Submission pt5

It was Monday morning; the day that mother was to give me her answer regarding her total submission to me. I felt certain that she would agree. However, it was quite possible that she had developed a change of heart. The reason for my concern was that I had forgotten to remind her of the pending decision that I required of her. So if I pressed her for an answer, when she hadn't given it proper thought, her decision could go either way.

As I prepared for school, I did have some trepidation about the chance of failure. I could hear mom getting my breakfast ready, and I wondered what I would find as I went down stairs. She was facing the stove when I entered the kitchen, and I was looking at her naked back side. She sure possessed a gorgeous ass and legs. Mother turned as I sidled up behind her, and I could see that she wore only high heels and the dog collar.

I encircled that lush body with my arms, pulling her in tightly, and kissed those incredible full lips. Her lips parted and her tongue slowly danced into my sucking mouth. As we broke apart, we were both chuckling at our selves over how quickly we had become excited.

I was about to speak, when mother put a soft finger to my lips and shook her head no. Then she held up both hands to indicate that I was to stay put, and she left the room. I didn't know what to think. Obviously she was still of a mind to be my house whore, but that didn't mean she would submit to me as a complete slave.

She was only gone for a few moments. Upon her return, she was carrying the vicious little three foot whip in her mouth; she also held in her hand the sponge and dog strap that I had used as a gag.

I kept my mouth shut, as I realized that she had something planned; and I felt, by her expression, that she was proud to present it to me. I would have been foolish to have interrupted her intended performance.

She stopped before me and curtseyed, as one might do before the queen. She went to her knees, dropped the gag on the floor, and took the whip in her hands lifting it toward me, as a gift.

With a proud grin on her face, she broke the silence, “It is the morning of the day that my master set for me to announce my acceptance or rejection of his desire to own me as a slave. I beg you not to interrupt, and please allow me to speak all that I feel compelled to say.”

“You are my son. There was only one other person whom I loved as much as I love you, but he is gone forever. I know that your father grappled with his need to dominate and abuse me. He would speak of the guilt that he felt about his treatment of me at times. Usually, that would happen the day after a particularly rough night, in which he had inflicted serious pain upon me. I would assure him that I loved every moment of it and that he should feel no qualms about my screams, or the marks left on me, as they would heal in a few days. I know that he never completely came to terms with that guilt.

“You are much more of a natural master than your father. You've already taken me to heights of pleasure through my submission to you, which he never did. You mustn't feel that you have to compete with his memory by requiring more of me. I doubt that you've had such thoughts yet, but you might; and I don't want you to have to deal with the remorse of my pain, as you try to outdo him. You are definitely your own man.

“I am a much bigger slut than your father or I ever realized. I'm learning through your demands, just how much of a completely natural submissive whore that I am. The guilt that I bear, is due to the fact that I am doing all of this with my son. The very nature of that horrible taboo is exhilarating for me. I know that I am motivated by a desire to be humiliated, degraded and tortured for my master's pleasure.

“I should wish that it was anyone but you who leads me down this path. Yet I can think of no one better suited to guide me, with trust and love. It is a sick and twisted paradox which brought our sexual selves together, but it's very important that both of us accept it. We must proceed down the course of this bizarre behavior, until we reach your limit. As I told you once before, I'm not sure that I have a limit. So, I entrust myself, my body and soul to the wishes of my master.

“Therefore, I choose, of my own free will, to surrender my complete being to you, my son. You will be my God, and I shall worship at your feet, if you accept me. I will give myself to any humiliation that you wish to see me subjected to. I shall offer my body to the whims and punishments that will give you pleasure. I shall be a dirty slut for any one that you designate as my abuser. I shall accept any permanent marks that you wish to place on me, whether they be deliberate or by accident.”

Mother raised the whip to me with both hands saying, “Master, take this whip and beat your slave, as a sign of our mutual agreement to this contract. I neither ask for nor expect any mercy.”

As I took the whip from her, I was dumb founded. What a performance. Not only had she placed her body at my feet, but also a tremendous responsibility. There was so many things that she had introduced here, and I knew I would be mentally replaying them and giving a great deal thought of to all of them. However, that would come later. Now a master must seal his agreement with his obedient slave.

Mom had attached the gag to her mouth, and was holding her tits out for the whip. I felt so much love for mother at this moment that I really didn't want to use the whip. However, I knew that it was crucial that I do my part. So, with great reluctance, I brought the cruel whip down on mother's magnificent breasts. Her howl of agony was stifled by the sponge. I felt horrible, and elated at the same time. My cock began the engorgement process against my will. It pushed on the tight jeans that had I foolishly chosen to wear, announcing its joy at my mother's submission and pain.

I used but a few strokes on those beautiful orbs, and then went around to place a few more on her back and ass. I only struck her ten times, yet the nasty little whip had done its job. Tears were streaming down mother's lovely face.

Tears were falling off of my own cheeks, as I gently lifted her to her feet and held her in my arms. I removed the gag, and planted little kisses all over her face. She clutched at me as though she never wanted to be let go. It's weird, I know, but it was a beautiful moment.

I became aware of my throbbing cock, when mom reached down and stroked it.

“I think that my master needs to relieve his tension.”

She led me into the den and had me sit on the lounge chair. Her clever fingers quickly had my aching cock out and into her gapping maw. She swallowed as much of it as she could, being sure to gag herself with it, before pulling back. Mother was a phenomenal cocksucker. She teased and stroked my prick, raising my lust to a point where I was about cum. Without removing her mouth from my prick, she took my hands and placed them on her fat tits. I had no compunction about hurting her. I twisted her nipples brutally, and took great delight in her moans of aguish. I swear that I could feel the sperm in my balls marshalling for their charge down the length of my throbbing cock.

With a loud gush of air I began the brief but beautiful journey of my blissful conclusion in honor of my mother's efforts. The vile epithets that I placed upon my mother would surely guarantee my entrance into hell; yet it gave me so much pleasure. She was assaulted with 'slut' and 'whore' and 'i****tuous cunt', among other rueful accusations.

As the fog of my pleasure began to wear off, my slave sucked on my shrinking cock until she was absolutely certain that she had swallowed all that I could give her. I wanted to return that pleasure, so I placed her on the sofa. I positioned one leg up on the back of it, and the other on the floor, leaving her pussy wide and ready for my oral assault. She knew what was coming. Using both hands, she pulled open wide her cunt, and begged me, “Be quick my son, or you'll be late for school. Your slave's pleasure means nothing, but I love you for giving it to me.”

I began by planting gentle kisses around, but not on, her erect clitoris. Mom's soft moans of pleasure told me that she appreciated my ministrations. I was definitely learning how to be a better lover for her without resorting to pain and humiliation. This was important to me because I knew that I didn't want to degrade and abuse her every time that we became intimate. When I engulfed her delicate lust bud with my lips, she began to get louder and started talking, almost to herself. “Oh God…that's wonderful. Oh he's getting so good…so good.”

When I switched my weapon of choice, for this gentle assault, I selected my tongue. Mother was thrusting her hips at me, begging me to finish this beautiful ordeal. She didn't last long. Mom was soon thrashing about, screaming her love for me and for her own dirty pleasure. I wanted to make it very special for her, by stretching it out for a while, but she came so quickly that I was unable to.

A few minutes later, I wolfed down my breakfast. As I left, the hug and kiss at the door was anticlimactic to say the least.

The daily routine changed occasionally, but never grew old.

For the next ten days, Fred and I used and occasionally abused mom each day after school. She worked at a part-time job, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Because she got off at three o'clock, and would be home by the time we got there, it seemed appropriate to have her prepare for us. We started calling her at work, during our lunch break, to tell her how she must dress for us, and sometimes we'd tell her exactly what we intended to do to her when we got home. That enhanced her anticipation factor by a considerable margin.

She would greet us at the door, with nothing more than a smile, lift her tits and beg us to slap them hard. Of course, we did and took great delight in her moans and yelps of pain. One afternoon, we had mom on all fours and acting like a dog, barking, licking our hands and feet, drinking out of a dog dish. We scratched her ample chest and told her what a good dog she was. We even had her pee and p*o on the paper, like a dog. Then, to everyone's delight, we fucked her silly from behind, while she howled like a bitch in heat.

And, of course we had her drink her daily ration of piss. I decided that we should cut way back on the pissing thing. It was alright for a type of punishment, or to humiliate her, but I was concerned about her health. Fred agreed with my fears, so we reserved the use of yellow fluids to those moments when we wished to subject her to abuse.

Mother never failed to get excited by the humiliation; the more perverse, the better. She always delivered. There was pain for her, as well. Mild daily lashings kept her breasts, belly, thighs and pussy nicely welted.

She was becoming a totally obedient slut for me. She looked to me for my approval, whenever Fred gave her an order. With a simple nod of my head, she would jump to whatever sin Fred had demanded of her.

