Submission Pt3

It was Saturday morning, and it was only two days until my mother had to give me her answer as to my demand for her to be my total and complete sex slave. Thus far she had performed beyond my wildest dreams. However, I was aware that she was not yet locked in on my vision of her, as my unquestioning submissive slut.

As my naked mother prepared my breakfast, I leisurely fondled her fat, pendulous boobs and told her what I intended for the weekend. I explained about my love of lacey black lingerie; that I intended to show her off publicly, in the most revealing outfits that we would select together today while shopping. I would invite Fred over for the night and that he was to be made aware of our new relationship.

She raised a half-hearted objection to this, but I told her firmly that there would be no negotiating this point. He was my best friend and I needed someone to share her with, who could keep his mouth shut. It was important, I explained, that it be someone who would not look suspicious because he spent so much time visiting. And I was quite sure that when Fred realized what a great fuck she was, he would be here a lot.

I made it perfectly clear that she was to leave no doubt in Fred's mind as to my status as her master, and her status as my obedient slave. Fred would be told that I was allowing him to use her, but that she was not his slave. She would do whatever Fred wished, but only because I had ordered her to do so.

“Will I have to fuck Fred?” she asked softly.

“You will fuck him and suck him and encourage him to hurt you. I'll tell him that you're into pain and humiliation. I'm going to leave you two alone in your bedroom because he is going to be very shy at first. He won't want me to see his performance. I'm pretty sure that you will be his first piece of ass, so don't overwhelm him, but let it be clear that he is in charge of you, and that he can have you anyway he wants. Is that understood, SLUT?”

“Yes master. I'll do my very best to show him what a good whore you have at your command.” Her nipples were hard and her breathing had increased noticeably; just amazing.

As we picked up the breakfast dishes, I told her to get ready to go shopping. I would put out the clothes that I wanted her to wear, while she cleaned herself up and put on her makeup.

The outfit that I put on her bed for her to wear consisted of a short red skirt, a thin crème colored blouse, white bra and black high heels. As I scanned them on the bed, I realized that it made for a lousy combination, but what the hell; we were going shopping and we would return with the beginnings of a much-improved wardrobe. At least her pussy would be naked, as I felt it necessary that some sort of reminder of her servitude was important.

After rummaging through her jewelry case, I picked out some cheap looking, dangly earrings and a black velvet choker necklace with a single rhinestone in the center.

She dressed without comment in regard to the obviously cheap hooker look that she presented. However, she did suggest that we shop somewhere that would reduce the risk of being seen by people who might recognize us. I was a bit miffed at her suggestion, as I had already thought of that. However, it seemed to me to be a better idea just to bite my tongue for now. While my plan was partially to cause her embarrassment, I wanted it to take place where no one would know us. I didn't want the local police to be knocking on the door and asking questions about bizarre lifestyles in our house.

In any event, we ended up at a large shopping mall almost sixty miles up the highway from home. Mom led us to the best department store in the place, and I insisted on going to the lingerie area first.

“So you want to see your mom's hot body in lace,” she said with a smirk.

“Abso-fucking-lutely,” I shot back.

I hate to admit it, but the women's department intimidated me. An eighteen-year-old boy was not meant to browse through all of that stuff, but there was no other way to find what I was looking for. I had Mom stay close to me so it looked like she was shopping instead of me.

We started with bras and garter belts. I picked out the laciest and skimpiest items that I felt would enhance my slave's ample charms. She would try them on in the changing room and then come back out to tell me if they looked good and fitted properly.

I suggested that she let me see what they looked like, but a clerk overheard me and pointed out that men were not allowed in the changing area. A few minutes later, a short, balding security guard showed up and asked if there was a problem. He even mentioned that it was 'highly unusual' for a woman to be shopping for such items with a teenager in tow.

I was pissed off by his attitude, and it must have shown on my face. I was about to say something when mom stepped in and assured him that everything was all right. She told him that she was a widow who was going out on her first date in a long time, and that she valued her son's opinion, so she brought me along.

She pulled him into the back area to show him that it was quite innocent, but I was furious when she shut the door to the changing room. I knew damn good and well what was going to happen by the way the guard kept ogling my mother's big tits.

Being a little jealous and confused for a minute or so, I wasn't sure what I could do to gain control of the situation. Then instinct kicked in and I stormed to the back, threw open the door to find my dear sweet mom on her knees, nude from the waist up, holding the man's stiff cock in her soft fingers and about to wrap those luscious lips around it.

“What the hell are you doing to my mother, you fucking pervert?” I shouted.

He was speechless, as he attempted to stuff his rapidly deflating prick back into his trousers. With apologies to mom and me, he quickly disappeared as she slipped into a brassiere that I didn't realize she had taken back with her.

When I turned to look at her, she was thrusting out her tits for me. She was showing them off in a French bra that had holes at the tips, so that the nipples were exposed. I knew we would be buying that one.

I reached out to grab a nipple and pinched it hard, as I said. “I could have handled that situation myself. You didn't need to get involved, so you're going to be punished later for interfering. You are my slave and you should have shown some confidence in my abilities. I know that this is all new to both of us, but I expect you to be submissive when you're with me. Do you understand?”

“Yes master. I must say that I'm very impressed by your maturity and your fearless attack into the ladies area to protect your mother's honor, such as it is. I'll do my best to let you take charge of things from now on.”

The rest of the trip was uneventful. I selected some really sexy things at a lingerie store, but some items had to be specially ordered. Mom's huge boobs required sizes that were not normally stocked in the store and a few selections were bizarre or kinky things that mom picked out because I wasn't allowed into that area.

Back at home, I had mom remove all of her clothes and then don her black high-heels. The only other item that I designated for her to wear was a two-inch wide, black leather collar with metal studs all around and lined with soft black cotton to prevent chafing. It had a small but strong ring attached in the front that I could use to hold a leash or just to connect her to some stationary object of my choosing.

Thus attired, I had her follow me into the den, where I ordered her to offer me her face. She looked at me with puzzlement and I realized that she didn't know what I expected of her. 'Oh well', I thought, it's just a learning process.

“You angered me, by not letting me handle the situation with the guard at the department store. I'm going to punish you by slapping you. Now stick out your face so that I can slap it and after I strike one side, you must offer me the other and continue to do that until I'm satisfied. Now do you understand?”

“Yes master.”

