty slutty freak. I've masturbated before, but I've never come close to getting off like that. It was amazing!”

Again there was brief silence, and then Fred complained, “Hey, I need to get off. Somebody please help me to get this slut untied, so she can service me.”

I gave him a hand, as we delicately maneuvered my mother to the sofa. She laid there like a rag doll, as Fred used her pussy as a fuck toy.

Beverly rather sheepishly asked, “Could I be untied too? I'm starting to cramp up.”

I went to her and asked, “May I kiss you first?” She smiled sweetly and nodded her head yes. Bev raised her lips to me, but they were not the object of my aim. I softly placed little kisses on each of her gorgeous pink nipples.

She tilted her head way back, closing her eyes while appreciating the tender treatment, “Oh god Tim that feels so nice after such a brutal climax. You've got real talent for this stuff.”

“Thank you my dear. Your beautiful body inspires a man to such efforts.” Then I place my lips to hers and teased her with swift little darts of my tongue. She opened her mouth to me, sucking my tongue like a cock. As I pulled away, I said, “You've got some serious talent of your own.” Beverly smiled proudly.

Neither of us noticed that Fred had finished.

As I untied her, she got a concerned look on her face. “Tim, when I was cumming I said some things that helped me to get off, but I didn't mean them.”

I innocently asked, “Like what?”

By her furrowed brow, I could see that she was reluctant to go into specifics. But I was determined to make her address the very actions that she had pleaded for earlier. She finally saw that I wasn't going to help her.

“Tim, I don't really want you to whip me or hurt me. I don't want to be a slut.”

I was in a tight spot here. I didn't want to loose the phenomenal progress that we had made, yet she was obviously frightened by the volume of kinkiness that she had just experienced. I had to retrieve what I could without scaring her; so I resorted to my intuitive skills and hoped for the best.

Speaking slowly and softly I said, “Beverly, you've just had a very big change in your life. You were exposed to something that you probably never considered as anything that you would be involved with. It was certainly unusual and it has shaken your self-perception; that's to be expected. There was no reason why you would have thought that this bizarre activity would have the kind of effect on you that it did.”

Even softer, “Honey, I give you my word; I'll never do anything with you that you don't want me to. Furthermore, I'll fight to the death to keep anyone else from forcing you to do something that you're not comfortable with.”

I handed her clothes to her, and then said to Fred, “Come on Fred, let's leave her to dress without her two best friends gawking at her the whole time.” And with that, we left for the kitchen.

Mother was still there, but she was rather incapacitated. I just wanted Beverly to feel safe. For some reason, I was of a mind to be very protective of her.