One day, I had to stay after school to make up a test that I had missed. So I called mom at noon to inform her that Fred would be there to abuse her, and that I expected her to do anything that he wanted. When I arrived home, Fred had finished and gone home. I found her in the den, hanging from the bookshelves, gagged, nipples dark purple because of the clamps he had left on them, and welts everywhere. Mother's face had, at one time, been soaked with tears, but they had dried by the time that I arrived.

She looked so hot like that that I just had to fuck her right then and there. I removed the gag, untied her wrists, slapped her tits a few times to warm her up, and then slid my stiff prick into her wet pussy.

As books tumbled off of the shelves, I pounded away at her, and she mumbled in my ear, “I love you master. I love the nasty things that you make me do. I love being hurt by you and I love to be degraded for your pleasure.”

I was so close to coming when she begged me to, “Torture my tits master. Make your slave suffer for your enjoyment.” I do get off on working over those fat melons, so as I pinched and twisted handfuls of tit meat, to the music of her screams, I shot a huge load of goo into my mother's hungry cunt. After I placed her on the sofa, I had her suck me clean, and then use her fingers to squish out the cum from her snatch and lick it off of her slimy digits. I wrapped things up by dumping a small load of piss down her throat, for which she thanked me, quite sincerely.

“Master,” she said, “you asked me to tell you if anyone made a pass at me at work. Well, they have.”

I was taken back for two reasons. First, because I had forgotten that I had mom dressing more provocatively at work, and second, because I was embarrassed that I was so self centered on my own pleasure that I hadn't even thought of mom and the new conditions that she must be creating at her job.

“Tell me about it,” I said.

She looked into the distance, as she brought me up to date. “Actually, I've been getting little comments lately from a young office clerk and even some of the women. You know, asking me where I've been hiding these legs all this time, or that I'm looking hot today. But today, my boss, Mr. Novak, called me into his office and had me close the door for a formal chat, as he called it.

“He said that everyone had noticed the new me and that he too liked what he saw. The problem was that I was looking a bit too sexy for the office and that he really should do something about it. He said that he had even talked with both the men and women of the office, and was surprised to hear that they all felt that if I wanted to dress and act sexy, it was all right with them.

“However, Mr. Novak's concern was regarding sexual harassment in the office environment. He said that he didn't want me to be bothered by vulgar comments or vile innuendo. He seemed shocked when I told him that, at my age, I could use some really vulgar comments. Furthermore, he needn't worry about a silly law suit, just because someone might say something dirty about my big tits.

“He said that he wouldn't ask me to dress down, but that if I was going to look so alluring, all the time, that I must expect the occasional pass to be made. He even admitted that the thought had crossed his mind several times lately, and quite frankly, he looked at me rather hopefully when he said it.

“I didn't want to encourage him or hurt his feelings, so I told him that I like to look sexy and that I felt that I could handle the situation if it came up. I also told him that it made me feel good about myself to be looked at by a man after I had gone quite a while just being a 'frump'.

“He came back with, 'Then, you won't mind if I ogle you from time to time?' I said of course not, and asked him what parts of me he liked to look at. 'All of them, but especially your breasts. You have to know that boobs that big can have one hell of an effect on a man.'

“So, I couldn't resist teasing him a little. I arched my back, stuck out my breast, lifted them in my hands and said, 'you just look all you want and I won't mind one bit. I'm serious about enjoying the attention that I've been getting'.

“He just about shit himself. I got up and asked him if that was all. He told me that he was fine with it, if I was. However, if I was ever offended by his or anyone's comments or actions, I only had to tell him and he would put an end to it.

“He stood up to see me out the door, but he sat right back down to hide the fact that he had a rather large bulge in his pants. I turned back to him as I was leaving and said that it was ridiculous to be so formal. If he wanted to call my breasts 'tits', then he should say it, and that any time he wanted, I would come into his office and shake my big fat tits for him. Then I left.”

“Holy shit mother dear. You have certainly turned a new leaf. I bet things will never be the same for you at work; but don't forget, I refuse to let you fuck him. However, if he should show signs of a dominating interest in you, you may suck his cock. It must be done in a submissive manner. You must clean his cock thoroughly. You must thank him for allowing you to have his cum. And you must ask his permission to get up. You may let him play with your tits whenever he wishes. And you will indicate pleasure when he gets rough with them.

“Needless to say, I expect to get full and detailed reports on your slutty progress.”

“Yes, of course master.”

Why I asked the next question I don't know. “By the way mom, is he married?”

“As a matter of fact, no he isn't.”

“Is he handsome?”

“As a matter of fact, yes he is.” Her face showed sudden concern. “Tim you're not jealous are you? I promise nothing will come of this, honest.”

I thought quietly for a few moments, as mother looked at me with concern. The harsh realization struck me that I would find a love slave closer to my own age someday. And my dear sweet slut of a mother would not be getting the amount of attention that she so badly needed. I could tell that she liked this guy Novak, and perhaps I should encourage her to pursue a relationship with him. Providing, of course, that he was at least as kinky as me, and that I was still her master.

“Mom you know that I'll always love you, and that I'll always want to fuck your hot pussy. Someday, I'll have a woman of my own, perhaps a wife. Of course, she would be my slave as well as you would be. But no woman will ever replace you in my heart; you're the only mother that I have.

“I want you to be happy and someday to find another man. I know that it doesn't seem like dad's been gone that long, and that you can't really think of other men just now. But at some point, you're going to meet the right guy. And if we do this right, he'll have a big whip.”

Mother hugged me tightly, flattening her huge breasts against me. “I love you so much Tim. You're the only man I need right now.”

I kissed her on the top of her head and said, “I know that's true for now, but things can change.

“I want you to be… a bit more provocative at work; at least when you're alone with Novak. Undo a few more buttons on you blouse before entering his office. And let him see you buttoning up before you leave the room. When he asks why you do that, tell him that your tits are for his eyes only. Perhaps, brush his shoulder with your tits, as you place a file in front of him. Then, just play it by ear.”

Mom smiled, “You really want me to lay my charms out for the taking, don't you? I'm going to be acting like some horny widow who needs a good hard fucking. Is that what you want of me?”

With a smartass smirk, I replied, “Yes mother dear, that's exactly what I want. Now let's take a shower together. I want my whore to scrub my back.”

Later, I was talking with Fred. He was disappointed that he was going away to his grandparents for Thanksgiving, but I assured him that the pussy would still be hot and ready when he returned. I didn't tell him about my plans for mother and my cousins, or about my instructions for her at work. I felt that I could always let him in on it later, if all went well.

Mom and I had made arrangements to meet my Aunt and cousins at the half way point between our two cities. We would gather at a little restaurant just off of the highway.

I had mom decked out in a purple, see-through blouse that allowed a vague clue as to the black lace bra beneath. It was designed to let her ample boobs swing freely with each step, and the outline of her large nipples was easy to recognize. High heels of course, stockings and no panties, and a skirt that stopped about three inches from her knees. I was tempted to go with a much shorter skirt, but mom pointed out that we didn't want to frighten my aunt away.

I gave her orders to 'shake them tits and swing that ass', which she did to perfection.

When we arrived at the restaurant, Aunt Jane, Ronny and Bobby had already arrived, and were waiting for us in the parking lot. My cousins ran up to me and the shorter one, Bobby, threw his arms around me, squealing with joy like a little k**. Bobby had always been the immature one of the two, and also the rascal. He could really be a devil at times. Ronny and I were closer alike in many ways, being more responsible and somewhat mature as well. But heck, at eighteen, we were all still k**s. I wanted to appear somewhat aloof and frankly more grown up, so I acknowledged him with a brief pat on the back, and then extended my hand toward Ronny, as though I greeted everyone that way.

Aunt Jane looked like shit; there was no other way to put it. With little makeup, sloppy, loose and wrinkled slacks, a frumpy beige blouse, covered by an old raveled sweater, she appeared much older than mom. Yet, she was fifteen months younger. Still, there was the hint of a great body under all of that dirty laundry. Her breasts were prominent and the slim hips helped to emphasize them. What the hell, I'm a tit man.

I stared her straight in the eye and, in my most manly voice said, “It's very to see you again Aunt Jane. How was the drive down?”

She averted her eyes and replied, “Long.”

She commented on how nice I looked (I had spruced up for the part) and gazing at mom with awe she said, “Damn Sara, you look fabulous.”

Mother beamed in sincere appreciation. We went inside where we were seated at a booth in the back. This allowed us a little privacy, for our conversation. The b*****rs wanted to sit next to me. Mom and I had discussed this, and we agreed that such arrangements might, too easily, lead to horse play, and I didn't want to be dragged into it. Also, I wanted the three of them to have a good view of mom's knockers poking out at them.

I took careful note of the glares that Ronny and Bobby were casting at mom's chest. There was definite interest, and not only from the guys. Aunt Jane was also staring, and I felt pretty sure that she was aware of her son's attention, as well.