Mother leaned forward with her whole body and thrust out her face for me to slap. She was an incredible vision, with her monstrous bosoms hanging down and the fearful look on her face in anticipation of the punishment that she knew I would apply without mercy. I smacked her hard six times. My slave's eyes were misted, but not tearful, when I had finished.

My joy at dominating her was separate from the sexual high that I felt through the same process. I know that they were linked by the single act, yet there was an enjoyment for me that didn't always result in an erection. Such was the case here. I was pleased with her acceptance and pleased with my performance, but I wasn't aroused by the act. Well, not too much.

I told her that I was going out to invite Fred to stay the night and furthermore, I would make him aware of my slave's willingness to please us both. By her, 'Oh God!' remark I knew that she was frightened at the thought that I intended to carry through with my offering of her to my friend.

“You will be embarrassed and afraid,” I told her. “However, you must trust that my judgment regarding this is based on a lifelong knowledge of Fred and his love of fat titted women.”

“While I'm out, you will clean the house and change your bed linen because you will be entertaining him there tonight.” I quickly scooted out the door before she could pose any objection.

I had been thinking of how to bring this up with Fred for a while and realized that he would quickly get to the subject of girls. He always did. I had refrained from specifically talking with him about such things as certain acts or favorite body parts. But today, I would be an active participant.

At his house, I challenged him to a few games of one on one basketball in his driveway that had a hoop setup to one side. I was a much better athlete and usually won, but he loved the game and didn't mind losing to me very much. To put him in a good mood, I let him win two close games and then suggested that we sit and talk for a few minutes so that I could catch my breath.

I let him direct the conversation and shortly thereafter, he was talking about bumping into Beverly to get a glancing feel of her tits with his arm. He was quite proud of his talent at this. It seems that he does it all the time with other girls. However, this was the first time that he had pulled off such a stunt with the lovely and amply endowed Beverly, our mutual life long friend.

“Wouldn't it be great to have a broad with huge knockers to grab anytime you wanted?” I said. “I'd like to have a slave who dressed in sexy lingerie and obeyed my every command. And if she didn't obey, I'd take pleasure in punishing her by spanking her naked ass or maybe slapping her tits.”

Fred looked shocked for a moment, but then he surprised me by his response.

“Wow, that's kinky. I like that kind of shit. You know that algebra teacher, Mrs. Swanson, the one with the bouncing ta-tas? I've had an ongoing desire to whip the crap out of them, just to hear her scream.” He was looking off into the distance and obviously envisioning such an act.

“Jesus Tim! If you ever tell anyone about that I'd either kill you or myself”

“Not to worry old chum, I've had the same fantasy about a few of the teachers myself. I guess maybe because they're adults and not teens. I've always wanted to have a grown up sex slave. I mean, it would be OK to have one of the girls at school to service you, but having a real woman grovel at my feet is an incredible high. I like to have her suck my cock clean after I butt-fuck her.”

“Geez Timmy, you're really getting into this. I had no idea that you felt like that; I dream of that stuff all the time. Hey, you used the wrong terminology by the way. You got so into it that you were talking like you've actually done this shit already.”

I gave Fred my best and most serious stare, as I paused for theatrical effect.

“Fred, I do have a sex slave and you know her. I've seen how you glare at her boobs when she's around, stripping her nude with your eyes and virtually panting in heat sometimes. She's a grown woman who loves to be dominated and has agreed to be my slave. I use her any way that I want and she really gets off on it when I degrade, humiliate and abuse her.”

With a weak chuckle, Fred softly said, “You're full of shit.” Nevertheless, his response was actually a quest… no, a hope that it was true.

I said nothing. I just continued to stare him down.

“You're serious! Jesus H. Christ, you're serious… Who is it?”

“Not so fast Fred, my man. I have this feeling that you'll have this all over the school before the end of the day.”

“No, really, you can trust me. Damn, I'm your best friend; you know I can keep a secret.”

“If I tell you, you'll want to fuck her and you'll hound the hell out of me to cut you in. The problem is, she's very concerned about other people finding out. Frankly, the thought of being fucked by two guys is very exciting to her, but she refuses to answer to no one but me. She says that a slave can only have one true master and she has decided to obey me.”

“It's wild as all get out, but it's also a big responsibility. See, it's my fault if she's seriously hurt or if the word leaks out. This ain't c***d's play Fred. The ramifications of this are far more serious than being put on restriction for misbehaving. We could both go to jail. It's tempting to brag about what a stud I am, but a real man has to know when to keep his mouth shut.”

I'll admit that I was sort of acting like a big shot, but I could see that he was beginning to realize the full impact of the situation. Then I swear I saw a light go on over his head.

“I'll be damned,” he said. “You've been doing her for a while haven't you? That's why there's been such a big change in you. You've kept this quiet for a long time, you clever bastard. Geez I envy you. Like what kinda stuff do you do?”

“Fred, we're being honest with each other now, so tell me the truth. Are you a virgin?”

He blushed a little, and sheepishly said, “You know I am.”

“We need to change that. Why don't you spend the night at my house and we'll talk some more about it. Come over for dinner. Tell your mom we're going to stay up late and watch TV like we always do.”

“Great idea Tim. You've really got me thinking buddy. Why not go to your place now?”

“Six o'clock sharp will be fine. I've got a few things to do and this way they'll be done when you get there.”

So, I'd sown the seeds for his participation, and later that night would be a very special one for all three of us.

At my insistence, we played one more game of basketball and I kicked his ass. It was important to reestablish my dominance.

When I arrived back at the house, I went in through the rear entrance to find mom sitting at the kitchen table. What pissed me off was the fact that she was wearing her old, terrycloth robe. It was badly worn and had stains on it, but it was comfortable and she wore it frequently.

Confronted with this she was very apologetic and offered to submit to punishment. She also gave me a compelling reason for her lack of nudity. She was afraid that someone might see her through the windows. I informed her that she would be punished tonight and then, with the Wisdom of Solomon, I devised a house rule that would solve this problem in the future.

“From now on, you may wear one of the dresses that we picked out earlier, but only when the d****s are open.” We usually closed them at night for privacy sake and if I wanted her nude, I could always close them as needed. “However, when you're upstairs or in the dungeon, you must only wear what I authorized or, in the absence of my direction, you are to wear anything that leaves your nipples and pussy exposed or nothing at all.”

She happily agreed and made a good suggestion. Even with the d****s closed, someone might come to the door. She would keep a sexy dress handy on the main floor and that way she could slip it on in a hurry if needed. I ordered her to close the d****s now, strip and meet me in my bedroom.

Having quickly showered, I was just getting ready to dress when she stepped up to my doorway and stopped. She placed her hands on the top of the doorframe and bent forward, dangling those magnificent tits. She slowly moved her shoulders, causing them to sway back and forth. Damn she was sexy. Her nipples were like bullets as she began to grind her hips, all the while she was moaning as though her orgasm was imminent.

“Is there anything that your slut can do to please you master?”

“Yeah. Get on all fours and crawl over to me. Kneel at my feet and listen, but don't talk. Then I may let you suck my cock.”

With a smirk on her face she slunk her way over to me, swinging her boobs and licking her lips. Wow, was she getting good at this. Mom knelt at my feet all right. She spread her legs wide, giving me a great view of her pussy and sat up straight with her shoulders squared, those beautiful knockers staring at me. I was nude, so my erection was quite obvious. But, as badly as I wanted her, it was more important to prepare her for tonight.

“Fred will be here at six for dinner. He's going to be spending the night. I told him that I had an adult sex slave and of course, he wanted all of the details. I told him that we'd discuss it tonight, but he doesn't know yet, that you are my whore.” She winced at that, but said nothing.

“I'm going to lay out an outfit for you to wear, one that will be very revealing, but will not leave you completely exposed. You will serve us dinner and I shall openly fondle you in front of him. He will know immediately who my slave is without my having to say it. I will tell you to allow him to use you as he wishes and you will answer with the customary 'Yes master'. You will not sit at the table with us; you will kneel at me feet and eat out of a bowl like a dog. I will pull your hair and slap you and refer to your body parts as I tell Fred what a hot piece of ass you are.”

“Fred has had the hots for you for a while now. I've seen him staring at your tits or your ass several times. A few days ago, I'd swear that he had a hard on just watching your boobs bounce up and down as you walked up the driveway with the paper. So I know that he's been thinking about you. At some point, I'll order you to perform certain acts for his entertainment; I'm sure he'll be ready to pop. That's when I'm going to command you to go upstairs to your bedroom with him and do whatever he tells you to do.”

“He will almost certainly explode in seconds the first time. I expect you to tell him how great it is that he likes you so much, and that it is the ultimate compliment to a woman. Then you can start to work that dirty mind of yours, to get him up again and have him do you good and nasty. Remember, this is for his pleasure not yours. It's OK for you to get off, but you better take care of him first. Then the two of you can clean up and join me in the dungeon for your punishment. Do you have any questions?”

“Are you sure that he will want an old woman like me?” I couldn't help but notice that her concern wasn't about fucking him. It was about him accepting her. 'Vanity thy name is woman'.

Laughingly I said, “Are you k**ding? You are one of the most phenomenal looking women I've ever seen at any age. Believe me, he wants to fuck you. He fully understands the need to keep his mouth shut too. After he gets a piece of you he won't want to blow a good thing and I'll remind him of that. Now, it's time for you to eat cock, my fat titted slut.”

Mother slid across the short distance to my open crotch and lovingly caressed my aching prick with her soft fingers. She leaned forward and informed me that she 'loved' my cock, and then kissed the head of it. Her hot breath and warm lips had me roaring. As I ran out of patience, I gripped her head and rammed my hard prick into her mouth and down her throat. She moaned loudly with excitement as I brutally used her mouth as though it were some rubber fuck toy. I was shooting a load of cum past her tonsils in seconds. Sometimes it's good to come quick and powerful like that. Other times, it's more enjoyable to make it last. For me that was to happen later that night and it would be fabulous.

Mom suggested a light meal for the evening. She said that dad always performed better when his belly wasn't bloated, so she prepared a great dinner consisting of baked chicken with rice. She pointed out that with only these two items on the menu and issuing small portions, Fred and I would enjoy a more adventurous evening,. I told her that she just wanted to be fucked more often by the both of us. “Same thing,” she said, with an evil grin.

On a more serious note I said, “This could get pretty rough tonight. I want Fred to know that you like it that way and that you can take it. No bl**d or bad bruising, but I'm going to make you suffer. Do you understand?”

She looked away for a moment and I was reminded of my uncertainty in all of this. Nevertheless, I was committed to this course and didn't want to stop now.

“I'm placing myself into my master's hands, and if he wants to make me suffer for his entertainment, then so shall it be. Let Fred see what a pain-loving whore of a mother you have. Don't be light of heart when dispensing the torture. You must make me scream and tears must run down my face and soak my tits or he'll be squeamish about doing it himself. When he sees how I suffer for you, he'll want to hurt me himself, and then you'll have a partner who will delight in my torture as much as you do.”

“Good! You know mother, you really are a sick and twisted pain-slut. Start dinner and I'll select your outfit for the evening.”

If I hadn't just come, I would have slammed her down and fucked her right then and there. That kind of talk always gets me up and ready. I just love it when a woman vocalizes her willingness to submit to some form of torture and humiliation. I know it's sick, but that's just the way that I am.

For my slut's attire, I laid out a lacey black garter belt and matching bra. The stockings that I selected had a subtle leaf pattern around the top, and the bra was low cut, with a single clasp in front. I wanted Fred to be able to get at those puppies as quick as possible. Mom had told me at the store that a hint of her large areolas would be exposed and that the outline of her long nipples poked clearly at the thin fabric. There would be no panties, of course. The dress was a one-piece, shear black, form-fitting vision of lust that zipped up the front. We could have her nude in twenty seconds, but she would be virtually naked anyway.

I returned to the kitchen and told Mom to go upstairs, get dressed and put on some slutty make-up. I went back up with her to watch her prepare and to brief her on the way that I wanted this to go. Her only response was an obedient “Yes sir.” She looked fabulous. The bra was one of the kind that pushes the tits together and create a deep cleavage. With boobs as big as hers, it was a hell of a site to behold. I couldn't resist the urge to reach out and fondle them, but I stopped just as quick when I realized that I was getting too excited. As I scanned down the front of her dress, I could vaguely make out the inviting darkness of her pussy. Fred was going to go crazy.

He showed up about ten minutes early, which I had expected. If nothing else, Fred was punctual. I had closed the door to the kitchen, so I yelled to mom telling her that Fred was here. She loudly called out a hello to him through the door and he responded the same way. She told us that dinner would be ready in fifteen minutes and to make ourselves comfortable.