We ordered lunch, and then chatted about school, focusing on my progress and growing responsibility in the home. My cousins razzed me about that, but I let it drop without response. That killed their teasing on the spot.

At one point, my aunt delicately asked mom if she wasn't dressed too provocatively.

“By that, I assume that you mean, 'sexy'”

“Yes, actually.”

“You're right, of course, and I like to look sexy. Tim pointed out that I was getting to look like an old maid, since his dad died. He said that I was a hot looking broad and should be proud of that fact. He was tired of seeing me mope around and looking like crap. He insisted that I start presenting myself in a more attractive fashion or he was going to spank me.

“When I didn't do much to improve, he did. He was really pissed, and he wailed my rear end but good. After that, whenever I did something that wasn't getting me back on track, he walloped me again.

“Pretty soon, I was feeling good about myself. By damn I am hot stuff, and I'm proud of it too.”

My aunt was mesmerized by mom's tale of her metamorphosis. I was watching her closely, and I detected both shock and interest.

“Sara you don't mean to tell me that this change came about because you let Timmy give you a spanking?”

“Oh hell no! I didn't let Tim spank me. He was pissed, and did it against my will. But it was just what the doctor ordered. I am getting my life back, Jane. Like I said, I feel really good about myself and my new alluring appearance.”

Mom arched her back, thrust her substantial boobs out and asked, “What do you men think? Do you like your aunt's new look?”

“Yeah,” escaped Ronny's lips. Bobby could only nod his head up and down, but he never took his eyes off of those beautiful monsters pointing at him.

“Oh really Sara, that's outrageous. And I don't think that it's right for you to do that in front of the boys.”

“Wake up Jane. They're men. Young men, I know, but men. I bet that they've been worried about you, just like Tim and I have. They have a right to see their mother as the vibrant and beautiful woman that she is. You are my 'YOUNGER' s****r, you know. You used to wear some pretty wild stuff, showing off your ass and big tits. It's time that you got in the swing of life again.”

Aunt Jane was speechless for a bit, as she blushed and looked away.

Ronny stared at his mother in amazement at what his aunt had said. “Mom, did you really wear sexy stuff?”

“Well I used to, but I'm a mother now, and it wouldn't be right.”

It was my turn now. “Well I think you a very hot looking babe. You should dress the part, otherwise you're a waste, and you don't want to be like that in front Ron and Bob. What do you fellows think? Is your mom a hot looking chic, when she dresses up?” I deliberately shorted their little boy names to Ron and Bob, in order to begin creating their image as young men, not k**s.

Aunt Jane blushed and looked at her sons.

From Bob, “I guess she would be, but I never see her dressed up.” And from Ron, “I remember when you used to get ready to out with dad. You were a fine looking 'fox', but you never do that any more. It'd be nice to see you taking better care of your appearance.” Ron was always the smart leader of the two.

There was a long pause, and then Aunt Jane quietly said, “I promise to do better.”

I would have pressed the topic for a good bit more, but mom had cautioned me about taking it too far, too fast. And after all, look how long I prepared for the seduction of my slave-mother. She was correct and I knew it.

The subject changed, the food came and we ate. After a hearty meal, we hugged, wished all a happy thanksgiving and started the journey back to our house. I sat in front with mom, Ron sat behind her and Bob behind me.

Not one mile from the restaurant, Ron asked mom, “Did Tim really spank you?”

“He certainly did. In fact, he spanked me so badly that I cried and begged him to stop, but he didn't; thank goodness, because I deserved it. I'm glad that he did, and I'm more than willing to let him do it anytime that he thinks that I need it.”

Bob spoke up now, “I used to get whacked on the bear butt. I guess Tim didn't do that though, did he?”

“Oh yes I did,” I told him. “I wasn't about to let her get off easy. As the man of the f****y, it was my responsibility to shake her up. You know, make her look at herself and what she was allowing to happen to her. She was getting old way before her time, and I fear that your mom is too.”

“But how did you keep from seeing her private parts?”

“He didn't, Ron. He saw all of me. That was part of my punishment, the embarrassment of being nude in front of him.”

Things were way ahead of schedule. My dear cousins were sponges, soaking up every tidbit of info they could pry out of us. We just answered their questions and they went right down the path, as though they had charted the course themselves.

In unison, “You were naked?”

“Yes I was. Tim would have it no other way. I had to obey, and when I didn't, he made the punishments even worse.” After that statement, there was no way that they could stop pursuing the whole story.

Bob scrunched up his face in puzzlement and asked, “What could be worse than a bear butt spanking?”

“Well, he would pinch and twist my nipples. Sometimes he would slap them. And, if I was real bad, he used a belt on my tits and my pussy. You just can't imagine how much that hurt.”

“Jesus Christ!” Ron.

“As a matter of fact guys, he still punishes me, whether I need or not. He whipped my breasts this morning, before we left the house. As a matter fact, they're still quite painful. This damn bra rubs right were one of the welts is.”

Looking at me pleadingly, she asked, “May I please get more comfortable?”

“Ask properly, bitch.”

Ron and Bob turned white. I could tell that they were waiting for mom to explode in anger at my insult. Then to their amazement, they heard mother's submissive request.

“Master, may I please remove my brassiere?”

Ron was just beginning to get the picture. He asked me, not mom, “You make her call you master?”

“Yes! Not in front of everyone, of course, but you men are f****y. However, it's probably a good idea if we keep this between ourselves and didn't mention it to anyone else.”

I fixed them both with an intense gaze and said firmly, “You understand, yes?”

Bob nodded his head sheepishly. Ron said, “I understand, but just how much master of her are you?”

“He is my complete and total master, and I am his complete and total slave.”

Mother's interruption made me angry.

“You keep driving, slut. I'll remove your bra, and then I'm going to punish you. Ron was addressing me not you. You will offer me your tits for abuse; do you understand?”

“Yes master. You're right of course. I deserve to suffer for being so rude.”

From the back seat I heard, “Damn, I can't believe this.”

I unbuttoned mother's blouse, with the familiarity of one who has done it many times. She wore a strapless bra, with a single clasp in front, which restraint quickly fell to my deft fingers. Mom leaned forward, allowing me to slide it out from behind her, revealing her huge bosoms and wide dark areolas.

Looking back at them, I said, “You know she insulted you men, as well as me. Look over from the back seat if you want. You have a right to see her punishment.”

They both edged forward and peered down at their aunt's enormous breasts. There eyes as big as saucers.

“OK slut, lift up your left tit first, and hold it out for me.”

Mother did as she was told. Holding onto the wheel with her left hand, she slowly raised her meaty left breast with her right hand. This gave me plenty of room to work with and gave the twins an unobstructed view.

My cousins were in a trance and could not move. Their eyes riveted on the large mounds of creamy flesh and the oversize areola protruding between her fingers.

“This time it will be your nipples. If you agree, then explain it to your nephews so there will be no misunderstanding.”

“Yes master. My master is going to torture my nipples by severely pinching and twisting them. I offer myself to this pain as punishment, which I deserve.”

One of them, probably Bob, uttered, “Geez!”

Reaching across her, with my right hand, I took a firm hold of the extended nipple and began to apply pressure, as I twisted. With deliberate slowness, I squeezed and pulled the supple, tantalizing nub away from her chest.

As I worked on mother's massive tit, the two faces in the back seat moved as far forward as they could, to get the best close look at this show being performed on their behalf. Ron looked on with interest, but his b*****r positively leered at the sight before him. I knew then that he would be easy to lure into my plan of i****tuous seduction. I wasn't so sure about Ron; he seemed to think about things before making a decision. Surprisingly, Bob was always the shy one, albeit an evil little bastard when he wanted to be. But he seemed to follow his b*****r on everything, so I felt they would both come around soon enough; providing Ron was sufficiently motivated.

Mom's face was now showing the signs of her extreme discomfort, and she finally let out a slow moan. It was only then that I released her breast and ordered her to offer me the other one. Using the same right hand, she presented her right bosom for the inevitable punishment.

This time, having reached the maximum desired effect, I did not let go.

“Is that painful mother?”

“Yes master.”

“Do you regret having insulted your nephews and me?”

“Yes master. I am …truly sorry for… offending all of you.” Her words were interrupted by her obvious problem with the pain shooting through her chest.

“I'm afraid that that just isn't good enough. We're just starting the week together and I think that it's important for them to know that they're not going to be treated like little boys, while they're visiting. As you said earlier, they're men now. You will offer your fat tits to each of them for punishment. Place both hands on the wheel.” She quickly obeyed.

I looked back at my cousins and saw concern on Bob's face, but Ron was uncharacteristically ready to get a handful of his aunt big boobs.

“Ron, you slip your arm around to mom's left tit and feel her up for a while. Bob, why don't you reach over from her right side and grab her right tit? You guys play with them for a little bit, so that you feel comfortable with them. When I think you're ready, I'll give you the word and you guys get a firm grip on those big nipples and pinch the hell out of them. Don't you guys be shy about it either. She'll take what ever you dish out, because I told her to. Isn't that right, slut?”