I steered him into the den where we proceeded to chat about this and that. After a pause in the conversation, he looked at me seriously and asked, “Have you really been fucking somebody?”

I couldn't contain a knowing smile as I nodded my head in the affirmative, then said, “As a matter of fact, I've whipped and screwed her right in this room.”

“No way,” he said with real incredulity. 'No way' was one of his favorite sayings.

I gave him the details of using the towels to hold her legs up and using my belt on her 'snatch'.

“No way”

“It's all true,” I said very matter of fact. “Then I rammed into her hard and fast; we both came 'big time'.” This was one of my favorite sayings. “When I was finished, I used my fingers to scoop out the cum from her pussy and fed it to her. She loves to eat cum. You probably ought to remember that for future reference. Then I had her get on her knees and clean my cock. Fred, it's an incredible feeling of power to have a woman grovel at your feet and do that at your command, and she does need to be commanded. She loves to be used and abused, but you have to establish the fact that you're in charge. Do you understand what I'm telling you?”

Fred had been hanging on my every word. With a seriousness that I had never seen in him before, he slowly said, “Yes I do.”

As we talked, I had heard mom out in the dinning room, setting the table. A few minutes later she called out, “Dinner is served”.

When we entered the dining room, I noted that the food was already laid out and that there were only two place settings, as I had ordered. There was a bowl on the floor next to my usual chair and when Fred bent over to pick it up, I commanded him to, “Leave it right where it is, Fred.”

“Are we feeding the dog at the table these days?” he asked.

“Sort of! Let's sit and eat.”

“Hey, where's your mom going sit? Isn't she going to eat with us?”

“Oh yes, she's going to eat with us.” Then, I yelled out loudly and in my best authoritative voice, “Slut, get your fucking ass out here right this second.”

“Yes master,” she said quickly as she walked through the door.

Fred was in serious jeopardy of going blind, as his eyes nearly popped out of his head. “No way. God damn, there is no fucking way.”

Mother, as I had ordered her to do, walked over to me and dropped to her knees in front of her bowl. She knelt up straight, placed her hands behind her back and thrust out her massive tits.

Fred was still in denial as I grabbed a handful of mom's hair, pulled her head way back, forcing her chest to become even more prominent. With my other hand, I began to fondle the soft flesh of her breasts. Fred gawked at what he saw, but he was completely speechless.

Looking at my best friend smugly, I said, “Doesn't she look great?”

He found his voice enough to squawk out, “She's the most incredible woman I've ever seen.”

When I turned my gaze to her, she was smiling.

To my mother I said, “Who are you?”

“I am your slave, master.”

“What are you?”

“I am a slut and a whore, master.”

“Tell Fred in no uncertain terms what our relationship has become.”

“Yes master. Mr. Fred, I have agreed to be Tim's slave. I obey his every command and deny him nothing. As you can see, I dress in a provocative way, to please him. I perform any act that he desires for his pleasure. I suck his cock and he shoots in my mouth, so that I can swallow my master's delicious cum. I offer him my pussy and my asshole to fuck whenever he wishes. And if I do not please him or if he just wishes, I submit to his severe punishment and I gladly suffer for his pleasure.”

After a moment of silence, Fred moved his eyes to mine and said, “No fucking way this is happening. I just don't believe it.”

“Of course you do Fred. Consider the language that you just used. Would you ever slip up and use the 'Fuck' word in front of my mother. I think not. You're already taking advantage of the freedom of being around an obedient slut like her.”

“You see, my friend, we can talk anyway we like in front of my slave. We can discuss her fat tits or her hot pussy or her tight asshole and she won't say a thing because she knows that it would make me mad. And believe me, she knows not to make me angry, don't you slut?”

“Yes master. I hope that I never upset you, unless you need an excuse to punish me; then I hope that you are very angry. I know how much you enjoy seeing me suffer.”

Turning to Fred she said, “Mr. Fred, my master wants very badly for you to feel comfortable with our new circumstances. So, you should not concern yourself with me at all. If you wish to comment on my nipples or the hair of my cunt, then go right ahead and say what's on your mind. I'm now just a whore and you must treat me as such. I am dog shit at your feet.”

A look of shock was etched on his face and it was clear to me that he was frozen in place, not knowing what in the hell to do or say next. I waited for him to snap out of it, but as the seconds ticked by, I realized that I would have to take charge, which was as it should be.

Releasing mom's hair, I ordered her to stand and then to go over to Fred and kneel at his feet and to clean his shoes. He was wearing a dirty pair of sneakers, but she dutifully did as she was told.

Fred objected at first and I thought that the whole affair was going to collapse. Then he clarified himself, by saying, “These shoes are never going to come clean, but her efforts would be better served if she licked my feet.”

I was very pleased with my friend. He was getting the idea now.

In a commanding voice, I told mother to, “See to it.”

Within moments, my slut mother was driving her tongue between the toes of my good friend, as he commented on just how great her tongue felt on his feet and that he couldn't wait to feel it working on his cock. Yes indeed, he was coming along nicely.

“Enough of this,” I said curtly. “Mother dear, you will stand and allow Fred to unzip you dress and peel it off of you. Then you will stand close to him, so that he can feel you up and become more accustomed to you hot body.”

“Yes Master.”

As my good buddy gently pulled the zipper down the front of her dress, he commented, “Jesus there's practically nothing to this thing, but I love the way you can see her naked pussy through the material.” His voice was quivering with excitement and, as I looked at mom, I realized that she too was hot as all hell, with those huge knockers rising and falling rapidly.

While I had made every effort to act as a grown man, whenever I was around my mother, Fred was like a k** in a candy store with a fist full of twenty-dollar bills. He gleefully clutched at her ample tits and buried his face in her cleavage as he pulled her nipples out of the top of the brassiere. He couldn't stop sounding stupid by saying things like, “No fucking way,” or, “This is so cool,” or, “Man are these things big.” He cupped his left hand over the hairy mound of my obedient slut and just laughed to himself.

I realized that at the moment he wasn't having any sexual thoughts. He was playfully exploring and learning what it was like to examine a woman's body for the first time. Well, I suppose that I might have acted in a similar fashion if the tables were turned around. Yet, I knew that I must get this show back on track. So I interrupted his play with, “All right, enough of that for now. Let's eat. Then you and the slut can go upstairs and you can enjoy her real talents.”