“Yes master. When my master gives you the OK, you men hurt my nipples just as hard as you wish. I deserve to suffer.”

Ron looked at me, with glee, as he hefted mom's meaty bosom and said, “She's really into this isn't she? I've heard about women like that, but I didn't believe it. Damn you're lucky.”

Bob also, was roaming over the large warm flesh of my dear mother's breast, when he said, “I like playing with it, but I'm not sure that I should hurt my aunt. I mean I love you Aunt Sara.”

“It's alright, Bob. I love you too. You'll soon learn that you're doing me a favor, and you might learn to enjoy being able to boss around an adult anytime you want.”

“Fellas, as long as you're at my house this week, Mother must obey every command that you give her. If she disobeys, then you should punish her.”

With a lecherous grin at my trusted cousins, I nodded and said, “NOW”

Mom winced, as Ron pulled and twisted his assigned nipple. Bob, although reluctant, began to do the same, only much milder than his b*****r.

“It's all right, Bobby,” she said softly, “Wimpy little boys usually have trouble figuring this out.”

Ron laughed at that, and I wondered what in the hell she was up to with that remark. The idea was to make them comfortable with the act, not embarrass them. But she knew what she was doing.

Bob was embarrassed alright, and it made him angry, which was what she had intended all along. He yanked and cruelly twisted her nipple, until she cried out in pain.

“I'm no wimp, Aunt Sara,” he declared.

“Nicely done and well spoken, Bob,” I praised him. “For the week, we'll all just call her 'slut or whore'. Furthermore, I insist that she be our slut for the week.”

Turning to mom, I asked, “You don't have a problem being a slut for all three of us this weekend, do you?”

“Of course not master. If that's what you wish then I shall be a dirty slut for each of you. You can all do as you wish with me and I'll obey all of your commands.”

“That's enough for now guys,” I said. “Let's allow her to get us home safely then we're going to have some real fun.”

There was silence in the car for a few minutes, as they reluctantly released their aunt large tits, and sat back. I glanced back, and as I suspected, they both had bulges in their pants, as did I. Things were progressing nicely.

Ron's mental wheels were turning and he finally broke the quiet, with a statement, not a question. “You fuck her. You fuck Aunt Sara.”

Bob looked at me for confirmation.

“Absolutely! I fuck her every chance that I get. But that's not all. You see, mother is my sex slave, of her own free will. She dresses as I wish. She performs any weird act that I desire. And, she sucks and fucks anyone I so choose. Dear cousins of mine, I choose for her to suck and fuck both of you whenever and however you wish.

“I want you to be harsh with her. You'll soon discover what I've known for a while now. My mother needs to be dominated, used and abused. In other words, she likes to be hurt and humiliated.”

“Un-fucking believable,” escaped from Ron.

Bob, the doubting Thomas of the two, asked, “Is that all true Aunt Sara? Do you really want to be a sex-slave?”

“Yes Bob, it's all true. There are a few people on this planet that like to be tied up and hurt, and fucked. Your aunt is one of those people. But, it's important for me to know that I'm being used by people that I can trust. So, while I want you to dominate me, you know, hurt me; I know that our love of one another will help to avoid you being some weirdo who's going to freak-out and kill me.”

“Would you like to see me nude, Bob? Would you like for me to teach you all about a woman's body?”


“Well, start thinking about what you want me to do for you, because I want to please you in every way that I can. I know that my master expects me to do that. We'll go up to my bedroom, just the two of us. I'll do a special strip tease for you. I'll take your cock in my mouth and suck it until you shoot off down my throat.”

“What about me?”

“She'll do the same for you, Ron,” I said. “But, let's give Bob the first shot this time. That way you and I can talk and I'll explain some things to you that you both need to know.” I said this in a matter of fact way that left no doubt this was the way it would be. He just agreed with me, by nodding in the affirmative.

The rest of the ride home was an endless litany of questions about sex with mom. At several points, I emphasized the importance of keeping your mouth shut like an adult.

“If you're going to fuck my mother, and you want to keep on fucking my mother, then it's very important that you keep your mouth shut. Little boys have to brag about everything. Real men don't need to. It's time to act like men.” I could tell that both of them were beginning to understand the full ramifications of satisfying their lust.

Upon arriving home, I took Bob aside and had a little talk with him.

“This is the chance of a lifetime, Bob. I expect you to act a little more grown up. You're going to have to be in charge of her. Order her around and if she doesn't do exactly as you wish, then slap her a good one. Then, order her to offer you the other cheek and slap it even harder. You must establish your dominance of her. You're in 'command', not her. She is your slave. You might be going into her room as a boy, but you'll be a man when you come out. You're going to have a great time with her. She loves you, Bob. You can't do anything wrong with her and even if you did, no one will ever know.”

“Be strong my man. Now go grab her hand and loudly and proudly tell her, 'come on slut, let's go fuck'.”

And that's exactly what he did. He blushed and mom smiled with pride at him, as he led them up to her bedroom.

Ron and I talked about all of the things that I had done with her. I even told him about Fred. I explained how I had carefully taken control of myself, first, and then moved into mom's life, exercising control with subtle domination wherever I could.

He paid close attention to the examples that I gave him, occasionally stopping me to ask a question or nodded in understanding. I told him about the Internet sights that I referred to for help with S&M. He was very interested, so I assured him that he could check them out while he visited this week.

An hour and a half later, Bob came down and could hardly walk, but the shit-eating grin on his face would last all week. He just listened to Ron and me at first. But then he began to ask questions, some of which, Ron had also asked. The nature and means of those questions would never have been asked by the k**, who went upstairs a short time previously. Ron and I both stared at him with renewed respect.

Then, Bob shocked the hell out of Ron and pleased the hell out of me, by asking, “Tim, do you think my mom could by our sex-slave?”

Ron grinned, as he looked at me for my response. I knew that this was a critical point and I really hadn't anticipated the whole process moving as quickly as it had. Yet the question itself told me that they were both ready for the answer.

“Well, I'll tell you. I'm pretty sure that she could. After all, she's my mom's s****r and has the same genes, so I suspect that she might have the same need to be used and abused. If you think about it, you'll see similarities between my mom's reaction to loosing my dad and your mom's reaction to the divorce from your dad.

“You know moping around the house, never smiles or laughs. She's been letting herself go for a while now. She needs someone to come into her life and kick her ass, and then fuck the hell out of her.

“Your mom is a beautiful woman. Dress her up in some hot lingerie and she could easily fit in a Playboy or Penthouse magazine. You'd be doing her a favor, but you have to approach it carefully. You have to do it with love and a very firm hand; but she has to know that she'll always have the love of her sons.”

The sound of mom's high heels on the stairway stopped the conversation and all heads turned to the door. She made quite an entrance. She was wearing a matching set of half-bra, garter belt, stockings and heels, in a light green. There were matching color earrings, which dangled almost to her shoulders, and she had attached lightweight nipple clamps, from which hung some dangly bobbles.

She posed for us at the cocktail table, by placing her hands behind her head, thrusting out her huge knockers and said to Ron, “I'm yours now sir. Come and do your worst and I'll try my best to be worthy.

Damn, but I was proud of her at that moment, not to mention the raging erection that I was sporting.

Ron jumped up from his chair, walked over to her and ran a hand up between her legs. He closed his fingers around her hairy bush and yanked hard, saying, “Now I'm going to find out just how good of a cunt you've got.”

Mother grimaced and softly said, “My pussy is yours to do with as you please, sir.”

They quickly disappeared upstairs. Bob and I were soon listening to the cries and yelp of pain from my mother's lips. I knew then that this would be a week to remember for the rest of my life and probably mom's too.

For the next five days my cousins fell into the lifestyle of male dominance with ease. Mother was never allowed to cover herself, and I know that she relished every moment of humiliation.

They took particular pleasure in having an adult to torment. She spent a good bit of time on all fours, drinking and eating out of a dog bowl. Punishment was frequent, and I pointed out that as masters there was no need for a reason to apply discipline, just a desire to see your slut suffer for your pleasure. Mom soon bore the marks of their interest to test her on that.

At first there was reluctance, on their part, to participate in direct sexual use of her. But, my open use of her brought them around. I would have her kneel, and then beg me to let her suck my cock. I butt fucked her as Ron whipped her back. Then I had her use her fingers to get my cum out of her ass and lick it off of her filthy digits. They really liked that. They quickly got into the routine of pissing down her throat or bringing her a glass of fresh, warm pee. I put a break on that activity, as my concern for her health reared again.

Bob showed real promise as a mean little shit. He never passed up a chance to whack mom's big tits. He welted them at a thrice-daily rate, and he just loved fucking her in the ass, and then having her lick him clean.