“Damn, Tim. I'm ready right now.”

“Food first, then fuck. I want you back over here where you belong, bitch.”

Mom quickly responded to my command by walking back to me, as she tucked her nipples back into her bra, and then knelt at my feet. I dumped a small portion of food into her bowl and ordered her to eat. Fred, on the other hand, scooped some food on his plate and wolfed it down in mere seconds. I nearly burst out laughing at him, but I didn't want to ruin the evening for him, so I contained myself.

No one spoke, as we all ate and Fred stared at my beautiful mother's near naked form as she bent down and crudely ate the food from her bowl, using only her mouth. I could see the wheels turning by the expression on his face. He finally realized that this was really going to go down and he was contemplating the possibilities. The look of pure lechery on his face did my heart good.

With no notice of my intentions, I stood and said, “Stay.” I returned a moment later with the wide leather dog collar and leash. I affixed it around mother's neck and, without saying a word, pulled on the leash as she crawled on all fours to Fred's side.

I handed the leash to him and said, “Take my slave up to her room and fuck her brains out. Do what ever you want with her, Fred. She has been ordered to keep whatever you do with her to herself, and to never tell anyone about it. That means no one will ever know how you performed or what you did, so you are free to be yourself and have a ball.”

I leaned in close to his left ear and whispered, “You must be in control of her, Fred. Slap her face and her tits hard. Make her cry and she'll respect and obey you as she does me.” He looked at me seriously, and then nodded his head in understanding.

“Stand up, cunt,” he told her. “I want you to lead the way so that I can watch your ass as we walk upstairs.”

“Yes sir,” she said, as she stood and turned for the stairway. Fred looked back over his shoulder at me and I gave him a big thumbs up.

Mom led the way to the stairs with Fred and I watching the gentle sway of her ass, as she deliberately put some extra movement in her butt. She was in great shape, but I was reminded that I wanted her body to be lean and mean. I would tell her later to work harder on her gluts.

I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and Fred followed her up, while he fondled her pussy from behind, and then gave her a good hard stroke on the ass. I knew then that he would be fine. Her response of, “Thank you sir,” showed me that she too, would be OK.

I watched a little TV and then cleaned up the dining room. I occasionally heard a smack, followed by a yelp and some very loud grunting. Fred must really be enjoying himself; I rather imagined that mom was too. Just trying to picture the two of them getting it on in mother's bed was enough to leave me with a raging erection. It was very tempting to go up and join them, but I knew that this first time with her, was critically important in order for Fred to develop a comfort factor with the situation.

Down in the dungeon, I tinkered with some rope and other paraphernalia, but the room had been ready for action for hours. I just wanted to stay busy until they were finished with phase one of my plans.

About an hour or so later, I heard Fred calling for me, so I yelled for him to come on down and to bring the slut with him. As he entered the basement, which mother and I had redecorated to reflect a dungeon like appearance, he was all WOWS and GEEZS.

“So I assume that you had a good time?”

Fred had the classic 'cat that ate the canary' grin, as he said, “Jesus fucking Christ! She's an a****l. God it was great.”

“Good! I'm really glad that you liked her so much.” After a brief pause I asked, “Tell me, Fred, was there anything that she didn't get quite right? I mean, was everything perfect?”

“Hell, she was perfect. It was better than I ever fantasized, and I fantasized plenty about her.” He stopped short for a moment then said; “There was one time where she sort of scared me. She rammed a finger up my ass while she was sucking my dick and it kinda hurt, but she pulled it out right away when I yelled. It's no big deal. It was great.”

“I disagree with you Fred. It's a very big deal.” I looked down at my slave, who had taken position at my feet, and said, “You hurt my friend after I ordered you to do anything to make it good for him. You could have used the lubricant in your greasy cunt to make your finger more slick; you stupid whore. What do you think I should do about that?”

“I deserve to be punished severely for my bad performance, master.”

“Hey, no man. She did everything that I wanted her to, Tim. No way are you going to punish her for that.” I was disappointed in my friend. Certainly, I thought, he could see what I'm doing here, but he just hadn't caught on yet.

For the first time since they had returned, I looked mom over closely and noticed the reddened areas of her breasts and cheeks. Fred had indeed abused her, as I had suggested. So, while he wasn't afraid to hurt her, he didn't want to take responsibility for her punishment. He needed to be stronger than that. This was going to be a good lesson for him as well as her.

“Slut, remove everything that you're wearing. Then, I want you put on the wrist and ankle straps. You are going to suffer.”

“As you wish master.” At least mom understood what I was doing. I was really proud of her. Thus far, she had performed wonderfully.

While mother disappeared into another room, Fred came over and said quietly, “Man this ain't right.”

I turned on him with anger in my eyes and stared directly into his as I spoke through gritted teeth. “Don't ever get in my way when it comes to disciplining my slave. A master holds onto the reigns of power with a very thin leash. If I allow her to get away with this behavior now, I'll never have the control of her that I want. She'll break that leash and it can never be the same after that. She's just now beginning to learn to be my slut. Later, when she's been my slave for some time, I can relax and cut her a little slack. However, if I do it now, my fragile control over her will is broken. Tonight, I'm going to make her suffer more than she ever has; and you're not only going to keep your fucking mouth shut, you're going to help me. It's just as important for her to accept your punishment as it is for her to accept mine.”

“You're a very smart guy, Fred, figure it out; go with the flow, and enjoy it. Oh, and by the way, before this is over you'll realize that she gets off on it too.”

Fred looked away, but said nothing. I don't know if he was pissed or hurt or both, but I didn't care. He needed to get with the program if he wanted to screw my dear mother again.

Mom walked back into the room wearing the straps and a smile. I approached her and took her in my arms and caressed her lips with mine. Then I stroked those lovely full lips with my tongue and slipped it into her warm wet mouth. She sucked on it hungrily as I ground my pelvis into the nude patch of hair that hid the entrance to her up thrust cunt.

Still holding on to her, I looked over at Fred and asked him to come closer. When he was a foot or so away, I said to mom, “Fred has a lot to learn about such a relationship as ours. In fact, we are still learning ourselves, but we have a pretty good understanding about how it's going to be, don't we?”

“Yes master, I think so.”

“He doesn't think that I should hurt you, but I'd be willing to bet by the marks on your tits, that he hurt you. It won't be necessary to divulge a privilege, I know that he did, and I know that he liked doing it. I like hurting you too. But this is about obedience, not pleasure. The fact is, I'm going to enjoy it, but make no mistake; ultimately, it's about discipline.

“Now I think Fred is a little nervous about all of this, so I want you to put him at ease.”

“It's all right Fred. I know what to expect. I know that in a few minutes, I'm going to be screaming in pain. I accept my master's punishment and I'm glad that he takes pleasure in my agony. It's all right if you do too. I just hope that I get another chance to show what a good fuck I'm willing to be for you, but for now I must suffer. I hope my master is especially cruel tonight, so that you'll know just how far you can go next time.”

The look of incredulity on his face said it all. She gently slid out of my arms, walked over to the restraints hanging from the ceiling and raised her arms for me to attach to them. I followed her and clipped her wrists and ankles to the ropes then pulled them tight.

She was beautiful, as she stood there. Her huge breasts pulled high on her chest by her uplifted arms, rising and falling with each breath that she took. Her waist pulled in, accentuating her hips and her legs spread wide, leaving a small portion of the inner lips of her pussy to peek out and remind us of just how vulnerable she was.

“Fred, come with me.”

In a back room I had hidden a few special things that I had picked up for the night. The whip that I had acquired at a yard sale, was only three feet long, but finely wrapped with a smooth leather. I knew that I would have to be careful not to cut her up with it and I pointed out this concern of mine to Fred. He nodded his head in understanding. Next, I picked up an eighteen-inch long soft leather strap about an inch wide and stuffed it in my pocket. Handing him a roll of duck tape and a towel, I told him to bring it with him, and then returned to my anxious mother with Fred in tow.

We entered behind her, so she couldn't see what we carried with us. I handed Fred the whip and went to face my gorgeous slave.

“Mother, I love you dearly. This is your last opportunity to change your mind. I'm going to hurt so badly that you will scream for me to stop, but I won't. Only when I'm satisfied with your suffering will I cease. Only when those luscious fat tits of yours are soaked with your tears will I stop. Will you accept your punishment as I have described?”

Her eyes were already tearing up as she nodded her head yes and said, “Torture me for my own good, master. Make me scream and if I beg for you to stop, I ask you now to show me no mercy.”

Slowly walking around to Fred, still standing behind her, I took the whip from his hand and gave it a few quick strokes through the air, to get a feel for it. Mother's head turned to try to see what it was, but I moved just enough to keep it out of sight.

I looked at Fred as I prepared to deliver the first blow and saw that he was rubbing his stiff cock though his pants. It was only then that I became aware of my own state of arousal.

My arm rose slowly above my head and I took careful aim at the top of her shoulders, I brought the mean little whip down upon her. I'll always remember every second of that first blow. The whistle of the whip, the slap of leather against flesh, the brief moment of silence as her nerves sent the message to her brain, and then the loud shriek from my slave. As sick as this might sound, I felt a jolt of electricity in my cock as the high-pitched wail died away.

Mother would tell me later, that it was at that moment in time that she truly became my slave.

When I checked to see if I had done any serious damage, I found a dark red welt swelling rapidly across the width of her shoulders. I hadn't broken the skin, but this would take a few days to heal. So be it. I was committed now, as I had made such a big deal about making her suffer; I really couldn't back down. However, I have to admit that I was feeling a little guilty about beating my mother. Yet, when my gaze swept over the magnificent form of that woman hanging before me, my selfish need to dominate kicked in. So I swatted her again, being sure to place the whip in a different spot.

Her cry of “Jesus” sent another jolt to my throbbing prick. After a third blow to her shoulders, I passed the whip to Fred. “Beat the slut's ass,” I told him. “But don't overlap any of the welts or you'll break the skin. I don't want her scarred unless I do it.”

He took the whip in his shaky hand and I couldn't help but notice the bulge at the front of his trousers. My erection was down right painful, as it struggled to escape the confinement of my jeans.

“How hard should I hit her?”

“Give her a good solid shot in the ass and then compare the look of the welt to the ones I made. After that, you can adjust your power up or down.”

He nodded nervously and laid the first stripe across her lovely behind. His efforts drew the same response that mine had and a quick look told me that his f***e was just about equivalent to mine. Mother, of course, sang the same tune that she had for me. I went around to observe from the front. The next lash sent her wailing again as her face scrunched up into the most agonized look that I had ever seen. The pain must have been unbelievable.

I decided to undress because I knew that I was going to need a quick hot fuck just as soon as we were through and I wanted to be ready.

I stood nude before my mother and held my cock in my hand as I spoke to her.

“Look how hot you've made me slut. Damn, how I love to hear you scream and see you suffer. I'm real tempted to jerk off right here and now, or would you rather that I fuck you when we're through with your punishment?”

Fred placed another well-aimed blow to her derriere. Her long drawn out cry was followed by a weeping plea from her. “Please don't my darling master. Please fuck me and come inside of me. I want to be the source of your pleasure. If you stop now, we can fuck. I'll make it really good for you baby.”

I crooked a finger at Fred, motioning for him to come around to my side. I held out my hand and he placed the whip in it. I held it to mom's face and caressed her lips with it. I ran it down her neck and began to glide it over her large bosoms.

“I'm really going to enjoy marking your tits.” I moved the tip of it to her pussy and moved the edge up into the crack of her dripping pussy. Until then, I hadn't realized how incredibly moist she had become. I don't think that she knew either; because when I held the end back up to her lips, she looked surprised.

“You've been suffering wonderfully, my delicious, fat titted slut. Now it's time to really pay the piper. And I want you to know that I've got a very special treatment for that sloppy wet cunt of yours.”

“Please master, no more.”

I was wavering at that point. Her plea for mercy had not fallen on deaf ears. After all, she was my mother and I did love her. Nevertheless, I knew I must act quickly, because I would give in to her and that would ruin any future control that I might hope to maintain.

I moved to one side of her and brought the whip down cruelly on the tops of her breasts. Another high-pitched shriek filled the room and I followed that with a blow to the underside of her marvelous tits. I began to pepper her boobs with a series of softer strokes, but still quite painful for her.

By now, she was sobbing and begging for me to stop.

“Timmy, baby, please. I can't take anymore. I'll do anything you ask of me really I will, just make the pain go away. Timmy, I'm your mother. Don't do this to me.”