As mother was tortured and humiliated, I lost count of all the times that she exploded in bliss. She especially liked getting it at both ends at once. With a prick in her mouth and one pounding in her cunt, she could come two or three time to our one. When all three of us entered her, she became a raging maniac. She loved it.

On the third night, of their visit, we took her to the basement. I told her that it was our intention to torture her horribly, and that the pain would be severe, and that she probably wouldn't get off at all. She vowed to give each of us the pleasure of her suffering and that we should think nothing of her pain, which she gladly offered.

I think that we tortured every square inch of her skin that night. Her breasts, her pussy and her ass, received special attention. She carried the marks for a few days after Ron and Bob returned home. However, she was still able to get off on five separate occasions. The woman was insatiable.

Throughout their time with us, they talked about various acts that they wanted to do with their mom. Then, they would act it out on my slut. They had a great time and so did I.

Mother was a good influence on them. She would make suggestions and I could tell that they filed it away in the back of their minds. She cautioned them about moving too fast. “Go slow,” she counseled, “you'll get there.”

Thanksgiving Day found mom wearing only garter belt and stockings. “I've got to cook a special meal for my men, so I can't be wearing heels. I'll be moving fast and could fall all over myself.” She wanted to wear a bra also, but Bob nixed that idea in a hurry.

“I want those big tits out where I can see them and grab them if I want too.” That he did quite frequently.

We all helped mom cook the bird and all of the trimmings. Of course, she was subject to an endless cycle of groping, probing, kissing and spanking. Somehow, we got it all prepared and set on the table.

Mom excused herself, to go freshen-up. When she returned, we were staring at a vision of beauty that almost delayed the consumption of that wonderful feast. She had changed into a black lace lingerie set. The bra was the type that let her oversize areolas extend out of the holes in front, and she wasn't wearing panties. She had donned a black leather dog collar. She put two doggie bowls on the floor by my chair.

She stepped up on her chair and then onto the table, and then began to squat or bend over to place food on each of our plates. As she did, we would laugh and grab at her mammoth tits, pinch a nipple, caress her ass and, sometimes, insert a finger into her wet pussy. She would moan and howl like a dog, until we were satisfied.

Bob asked her, “Aren't you going to eat with us?”

“If my master wishes for me to have food then he will see to it that there are some scraps thrown into my bowl. Then I shall eat like the dog slut that I am.”

She was doing me proud. I lifted a bowl and put a few pieces of turkey into it, and then passed the bowl to Ron, who did the same. Bob made a big production of chewing some food, before spitting it into the bowl. After that, I placed the bowl at the end of the table and said, “Well, go ahead and eat, bitch.”

Mother loved to be humiliated and to use self debasement, as a means to enhance the level of her lust. She pivoted around to eat her food, presenting us with a marvelous view of her gorgeous ass. She spread her knees wide apart, allowing a great glimpse of her gaping pussy. The embarrassment of acting like a dog was both degrading and exciting to her. I knew this and insisted that she truthfully tell us how it felt.

“It really arouses me to degrade myself like this. To have my nephews and my master see what a vile and filthy slut I have become is beyond my ability to explain. I don't think I understand it myself, so how can I tell you what I don't know. But I know this. I love you all for witnessing my love for being a dirty old whore and I hope that you never stop dreaming of ways to humiliate and torture me.”

Bob got up, walked around the table to her, and ordered her to open her mouth. When she did, he spit a large blob of goo into it, saying, “Swallow that, you old piece of shit.”

The three of us laughed like crazy at that. I could tell that mom was shocked, because her head jerked back as though she had been struck. Then the effect of her shame became evident as she swallowed the filthy mess in her mouth, and said, “You could never understand how excited I am right now. A dirty slut like me is only worth a mouthful of spit.”

At my suggestion, we all took turns spitting in her mouth and on her face. She frigged her clit until she let loose a huge scream of lust and joy, falling to the table top in a quivering heap.

I didn't want mom to go without real food, so I place more in her bowl and ordered her to eat it all before pleasing us further. I could tell that she was relieved, as she munched away, kneeling at my feet on all fours.

Bob wanted to mess with her, but I wouldn't let him. Even a slave needs a break now and then.

By the time she had finished, we too, had had our fill. Bob again was asserting that he wanted to work her over. I felt that he could easily get out of hand, so I put my foot down and said, “Hell no! She's my slave and I'm going to have some time alone with her upstairs. Then she gets a break before Ron goes, and then you can go Bob. You've been pushing firsties all the time. It's time that you learned to respect the owner of the bitch.”

He looked angrily at me until I shouted f***efully, “Don't fuck with me Bob, or I'll order my slave to cut you off. You have to show some self control, if you expect to get into your own mother's cunt.”

That verbal slap in the psyche brought him up short and made him think.

Then Ron spoke softly to his b*****r, and with touching affection he said, “Bob, you'll have more time with Aunt Sara. You're acting like dad used to, when he would beat mom with his fists. That's no way to be. Relax and enjoy TV or something, and plan what kind of fun you'll have with her later.”


I was amazed by the effect of Ron's mature approach to Bob. I realized that Ron would be the one to control things in his house, but Bob's aggressive nature and creativity would come in handy. I would talk with Ron about maintaining levels of control on his bother; acting as a regulator.

Mother was kneeling at my feet, when I told her to go upstairs, strip completely and wait for me.

When she had left the room, I said, “Look guys, it's a lot of fun dominating someone, but there is also responsibility. If she were to be injured because of something we did, it would be my fault. You'll have to keep that in mind as you work on your mom. You don't want to have to live with the guilt of your carelessness causing some terrible accident, like her losing a breast or something even worse. Think before you act.”

“Now for today, I want to give her at least an hour between sessions with us. She can clean herself up a bit, and then she'll be fresh and ready for the next one. There's no disappointment like tied pussy.”

They got a kick out of that, and agreed that she does better work when she's rested.

I went into my mother's bedroom to find her stretched out, in a provocative pose, propped up on pillows, legs spread wide and holding her cunt lips open to reveal the beautiful pink lining of her pussy.

Instead of pain and dominance games, I took my time making soft sweet love to my slave-mom. Using my hands and lips on her breasts for a long time, I then trailed down to the warm inviting fur of her eager pussy. I separated the hair slowly, as she begged me to eat her cunt. With a teasing tongue and sucking lips, I drew out a long and loud wail of ecstasy from her very soul, as she exploded then imploded on the best job of love making that I had done thus far.

I told her how much I loved her, and that I feared, because of some extreme things that I asked of her, she may think that I couldn't love her any more. But, I wanted her to know that she would always be my first and only real love for the rest of our lives.

She cried softly in my arms, as I said these things. She told me to remember to tell her those things from time to time. Especially after some rough days that she fully expected to have with me in the future.

Then it was her turn to make love to me. She knew how much of a tit man I was, so she massaged every square inch of me with her massive melons, paying a lot of attention to my over-inflated cock. I didn't last long as she engulfed my prick, massaging it with those incredible lips. She sucked me dry.

Before I walked out of her room, I let her know that I had insisted on giving her an hour between men, to freshen-up.

“Thank you master. I'll do you proud, I promise.” She did too.

Saturday and Sunday, I wouldn't allow any harsh treatment of her that would leave marks. I didn't want Aunt Jane to see any evidence of abuse, and mom was returning to her job on Monday. Ron understood, but Bob complained, until mom suggested that he could pinch her nipples, because that didn't leave marks. The little bastard took advantage of that at every possible moment. Mom could be heard sobbing as Bob relentlessly pulled and twisted his aunt's big, sensitive nubs.

Sunday morning, I allowed Ron and Bob to use her exclusively, until it was time to leave. They had a last fling or two with mom, and came down to the den worn out, but happy. They thanked me sincerely several times. Even Bob was polite and I suspected that Ron had given him a little direction.

We had made arrangements to take them all the way to their house. I suggested that the guys should dress in nice casual clothes (I had proposed that they dress manlier all the time to appear older and more mature). I had mother done up in near streetwalker attire.

Black half-cup bra, crotch-less panty hose, a short tight skirt and a very shear black blouse, made her a lust filled fantasy for any man from ten to ninety. Particular attention was paid to her makeup and hair, which completed the picture of sexual intent that I wanted her to portray. Mother's dark areolas were easily identified through the gauze of her blouse and when she sat behind the wheel of the car to drive, her pubic hair peeked out at me enticingly.

The drive up there was uneventful, although the b*****rs did grab at mother tits a little until we reached their neighborhood. Then, they settled down and began to act more grown up.

We, that is to say, my cousins and I, had chatted many times that week, about the how and why of living the part to be the part. I was glad to see them fall into the roll without being reminded. If they were going to get their mother to be their submissive, they would have to demonstrate that they had the maturity to act as dominants. Once they established that feeling in her, an increasing amount of control could be applied until she was a complete slave.