I was just in I my late teens and I was in the middle of a great dilemma. Mom's tears were running down her face and falling on those wonderful breasts. The fact that I was the source of those tears was a feeling of guilt and responsibility that I had pondered before. But then, I had never been the cause of such great agony until now.

I looked over at Fred and he had tears in his eyes, but he still sported a very erect prick. I knew that I too had a drop or two of moisture in my eyes and a cock that was so hard that it felt as though it would explode. The realization came to me that this whole process had gone too far to back down now. I had to go on.

“I gave you fair warning, mother. It ends when I'm satisfied and not before. I have been saving your nipples for particularly harsh treatment. If you want this to end soon, you must lean forward as much as you can, so that I'll have a good shot at your nipples. If you don't, then this could go on for a very long time.”

My fear was that she would balk at my command. That would mean that I would have to follow through on my threat, which I didn't want to do. It was with great relief to me that she moaned loudly as she bent over to allow her pendulous tits to receive the blows, which she knew were coming.

Taking careful aim at the bull's-eye targets at the end of those fat tits, I placed the whip directly into both of her dark nipples. I was rewarded with mom's howl and a plea to God for mercy. I know that this will sound arrogant, but I wanted to be her God. After all isn't a master the God of the slave. Perhaps not, but that was my thinking at the time.

“Again my slut. Stick out your breasts.” I wasn't feeling sorry for her now. I was really into the master mode.

“Oh master, please!” she whimpered. Yet, her back arched and her bosoms, once more were there to receive my torture.

The second stroke was just beneath the first and left a perfect double line through each aureole. I was so fascinated with my accuracy that it wasn't until her scream was fading away that I realized that her suffering was a result of my action. I was really feeling the power trip.

Enough of the tit torture, I thought to myself. It's time for the piece de résistance.

“Fred, hand me the towel and duck tape.”

Without comment, but with a puzzled look on his face, Fred handed them to me. I used the towel to wipe mom's drenched pussy. It was even wetter then when I had checked it, only a few minutes ago. When the lips were dry, I used the duck tape to hold them open, exposing her clitoris. Then I took the piece of leather from my pants pocket.

She must have realized what I had in mind, because she started begging again.

“Oh God no, please, not there. I suffered everything that you've wanted to do to me, but not that, not my pussy, please. PLEASE!”

“I'm going to give you a choice, my slut.” I was the master now and really into it. Mercy was the farthest thing from my mind. “There is absolutely nothing that you can do or say that will prevent me from whipping your cunt. But you must decide whether or not I use the whip that I've been using, or this short wide strip of leather.” I dangled it in front of her face. “NO MORE BEGGING FOR MERCY. CHOOSE!”

“Oh God! Don't use that whip. It'll cut me to shreds. I choose the strap.”

“A very wise choice, mommy. Only, I expect you to say it better than that. Tell Fred and me how much you want me to whip your cunt with the strap and spread your legs wide and shove out that pussy.”

She seemed to be accepting her fate when she answered me.

“I know that I must suffer, master; and you are truly my master now. I am truly your slave, your slut and your whore. Please whip my pussy until you're satisfied. Please hurt me, no matter how I ask for you to stop. Beat my cunt, my darling son and master.”

Her legs opened wide, her hips came up and her delicate clit was waiting for the cruelty that I was about to apply. This, I thought, must be what it is like to be a king. What power I felt and what an amazing aphrodisiac it was. Semen was leaking out of my cock and I was dying to bury that hard hunk of meat into her pussy.

Bending down to take better aim, I brought the nasty little lash swiftly up into the area between her ass and cunt. The crack as it slapped against her vulnerable loins was different from the whip, but just as loud. The shriek from mother's lips was just as loud as well. I worked that part and the taped inner lips with a series of blows that had her screaming and begging again. Then, I paused.

“And now, for the finale. Push your cunt out some more. I'm going to give your clitoris a treat.”

She was sobbing now, stopping after a few short breaths to take in a deep lung full of air, but the tears never stopped. Yet, at my command, those phenomenal hips rose to me, offering her pleasure bud to the sacrificial lash of her master.

I wrapped the strap around my hand twice, to make it shorter and help me with my aim. It was with deliberate slowness that I drew my hand back and drove it forward into her clit. Her cry was somehow different. Almost as though the pain wasn't as bad as she had expected. So I beat her clit again and again. After a few blows, she was begging me to beat her harder and I knew that my slut was going to come. What the hell, I thought, she's certainly earned it.

Her climax was unmistakably huge. She was loud and it seemed to go on forever. She was grinding her hips back and forth in she air, as though a monster prick was plowing deeply into the gaping hole that she flung around with total abandon. I gave a few brief moments to catch her breath and then began to undo her restraints.

Fred was in awe, but when he saw what a limp rag she had become, he helped me lift her over to the large chair across the room. He didn't understand, at first, what I had in mind when I tried to lay mom face down across the arms of the chair. But when I said, “Just do it!” he got her into position.

I grabbed a handful of mother's hair and pulled her head back. As she moaned, I asked her, “What are you?”

She weakly replied, “I'm you slave.”

“Then I order you to suck my friends cock.”

“Yes master.” Her mouth opened and her tongue came out awaiting the arrival of Fred's stiff dick.

Fred was as hot as I was, at this point, and quickly stepped up to her face. Then, aiming his cock with both hands, he lunged into her mouth and down her throat. The sound of her gagging as she tried to accommodate him was another source of pleasure for me.

I went around to mom's behind and spread her legs wide. She realized what I intended and was able to place her feet on the floor and then push her ass back in offering it to her master. I had no intention of ripping the skin off my dick by forcing it into that dry asshole. So I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. Christ! The heat coming from that thing was unbelievable. With every muscle in my being, I plowed into that furnace and didn't stop until my loins banged brutally into hers.

She moaned loudly. But I knew that it wasn't from pain. She needed this as much as I did. Before either mom or me could get off Fred blew his load in her hot sucking mouth. About six strokes later, I exploded, as I had never before. Mom was bucking like a bronco, as she rode through her climax shortly after mine.

For a few minutes there was complete and blissful silence. With nothing more than hand directions, I had mother sit on the chair. Then, I straddled her and stuck my prick in her face, saying, “Clean you master.” Those beautiful soft lips engulfed my deflated cock as she licked and sucked it clean of the slimy mess that I had presented her with.

“Slut, do you think that your master's cum is valuable?”

“Of course master.”

“Then I expect you to put on a little show for Fred and me. Dig my cum out of your pussy and eat it, but do it with some flair.”

With no hesitation, she spread her legs and proceeded to insert her fingers in her cunt and rummaged around. Then, she removed the cum-covered digits, placed them in her mouth and moaned with pleasure.

As she did it a second time, Fred said to her, “You know Sara, you really are a stinking slut.”

I laughed, but mom actually blushed. There was no doubt now that I owned her and that Fred was free to use her. I was glad that he felt comfortable enough to say that.

“That's right mommy-slut, from now on your going to do every dirty thing that we can think of. Aren't you?”

“Yes master. I know that you'll both use me like a whore. I'll do my very best to please you. I really don't want you to have to punish me, ever again, for bad behavior. On the other hand, if you wish to make me suffer, then I shall submit to whatever torture you may devise. But, it's important that both of you realize just how quick this would end if the authorities found out. I'm your slave master and I'll be Fred's also for as long as you so command.”

She made it perfectly clear that we owned her and that she was still afraid of being found out. I felt sure that I could use that to coerce her, if I needed to in the future.

We took mom upstairs and ran a nice hot bath for her. She thanked us over and over as she eased down into the hot water and relaxed. I told her we would let her recuperate for as long as she wanted, but that these two horny young men still had some life left in them; and we expected her to deliver later tonight.

My slave came out of the bath after forty-five minutes, looking refreshed and beautiful. I had decided that the three of us would play in her room because she had a king sized bed there and it would accommodate all of us much easier.

I wanted to examine her welts to see if there was going to be any permanent marks. The welts themselves were vicious and painful looking swollen red lines, wherever she had been struck. There were some small areas where the skin had been chaffed, but nothing serious. Still, I didn't want Fred to think that this was OK, so I made a big deal out of pointing out that we would have to be more careful in the future. I assured him, however, that we could find someway to torture her, without damaging the poor old slut.

We spoke about her as though she was just a thing and not a real person. The discussion often referred to various body parts and frequently some humorous derogatory remark about her. She was told to assume a variety of bizarre positions for our amusement or inspection. All this she did without comment or any sign of reluctance.

At one point, we had her on her back, with her legs pulled up so high that her knees were on each side of her head. With great delight, we closely examined her loins to our hearts content. Or, perhaps I should have said, to our hard's content. While we were motivated by teenage curiosity, we still couldn't help but be aroused by this open display by my own mother.

“Slave, I want you to hold open your cunt lips for us, so that we can do a closer examination of that nasty old pussy of yours.”

Fumbling for a moment, she finally arranged her arms to facilitate the capture of those pink, wet folds of flesh and pull them wide to expose the gaping hole of her lusting dark tunnel.

Her first words in quite a while were in a husky voice, which betrayed her excitement. “Gladly master. Please feel free to touch and probe me, as you wish.”

Once again, we ignored her as a live human being and talked openly about how good her pussy felt, when wrapped around our cock, how wet she had become as we beat her, and how big her clit got when she was excited, like she was now. We stuck our fingers into that hot, moist pussy and pulled on the surrounding cunt hairs, thrilling to her yelps of brief pain. And, of course, we prodded, pulled, poked, pinched, twisted and flicked her throbbing clit until she exploded in ecstasy.

“Oh baby, thank you. You are such a wonderful master to let me have such an incredible come. You boys are amazing. You are truly men, in every sense of the word and I am proud to be a whore for you both.”

I looked across her upturned ass at Fred and could see that he felt just as proud as I did at such a compliment. She had given us the confidence that we needed to continue with our dominance of her. There would be no end to our creativity, now. It was no holds barred, from here on.

I couldn't go another second without burying my cock into that sweet hole of hers. I told mom what I wanted next, and soon she was sliding up and down my shaft as I lay on my back. Those formidable titties bouncing all over the place, until I grabbed two handfuls of them. When Fred stood, straddling my head and shoved his prick in my mother's welcoming mouth, I shot my load into her clutching pussy. Her release came shortly after and Fred blasted a wad of jizz into that hungry mouth as he screamed loudly that she was the best 'cock-sucker' ever. That was a point of embarrassment a little later, when I pointed out that he was no judge because no one else had ever given him a blowjob before.

We talked well into the night. Most of the discussion centered on sex and 'how to' stuff, that Fred and me were a bit uncertain about. Mother was very patient and seemed to take a real interest in giving us all the knowledge we needed to be better lovers and masters.

She demonstrated different techniques of cock sucking, by going down on one or both of us. She taught us the importance of making contact with a woman's clit, as you glided in and out of a deserving cunt.

She said, “You guys are going to want to fuck other woman sooner than you might think. They'll probably be young girls, who are firmer and better looking than me, and I want you young men to be able to have them begging you to fuck them because you're so good at it.”

Of course, we assured her that no one was more beautiful than she was which at the time for us was true.

It seemed as though one of us was always holding, kissing, licking or sucking one of her fat tits. Neither Fred nor I could get enough of them. They were an endless source of curiosity and delight for us. To this day, there is no greater joy, for me, than to hold and suckle at a woman's large bosom.

When I commented that perhaps we were using her tits too much, she responded, “Nonsense! Your father was a tit man. Most men are. You men are perfectly normal. And anyway, I love the attention that my young master and his friend give to them. Use my tits as you wish. While we're at it, what would you prefer that I call them? There are such a large variety of terms for them. Let's see now, there are tits, of course. Then there's a boob, breasts, knockers, bosoms, Ta Ta's, melons, I suppose that I could go on, but those are the basics, I think. So, what'll it be?”

I don't remember the last time that I had such fun with mother. This type of talk went on for a long while. We were laughing and joking and occasionally sucking and fucking. I don't know when we finally fell asl**p, but I know that we didn't wake up until nearly noon the next day.

As sl**p ebbed away and I began to clear the cobwebs from my brain, I lay there staring at the light brown nipple of my mother's right bosom. I had decided that 'Bosom' was my favorite word, but it sounded so infantile that I couldn't admit it to Fred. Although, I had whispered that fact to my mother and she winked and whispered back that her 'Bosoms' were mine forever.

I was the master of my world, that day. I would have other days, when I would feel the same way, but the first realization of that is powerful. My gorgeous mother was my lover and my slave. I loved her more than anything in the world and I knew that I not only loved her as my mother, but that I was in love with her. She was and always would be, my first true lifelong love.