Their father owned a medical supply company, which meant that he could easily afford the large settlement and alimony that the court had dictated. It also meant that Aunt Jane didn't need a job to get by. As part of that settlement, she received this huge house, in a very upscale neighborhood.

The most used entrance to my aunt's house was though the laundry room, which dumped you out into the kitchen, and then opened at one end to the dinning room, and at the other end into the den.

Aunt Jane was just entering the kitchen when we walked in.

“Ronny, Bobby, it's good to have you back home. I appreciated the rest, but I really missed you. Wow, you guys look great. Come give mommy a big hug.”

They smiled and each gave her a very big and long hug. Bob hung on a little too long, though. For a moment, I thought that he was going to start humping her leg. Then she opened her arms to me, so I wrapped my arms around her and, like my cousins had done, I pressed my body tightly against hers. Squashing her large breasts into my chest felt great and I could feel the heat of her loins, as I too lingered a bit long. When I backed away, I could sense her uneasiness at being so intimately embraced.

“What about me,” mom asked with faux hurt feelings, “Doesn't your s****r get a big hug.”

“Of course you do.” It was only then that Aunt Jane really got a good look at mother's attire.

“Whoa! What an outfit. You look like a hooker.” She was looking mom up and down, shaking her head. “I'm sorry Sara, I just wasn't prepared for that new look of yours.”

Mom grabbed her in an embrace that was the equal of mine. There two big sets of tits colliding and oozing out to their sides, as she did so.

“Oh,” was all that Jane could say in shock at the uninhibited contact of my mother's enthusiastic affection.

A moment or so later, as she tried to compose herself, she said, “I'm not so sure that I approve of your apparel selection today, Sara. I mean these are young men here and I just don't think that it's appropriate. That blouse is awfully revealing.”

“Well don't blame me Jane. The men picked out my dress for today. They said that they wanted to see at least one of the s****r's looking good.”

Aunt Jane blushed and was obviously embarrassed, but she wasn't going to drop it that easily. “Well I certainly hope that you didn't dress like that all week. I'm sorry Sara, but I don't approve.”

“Jane, I give you my word, I wore nothing like this the whole time they were there.”

Technically, this was a true statement. She was usually nude or wearing something that left her charms completely visible.

“I should hope not.”

Ron got in on the act then. “Mom, Bob and I like to see an attractive woman in the f****y again. You never dress like that, but we want you too. We certainly don't want an ugly mother, and you're so beautiful. It's such a waste for you to frump around, looking like you do all the time. For gosh sakes, we would love it if you'd let you boobs out of the cage every now and then.”

“Ronny Williams, that's a horrible thing to say to your mother.”

“Which part mom, the parts about you being beautiful or the parts about you're wasting away? Or was it the part about your big tits? Look, all we're saying here is that we want you to dress and act like the lovely woman that you are. We're young, Bob and I, but not ignorant about the difference between men and women.

Bob jumped in, “I've got to tell you, it was really nice to be able to talk to Tim and Aunt Sara about anything. Around here almost everything is taboo. We can't live in a vacuum mom; we know that women have tits and pussies and that men have cocks, and that the cocks go into the pussies. Not discussing it won't make our knowledge or interests go away.”

I was quite impressed by my cousins' presentations. They were delivered without rancor, just a matter of fact approach; and in Bob's case, with his usual vulgar directness.

There was silence for a bit, broken by mom's suggestion that the two of them have some wine and go into the living room and talk for a while. Aunt Jane was speechless and in shock, as she nodded and followed mom out of the kitchen, nursing a large glass of chilled Chardonnay.

Again Ron took the bull by the horns. “I'll start cleaning the kitchen, Tim why don't you and Bob police the upstairs for dirty laundry and get a load going.”

We were all assholes and elbows for a while, deliberately avoiding the living room. An hour or so later, mom and Jane appeared to find Bob vacuuming the den while Ron and I prepared dinner. It was just a simple meatloaf, that mom had taught me to make, along with some canned vegetables.

Mom winked at me upon returning and a survey of Aunt Jane revealed swollen eyes and dried tears. Apparently a successfully the****utic session had taken place.

Aunt Jane couldn't believe her eyes. “Wow! You guys have been busy and I like what I see. How can I help with dinner?”

Ron told her that everything was under control and that she should relax. He would tell her when she could eat. A clever and subliminal use of words I thought. I knew that he would do just fine. Even Bob seemed to be getting a grasp of the way he would have to change, if he wanted to change his mother.

Mom suggested that they go freshen up, while the men took care of things. After they departed the scene, I made sure to compliment both Ron and Bob on how they were progressing. I told them that they must have supreme self-discipline, if they hoped to crack their mom. If either one of them slipped up, it was very important to immediately get back into character and act as though it never happened. Communication and trust between the two of them was of the utmost importance. If they wanted to be like men, then they had to give up the petty jealousies of youthful siblings (I had to explain what a sibling was to Bob).

Sometime later, the women reappeared. Mom looked as gorgeous as ever, but Aunt Jane had done a complete transformation. She was wearing a fairly short dark skirt with high heels and stockings, a new hairdo and makeup. But the big surprise was the semi-shear floral blouse covering a demi-bra, just like mothers. There, before God and everybody, were my aunt's naked nipples bouncing in all their radiant glory. The areolas were not nearly as wide as mom's, yet just as enticing.

Bob couldn't contain himself. “Wow, you look great. Now that's what I call a hot piece of ass.”

Jane quickly went into mother-mode. “Thank you Bobby, but that's no way to talk to your mother.”

Bob came back with, “I wasn't talking to you. I was talking about you. I've never seen you look so beautiful.”

Jane was blushing and unable to talk, but the big grin on her face showed how pleased she was.

Ron was more controlled in his response. “Mother you look wonderful. You're truly a beautiful woman. I hope this isn't a one-time thing. Obviously, Bob and I want you to take more care in your appearance from now on. Promise me that you'll pay attention to our wishes from now on.”

She was beaming with pride now. “I promise honey. I guess I've let things get out of hand but I'll be a good girl in the future.”

Bob moved right on as though we had rehearsed the next line. “You'd better mom. Remember what happened to Aunt Sara. You just might find yourself bent over a chair, getting your bear butt spanked.”

“Oh Bobby, your so funny sometimes. But I've already said I'll be good, so that isn't going to happen.”

“I wasn't being funny,” he said with malice. “I was serious as a heart attack. Ron and me ain't gonna let you go backwards.”

She made a funny face and said, “I'm not going to go backwards and Its Ron and I, not Ron and me.”

I could have kissed him when he went on as though she had never admonished him. “You have been fairly warned mother.”

Over dinner, and a lot more wine for Aunt Jane, (one of us would keep filling her glass) mom told us that she had chatted with her s****r about the necessity for wide-open discussion with her sons, as long as it stayed in the f****y. She said that their mother had agreed, so from now on the men could ask or talk about anything they wished with f****y members.

Bob, showing his new aggressive style, looked at his mom and asked, “Does that mean that we can talk about tits and stuff?”

Aunt Jane blushed, but didn't back away from the subject. “Yes dear. If you insist on talking about that, then we can. But I would prefer that you refer to a woman's chest area as breasts.”

“Breasts, tits, knockers, hooters or melons, I like them all.”

Ron quietly observed, “Mom I don't suppose that I have to tell you, at this point, that Bob is a tit man. Every girl at school with a hint of boobs gets his full attention. Then I've got to hear about it all the way home.”

Aunt Jane was rising to the occasion. “Ron, how about you, what is your interest?”

“Well, I'm definitely a tit man. But I think I focus more on a woman's nipples. I like to see the outline of a woman's nipple, poking through her clothing, and a hint of dark there is extra fine.”

As Jane maneuvered to cover her own semi-exposed nips, she said, “I had no idea that you boys were so seriously interested in girls to this extent. I mean, sexually interested. I guess this was something that I felt that your father would deal with. But, it looks like it's up to me now. I'll do the best that I can, but I confess I'm a bit put off by the crude language and my own attire.”

I could feel her slipping back and neither Ron nor Bob caught it. Mom, bless her slutty sweet ass, did.

“Jane, they're really not boys anymore, there young men, they're eighteen years old. You can't deny them the perfectly normal feelings that they have to learn to deal with; and you would be terribly wrong if you did. And don't keep trying to hide your nipples. I thought it was very courageous of you to make the leap that you've made today. Don't screw it up now. If these boys get crude, then so be it. As long as they don't lose control in public, you should allow them their freedom whenever they're with you. That's the beautiful thing about the freedom of expression around people that you love and can trust.”

“I'm still not happy with your big boobs hanging out in front of my sons, Sara. And I feel very awkward myself, especially in front of your son.”

“Look s*s, face it. They're horny young men. Hell yes they want every woman they see. And if they're tit men, and I know Tim is. Then they want us too. It is a biological imperative. Men want to fuck women, and women want to fuck men. The rest of it is a sociological position.”

Mom looked at Bob, thrust out her chest and asked him, “Bob, do you like seeing your aunt's big tits?”

“Oh heck yeah!”

“I bet you'd just love to get your hands on them wouldn't you?”

“Yeah I would.”

Then she looked at Ron and said, “Ron you have a clear view of my nipples. They're much larger than most women's. I bet that you would love to wrap your mouth around them and suck on them for a while, wouldn't you?”

“Aunt Sara, that would be a dream come true.”

Aunt Jane was speechless at my mother's behavior. Mom turned to me then.

“Son, tell us what you think of your aunt's big tits. Go ahead Jane, stick them out for him.”

“I couldn't do that. It isn't right.” But, in spite of her complaint, and probably due to her inebriated condition, her wonderful breasts arched out at me, as she put her arms back to emphasize them. She was blushing so badly, that her whole face was bright red, and she was breathing deeply.

My turn. “I think she's got a great set of knockers. You're an incredibly beautiful women, Aunt Jane. I love to see your fat tits with their plump nipples. And I just love the way your chest raises and falls with each quick breath that you take. I've got a hard on from ogling them.”

Aunt Jane quickly placed her hands over her nipples and said, “Oh my god, that's awful. I never should have dressed like this. I'm sorry Sara, but this talk is just not right.”

“So? Do you think that they should have these discussions with some strange grown man? They need to know that you're there for them. You do want to be there for them, don't you?”

“Of course I do.” Then, Aunt Jane looking at Ron and Bob and said, “Boys there's nothing that I wouldn't do for you. But I'm having a real problem with the way this talk is going.”

Ron, once again, demonstrated his cool maturity, and confirmed for me that he was much like me. In a quiet, level tone of voice he interrupted her. “Mother, I know that being without a husband has been difficult for you. Being without a father has been hard on Bob and me too. We would be talking privately with dad, but he isn't here. You are. We're growing older and it's troubling for you to lose control of us, yet there is no way that you can avoid it. I was hoping that we could forge a new relationship, where you didn't try to call all of the shots and we were treated as adults, but I guess I'm wrong. I can't tell you how disappointed that I am in you.”

I had mentioned to Ron several times about winging it, when you weren't sure what to say. I told him that, if you just say something with the calm image of belief in it, then you aren't going to go to far astray.

By the time he finished, with his little speech, she was in tears.

“Oh Ronny, I'm sorry. I know it's been difficult for you guys and I'm sorry for being so insensitive about it. I'm willing to try a new set of house rules. I really do want to be closer to you both. I've felt like you were slipping away.”

Bob got into the act then with, “We haven't been slipping away. You have. You act like an old woman, mom. Now if you're not bull-shitting us about turning a new leaf, how about giving my cousin Tim, a really good look at your tits. Get up off of your ass, walk over to him, stick out your tits and show everybody here that you mean what you say.”

I could have shot Bob for pressing too hard, and too soon. No one spoke. We were all staring at Aunt Jane, and she sat there, frozen in position. It was a pivotal moment and I knew it. I was afraid that someone would break the spell and ruin it. This was a time for her to commit to the idea, or reject it completely.

With a deep sigh of surrender, she rose from her chair, came around to me, stopping close to me, her large bosoms mere inches from my face.

I would have been quite satisfied with the progress made today, but that just wasn't in Bob's make up.

“Do it right mom. Lift your boobs with your hands and hold them out so that he can get a good close look at your nipples.”

As though she were in a trance, she did as he ordered.

Mom jumped in at this point. “Son, does it excite you to see Aunt Jane's big tits?”

“You know it does, mom. They're beautiful. I'd like nothing better than to caress them and kiss and lick and suck on them.”

Aunt Jane actually moaned at my outrageous comment, but she was still compliant.

Ron attacked from the side. “Mother, don't you ever have fantasies about some young stud and you getting it on. I mean, you're human and must have needs. If we can admit it, so can you. Tell us. That's an order.”

She looked at him painfully then down at the table, to avoid anyone's eyes. She began to rub her nipples, and I was sure that she didn't even know she was doing it, as she answered.

“Yes I have needs, Ron. I've had dreams at night, when I lay there, in bed alone, wishing that a strong man would take me in his arms. I've had thoughts of what we might do together”

She stopped.

Bless Bob, for his natural instincts. He blurted out, “When I have a wild fantasy about Aunt Sara, I just pull out my cock and start jerking off. Aunt Sara, you've given me some of the best orgasms I've ever had. How about it, mom, do you jerk off?”

“Bobby that's a terrible thing to say. You should apologize to your aunt.”

Mom grinned at Bob, “its okay Bob. I'm not offended, in the least. In fact I'm proud to be the object of your lust. Why don't you tell us what you think about, when you think of you and me?”

“Bob, don't you dare.”

Again he picked the perfect time to ignore her. “Well, first you do this really great strip tease, where you shake those big tits all around. Then you start dry fucking the air, just like you were riding on my dick. I pretend that you're my sex-slave, and I order you to get on your hands and knees, and then to crawl over to me and suck my cock. With those full lips like mom has, you kiss my cock, and then you slide it real slow into your mouth.”

Aunt Jane was mesmerized. Her breasts were rising and falling, giving away her obvious state of arousal. Her right hand creped down to her loins and began to massage the area through the skirt.

Bob continued, “I'm really getting into it, when I grab a handful of your hair and yank your mouth off of my cock. I tell you to turn around because I'm going to butt-fuck you. I slip my prick in your cunt, just to get it wet. Then I push it into your asshole. You moan a little, so I smack you on the ass and tell you to shut the fuck up.”

My aunt didn't realize what she was doing to herself. She was more than a little d***k and on another planet, where no one could see her, as she pushed hard on the fabric of her skirt. Her hips were humping back at the assaulting hand, and her breathing was almost as loud as Bob's voice.

“I start fucking your ass and it's nice and tight, but that's not good enough for me. I want to really take control and use you hard. So I reach underneath of you and take a nipple in each hand. I pinch and pull and twist them real hard. You're begging me to 'fuck me in the ass' and 'please hurt my tits', so I do. I come like a fucking maniac and so do you. But, the best part is when I order you clean the shit off of my cock, with your tongue. That's when I come, and let me tell you, I shoot all over the place.”

That's also when Aunt Jane popped her nut. She started moaning and humping that hand until she was screeching. It must have been one hell of a climax.

No one said a word, as she slowly regained her breath, but not her composure. She couldn't look at any of us. Finally she broke the silence.

“Oh god! I'm so humiliated. Please forgive me.”

Mom said softly, “Jane, there is nothing to forgive. Bob's little story has me just about ready to drag him upstairs and fuck his brains out. With an imagination like that, I would gladly surrender to him.”

Then to me, mom asked, “How about you Tim. Did you get turned on?”

“Hell yes! Who wouldn't? The only thing is, I was thinking of Aunt Jane doing it to me.”

Mom kept the pace of things going by saying to Ron, “And what about you Ron. Did your cock get big and hard thinking about slipping into me?”

“Of course, Aunt Sara. Christ, but I'd love to fuck you.”

Aunt Jane started to weep again. “My god, what's happening here? This is awful. You boys shouldn't be talking like that to my s****r.”

Mom jumped to our rescue. “You know s*s, you're the one who masturbated in front of all of us. It was beautiful. And you must have needed it very badly, or you wouldn't have come so hard. The problem is every body else here is now horny as all get out. I think that we should all masturbate. That would make us all even.”

Ron's face lit up and he said enthusiastically, “That's a great idea. But I want to do it getting a better look at aunt Sara tits. If we're all gonna do it, then I want her naked.”

“No,” cried Aunt Jane, but we ignored her protest, as well as the other minor attempts to stop us.

Mom glanced at Bob and asked, “Is that what you want Bob? Do you want to see Aunt Sara's tits and pussy? Do you want to see me finger fuck myself to an orgasm?”

He was already taking off his clothes. “Heck yeah! Get naked bitch. I want to shoot all over your fat knockers.”

“I just love it when a man cums on me. But, what about my son, Tim, what are you going to do?”

“Well I'd love to suck on Aunt Jane's pussy and then shoot on her tits.” I gave her one of my commanding glares and said, “You promised your sons Jane. Don't be a liar. Now strip, I want to see that hot body.”

Everyone was in the process of removing their clothes, as she stood like a stature.

She was still standing very close to me, as I quietly said, “You want to have a man's lips nibbling on you pussy, Aunt Jane. I know you do. I bet nobody has eaten you, in a long time. You're going to love it.”

Still, she was frozen in place, until Bob came running over completely nude, with his cock bouncing as he moved.

He slapped her face twice, and commanded, “Take you clothes off this minute. Quit fucking around. You know that you want it, so do as you're told.”

He didn't wait for a response; he started unbuttoning her blouse. Before her last buttons were undone, she was helping. Soon all of my aunt's delicious body was before me. But I knew enough to not lose the moment.

“You are beautiful, Jane. Now lay down, on your back and I'll take you to never-never land.”

Slowly she lowered herself to the floor. As she lay down on her back, her large tits fell to each side, due to the shear volume of flesh. She assumed the missionary position, with her feet almost touching her rump and spread wide, giving me a fabulous view of her pussy. Aunt Jane's eyes were glazed over, as though she had been d**gged. She was accepting what was happening, without believing that it was. She was in denial.

I lay down next to her and lifted her right breast to my lips. At first I gently kissed and nibbled her nipple, sucking it hard into my mouth.

“Oh god! We shouldn't be doing this.” It was uttered so softly that I think she really was saying it to herself, as though thinking out loud.

I wasn't about to be stopped now. I moved to the other boob and gave it the same treatment as its twin. Using my finger on the nip that I had abandoned, I pinched hard and twisted. I felt that I wanted to find out right then and there, whether or not she could get into an S&M scene.

A deep moan of pleasure involuntarily erupted from her gut. I bit her other hard nubbin and she began to writhe and caress the back of my head, as she pulled it harder onto her tit. The fucking bitch loved it.

Planting wet kisses down her midriff, as I moved toward my ultimate goal, I stopped long enough to plunge my hot moist tongue into her belly button. That always got a rise out of mom, and it did from Jane too.

When I reached her hairy loins, I continued to place kiss all around the entrance to her pussy. Her fingers were twined in my hair by then, and she was begging me to 'Do it.'

I gave her one long, slow lick up the entire length of her slit, to which she moaned loudly. I stopped then.

“Oh god, please don't stop, not now. I need it so bad.”

“You're going to have to beg me for it,” I told her. “I want you to beg in the dirtiest terms that you can think of, just like some nasty old street whore.”

“Don't make me do this,” she pleaded.

I looked over at mom and the guys, to find that Ron was jerking off over mom's huge tits. But, Bob was between mom's legs, one over each shoulder, as he pounded away in mother's asshole.

“What do you think mom, should I eat your s****r's cunt if she doesn't ask properly?”

Mom, of course knew what I wanted to hear, so she said, “Jane you'd better beg him nasty, or you'll be frustrated for the rest of your life. Obey him, and you'll know pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.”

Aunt Jane looked over at the orgy that was her sons and her own s****r. “Sara how could you?”

“How could I? Just watch and you'll see how exciting it is for me and the men that you call boys. I love the feel of cum on my tits, and I especially love Bob's cock plowing into my asshole. I'm a slut Jane, and so are you. Go ahead and eat my s****r's pussy son. She needs it more than she knows.”

I had hoped to get my aunt more involved in the submission part of the program, but that could come later. Taking up where I left off, I began the enjoyable task of lapping the juice from my aunt's sweet cunt. I ran my tongue far into the dark hot tunnel, at the vortex of her passion. She was quickly as hot as she had been before, and her thrashing about and cries of pleasure were music to my ears.

With my tongue on her love button, I wiggle it back and forth, all the while eliciting little yelps and screams from deep inside of her. She was getting close now, so I reached up to her tits and grabbed a nipple in each hand. Pinching and twisting cruelly, I sent her over the top, as she begged me to suck her cunt and hurt her tits.

Finally, I thought, she let loose and really got into it. I slowed my tongue lashing of her clit, but didn't stop until she was completely wasted. The long drawn out moans of pleasure made me envious of her. Hell, I hadn't come yet, and I was hot as a firecracker.

There before me, lay the beautiful naked aunt that I had fantasized about so many times. I dove between her legs and, aiming my cock at her open pussy, plunged into the wonderfulness that was my aunt's cunt.

“Oh god, Tim. You shouldn't do this.”

I noted that she didn't say stop, not that I would have. Her pussy was well lubricated and hot as hell. My prick was buried to the hilt, and I ground my pelvis into the mound of her lust. The contact with her clit sent her into orbit.

Aunt Jane began thrusting her hips up at me like a bucking bronco. She wrapped her legs around me, as though she feared that I might slip away. No chance of that. Mom was a great fuck, but Jane was a wild a****l.

I was getting close and so was she, but I had just enough control to realize that I could manipulate this to my advantage. I stopped.

She screamed, at the top of her lungs, calling me a bastard and a motherfucker.

“Jesus fucking Christ don't stop, please.”

I grabbed a tit in one hand and squeezed hard. When she shut up and winced in pain, I said, “You're going to have to beg me to fuck you, and I mean nasty. I like a nasty slut, so you're just going to have to be one, if you want the dick.”


“Beg for it slut.” I applied a bit more pressure to her bosom.

“Please fuck me Tim. I want your cock ramming into my pussy it feels so good. I'll be a slut for you, just fuck your Aunt Jane.”

“Now say that you'll clean my cock with your mouth, when I'm finished fucking you.”

“Yes, yes, I'll do it. I'll lick your cock till its nice and clean, but I really need for you to ram that cock into my cunt just as hard as you can, and hurt my tits some more.”

I took up the pace again, only slowly at first. We both needed to build back up to that level of lust that we had shared a few moments before. Brutally working on her nipples, I decided to get selfish and took my pleasure in her pain. She was soon crying and moaning in agony. She was also bucking back up at me again.

Ron, Bob and mom had been out of my awareness for a while, but now the three of them moved in close and made their presence felt.

“Fuck him mom,” Bob yelled. “You nasty old slut, use that pussy of yours to suck the cum right out of Tim's dick. You're fucking your own nephew, mom. What a whore you are.”

Mom got into the act. “Why s*s, you're fucking my son like a wanton slut. I'm glad that his cock is pounding your pussy. You both really need it.”

Ron lay down, with his face next to his mother's. “You really get off on being hurt don't you mom? Well I've some good news for you. You're going to get hurt a lot, from now on.”

He began to slap Aunt Jane's face, not real hard, but enough to sting. I could see her cheeks turning a bright pink. She was lost now. Her moans and screams were incoherent, but it was obvious that she was really lost in lust from everything that was happening to her.

I couldn't hold off any longer. I started cursing at her and calling her names. Bob stood over her and started pissing on her face.

“Drink it, you fucking piece of shit.”

Even though I was in the middle of an unbelievable climax, I had a flash of anger at his impetuousness. Everything was going great, and then he had to fuck it up. But, I was wrong.

Aunt Jane opened her mouth and began to drink her son's urine, as though she would die without it. It splashed on her face and into her hair, yet she never stopped trying to get all of it. As the stream of hot pee trailed off, she went ballistic. I was finished and felt lucky just to hold on. She was all over the place, thrashing about, bucking and shaking with extraordinary pleasure. I gave her tits one last squeeze and she cried out, quivered and collapsed into u*********sness.

Bob spoke first. “Damn we killed her.” But he wasn't serious. He was smiling like the Cheshire cat.

Ron went to mom and gave her a big wet kiss, and then said, “Aunt Sara, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I think mom just might be a bigger slut than you are.”

Mom leaned over and gently caressed Aunt Jane's face. “I love my s****r very much. I know you men love her too. She really needed that. You guys can build on this. It looks like the f****y is going to have two sex-slaves.”

Jane started to come around. She looked up at the faces all looking back at her. The realization of what had happened struck her, and she began to cry.

“Oh my god what have we done. How can we ever be the same again? I'm so ashamed. How are you ever going to forgive me?”

Mom took over at this point. “We can't ever be the same again, Jane. But we can go on, without denying our mutual needs. As long as we do this with love and trust, it will be okay. I love you very much s*s. And, I love very much fucking your sons, and you're going to love fucking them as well.”

She rolled over on her side and began to weep softly. Mom took her in her arms, looked over at the three of us and said, “Help me lift her up fellas. She needs some sl**p.”

Aunt Jane didn't resist at all, as we stood her up and got her into bed. We all hugged and kissed her, telling her how much we loved her. Then we quietly left her room and headed down stairs.

Ron went to mom and embraced and kissed each of her nipples. He then backed away and said, “I think it would be best if you left now. Bob and I can handle it from here on. I can't thank you enough Aunt Sara. We will always be in your debt.”

“Nonsense Ron, you paid any debt that you may owe, by fucking me silly for the last five days. Now, you have to see to your mother's mental and physical health.” She looked over at Bob and said, “Don't go crazy, young man. You're a little scary sometimes. If you want to fuck like a man, then act like a man when you're not fucking.”

“I know Aunt Sara; I'm just so excited by everything. I'll do better. Anyway, I've got Ron to keep me in line.”

Bob went to mom, took a nipple in each hand and pinched hard. I know it was hard because of the pain etched on mom's face. Then he kissed each one gently and said, “I love you very much Aunt Sara.”

I shook hands with my cousins and pretty much gave Bob the same warning that mom had. He smiled and nodded.

Mom and I slipped into our clothes, said our final goodbyes and headed for home.